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An alternate timeline has triggered a strange occurrence, cybernetics, technological advancements, and other strange things are happening, but it is at an alarming rate...can the heroes figure out what is happening to the world they once knew?


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[I You need to repeat the hand sign to emerge from the shadows...] she told the young girl. [I When you have mastered the jutsu, you do not need to repeat the hand sign to emerge from the shadows, like how I am able to just emerge...] she explained.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 83d 5h 25m 10s
Kasumi tries a few more times and finally succeds. "Yay I did it!" She yells in excitement as she looks around. "Umm Ma'am? How do I get out?" she asked realizing that she was stuck in the shadows and feeling slightly scared.
  Uzumaki / IKage / 3y 83d 5h 59m 31s
[I Allow me to show you...] she said, and she showed her, but slowly, so that the girl could copy it easily. [I Just try it that way, and soon you will be able to do it quickly, and then you will be able to slip past others.] she said with a smile, and she performed the jutsu herself.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 94d 3h 25m 13s
Kasumi tried to mimic the handsigned that she used but nothing really happened. "It didn't work" she thought to herslef and looked down at the ground before trying again, but with the same result. "What am I doing wrong?" she thought as her chains lossened slightly but remained around her in aprotective manner.
  Uzumaki / IKage / 3y 94d 3h 27m 13s
[I Do as I just did...and you can become one with the shadows...] she told her, and smiled with a spiky toothed grin. [I Now try it young one...and you will see the world as I do...] she explained extravagantly.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 94d 5h 31m 20s
blinks confused. "Seals make us differnet? how so" she asked as she looked at the shadow unsure what she was suposse to do, her chains coil around her protectively ready to defend hersself. "Am I supposse to try and use this jutsu?"
  Uzumaki / IKage / 3y 96d 21h 59m 51s
[I Very interesting...I have never seen this before...and what you call "seals", those are what makes us different...] she told her, and she performed a shadow replacement jutsu, and she melded into the her own shadow, becoming pure shadow on the wall. [I This is the Shadow Replacement Jutsu.]
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 97d 5h 31m 28s
Kasumi looked down at the ground well I don't know much but I seem to be able to understand seals, or at least I think thats what people call them. Also I cna make these" as she said that thirdteen white chakra chains spouted out from her back and coiled around her protectively.
  Uzumaki / IKage / 3y 97d 5h 58m 20s
[I Do not fret, my young student...I do not intend to do you harm...] she reminded her, and she landed on the floor, then she asked her what jutsu she knew. [I What jutsus have you learned, and can you show me the jutsus?] she asked with interest.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 97d 7h 5m 7s
Kasumi looks at the person that the weird demon lady called her master and is very nervous. "W-w-what did I get myself into?" she thought to herself as she tried to make herself lokk as small as possible, unsure what was going to happen to her.
  Uzumaki / IKage / 3y 97d 7h 6m 48s
Scorpiona entered the room, only lit by candles, and she carefully set the child down. [I My master...I have found a student whom is worthy...] she hissed, and a quiet, but dark voice answered. [B [I Well done, my student...train her well, and she will fight well alongside you...]]
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 97d 7h 19m 5s
Kasumi stiffed when she was picked up again but slowly relaxed as she was carried out of the town. after a few minutes she dozed off, and for the first time in a while slept peacefully. but that was disrupted when they arrived at their destonation. She was lead inside a building and brought into what seemed like a large office. "h-hello m-ma'am its nice to meet you" she said nerviously
  Uzumaki / IKage / 3y 98d 20m 51s
[I Yes young one, I we must be going...] she said, picking her up again, and she soon started to hurry to the dark village, where she introduced her to Ekinoma, who was a former Anbu black ops member, and now she is in control of the dark village.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 98d 1h 43m 13s
Kasumi took the head band and looked up at the stanger. "R-really? Y-you really mean it? Your not here to hurt me? Your going to help me?" he asked with a bit of hope in her eyes as she made eye contact again with the stranger, nott really paying attention to the color of the headband
  Uzumaki / IKage / 3y 98d 1h 47m 15s
[I I swear that I would never harm you, but I need someone who will continue my legacy...and I found just the perfect student...] she told the girl, and she gave the girl a headband with the dark village's symbol etched into a metal plate.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 3y 98d 1h 49m 15s

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