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[b Juan is not like other guys. Yes, us females get that bullshit ALL the time. But this time it is true. Juan looks like a bad boy with all a bunch of tattoos, wearing a fitted hat, always has money and how cold and mean he can be. However, there's a reason to it. He got his heart broken and was left with a kid. A son. Jared. He didn't understand how a mother would Just up and leave someone she loves and her first born child. It was as if the six years spent together as a couple meant nothing.]

[b ___ is new to town. Well she's not so new because she has friends and family there. She was away for a few years. It took her a month to learn about everything. The good. The bad. What's new. Etc.]

[b ___ has a habit of giving people a chance. She tries to talk to him but of course he acts like a jerk. To their surprise they actually knew each other once upon a time. They grew up together until the second grade when he got transferred to another school. They stopped talking. She moved and now life is happening. The other didn't know it but he/she was their crush. 'Well decide who, still need a female.' Everyone should know that earning someone's trust isn't easy and takes time. However, would ___ be patient enough to earn his trust to be friends? Maybe even something more?]

[center The rules are simple. You should know them so no point on my writing it. Char limit will be set to 1200+]

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Roslyn laughed and shook her head playfully. "You say that as though we have not yet kissed." She glanced over towards Jared who was completely wrapped up in what he was doing and she could see that he was falling asleep. When she looked back towards Juan, he caught her off-guard slightly, shifting in his seat so that he had a better angle and he took hold on her cheek in the same way that he did the first time he had kissed her. It made her heart skip a beat and she was sure that he stole her breath as he pressed his lips against her own.

As he pulled back she blushed and laughed as he spoke about checking things off the list. Roslyn looked over towards Jared who had fallen asleep rather quickly. She couldn't help but find his sleeping form just as cute as when he was wide awake. "We can go shopping if you prefer. Or...we could go back to my place. Only if you want to. He can sleep for a little while and we can put on a movie and perhaps I can cook for the two of you tonight?"
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 73d 22h 15m 4s
[#4682b4 “Oh. Oh no.... that means we’re going to kiss soon. How many dates is it when we have to kiss?”] he says trying to whisper. Jared was now laying down on the chair watching TV. Pretty soon they’re going to have to deal with a sleeping toddler. Since Jared has about half of everything so they put it in a container. Juan would probably eat it later.

Juan shifts in his seat and looks at her. Doing the same old move as last time, he places hand on her cheek and kisses her. [#4682b4 “Never mind. We can check that off the progress list.”] he says.

He is ready to pay and go follow her home, in a noke creepy way, so she can get in his car and they can head to the museum. Like Juan expected Jared did fall asleep. [#4682b4 “Should we still go? He’s sleeping. We can go shopping. I do need new shoes and I don’t mind buying things for Jared.”] he tells her, not sure what do.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 74d 9h 35m 44s
Roslyn smiled towards Juan as he suggested some activities for the rest of the day. It made sense to drop her car off since they didn’t really need two cars if they were going to spend the day together so she nodded in agreement and laughed as Jared started to clap his hands. She smiled as she watched Jared start to settle with Netflix and she leaned back comfortably into her seat with Juan quite close to her.

“I think that sounds like the prefect afternoon.” She said with a smile to confirm that she was happy with the plan and before long Juan was changing the conversation and outstretching his arms across the top of the booth. Roslyn smiled towards him and shook her head affectionately.

“I don’t think it something you can really plan. I suppose we see where this goes and just do whatever feels right. I know that I love spending time with you and there are definitely feelings there...” she trailed off for a minute, tracing his face with her eyes. “I suppose a date would be a good start if that is at all something you would be interested in? Although, I do believe that if you count these outings as dates then we have already had three.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 76d 9h 7m 57s
Juan waited for them. He had no problem taking this time to eat his food. By the time they got back his was a few bites away from being done. Jared wasn’t happy about it so he took what’s left of a bacon and eats it. He still doesn’t believe she’ll stick around. They’re foodies. They’ll probably eat her food before she can’t even look at it.

[#4682b4 Alright. Well how about we go to your house to drop of your car, hop into mines and we’ll go to a museum and maybe do one of those painting classes.] he suggest leaning towards her. Jared claps for no reason. Juan hands Jared his phone to distract the kid. Jared out on the Boss Baby show from Netflix. [#4682b4 So... what are we going to do a out these unusual feelings? When do we go further. I’ve been out of the game for some time so... yea.] he asks placing his arm above the head of the booth chairs.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 76d 10h 13m 22s
Already Roslyn had lots of ideas going through her mind about what their weekend away might look like. Should they go camping in a tent? Should they rent a cabin of sorts? It was something she would have to think about and research properly and maybe even ask Jared what his preferences were if she got the chance. For now, she just wanted to enjoy their company.

“We will have a lot of fun. [i That] I can promise.” She said with a smile on her face just as Juan leaned in closer to her so that he could whisper something in her ear. She laughed quietly to herself as he spoke and when he was finally done whispering she was about to give him her reply but Jared interrupted her for a moment. She nodded towards him and closed her hand around his and took him to the bathroom where they talked about the upcoming weekend they would spend together. As much as Jared liked tents he wanted to rent a cabin this time, mostly because he wanted to sleep in a bed rather than on a floor.

Soon enough they were heading back to their table and Jared went back to eating whatever food he had left. Roslyn leaned in towards Juan. “I think I can handle both of you.” She said in a low whisper with a smile on her face. “And I don’t have any plans so I’m yours for the day until you want to get rid of me.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 77d 6h 12m 32s
Juan didn’t mind if she wants to plan the trip. Perhaps it’s best if she does it. He doesn’t even have time to plan a trip to make sure Jared likes it and her. That’s a lot of pressure forba guy who’s already struggling with life. Not to mention he has to deal with his crappy baby mama. Or can he call her a surrogate? That would be so much better because she did give birth and leave.

“See and we can go camping.”
[#4682b4 “I know and she’s planning it. So yay!”]

Juan turns his head a little to whispers in her ears. [#4682b4 “Do you have plans today? Just asking so I know if you’re going to leave after this or spend some more time with us.] Jared didn’t notice the whispers. He was loving his slushy drink and food. He even took a small bite from Juan’s burger and took a piece of bacon. [#4682b4 I created a foodie monster... or you sure you can handle that until we call it quits? Nothing you owe would be yours. It’ll also be his when he wants it. Even your heels. They’re great hammers apparently.”] he warns her, again whispering. Jared’s stops eating and gets up and grabs her hands. He told her he has to go and he wants her to take her instead of his father.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 77d 16h 9m 40s
She figured that he had said it to stop the boy hounding him for a sleep over and she didn’t mind. Roslyn nodded and looked over at Jared before turning her attention back to Juan. “I think I would like that.” She said as she squeezed his hand gently before he let go. “Let me pick somewhere. I’ll get it all booked up. Planning is sort of my thing.” She said with a laugh and watched as Juan went to go and pick Jared up.

Before they knew it, food was already being brought out to the table and the three of them were making way to the table and eating and drinking. “I actually haven’t seen them in a while. They are the kind of friends that go quiet when they have men in their life. I guess now is one of those times.” Roslyn nodded toward Jared and placed her finger gently on his nose before taking back her hand. “You are right there. I do have a lot of fun with you two.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 78d 13h 41m 31s
She... she kissed him back. Juan’s heart skipped a beat. This may be too good to be true. Who would wanna be with a grump like home? Not to mention he’s a father. Not a lot of girls like that. However, she’s weird and seems to like everything. She made it this far.

[#4682b4 “I don’t know yet. I just said it to shut him up, but we can actually do it if you want. Let’s say two week from now.”] he says letting her hand go to go pick up Jared who just finished playing a game. The boy points at the table seeing the appetizers being brought to the table. Juan walks back to their table. Jared’s little fingers were the first to grab something to eat. The little boy was happy to be sitting by himself and now eating. When the drinks came jarred was jumping. He grabs the grape with gummies warms. Juan knows his kid...

[#4682b4 “So what’s the miracle you’re not with your friends insteading being with us fatties?”] he asks grabbing one of the appetizers.
“We’re her friends daddy.”
  Juan / Simply_Random / 78d 14h 12m 59s
She knew the moment that Juan returned that he would be asking him next. Roslyn wished she knew how to deal with this situation herself but since she was not sure what their relationship was yet, she didn't want to overstep any boundaries with him. Roslyn looked down at her hands when Juan arrived back at the table and when he asked him the same question. She could only hope that it didn't seem as though this was her idea, the last thing she wanted was for Juan to think that she was trying to insert herself into their lives.

When she could hear the humour in Juan's voice she looked up and couldn't help but smile, even though the idea of them having to share a room and live the way then did caused her some sadness. She wanted to help but she wasn't sure how. Juan brought up the idea of the three of them going away together and she raised her eyebrows with surprise, not expecting him to suggest such a thing but she was not opposed to the idea. In fact, she could think of nothing more exciting that going away with them for a weekend. Perhaps he was willing to see where their relationship might go.

Roslyn laughed towards Jared and placed her hand on his cheek. "You are such a sweet boy. Of course I will come with you but perhaps you should save your money so that you can buy yourself something." She smiled and looked up at Juan who was offering him a reminder than he had asked to play games. Soon enough the two were alone and she was left looking at Juan. "I don't plan on leaving either of you anytime soon." She said softly before standing up so they could go and watch Jared play games. Roslyn kissed him back, smiling against his lips and took his hand willingly.

"So a weekend away huh? Were you just trying to appease him or are we going to make it happen?"
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 78d 15h 40m 1s
Jared pouts a little. He waited for Juan to return before asking him if she can sleep over. Juan was standing. His eyes widens but didn’t look at her. [#4682b4 “Oh... well... no because we share a room and the bed and...”] Jared cuts him off.
“You can sleep on the couch or I can sleep with grandma and grandpa and you two can share the bed. But I wanna have a pillow fight first.” Juan tries so hard not to laugh. He just smiled like a good ball.
[#4682b4 “It’s still a no but we can go camping. Rent a place or live in a tent for a weekend... only if she chips in because I’m a single father and go to school. She’s had a full time job and I’m not rich. Although I wish I was.”]
“I can help! I got ten dollars in my piggy bank! Come with us Ohana!! Please. I’ll pay for you.” Now that was freaking cute. Juan shakes the cup full of coins. Jared’s attention quickly changes. He grabs a hand full of them and runs off. Juan stood standing up so he can watch Jared.
[#4682b4 “I think we’re screwed. I don’t think you can ever leave him. Maybe us, but right now mostly him.”] he says smiling. He looks down at her still smiling. This would be a good time to kiss her. He wants too. Ugh. Juan nudges his head so they can go watch Jared and maybe play some games. When she got up he kisses her and takes her head. He wanted it to be longer, but his kid is there and there out in a very public place. He wasn’t sure if the camping trip he pulled out of his ass would be legit. But he’s always done to go do something during the weekend with them. If things go well maybe they should talk about making it official...
  Juan / Simply_Random / 78d 16h 2m 54s
Service was pretty quick in this place and for that she was grateful considering that she was so hungry. She waited for Juan to order his food and drink for the boys and then when the waitress turned to her, she placed her order, asking for a very basic soda and a burger. She usually liked to leave some room for dessert as she had developed quite a sweet tooth recently and she had her eye on a cookie dough that she had craved.

Roslyn smiled towards Jared as he asked about the games and Juan went to get some tokens to allow him to play for a while before he food got here. She didn’t mind being left alone with Jared for any amount of time because she enjoyed spending time with him. She did not expect for him to ask her to sleep over though. She looked towards him with wide eyes and tried not to laugh, knowing that he wouldn’t under how absurd his invitation was.

Instead she reached out to take his hand. “Thank you for the offer sweetheart but I don’t think that would be a good idea. Besides, you shouldn’t invite people over without your Dad’s permission.” She said softly, hoping that she hadn’t upset the boy.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 78d 16h 31m 17s
For the appetizer Juan ordered them the triple play. It has buffalo wings, loaded crispy tots and natural white cheddar bites. Even though it serves for two, Juan doesn’t mind sharing with his kid. It his his child so she doesn’t have to give up any food for his little fat butt. Then again he gets it from Juan who’s also a foodie... #SorryNotSorry

It’s generics so there shouldn’t even be an apology. It’s was cute seeing Jared trying to ready. He mostly likes looking at the picture since he can’t read as of yet. To drink he orders a grape candy chill for Jared and a blue raspberry sno glowb for himself. Jared didn’t know what was coming. He’s so going to love the gummie worms and the color changing straw. Chicken and waffle sliders were ordered for Jared. Jin got himself the triple bacon burger, because why not...

“When can we play the games?” Jared asks jumping in his seat.
[#4682b4 “Well I’m here mostly for the food... but we can play a game or two before the appetizer gets here.”] he says getting up to go get some tokens... or whatever it is we need. [i ]

“Ohana wanna sleep over? You can sleep with me! Daddy can sleep downstairs. It’ll be fun. I promise.” Jared asks her when Juan wasn’t in sight.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 82d 14h 26m 26s
It did not take her too long to get to her destination. She was glad about that because she was beginning to realise just how hungry she was now that he invited her for food. She also didn’t mind where they had chosen to eat because it meant that she didn’t need to feel under dressed at all. When she pulled up in the car park she checked her appearance in the mirror and climbed out.

Roslyn made her way to the door and the moment she saw Jared she had a smile on her face. He was practically jumping with excitement and she was sure that he would come running towards her if he was able to open the door himself. Roslyn looked down at the young boy and laughed.

“Of course I came. Who could say no to you? Besides, I get to see my two favourite men.” She said with a smile as she ran her hand through his hair and looked up towards Juan. “Well I thought I’d make a bit of an effort.” She said holding her hands out either side of her and shrugged. “Who needs fancy? I love this place.”

They made their way over to their table and Jared insisted that Roslyn and Juan sit next to each other and he sat opposite them, holding the menu upside down. She laughed and reached out to turn it around. “Bud, you can’t read it upside down!”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 82d 16h 52m 7s
Jared was excited. He tried to wiggle his eyebrows but he couldn’t. Instead he raised and lowered his eyebrows. It made Juan laughs. Juan thought it would be a good time to talk to his kid about Roslyn. Jared is loving that they can spend time with her. He even said he likes her, likes her. Juan laughed so hard. He did have to remind Jared that he should brag to the kids that they spend time out of school or that his daddy and his teacher may eventually become a thing. It may have been pointless to tell Jared because he will forget. But Jared needs to know. Oh, and he also told his kid not to call her mommy. That would freak her out and not want to hang it with them. That right there is definitely stuck in his head.

Jared wanted to go eat somewhere that has games and eat so Dave and Busters came in mind. He sent her the address to the one that came to mind. They were waiting for a table. Jared was near the door waiting to see Ohana. He got excited when he saw her. If the door was heavy for him he wouldn’t ran out to her.

“You came!” He says jumping up and down.

It was magical, she arrived and the ten minute wait was lifted and they were given a seat. [#4682b4 “Look at you having make up on. Sorry this isn’t fancy.”] he says chuckling.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 82d 17h 27m 42s
When she climbed out of the shower, she dressed for the day and started to dry her hair and as she ran the towel through her hair, her phone buzzed against her the table top of her dresser. Roslyn pulled the towel away from her hair and glanced over at the screen of her phone to see Juan’s name. A smile appeared upon her lips as she reached out for it and started to read the message. It seemed that it was a video message rather than a simple text and she pressed play.

The moment that she saw Jared’s face upon the screen she couldn’t help but laugh to herself. When the video played out, it was followed by a text from Juan saying that she could meet them for some food if she wanted to.

[I Tell me when and where to meet you and I will be there.] Roslyn continued to get herself prepared for the day, applying a little bit of make-up and pulling her hair into a braid before making her way to her car and drove to the address that Juan had given her.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 83d 18h 26m 4s

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