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Roleplay Responses

Jason flipped his pancake poking it. "how did she doe this for 20 years?" he asked himself.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 9m 53s
She smiled at him and kissed him. "okay, feathers." She said and smiled.
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 188d 23h 11m 59s
"Fine." he said and grabbed her. "but imma fuck you till theres no tomorroow first."
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 14m 40s
"I was embarrassed because I liked you and I didn't know how to handle it..." She said and pouted up at him. "Please?"
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 188d 23h 21m 12s
Michael said nothing. "you don;t want to youll make fun of me again."
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 23m 30s
Abby blinked and said. "Um... I'm going to go... Have fun."

Nyx kissed his cheek and said. "I want to hear you ask me out right now."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 188d 23h 25m 57s
He blushed popping a boner and looked away.

Meanwhile Lucifer was watching secretly laughinh.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 28m 10s
She grabbed them again and growled. "I just had a date flake on me, I'm wearing really nice and expensive lingerie.... So. Do. Something. About. It."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 188d 23h 30m 50s
"You can let go of my balls now." he said pushing her bacl.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 32m 34s
She fondled his balls boredly and said. "You were always so jealous when Azrael asked me out but after we ended things on mutual terms, you still didn't have the balls to ask me out."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 188d 23h 33m 39s
"YOWCH" he flew up into the air. "I ADMIT NOTHING FIEND!"
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 36m 20s
She growled and stomped over to him grabbing him by the balls. "Admit it you've always had a crush on me but you were scared I'd say no."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 188d 23h 38m 42s
"Lies slander and annoyance you know nothing!" he said shooing her out.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 40m 32s
Nyx growled and said. "You're only doing this because you were too scared to ask me out."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 188d 23h 41m 44s
"Levying a deal. they killed Zack. they either kill a shadow rider or they give me a bitch to breed, funnyt that abby gave herself over." he said,
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 188d 23h 44m 26s

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