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This is Nivie
btw Nivie is five right now and Momo is 23

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"No such thing," Luffy replied with a grin, "Come on, let's eat." It took several trips and treats of food to get everything to the table.

Zoro saw the look on Luffy's face as he sat down but pretended not to notice, knowing that the others probably saw it too. Something was up and Luffy was trying to be discrete about it. "So, Luffy, what was decided on?"


"Everything?!" Nami took one look at the bill and felt her heart sink, [I My money.]
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 220d 3h 52m 39s
Momo chuckled nervously. "Don't you think that may be a little excessive Luffy?"

Something deep down made her heart skip a beat. And not just a normal happy beat. It scared her. She turned to look out the nearby window and gently bit her lip. [i Something... Isn't right...]
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 231d 3h 3m 53s
"We'll go find a table while you guys figure out what you want," Nami stated as she walked off with Robin into the restaurant, dragging Zoro behind her. "Luffy you start with them in case something happens."

Luffy hadn't heard a word as he was looking at all the food on display wanting to order it all. When he finally did notice that it was just him, Nivie and Momo he looked around, "Did they leave?"


When the trio sat down Zoro immediately glared at Nami, "What was that for?"

"Didn't want you getting lost," Nami teased below getting serious. "I want to test something out. Momo gets flustered when Luffy is around."

"What's your point?"

"I want to see how she responds when it is just the three of them."


Luffy stopped helping Nivie decide what to order when his attention was drawn to the edge of town. It wasn't that he could see something but he sensed it, and it didn't feel friendly. Before anyone could notice the change in behavior he turned back to the two beside him, "How about one of everything?" Though he pretended not to notice, the feeling of a threat didn't fade and he doubted it would.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 238d 3h 59m 58s
Nivie grinned. "Cake!"

Momo chuckled softly. "No sweetie cakes are for dessert. What do you want for lunch?"

Nivie thought for a moment before smiling. "Sammich?"
Momo nodded. "This restaurant looks like it has a variety. Shall we take a look?"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 247d 3h 9m 29s
Luffy began to drool a little as they got closer then grinned, "Lets go," he showed

"I doing think so," Nami said as she grabbed the back of his shirt, "You can wait for the rest of us. The last thing we need is you racking up a bill before everyone else can eat. In fact, I think Momo and Nivie should decide what we eat."

"I think thats a great idea," Robin replied and nudged Zoro for his response.

"Huh? Yeah whatever, let's just eat already," Zoro muttered.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 261d 3h 27m 12s
Momo smiled softly as She gently swung Nivie higher each time she jumped.

Nivie continuously giggled louder and louder.

Momo's attention quickly changed to the direction where she smelt something delicious. "Mm that smells so good..."
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 261d 3h 49m 33s
Robin looked back briefly when she saw Nivie pull Luufy back with her. "She seems to have taken quite a liking to our Captain," she said with a smile. Turning and looking forward again she kept pace with the others while listening to Nivie giggle.

"Which one," Zoro asked as he glanced back then at Robin.

"Both. Luffy's kindness took Momo by surprise and she clearly feels indebted to him. As for Nivie, I'd assume she is glad to have someone to play with that had just as much energy as her. Of course if I'm being honest, just about anyone would like Luffy."
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 283d 12h 6m 49s
"Nami are you sure about this? That's a lot of clothes...." Momo spoke sheepishly.

Nami grinned. "Don't worry I got him to sell them to me for 85% off."

Nivie had trotted up to Luffy and was holding his hand when she looked back and noticed the look on Momo's face. She pulled in Luffy's hand pulling him back a bit then she grabbed Momo's hand so they were both holding her hands. Then she grinned. "Swing me! Swing me!"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 294d 4h 59m 50s
"Perhaps we should all join Luffy and Nivie for lunch," Robin suggested, "I'm sure we'll run into the others as well."

"I agree," Nami said as she walked over to the shop keeper and because haggling him about prices. Within minutes the man had given in to her price and suddenly cried as he bagged the items. "Alright, I'm ready to go!"

"Don't you think that's a bit excessive," Usopp asked from outside the store, Chopper and Zoro with him.

"Nonsense," she carried some of the bags with her, the shop keeper following behind with the others, "And now that you're here you guys can carry them."

"WHAT?!?!" All three shouted in unison as the bags were all but dropped on them.

"Where are Franky and Sanji?"

"Eyebrows is putting groceries away and Franky is doing repairs from the storm," Zoro relied bluntly.
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 295d 12h 46m 39s
Momo sighed softly. "Nami, I really don't need all these clothes...." She spoke shyly. "It just seems like way to much for one person."

Nami grinned. "No need to worry. We're the same size so some of those I'll be wearing too."

Nivie's stomach growled and she nodded at Luffy. "Uh huh."
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 296d 3h 31m 10s
"Get both," Luffy deadpanned before walking out of the store and waiting outside for Nivie. "Hey Nivie," he called and looked back, "I smell food. Are you hungry?"

"Well, the top in general looks good on you and having more than one color could be beneficial." Nami put the hands on her hips and smiled, "That settles it! We're buying one of every color."
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 296d 12h 49m 26s
Nivie clapped. "Mommy is pretty like princess." She grinned. "But Mommy, I like purple." She walked over to the pile of the same shirt and grabbed A purple one and brought it to her.

Momo chuckled before kissing the top of Nivie head. "Alright I'll try this one on instead." She went back into the changing room and changed the shirt and when she came back out Nivie grinned.

"Now super Princess!"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 297d 3h 31m 25s
"Hm," Nami examined Momo, "I'm not sure on the color but the style is definitely you. What do you think?"

"It's fine," Luffy replied not realizing the question was directed to Momo. "Are you going to buy it?"

Nami all but choked on air at Luffy's response then grinned. "You should definitely but it Momo. What do you think Nivie?"
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 297d 3h 36m 21s
Momo was changing her skirt when she heard the familiar voice yell out. "Eh?! Luffy?!" She quickly zipped the skirt then stepped out of the dressing room and looked around but there was no sign of Nivie.

"Boo!" Momo jumped but then sighed with relief when she saw her little girl peek out from inside a clothing rack near the dressing room. "Hi sweetie. How was your adventure?"

She knelt down and Nivie ran up to her like an airplane. "Zooooom! We were birds!" She grinned. "We were up high!"
  Momoko / PotatoPirate / 2y 297d 3h 59m 44s
"But Nami," Luffy complained, "It's faster."

"It will also cost you money if you break anything," Nami hissed. "You could've been in here by now if you hadn't been arguing."

The rubber man considered her statement for a moment, "You're no fun." He stood there for a more minutes before running inside and standing next to Nami. "Hey Momo, hurry up!"
  Luffy / Juleka / 2y 297d 4h 7m 10s

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