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"No," Nami replied as she glanced at Sanji, "we'll be fine. Besides, you need to stock up on food. Not only do we have two more mouths to feed, one of them is a growing girl. She is going to need all the nutrition she can get. Then there is Luffy."

"Say no more," Sanji replied, "I get it."

"I've allotted more money for food so use it wisely."
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 174d 7h 4m 45s
Momo got Nivie dressed in her last set of clean clothes and then picked her up to carry her off the ship. "Alright, I'll let you two lead the way since I've never been off any ship in a very long time." She chuckled softly.

Sanji decided now would be the best time to make his move. "Ladies, will you be needing a bodyguard on this beautiful day to keep those perverted men away while you relax and shop?"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 174d 8h 52m 10s
"I'll make sure you get the best deals," Nami winked with a small glint if deviousness in her eyes. "Don't you work, I'm great are bartering."

"Don't you mean conning them out of goods or money," Usopp asked as he walked by.

"Oh be quiet."

"The others will be stocking up on supplies while we get Nivie some cloths," Robin smiled.

After Nami finished giving ordered on who is stocking up on what, everyone began to depart the ship. "Considering the size of this island and the city we spotted, there should be several stores with clothing for children. I wonder if they have a map," Nami muttered the last part to herself as they began heading towards town.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 174d 8h 54m 59s
About a week had passed since the Straw hats had saved Nivie and Momo from the deadly sea. Momo managed to convince Sanji to let her help him with dishes after meals and setting the table before meals. She was still working on getting Luffy to let her clean the ship. She didn't mind doing it since they were letting her stay and also being so good to Nivie.

"Island ahead!" Usopp and Nivie called.

Nivie grinned. She was taught all the minor things on the ship but to her they were very important.

Momo looked at the island and smiled. "Good... I need to get more clothes for Niv... I didn't realize that I didn't have very much for her..."
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 175d 1h 49m 46s
"Pretty much," Nami replied as she flipped to the next page, "He can be childish at times but he won't hesitate to protect anyone in danger or help those in need." She smiled and looked at Luffy and Nivie, "None of us would be here if it wasn't for him."

  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 175d 1h 59m 1s
"That's a dangerous ball... I'm glad that didn't break the boat." Nivie looked up at Luffy and grinned before grabbing his cheeks and pulling them watching them stretch. She giggled happily before Luffy set her down and she started to run around again."

Momo smiled as she just watched Luffy run around the deck with Nivie. Every time she tripped he helped her up and would just smile and she'd keep on running. "So, Luffy is your Captain right? Is he always this kind to strangers? Allowing them to stay on the ship?"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 175d 2h 16m 51s
"That was a cannonball," Zoro replied, "If it had hot the ship, you would have died." He was about to go back to what he was previously doing until he felt a few cold glares on him. Turning his head slowly he spotted Robin and Nami with disapproving looks.

"Let's play some more," Luffy grinned as he released Nivie.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 175d 2h 26m 21s
Momo heard Usopp shout and she saw the cannon ball. Her eyes widened as she saw Luffy embracing for impact. She was about to yell when Luffy gave Zoro an order and turned around and shielded Nivie. She sat back down and sighed with relief.

Nami smiled. "See, you're both safe here with us."


Nivie saw a large ball coming towards the ship and saw Luffy turn for a moment. She was confused but then heard him tell the swordsman to do it. Then moments later she was picked up and held in the rubber mans arms. She held onto his vest and when he asked if she was okay she looked up and grinned. "Uh huh. How come we couldn't play with that ball?" She asked curiously.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 175d 2h 42m 52s
"I'd be lying if I said it didn't help burn off some if Luffy's energy too." Nami handed Momo one of the magazines she had, "Relax, we've got everything under control. Even though we're pirates this is one of the safest places to be."

"Incoming," Usopp shouted from the crows nest.

Luffy stopped chasing after Nivie and looked where Usopp was pointing only to see a cannonball flying straight towards them. He leaned himself for impact until he noticed that Nivie was still in the middle of the deck. "Zoro," he yelled causing the swordsman to move in front of him, "Do it."

Turning to Nivie, he picked her up and held her close to him, his back towards the cannonball. Moments later there were both and pieces of the cannonball flying around and Zoro sheathing his swords. "Hey Nivie," he looked down, "Are you okay?"
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 175d 2h 48m 32s
Momo came back out of the infirmary with Chopper and heard a familiar giggle. She turned the corner and saw her little girl grinning and running away from Luffy while he chased her around on the grass. She saw Robin and Nami sitting at the lounge chairs and walked over. "Mind if I take a seat?"

Nami smiled and shook her head. "Go ahead. Luffy's been playing with her for awhile now. She's so energetic."

Momo chuckled. "She never got to play like this on the old ship. I'm glad she's adjusted so well... I was afraid she was going to have a hard time with social interactions..."

Robin shook her head. "I don't think you need to worry about that. Considering your circumstance... You've raised a wonderful little girl."

Momo smiled. "Thank you... Thank you both."
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 175d 2h 58m 29s
Luffy stopped eating and swallowed before looking at Nivie and groomed back. "Yeah!"

"Luffy," Nami warned, "Remember she is still a child so you need to be careful with her. Don't do anything stupid that would put her in danger."

"Got it," he replied as he quickly left the room with Nivie.

Robin and Nami exchanged a look before leaving the kitchen and sitting in their lounge chairs to keep an eye on Luffy and Nivie. "That out would look great on you," Robin pointed out as she noticed Nami looking at one particular outfit.

"You think so," Nami asked.

"Of course."
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 176d 2h 31m 57s
Nami sighed. "She came to us crying... She thought it was her fault...She must have misheard one of you."

There was a knock on the door and when it was pushed open the small girl was standing there with Robin.

"Nivie, wasn't there something you wanted to ask Sanji and Luffy?"

Nivie was hesitant but nodded before letting go of Robin's hand and walking over to Sanji and gently gripping his jacket. "Mr. Sanji Cook... Are we gonna go hugry?"

Sanji knelt down and ruffled her hair. "No, Niv. We just were told by Nami that you heard us say something like that. But you didn't hear the whole story. We have enough supplies. We just have to replenish when we stop again. Don't worry. We'll be fine. I promise okay? So show me that beautiful smile."

Nivie wiped her face and grinned.

Sanji smiled. "That's better."

She gave Sanji a big hug before running over to Luffy and gripping his vest. "Mr. Luffy! Will you come play with us?!" She blurted out with a wide grin.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 177d 2h 37m 13s
Luffy pointed immediately at Sanji and spoke with a form in his mouth, "He did it."

"I never said we were low on supplies," Sanji stated, "I said we are down to half." He turned to Nami as he dried his hands before lifting a cigarette. "Nivie smiled and enjoyed the meal and none of it went to waste. That's all that matters. I have no qualms with using as much food as I did."

  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 177d 2h 58m 26s
Nivie had been running up the stairs to ask Luffy to come play but then when she reached the door she heard them say they were low on supplies and Luffy had asked if it was because of the breakfast for Nivie. Nivie's eyes started to water and she ran back down the stairs and began to cry.

Robin and Nami rushed over to her and knelt down to her. "What's wrong? Nivie did you fall?"

"Nivie what's wrong?"

Nivie started sniffling. "W-We're all gonna go hungry 'cuz of me."

Robin picked up the small girl and sighed softly. "We won't go hungry, little one. Were Luffy and Sanji talking when you went to ask Luffy to play?"

Nivie nodded. "Y-Yeah, they said we were low on supplies a-and that it was cuz of brefast."

Robin looked at Nami and smiled.

Nami nodded before walking towards the kitchen. She opened the door then stepped inside before closing the door behind her. "Which one of you said that we were low on supplies because of what Nivie asked for for breakfast?"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 177d 3h 30m 0s
Chopper continued to lead Momo to the information and shut the door once they were inside. "I'm going to need you to remove your shirt and pants please.". He started gathering things together as a precaution before putting on his lab coat. "I need to make sure there is no damage to your skin that needs to be treated immediately."


"Sanji," Luffy spoke with food still in his mouth, "More meat."

"Forget it," Sanji replied as he began working on the dishes, "We've already gone through half our supplies and need to conserve what we have until we dock again."

"Is it cause you used most of it to make breakfast for Nivie?" When Sanji didn't reply, Luffy got his answer and grinned.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 177d 4h 37s

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