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Bruce sighed. "well he's met them as adults at least. remember time travel can have massive effects on things. even accidental. take kramer for example." he said as he handed her a photo of the man with his family. "he knows what he did was wrong but when someone has nothing left to lose they lose all sense of right and wrong." he said.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 18h 32m 1s
She sighed and nodded sadly. "I was hoping he'd be around long enough to meet the twins... As babies."
  Abigail / wingedwolfy120 / 19h 20s
He shook his head. "stay with him and make him family." he said.
  Red Hood / Ganondorf / 1d 5h 10m 15s
"isn't there anything we can do to help him?" She asked and looked up at him.
  wingedwolfy120 / 1d 5h 38m 8s
Bruce turned and looked at her. "yes?" he asked turned tilting his head.
  Red Hood / Ganondorf / 1d 6h 49m 16s
Abby sighed and followed Bruce when he walked out. "Bruce?"
  wingedwolfy120 / 2d 15h 2m 56s
Bruce got up after offering cobblepot his hand. Cobblepot shook it. "you better take care of my family bruce." Bruce nodded. "as if they were my own." he looked to victor. "make him as comfortable as possible." Victor nodded.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 4d 6h 13s
Abby looked up at Bruce giving him a sad smile and listened to the two of them.
  wingedwolfy120 / 4d 6h 28m 32s
Penguin smiled as someone knocked. Bruce walked in. "cobblepot..." Cobblepot looked stunned and sat up. "wayne.....why....." Wayne sat down. "I came when i heard. Stage 4." Cobblepot flipped his hand. "I don't need pity." Wayne smirked. "But you do need an heir....." he looked at abby. "and she would need guidance and advice on running the company." he said. "or he would." he said looking to Jason. Cobblepot nodded. "are you offering your services to them?" Wayne nodded. "absolutely." cobblepot nodded. "Long as my company stays in their name." wayne nodded. "in your honour."
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 4d 15h 29m 49s
She swallowed slightly and nodded before hesitantly signing the papers.
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 4d 23h 33m 28s
Penguin nodded. "its either this or all my assets go to my company. i'd rather you taken care of darling." he said.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 5d 5h 4m 10s
Abby listened to the two of them and frowned slightly looking at him worriedly. "Are you sure?"
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 5d 5h 6m 43s
He nodded. "I'm fine just collapsed." Victor shook his head. "that's what he would like to say. I'm afraid the cancer is spreading at an alarming rate." he said and handed over the scans. "Stage 4 is always the worst before death. but I will make you as comfortable as I can." Penguin laughed. "oh victor don't worry too much. I lived a fulfilling life in my opinion. just get me my will over on that table will ya?" Victor did so and gave it to him. "Hay sunshine. im not so good at writing anymore. mind putting your name in the blanks for me?" he asked.

Meanwhile Nero arrived and was directed to the room. He leaned in the doorway watching as he made a few notes. "more time travel distortion." he said thinking.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 5d 5h 9m 0s
Abby went to penguin's side and asked. "Are you okay?"
  Nightingale / wingedwolfy120 / 5d 5h 14m 42s
Jason opened the door. Penguin was talking to victor freeze who was one of the first to be rehabilitated and now worked for the hospital. "ah Jason." he stepped back penguin waving them over. "Hey guys! thanks for the visit." he said.
  Red Hood / ganondorf / 5d 9h 47m 50s

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