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Nivie grinned and nodded. "Uh huh. I wanna see." Robin led Nivie over to the stack of outfits Nami had picked out for Momo near the dressing room and sat down on a bench patting the seat next to her. "Your mommy will be coming out soon. But you want to surprise her right? So you need to stay quiet okay?" Robin whispered with her finger to her lips.

Nami was still trying to coax Luffy into the building without him launching himself.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 253d 12h 10m 18s
Luffy stood outside laughing when he saw Robin jump. "She got you Robin," he kept laughing while holding his sides, tears running down his cheeks.

"You'd think Usopp did something ridiculous with how he is laughing," Nami chuckled. Turning her attention to Nivie she smiled, "Do you want to see what we picked out for your mommy?" She froze when she saw Luffy about to launch himself image the building. "Stop right there! If you want in you have to walk in."
  Luffy / Juleka / 1y 253d 22h 30m 15s
Momo chuckled Then nodded. "Alright but after that I'm done okay?" After that she went and tried on the last outfit.

Nivie grinned and ran up behind Robin and gently tapped her leg. "Boo!"

Robin jumped slightly and looked below her to see the familiar blue haired little girl. "Nivie, what a surprise, what are you doing here?"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 254d 11h 41m 1s
Nami and Robin were quiet for a bit after Momo came out. Once they finally responded it was Nami, shrieking with joy. "I knew it! That dress was perfect for you. You have to get it!" She'd already decided to buy whatever outfits Momo liked best, "Oh, one more," she placed the outfit in Momo's arms. "This one comes in different colors so you can pick a different one if you like."
  Luffy / Juleka / 1y 256d 13h 46m 19s
Momo came out with a few of the outfits the first one was a tank top with shorts. Another was an outfit with suapenders. She finally got to one of the last outfits. And it was a light yellow dress with light brown sandals. She came out of the dressing room and looked at herself in the mirror. "H-How do I look?"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 257d 12h 18m 28s
Nami continued to pick through the racks, pulling out several different outfits for Momo. "Nothing wrong with spoiling yourself from time to time." If course if anyone else on the crew heard that statement they would probably say 'You spoil yourself all the time.' which want exactly a lie. "Besides, new clothes always make me feel better."
  Luffy / Juleka / 1y 257d 16h 39m 4s
As Momo's arms got piled with dresses she chuckled nervously. "N-Nami, I really don't need all of this."

"Nonsense! You have to try these on. Just have a little fun." She grinned as she pushed her towards a dressing room. "Go on get changed and we'll keep looking for more outfits."

Robin nodded. "Make sure you show us each outfit when you change."
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 257d 21h 59m 33s
The moment the trio entered the store Nami started piling clothes in Momo's arms. "Try these on," she ordered with a grin, "You need new clothes too." She'd also been grabbing outfits for herself as well. "Ooooh definitely this one," she laughed as she placed a dress that she thought would bring focus to Momo's eyes.

"I agree," Robin nodded, "You'd look lovely in that dress."
  Luffy / Juleka / 1y 258d 11h 5m 8s
Momo and Robin followed Nami around town to the different shops that were on the map and got quite an assortment of clothes for Nivie for really cheap thanks to Nami's bartering skills.

As they passed yet another shop Momo stopped and glanced inside it was a women's clothing store and there were so many cute dresses and outfits inside.

Nami noticed Momo stop and smirked. "Come on then. Let's go try some stuff on."

Momo's eyes widened. "Ah, I was only looking for a second."

Nami chuckled. "Well, I personally wanted to shop here myself. Do you mind if we take a quick detour?"

Momo froze up for a moment before a smile came across her lips. "Sure."


Nivie had her hands around Luffy's neck as she was hoisted on his back. She giggled as she looked around at everything then she noticed something green out of the corner of her eye. "Ah, Mommy's over there!"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 258d 11h 28m 36s
Luffy knelt down and let Nivie climb on his back, "Adventure get we come!" He nodded to Momo briefly as he held onto Nivie and took off running.

"Luffy," Nami yelled, "Be careful with her! Aaaaaand he's gone." She let out a deep sigh and shook her head. "Alright let's get going."

"I'm sure they'll be gone," Robin said, "After all, he is our captain." Everyone broke off and began heading into town for what they needed. As they reached the city outskirts she noticed an information booth, "There is your map Nami."

"Let's see here," Nami grabbed one of the maps and looked it over before turning to Momo, "So, where do you want to go first?"
  Luffy / Juleka / 1y 258d 12h 6m 45s
Nivie's eyes were shining brightly as if they were begging Momo to agree.

Momo gently bit her lip as she looked from Nivie to Luffy. [i He has been the best with her on the ship...] Eventually she sighed and gave in. "Alright, but. Niv there are three rules you need to follow when you're with Luffy okay?"

Nivie nodding grinning happily.

"You never leave his side. Do not explore on your own. If people you don't know start talking to you, hold onto Luffy do not go with them. And lastly, don't ask for every little thing you see in the shops if he brings you to one okay?" Momo spoke sternly.

Nivie nodded. "Don't talk to strangers, don't let go of Luffy, and don't be spoiled!"

Momo smiled softly before ruffling Nivie's hair. "Alright, good girl." She quickly made a loose braid with Nivie's hair and tied it with a hair tie that was around her wrist. "Be a good girl okay? Remember the rules."

"Okay mommy!" Nivie gave Momo a big hug before trotting back over to Luffy. "Mommy said yes!"

Momo looked up at Luffy as if she was asking him to take good care of her.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 259d 11h 43m 53s
"It really all depends on if he gets himself into trouble. Otherwise there really isn't any danger." Nami glanced at Momo, "You could always say no though I don't Luffy would let any harm clone to her."

Luffy stood and waited with a big grin on his face as he waited for Nivie. He had one hand on the back of his neck and was laughing a little, "Come on Momo, it'll be fun."
  Luffy / Juleka / 1y 259d 17h 3m 56s
Momoko was hesitant but nodded. "Alright."


Nivie looked up at Luffy and her eyes widened and practically sparkled. "R-Really?!" She looked from Luffy then back to her mother who was talking with Sanji. "Let me ask Mommy!"

She ran back over to Momo and attached herself to her leg. "Mommy! Mommy! Can I go on an adventure with Luffy?! Please?"

Momo was caught by surprise when her daughter latched onto her leg. "Nivie what are you talking about?" She knelt down beside her daughter.

"Luffy asked if I want to go explore with him!"

Momo looked up at Luffy and then back to her daughter. But then she turned to Nami and Robin. "[i What does his exploring consist of?]" She whispered curiously wondering how dangerous it would be.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 259d 19h 38m 5s
"Nutrition is never an issue," Sanji replied, "Everything I make is packed with nutrition. We already overstock on food because of Luffy eats a lot." He smiled and placed a hand on Momo's shoulder, "Don't worry, you aren't a burden."

Luffy looked at Nivie and smiled, "Why don't you come with?"
  Luffy / Juleka / 1y 260d 10h 12m 27s
Momoko frowned as she listened to Nami and Sanji talk. "Thank you for everything... But are you sure we aren't a burden? To have to up the allotment for food... And to take Nivie's nutrition into consideration... Are you sure we aren't burdening you?"

Nivie held onto Momo's hand but then when she saw Luffy about to take off she let go of her hand and ran over to him and hugged his leg. "Be careful, Ruffy! And bring back stories of your exploring, kay?" She grinned up at him.
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 1y 260d 10h 55m 11s

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