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W.A.R.D. or WARD, which stands for War Assurance & Relief Division, is an international government military force designed to help and protect innocents caught in the middle of warzones, fights against terrorists, corrupt corporations, secret organizations, strange anomalies and other sorts of individuals/grouped individuals. Said examples can be arrested or contained rather than killed or destroyed if possible.
If there's one thing that the leader of WARD knows... is that war is inevitable, whether it be of countries, factions, corporations, organizations, anything is capable of violence, and that leader is very determined to prevent total disaster from occurring even the slightest.
And so are his people.
The fight goes on as everyday society continues. With every supernatural event that occurs, with every attack done by hellbent terrorists, with every strange individual that pops up and causes chaos, WARD will be there.
Will you too be there with WARD?

[b A small explanation]
This RP is focused on a special team of 6 agents within WARD. This would be the second team to be established and the name would be voted on by the teammates .
The team would consist of 6 individuals at the most but if urgent cases come up and there doesn't happen to be 6 in the team, any that are in the team would be sent on such cases . Any members that are lost in action will get a special place in memory of their sacrifice .
This RP is based in an alternate reality that would be just like real life except other races exist but they aren't public knowledge so if a civilian were to see something that they would think to not exist, they may freak out.
If you need more information then PM me.

[h3 Rules]

[b 1:] Read everything in the description before trying to join!
[b 2:] The minimum character limit is 600 but that doesn't mean it's the maximum.
[b 3:] No godmodding, overpowering, controlling another person's character without consent, or any other thing of the sort.
[b 4:] ES rules apply of course.
[b 5:] PM with required information if you want to join.

[b Will add or change rules when necessary.]

[h3 Races, Skeleton and Characters]

[b Races]
Here is the list of what you can be. More can be added if need be.
If examples are needed then I am happy to oblige and if there are any questions about races then PM me.

[b Humans:] I'm sure you know what humans are and what they are capable of. Most of WARD happens to be humans but that doesn't mean there aren't other races within it.
A human's trait is what a human's limitations are and how they could feel more comfortable around other humans.
[b Androids:] Basically synthetics that could look exactly like a human or more robotic like grey skin, antennas for ears and other such things.
An Android's trait is its computing & processing power, being able to change or upgrade functions on themselves and are immune to poisons and diseases and other such effects, but are more susceptible to damage done by electricity, are able receive viruses that can affect any part of them and are far more dangerous if something in their programming goes awry.
[b Animal Humanoids:] Any animal with the body of a human and features of an animal such as, species-specific ears instead of human ears, a tail if part of specified species, and the characteristics of the species. Hibernation is not part of any Animal Humanoid.
An Animal Humanoid's trait varies from species to species but retain most what that animal has such as, night vision, sonar and scent tracking.
[b Merfolk] Similar to Animal Humanoids but consist of aquatic species like dolphins and sharks. Their ears are human but they have the tail of the aquatic species they are from and sometimes they could the fin of it on the top of their head or their back.
A Merfolk's trait is its water breathing and fast swimming and whatever are specific to the species they are.
[b Demons] Contrary to popular belief, most of them are not evil, they just have their own desires at times. There are many types, examples are but not limited to, ones that can manipulate the unsuspecting through various ways, ones that have wings which allow flight and ones that have a summonable weapon. They look human but tend to have a long pointed ears, horns and a tail and will have other looks that depend on what type of demon they are.
A Demon's trait depends on what type of demon they are but they all usually share similarities in that they are invulnerable to flames but have an natural weakness to Angels.
[b Angels] Most do happen to be good in nature. There are many kinds of them, examples are but not limited to, ones that fight with summonable weapons, ones that can heal the wounded and ones that use their voice to calm others from an angry or terrified state. They usually have wings and the number of them will be the result of what kind they are, some could even have wings on their head or a halo above it, they also have short pointed ears.
An Angel's trait is its soothing nature to those around it and its ability to fly using its wings, other points are determined by what kind of Angel they are but many who are not warrior specific are weak against attacks because of their desire to spread happiness and love, not hate or violence.

[b Skeleton]
Everything in skeleton is required unless specified otherwise. You can add more parts to it if you want but you can't remove anything.
[b ------]
Extra Info:
Character Profile Link:
[b ------]
If you have any questions about the skeleton then PM me.


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Roleplay Responses

The portal frame heats up, and seems to actually open up a portal. The moment it does, everything seems to go silent.
And then... darkness, as an explosion goes off, fatally wounding Nobuyuki.

[b "Ah~, it seems the old fool has done it.] A mysterious voices says. [b "Trapped for a millennium in that cursed realm of blight, and now I'm finally free!"]

"Who the... hell... are you...?" Nobuyuki musters up strength to say.

[b "Oh, someone's still here, how curious."] The mysterious voice states. [b "Hm, a weak idiot, doesn't matter now... because you'll be no more."]

The whole room gets in enveloped by the unknown entity's power. Nobuyuki is never to be seen again for a long time, or perhaps forever.


The whole city around the metro starts to shake uncontrollably for a minute or two.

"What the hell was that?!" Agent Moreau shouts.

"Did a bomb go off?!" Agent Brogan questions. "Are there any survivors?!"

"Whatever it was, we'll need to quarantine the area and bring in hazmats." Agent Moreau states. "Hopefully the hostages made it fine-"

The agent gets a call and answers it promptly. After a few seconds of talking, he hangs up.

"That was Captain Calder." Agent Moreau says. "We just got two more members for the team here."

"When will they be here?" Agent Brogan asks.

"Any minute now." Agent Moreau answers.

A small part of a clear area near the agents warps and two people suddenly appear.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/ygpwIyu.jpg]

"I still think this is a stupid idea for us." Lional says. "After everything we just went through too."

[pic https://i.imgur.com/MvCKJey.jpg]

"Come ooon, it'll be fuuun, and we'll get to save liiives!" Lilly responds. "You still need to at least balance out that karma of yours, mister!"

"Doing this involves hurting the enemies we encounter, and you're not capable of even killing a fly!" Lional states.

"I... I may not be able to do it, but that's where you come in!" Lilly replies. "I'll be healing any injuries we come across, while you'll subduing any evildoers!"

"Ugh... you're such a handful most times." Lional says. "Fine, fine, you just need to be ready for anything that happens, but I'll still protect you as best I can."
  Agent(s)/Hero(es) / Okimichi / 211d 4h 23m 31s
It was almost like a a flash, or earthquake. First he was looking around, checking for any signs of hostiles. Then he was looking down at the ground after a loud smack against the back of his helmet. He sighs as he figured who it was as he slowly looks up toward the wolf lady. Rubbing the back of his helmet as he holds the halberd. He would then slowly walk behind her as he holds the halberd in both hands. "I guess the distraction was a very bad idea?" He asks as he spins on his heels as he walks backwards, making sure their rear flank was clear before returning to walk forward.

He then started to notice, where is the ninja. He would slowly stop as he looks around. "Say... Where is the ninja? If the hostages are safe and the terrorists are dead/ran off shouldn't he meet us here and head to the rendezvous?" He states as he looks slowly towards her.
  Pending / X-000 / 215d 11h 8m 28s
Nobuyuki darts over to a pair of terrorists, killing one with a knife jab in the neck then grabbing the other and pressing a knife against his neck.

"These machines, where are they?" Nobuyuki questions.

"D-d- down a manhole under the train!" The terrorist responds. "It's a s-straight path from there t-to them!"

"You better not be lying." Nobuyuki says as he presses the knife closer against the terrorists neck.

"I-I-I'm not, I swear!" The terrorist exclaims.

"Good." Nobuyuki states then shoves him away and stabs him in the back of the head.
He then walks over to the train the hostages were once in and takes a look underneath. He notices the manhole then crawls carefully over to it.

[i Elaborate, I'll give them that much at least.] Nobuyuki thinks as he climbs down. [i Their plan has still failed from our view though, so what exactly were they hoping to truly accomplish?]

Nobuyuki reaches the ground and proceeds through the long sewer walkway until he comes across a room filled with various lab equipment. A computer screen is flashing a red warning symbol while a big circular structure, almost like a portal frame, is shaking.

"Almost straight out of a comic or manga." Nobyuki mutters. "Doubt breaking anything will stop this... the least I can do is tell the others to get out."

A metal door comes closing down in the doorway he came from, trapping him there. Nobuyuki looks warily around for any cameras or an observation room.

[i I should have known they would use this opportunity to kill someone off... dammit!] Nobuyuki thinks. [i Whatever happens, I only have myself to blame.]
  Agent(s)/Hero(es) / Okimichi / 226d 59m 59s
Andreana managed to escort all the hostages out to safety. All of them had various degrees of fear, panic, or some other feeling on them. But it wasn't part of her job to help them calm down, that would be the job of all the parademics, which were hopefully there, to calm all these distraught people.

After getting them to the evacuation point, Andreana hurried back into the underground metro. Who knew what had happened down there in her absence.

The only thing that had happened in her absence, was the noise disappearing. The loud gunfire had stopped, Mr.Dumbass had holstered his giant auto-cannon and replaced it with a halberd while the terrorists had all but disappeared.

At least the quiet was nice, but there was someone who did not understand what a stealth mission was.

Andreana began to walk over to Mr.Dumbass. She walked calmly, as if she had no intention of slapping him in the back of the head. But walking past him, she raised her left arm and delivered a slap to the back of his head. It wasn't too hard, but hard enough to get the point across.

[pic http://i66.tinypic.com/2iuxn6g.gif]
  Andreana / NorthernWolves / 227d 7h 12m 15s
The number of enemies started to run near dry as Kyle looked around for a bit. He takes the calm moment to holster is massive weapon on his back while reaching out to the right. The Spirit hanging over him drops its own Halibred into the hands of the young man. He twirls it around to get a good feel of the weight before waving his left arm. Diligence sighs happily before taking his heavenly fire form. Diligence: "Damn I am beat..." Kyle chuckles as he slams the Halibred into the ground. Standing at the entrance waiting for the enemy, hostages or even his allies to come his way. He was also allowing his fusion reactor on his back to recharge to use his massive weapon again.
  Pending / X-000 / 235d 8h 58m 57s
"Well~, this is going to be just fun for me!" Nobuyuki says then throws a dagger at an enemy's head.

[i This is exactly why I won't be going on another mission, whether it's because I'm still alive or not!] Nobuyuki thinks.

A grenade is tossed where Nobuyuki is hiding behind cover, causing him to retreat away to a different spot.

"Oh shit, they just told me that the machines are going haywire!" Enemy 1 shouts. "We gotta get out of here through the way we came!"

"What about these fucks?" Enemy 2 responds. "One's out front slaughtering us and this one's just making fun of us at this point!"

"You can stay here and die if you want but gettin the hell outta here!" Enemy 1 shouts then runs off onto a railway.

A few other terrorists run off to while some stay behind to try shooting at Nobuyuki. Nobuyuki quickly throws a few daggers at them then darts to a different cover.

[i Well now... that sounded like they really did have something more sinister planned.] Nobuyuki thinks. [i I have to figure out where these machines are and shut everything down if that's still possible.]
  Agent(s)/Hero(es) / Okimichi / 238d 18h 31m 44s
Mr.Dumbass did not stop firing for one second. Just shot after shot, a never ending barrage of bullets and gun sounds.

She was scanning, looking for a possible opening. Mr.Dumbass was managing to attract everyone's attention. But she could not spot where Nobuyuki was located. It was as if he had become one with the metro, which had been the original intent of the mission.

Andreana had to get closer, to see what the heck was going on with the hostages.

Using any available cover, she sprinted from one piece of cover to the next. She noticed that the gunfire was split two different ways, most of the shots were headed towards Mr.Dumbass while a few others were headed somewhere else. Most likely that meant that somewhere else meant that someone else was there, and that was most likely Nobuyuki.

Which left her to deal with the hostages.

Andreana managed to get to the hostages. She had expected them to be still tied, but the evidence of cut rope meant that Nobuyuki had managed to free them but not escort them out.

Luckily, the hostages consisted of a few persons who readily listened to her orders. She hated bossing them around, but the only way to make sure that they stayed alive was by them following her orders.

Looking outwards again, the fire was still split two ways. None of the terrorists had noticed her or the freed hostages.

She began to escort the hostages out, keeping them out from the fire of the terrorists and the fire coming from Mr.Dumbass.
  Andreana / NorthernWolves / 239d 3h 40m 25s
As the fire fight seem to last forever as more and more terrorist keep showing up, though for the armored man. He kept moving up slowly, the shields stayed around him. Only leaving a small opening for him to fire his weapon as he slowly approached the main entrance. He was racking up some major kill count as he slowly entered the terminal.

Diligence; "By the holy father how many more of these corrupted souls are there?!" The spirit spoke out towards Kyle as he huffs loudly. "Don't know, may decide to switch modes here shortly. Sadly the mode I want will most likely kill every, except for me and you!" He growls as he quickly shifts the weapon aiming at a group of 15 terrorists entering the lobby, quickly mowing them down as he continued walking. "Hopefully the two stealthy ones got the hostages and are now getting clear, cause the reactor on my bloody back is most likely running low on energy!" He growls as he turns to look for some more foes.
  Pending / X-000 / 239d 21h 6m 3s
Nobuyuki tries to sneak up on an unsuspecting terrorist when suddenly gunshots were heard, causing Nobuyuki to dart back into the shadows before he's noticed with the terrorist running towards the gunfire.

[i What in the hell...?] Nobuyuki wonders. [i I didn't realize high alert status was supposed to be part of the mission but now it is.]

Nobuyuki quickly moves from spot to spot over to the hostages while no gunmen are looking in his direction. Once he reaches them, he cuts the bindings off of each of them and signals them to head to sewer entrance he came from.
Before the hostages could get far, one of the terrorists spots them and starts shooting, alerting nearby terrorists. Nobuyuki runs over and jabs a knife into the guy's head, making him now the target instead of the hostages.

"This has gone to shit already." Nobuyuki mutters. "I guess the stealth for me was overrated."

Three more enemies run towards him while shooting at him, forcing him to jump behind cover.
  Nobuyuki / Okimichi / 242d 20h 44m 29s
Ah, the feeling of falling through the air felt so good. Sometimes, Andreana would think about the possibility of continuously falling since she thought falling through the air made a good place to meditate.

Unfortunately, the ground was coming up much too soon. So, if she did not want to end her life by a hard slap against the ground, she'd need to prepare to land.

Andreana landed on her feet. But she did not simply land on her feet, for that would at the least have broken her feet. Oh no, she landed on her feet and then started to roll right away, transferring the energy of the impact into the roll.

Coming out of the roll, Andreana looked around to regain her bearings. She had no idea where Nobu or the dumass were, but she did see a manhole cover a few paces away from her.

Popping open the cover, she slipped inside.

Andreana made her way through all the shit and random junk to the metro station.

Well now, there were of these terrorists standing alongside the metro. All of them had a gun, but a gun would mean nothing with a complete surprise.

Andreana began to look around, hoping to spot at least Nobu or the dumbass.

Unfortunately, the first thing she spotted was Mr.Dumbass doing the most dumbass thing possible; using guns on a stealth mission. What the fuck was he thinking!!???? He wasn't even using a god damn silencer..

After the mission, she would give him a "Gibbs slap"... With her staff!

But for now, all she could do was watch Mr.Dumbass trying to be the hero.
  Andreana / NorthernWolves / 243d 8h 17m 42s
Well, like that everyone had leaped out. Leaving the agents and the Armored man alone. He looked at the agents as he sat on the floor of the Helicopter. "Alright, take me to the front. Seems the other two are infiltrating, I will give them the distraction they need." He chuckles as he slowly stands. Diligence; "Well, covering you will take no energy. Thank the holy lord himself for this moment." The flame remarks as the armored man walks to the open door as the helicopter flies to the location that was warned for heavy gun fire.

Once the helicopter reached the area, Kyle waves his good byes to the agents and the helicopter as he simply steps out and begins his descends to the ground. While he falls, Diligence morphs to its form as it wraps its arms around the man and covering the two in a protective sphere on holy light. Once the sphere impacted the ground, the flash blinded all the civilians with the cameras and the police officers. Mean while in front of the terrorists, the armored man was hidden by two massive shields of his bonded spirit. "So partner, how many armed gun men?" He asks his spirit as he slowly stands. Reaching behind him to grab a handle of the massive rifle connected magnetically to his power pack. The moment the rifle was separated, a loud electrical whine could be heard. Diligence; "Seems to be 40 heretics right now. I would advise using the full auto mode for now." The armored spirit advises as it peaks over the shield.

Kyle chuckles as his helmet visor flashes on in a ghostly blue as he huffs up the heavy rifle and hits a button on the main handle as the weapon switches internally to a mode. "Alright diligence! HUD is online, heavy particle rifle is ready to be field tested, now make me an opening, Partner!" He yells as he huffs the rifle forward. The shields move slightly out of the way as they make an opening. The HUD in his visor automatically marked all the hostiles in view and Kyle simply pulls the trigger. The rifle made a loud ear piercing roar as blue high energy particle beams fly out the rifle and towards the the group of enemies. Firing at full auto as he shifts slightly to strafe the area to hit the targets, but also to get the rest of the enemies to focus on the entrance instead of the hostages. Hopefully this stunt allows his team to look at him with different ideals.
  Pending / X-000 / 248d 55m 6s
Nobuyuki looks at Andreana as she jumps out then at Andrew.

"You know what, you can jump out on your own." Nobuyuki says. "I'll be fine getting down there through this way."

Nobuyuki jumps out of the helicopter and lands the top of a building then climbs off the side using the windows and various ledges until he reaches the ground.

[i And so it officially begins.] Nobuyuki thinks to himself then opens the manhole to the sewers and jumps in. [i Those two can catch up if the wolf girl didn't already go on ahead.]

Nobuyuki makes his way through the sewers to the metro railway. Once he's in it, he quietly moves over to where the station would be and sees the terrorists patrolling around the hostages.

[i Seems simple enough for a tactical maneuver.] Nobuyuki thinks. [i Sleeping darts and knockouts are all needed for this it seems.]
  Nobuyuki / Okimichi / 248d 3h 57m 4s
There was no need for such a dramatic entrance, the dive was definitely not needed. Andreana knew her strength, and knew that it was enough to pull him right inside the helicopter. But the dumbass had shown off.

Well, she hadn't called him a dumbass for what he claimed was an unholy body, mind, and/or soul. She had called him a dumbass for being late, and that was it. What he said sounded as if he were part of some sort of religion. And if he were part of some religion, she did not mind as long as he did not try to shove it down her throat.

So, this dumbass had an extremely long name. A first, middle, and a last name. At least it sounded as if it rolled of the tongue easily in contrast to Nobuyuki's name.

And this Andrew, he had some sort of flame with a name on top of his shoulder.

So now instead of two of them, there was a grand total of four. Well, if one only counted the actual, physical body count it would be three. But it would be an insult to the sentient flame to not count it, so for counting purposes the number would be 4.

So it was time to go? Andreana smiled, looking at both agents with a slightly crazy look before once again walking up to the door.

Turning around, she looked at Nobuyuki. [+purple "Hey Nobu, if Andrewshka here doesn't jump out in a few seconds, can you toss him out?"]

She didn't even give him a chance to reply, as she jumped out the helicopter without a second thought. She closed her eyes as she felt the air rush past her. It felt so good.
  Andreana / NorthernWolves / 249d 5h 30m 39s
Hey stands there holding on for dear life, not even bothering to look down as he simply watches everything unfolding inside the helicopter. Though that changed as he watched the wolf girl walk over and open the door as she offers up her staff. He quickly grabs it and dives in as she pulls him in. He sits on the floor as he exhales softly, slowly turning his head towards the girl. "I understand, but now I must tell you this. this dumb ass is now in your dept and will be more then happily sacrifice his unworthy body, mind and soul for you." He states with no issue as he then turns to face everyone else. "Well since I was outside hanging on, Name is Andrew Kyle Aldrich and this little flame on my shoulder is Diligence. We will be happy to serve this team with any mission you hand us." He says happily.

He then quickly turns to face the agents and audibly huffs at the fact they will be parachuting away from the trigger happy terrorists. Diligence; "Ha, first time out on a mission and it is stealthy, cant even use your experimental toy. Priceless." The spirit mocks at the armored man as he turns his head towards the ghostly blue flame. "Yeah, that also means you cant show off your shields nor halberd." The spirit went silent before, Diligence; "..... touche... Touche..." Kyle would shake his head before turning to listen to their leader person and the agents carefully.
  Pending / X-000 / 252d 22h 37m 15s
"Well actually, I have one-" Nobuyuki tries to say but suddenly someone decided to make a scene on getting to the helicopter.

The two agents have no responses while they see newest and very late member of this team climb inside with the help of Andreana.

"...It's a good thing this isn't a test- oh wait, it is." Agent Moreau states. "You both get to bring him up to speed once you land."

"I... why do we need to use parachutes?" Nobuyuki asks. "It seems like all of us will do just fine without them now."

"Was that really your question originally or did that just come to mind now?" Agent Brogan asks.

"Regardless, its your choices on your own safety." Agent Moreau says. "But you better be more concerned on the safety of those hostages than your own."

"Right..." Nobuyuki replies.

The helicopter nears high above their infiltration point.

"Looks like it's time for you tw-... three- er, four to go now." Agent Brogan says.

[i They really weren't that far away from your HQ it seems.] Nobuyuki thinks to himself. [i Either they are complete morons or they have something planned we don't know about...]
  Nobuyuki / Okimichi / 253d 19h 57m 10s

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