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[b Juan is not like other guys. Yes, us females get that bullshit ALL the time. But this time it is true. Juan looks like a bad boy with all a bunch of tattoos, wearing a fitted hat, always has money and how cold and mean he can be. However, there's a reason to it. He got his heart broken and was left with a kid. A son. Jared. He didn't understand how a mother would Just up and leave someone she loves and her first born child. It was as if the six years spent together as a couple meant nothing.]

[b ___ is new to town. Well she's not so new because she has friends and family there. She was away for a few years. It took her a month to learn about everything. The good. The bad. What's new. Etc.]

[b ___ has a habit of giving people a chance. She tries to talk to him but of course he acts like a jerk. To their surprise they actually knew each other once upon a time. They grew up together until the second grade when he got transferred to another school. They stopped talking. She moved and now life is happening. The other didn't know it but he/she was their crush. 'Well decide who, still need a female.' Everyone should know that earning someone's trust isn't easy and takes time. However, would ___ be patient enough to earn his trust to be friends? Maybe even something more?]

[center The rules are simple. You should know them so no point on my writing it. Char limit will be set to 800+]

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Jared couldn’t stop cursing under his breath. What didn’t help was having people stare. He isn’t bad if they got to actually know him. he was about to wake up Jared when someone actually helped him. he tried to help by making sure the pile of clothes that she folded was stacked properly and neatly. What sucked was that Jared hit him again. This time he woke up afterwards wiping his drool with Juan’s t-shirt. Juan seats him down.

“I’m hungry.”
[#4682B4 “I bet you are. You’ve been punching people in your sleep…”] Jared eyed the lady in front of them. The little one is normally shy when meeting people. Mostly older people. Juan gave him his sunglass. They have this thing where when Jared puts on sunglasses her turns invisible. [#4682B4 “If there’s any inviable people out here I’ll be looking at pajamas for this tin invisible boy.”] Juan tugs on his shirt to make it unstick from him. He looks at her not realizing she was the girl from last night. It didn’t click in his brain yet. [#4682B4 “Thanks.”] he says before walking. [#4682B4 “Jared… Jared where are you?”]
“Behind you!” he says running after his dad grabbing his hand. “Here I am!”
[#4682B4 “Is that you holding my hand little man?”]
“Yes!” Juan say his tiny fist forming. He knew he was about to get hit. When Jared punched his leg Juan was dramatic about it.
[#4682B4 “Hey that’s not fair. I can’t see you. Apologize or else we won’t get… pizza… yea pizza.”] Jared removes the shades to hug him as he apologizes. They continued to shop. 85% of what they got was for Jared. Almost three hundred dollars was spent in one store. Target is their next stop to get a few school supplies and things for the house. Jared sticks his tongue out at Roslyn but waves bye giggling.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 49m 34s
There was nothing Roslyn disliked more than the crowds that were drawn in by the shops. As much as she loved to shop because she liked the feeling of getting something new, she didn’t like how busy the place seemed to get. There were times she had to squeeze her way through aisles because there were people gossiping and taking up walkaways and then there were those who felt the need to take up the entire path simply looking at the clothes and giving themselves a wide birth. Luckily Roslyn managed to get in and out of most places quickly because she knew what items she wanted to get.

Now she had three bags full of clothes and she was getting ready to take a break. Soon enough she would need to take a coffee break in a café. She also remembered that she had to return Ashley’s call at some point, even if she wasn’t feeling up to it just yet. Roslyn walked out of the last shop with a sigh and a satisfied smile. The smile of triumph was simply because she survived such a busy shop and she was more certain than ever now that she needed to take a break and inhale some caffeine.

[I Which way is it again?] She thought to herself, looking both left and right and she noticed the Old Navy shop to her right. She remembered walking past that shortly after walking past the café earlier that morning. She checked her watch and ensured that her grip was tightly on her bag handles before making her way in the right direction, looking into the shops as she walked by. When she neared Old Navy, a scene of struggle seemed to catch her eye. A man was seemingly juggling a sleeping toddler and a rather full shopping bag and within moments something seemed to knock the man off balance and the bag collided with the floor along with some of the clothes that had been on display. Without even thinking Roslyn went to his aid, placing her bags on the floor and starting to gather his shopping items.

[B “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.”] She said to him, not once looking up to see the man who had acted to derogatory towards her the night before. The last thing she wanted was for him to have to wake his child to pick up a few items from the floor. Soon enough she had managed to pick up all the items from the floor and placed them back into the bag and she shifted her weight after doing so, so that she could place the pants back to their rightful place and just before rising back to her feet she took his bag in her hand and looked up.

[b “Here you go.”] She said with a smile.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 6d 1h 49m 0s
[center [font Constantia Okay so it wasn’t as quick as he thought it would be. Apparently Shop Rite is having a lot of food sales and there’s a lot of elderly people shopping. Juan got a few, a lot, of stares. He is practically covered in tattoos. Then there’s this sweet, innocent, and polite kid with this criminal looking male. Nothing new to them. The father doesn’t mind it and his toddler is too sweet and innocent to think of anything bad about people. They sent a good amount of time buying food, another good amount eating and putting the groceries away the minute they got home. All they talked about all day was about him starting school, what to do with certain situations, what to expect, and a few rules like no girl friends or being a bully, etc. Jared wanted to nap so he’s going to drive slow to give him some time to rest. That little time grew longer. Jared was in a food coma.]]

[center [font Constantia Juan walked inside the mall carrying the little one. Renting one of those wagons for the kids crossed his mind, but Jared would say he’s a big boy and how he can walk. He reached that stage already. He already wants to grow up. A few girls checked him out because what they saw was adorable. he ignored them. Even spoke Spanish to the ones who didn’t and was screwed if the girl did. Then he’ll play the gay card. His cousin who’s his best friend would normally play the part because he thinks it’s hilarious even though he knows in his heart how wrong it is to be used for such a thing. Juan can’t believe that his little boy is growing up so fast. He isn’t ready for this milestone. Not to mention the fear of she who shall not be named coming back and takes Jared away from him. although it’s a current fear. One that crosses his mind every second of the day.]]

[center [font Constantia The duo went to Old Navy. They both like graphic tees and joggers. He grabs one of the Old Navy shopping bag. Two toddler shirts, four pants and a sweater later he could feel drool spreading on his light grey shirt. Like father, like son… he must’ve been exhausted. Jared jerked where he ended up elbowing Juan in the face. His actions caused him to knock down a few pants off the table, the shopping bag and everything in it. [#4682B4 “Just my luck… thanks kid...”] he mutters to himself trying to figure out how on earth he’s going to pick everything up while not disturbing the sleeping prince.]]
  Juan / Simply_Random / 6d 20h 44m 34s
It was the sound of a phone buzzing on her bedside table that awakened Roslyn from her slumber. At first, she didn’t open her eyes but she extended her arm to reach for her phone and she pressed the button on the side to silence it and placed it on the bed next to her. For a moment, she half expected that she would fall back into her sleep but the better side of her decided against it. Instead, she mustered the energy to open her eyes and as they fluttered open, she allowed her body to stretch out, releasing any tension she had felt from the night before.

She picked up her phone and took note of the missed call from Ashley. Her eyes rolled, assuming that she was calling to scold her for ditching them at the bowling alley. In all honesty, she was having fun until a man she had never even met labelled her a hoe. She has left a lot of the anger behind but she couldn’t help but wonder why he had acted so cold towards her when they didn’t even know each other. Roslyn figured he must have had something against women. Whether that was simply because he was a misogynist or whether he had a bad experience in a past relationship but if luck was on her side she would not have to worry about seeing him again.

She text Ashley to tell her that she would call her later. The last thing she wanted to hear about what how she got laid the night before and she couldn’t quick handle such crude talk at this time in the morning. Instead she managed to get herself out of bed, ready to face the day. She was quick to shower and get dressed and check her appearance in the mirror. Roslyn didn’t really wear a lot of makeup and didn’t overly care about making her hair the most presentable but she did place it in a fishtail braid and considered herself prepared for a day of shopping for work clothes and supplies for her classroom.

Keys rattled as she made her way towards the door and she quickly grabbed a jacket and a bag before she made her way to town where she browsed several shops, buying some outfits for work. She didn’t necessarily need new clothes as she had plenty of professional attire for her workplace but that didn’t mean that she couldn’t make herself feel good by filling her wardrobe with a new selection.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 7d 2h 6m 23s
[center [font Constantia Juan’s anger faded. It was as if he was scrapping it away the further he got away from the bowling alley. Instead of heading straight home he went to Sonic to get something to eat. It was more like a snack since he only got two corndogs and a cherry nerd slushy. He ate at one of the tables. Jared would smell anything and everything in the car and would know his daddy didn’t bring him anything to eat. The toddler may be skinny but he sure can eat. He began writing down on a napkin the things they need to get for school. He thought about the basics, a present for the teacher, and snacks for lunch. Perhaps Juan himself can get some underwear’s and cologne. He’s a jerk but at least he smells good.]]

[center [font Constantia By the time he got home the sprinklers were on. He had time everything before he gets an outdoor bath. Sighing he takes off his shoes putting them on the shoe rack close to the door. He walks a few inches away from the door to hang up his sweater before quietly heading upstairs to his room that he shares with his son. Jared’s bed was a miss and empty. Instead of sleeping in his own bed he was on Juan’s bed laying the wrong way. Practically taking up the bed. Him and his cars, wrestling toys and his favorite stuffed bunny. It was hard not to laugh. It may have been the cutest thing ever. Slightly annoying due to the fact, he just wants to crawl into bed after his shower, but now he must put everything away. There was a lot of shifting where he began to break a sweat. All zombie like he went to gather a few things to go shower, change and hit the hay. Jared was so quick to practically to have something toughing him. one would think it would be a hand to the face. Instead it was tiny feet, one on his chest and the on the side of his face with his big toe in his ear. Yup, parenting…]]

[center [font Constantia By morning Jared with downstairs with his grandpa. Grandma already left for work. The guys were making French toast. Jared’s favorite. They are planning on trying to teach the kid that if he does good in school that they can eat whatever he decides and since he tried to help grandpa Mat to read last night the little guy was able to pick what he makes. Juan slept as long as his father allowed him too. When it was time for grandpa Mat to leave for work Juan was up eating as Jared watched TV. Soon enough they were both getting ready. The boys are going to go food shopping first since it’s easier because he already knows what to get.]]
  Juan / Simply_Random / 8d 35m 55s
When she took herself outside, she never expected to have company but it seemed that the she wasn't able to get the peace that she desired. Soon enough, two of the men from the group appeared and started to talk and smoke. At first she thought she had gone unnoticed and she found relief in that. Roslyn decided to make her way back in side but it seemed her movement had drawn attention to her as one of them addressed her directly. She stopped for a moment so she didn't appear to be rude and listened to whatever flirtatious line he would say to her.

Her eyes roles as he asked if she was single after requesting her name and she had no intention of giving him what he wanted. As for the Pringle comment she was sure the analogy didn't make complete sense. Her lips parted to speak but before she could respond Juan jumped in with a comment that she never expected to hear. The very fact that anyone could be so rude upon meeting someone for the first time completely baffled her. He didn't know her, yet he was perfectly comfortable with branding her a whore. Part of her wanted to scream at him while the other part of her simply wanted to walk away and because if her nature, the second option is what she ended up doing. She watched him for a minute, seeing anger and resentment in his eyes and she couldn't help but wonder where this was all coming from but as he walked towards his car she looked backed at David

[b "I'm not a hoe or a hole."] With that she walked towards her own car and sent a text to the ladies saying that she was tired and would be heading home. She had never felt so insulted in her life but the men didn't matter enough to her to let it consume her. Instead she took a deep breath and turned the key in the ignition, waiting for the engine to burst to life.

She didn't think of the group of men in the way home, she simply thought about the fact that she would be starting her new job in a couple of days and that thought alone brought a smile back to her face and when she arrived at home she had totally pushed the events of the evening out of her mind. Roslyn washed away the evening in the shower and settled herself into bed and before she could even think about anything else, she had drifted off into a peaceful slumber.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 7d 2h 47m 23s
[center [font Constantia David is such a whore. He gave the guys a signal. The signal was that he is going to get laid. The thought of even getting a boner at the bowling alley made him shiver. This place isn’t exactly the cleanest place. Not to mention how many people like them have done it. The horror one would see if one would walk around with a blue light. Ew. ]]

[center [font Constantia Alec and John went outside to take a cigarette break. They began talking about girls, last week’s party at Allison’s, some more sports games, and relationships. It didn’t take long for the four amigos to multiple to the ‘G8’. Four of them, including Alec and John went inside, two of them stayed outside to smoke, and Juan and David stepped out. David began to spill the beans with what happened outside until he spotted Roslyn. He clears his throat. ]]

[center [font Constantia “Yo toots, what is your name anyways? 6 out of the 8 are single. Are you also a single pringle?” he asks taking a cig from someone who passed him one.]]

[center [font Constantia Juan was leaning against the pole staring at her. his eyes were slightly squinting. He isn’t high or anything. He is curious about her. She’s new but not new? His eyes left hers hearing a familiar voice. The leg that was on the lamp post dropped. His body stiffens, jaws locked, and his eyes grew in rage. If it was possible he could shout daggers out of them or laser beams. The small group notices him and the loudness quickly toned down to whispers. Juan spits towards his eft. [#4682B4 “Yo I gotta go. David leave her alone for all you know she has HIV. Stop sticking your dick in random holes.”]]]
[center [font Constantia “Holes or hoes? You could be asking too much with which everyone you pick…”]]
[center [font Constantia [#4682B4 “Both. For all you know she could’ve slept with Usher and got infected.”] yea, he went one too far. His mood changes drastically after seeing the small group who knew his ex. There is so much anger, hatred, saddens and question bolted up in him. his blood boils whenever he sees anyone who knew her personally. Because of what happened to him his heart has a void. One that never gets filled permanently. Juan runs a hand through his hear eyeing the girl once more. It would look like he was giving her a dirty look, but he didn’t know about it. Not that he would care. Girls are evil, conniving, manipulative, heartless, leeches. He got in his 2014 Nissan Rogue, grey/blue colored, car and took off. Tomorrow is a big day for him and Jared. Jared will be starting pre-school soon. They are going school shopping and giving the boy a haircut. ]]
  Juan / Simply_Random / 8d 22h 42m 49s
The night went by pretty much as she expected, with some laughs with her friends and some unexpected glances from the group of men playing near them. Even though she was from this town, she couldn’t place any of their faces and it frustrated her because she was sure that at least one of the men had some kind of familiarity to her. In the end, she put the thoughts aside and simply enjoyed her evening without many distractions.

Several drinks later and their games were coming to an end but the bowling alley was so quiet that they didn’t feel the need to vacate their isle so instead they sat and enjoyed each other’s company for as long as she could. It had been far too long since she had any time to enjoy time with friends! Training to teach had been such an intense year that she had almost forgotten what it was like to have a social life. For the first time in a long time her face seemed to be lit with a smile that she had lost long ago but yet it seemed to return as she returned to her home town. Ironic considering, she thought that getting out of here would have been the best thing that ever happened to her. Eventually their evening moved into the bar area of the alley for comfort.

It wasn’t much longer until their conversations were interrupted by the group of men who had caught her attention earlier. It was obvious that the men knew who her friends were with the way that one of them addressed Ashley but she was surprised at the way he spoke to her and if she didn’t catch the obvious gleam in Ashley’s eye she might have said something against it. Instead, she seemed to laugh off the comment and pointed towards Roslyn.

[i “This is no new chick but you will have to talk to her yourselves if a name is what you are after.”] Ashley smiled towards Roslyn who watched as Juan walked away from the group. There was just something about him but she didn’t intend on talking to him. Instead she turned her attention back to Ashley who was flirting relentlessly with the man who had commented on her ‘fine ass’. She simply shook her head and jumped down from her chair.

[b “I’m just going to grab some fresh air. I won’t be a minute.”] She said, almost expecting her comment to go unnoticed with how wrapped up Ashley was with this guy. One thing was certainly clear; they were most definitely sleeping together.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 9d 3h 39m 48s
[center [font Constantia Being a single dad is rare. How many single father’s do you even know? Exactly. Juan doesn’t share the fact he has a kid. One that he’s raising on his own. Of course, with the help with his parents. They all adore him, Jared. Juan tries to go out with the boys at least once. As much as he loves his soon, daddy needs a break from time to time. He works as much as he can to provide nothing but the best for Jared. Not to mention he wants to move out of his parents’ house sooner than later.]]

[center [font Constantia The guys have already played four rounds. Juan won twice, Alec one once, John was last place all four rounds, and David got third place twice. Now the rounds are getting more serious only because money, food, and drinks are at stake. It took them a while to notice the new group near them. The girls kept taking their bowl and it annoyed them a bit, but they kept playing regardless. Juan began losing this round when seconds after his eyes locked with one of the girls. It was the strangest thing ever. He would look her way a few times. He was beginning to get last place. His friend began ‘chopping’ his balls about it. He did everything in his power not to look towards his left. Doing so made he come back with a mean come back. He didn’t get first place yet he wasn’t last so he was okay with it.]]

[center [font Constantia When the round was over Juan and David went to go order. “dude she’s crazy about you! She’s freaky man… you’re missing out.”]]
[center [font Constantia [#4682B4 “Don’t even start man. She’s not worth it. I’m the greatest jackass there is to live but…] he clears his throat and acted like a girl with attitude, [#4682B4 “I am not no hoe. I need some respect and a sugar daddy.”] he says sticking out his tongue twerking. They both burst out laughing. The continue to talk about football, work, and cars as they waited. When David saw the girls Dean arches an eyebrow nudging his head so Juan can look at them. Juan looked over his shoulder.]]
[center [font Constantia “Ay ladies. Are ya single? Because we are singles prignles ready to mingle.” He winks at them and blows them a kiss. Juan turns in his chair laughing. “Ashley, good to see your fine ass again. Gained some weight I see. Who’s the new chick?”]]
[center [font Constantia [#4682B4 “Dude… and you wonder why you get free drinks but in the worse way ever.”] Juan isn’t going to apologize for his friend’s childish behavior. The girls don’t mean anything to him. better yet he almost lost because of one of them. Forget them. When their food was ready he grabbed one of the tray leaving David behind to pay, finish talking to them and carry the two pitchers. Juan filled in the other about David’s latest activity while watching them. Alec began telling them how Ashley and David had a secret thing going for almost a year. She wanted more. However, all he wanted was to get his dick wet.]]
  Juan / simply_random / 9d 17h 15m 47s
Everything seemed foreign to the young woman after spending several years away from the town that she had once called home. Though much seemed familiar, there was so much that changed; The people, the businesses and the landscape. It had been filled with new housing estates and modernised with movie theatres and restaurants. The only thing that she was grateful for was the fact that the old bowling alley remained the same. Sure, it had a lick of paint but the old bowling balls were still chipped and bruised from the countless collision with the pins and the owner was the same, only with a few more grew hairs.

Roslyn had been away for some time, educating herself in the world of teaching to fulfil a childhood dream. It was something that she had always wanted to do as a career and when she was given the opportunity to go out and do it, she couldn’t turn it down. Even if it meant leaving everyone she knew behind in the process. Now she had returned to a job offer in the local pre-school and to the delight of her family she was back in the home town that she had grown so attached to over her years. She could barely even remember what it was like to be apart from those who she loved.

In some ways, she was lucky to get out of the town, even if it was for a short period because it made her appreciate what she had. To be alone was something that she wished to avoid in future and she knew that being surrounded by those who called themselves her friends and family was exactly what she needed to feel like she had everything she could possibly want.

A laugh escaped the lips of the young woman as she made her way to the isle that she had been assigned with her friends and she spent a moment choosing the ball that she would use for the duration of the game. A glance to her right ensured that she too note of another group who had taken to the idea of bowling that evening but at a first glance she didn’t recognise anyone from the group. That was strange in a town like this as it was one of those places where everyone knew your name. They may not have been a personal acquaintance but it was uncommon for anyone in the town to walk by with the exchange of a simple smile or nod of acknowledgement. Of course, it was likely that there were now people in town who she wouldn’t recognise as she had been away for a few years now and it would be naïve to think that [I everything] would be the same.

Her finger ran over the bowling ball that would become her companion for the evening and she made her way towards the seats at the side of their bowling alley and she smiled towards the two women who had accompanied her as a way of reacquainting themselves with the woman who had been gone for three years. Even though they hadn’t lost contact, Roslyn had to admit that she rather enjoyed being able to enjoy their company rather than just their conversation and before she knew it they were all engaged in a game that proved to be exactly what she needed: a fun release.

Before she knew it she found herself in close second but in need of a refreshment break and she found herself heading to the bar to grab a round of drinks to enjoy with the ladies and as she waited for them to be served, she glanced over to the women who continued to bowl. A smile fixated upon her face and she found her eyes wondering to the group of men she had noticed when they entered. They definitely seemed to know what they were doing when it came to bowling, at least more so than she did.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 12d 1h 38m 6s
[center [font constantia Juan is a single father. A heartbroken single father to a son name Jared who's 3. His three year old is his life. His reason to live. His reason to smile. His world. Nothing matters most to him but his son and only his son. He is hunting down his baby mama to have her give up her rights to him. She was never a mother. What kind of women would leave her new born child the minute they both get released from the hospital? How the hell did she even sneak out of the apartment without saying goodbye or making a single sound? The world may never know!]]

[center [font constantia He works at as a bartender at night. His mother watches his kid for him. During the day when Jared is I. Preschool Juan is in school. Anything to better his future for his son. If you're not his family or his son he doesn't care about you. How he acts towards you isn't his problem. Yes he can be nice, but it's rare. Just don't start nothing and there will be nothing. He has no problem fighting or arguing, which is a bad thing because people always say he'll go to jail and leave his son behind. Now that my friends sets him off. Don't ever talk about his son. Don't even say his name. Just don't.]]

[center [font constantia It's a Thursday night and he has off. His son is asleep. Along with his parents. Juan is out with some out of town friends. They took him out to bowl. Why bowling? Because they're all good at it and the two losers has to pay for food and the next bowling match the next time they hang out.]]
  Juan / Simply_Random / 17d 2h 55m 50s

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