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[b Juan is not like other guys. Yes, us females get that bullshit ALL the time. But this time it is true. Juan looks like a bad boy with all a bunch of tattoos, wearing a fitted hat, always has money and how cold and mean he can be. However, there's a reason to it. He got his heart broken and was left with a kid. A son. Jared. He didn't understand how a mother would Just up and leave someone she loves and her first born child. It was as if the six years spent together as a couple meant nothing.]

[b ___ is new to town. Well she's not so new because she has friends and family there. She was away for a few years. It took her a month to learn about everything. The good. The bad. What's new. Etc.]

[b ___ has a habit of giving people a chance. She tries to talk to him but of course he acts like a jerk. To their surprise they actually knew each other once upon a time. They grew up together until the second grade when he got transferred to another school. They stopped talking. She moved and now life is happening. The other didn't know it but he/she was their crush. 'Well decide who, still need a female.' Everyone should know that earning someone's trust isn't easy and takes time. However, would ___ be patient enough to earn his trust to be friends? Maybe even something more?]

[center The rules are simple. You should know them so no point on my writing it. Char limit will be set to 1200+]

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When she climbed out of the shower, she dressed for the day and started to dry her hair and as she ran the towel through her hair, her phone buzzed against her the table top of her dresser. Roslyn pulled the towel away from her hair and glanced over at the screen of her phone to see Juan’s name. A smile appeared upon her lips as she reached out for it and started to read the message. It seemed that it was a video message rather than a simple text and she pressed play.

The moment that she saw Jared’s face upon the screen she couldn’t help but laugh to herself. When the video played out, it was followed by a text from Juan saying that she could meet them for some food if she wanted to.

[I Tell me when and where to meet you and I will be there.] Roslyn continued to get herself prepared for the day, applying a little bit of make-up and pulling her hair into a braid before making her way to her car and drove to the address that Juan had given her.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 11h 53m 55s
Juan thought about texting her. Girls like good morning texts, right? He wrote about four different things because he wasn’t sure it was cute and/or cheesy. Then again he also messaged her late as hell last night. Perhaps she needs a break from him. For that stupid reason he didn’t text her. He watched Jared play and talked to a mother who began to conversate with him. It didn’t last long because her kid ran with something in his hand and she freaked. It was weird but hilarious.

When a vendor with an ice cream cart came along jingling the bell, Jared ran to him so fast begging for ice cream. Juan shrugs and got them both an ice cream that’s he got a text from her. Juan smiler. He sent her a video of Jared saying daddy said you’re welcome and what you doing now and if she wants ice cream and to come see him (Jared). And he’s Jared used that many ands. Juan sent a text a few minutes after the video asking if she’s hungry because they’re going to get food soon and Jared would love it see her. Although he also wouldn’t mind, but he want tell her that.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 1d 9h 33m 27s
It was clear that they would do nothing more than say goodnight. It did not matter to her but it would add to her confusion about the matter. It certainly wouldn’t do her any favours when it came to thinking about him. He had already occupied her mind more than she would care to admit but it [I had] to mean something that he called for her company in the middle of the night.

“You don’t have to worry about me. I will drive safe. I hope you enjoy your weekend.” She said with a smile as she climbed into her car and started to drive home. The entire drive home, he was on her mind and she was beginning to regret not taking the risk in kissing him goodnight. At least she could sleep in when the morning came and she would certainly need it since she hadn’t stayed up this late since she was at college.

When she awoke the next day, it was close to midday and even though she barely stayed in bed that late, she decided to let herself off on this occasion. She leaned over and picked up her phone after deciding that she was going to text Juan and thank him for his company.

[I Morning…well afternoon. Just wanted to say thank you for last night. I hope you are Jared are enjoying the weather.] She signed off the text with a smiley before climbing out of bed and making her way into the bathroom for a shower.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 2d 10h 52m 34s
Juan paid for it. Especially since he asked her out. If you consider this as an asking out like a date, date a thing. He simply didn’t want to eat alone and couldn’t get her out of his head. It’s still crazy that the feeling is mutual. When he paid and gave a tip he grabs his leftover and walks her to her car. He wasn’t sure what to say.

Was she having the same conflict as him? He does want to kiss her but he shouldn’t. He really shouldn’t. [#4682b4 “I have a boring life. Not much goes on besides Jared’s mother trying to get I to the picture. You shouldn’t be brought into this chaos.... but goodnight. Drive safe.”] he allá backwards to make sure nothing happens to her because he turned his back at her.

When he went home he put the leftovers away and went to bed. He couldn’t be happier that it’s a Saturday now. Everyone got to sleep on. Juan had to do homework so he did that while he parents watched Jared for a little before they had to go out. Juan took Jared to school simply to drop things off. Then they went to the park so Jared can have some fun. He debated on texting her but he’s probably going to seem like a pain. Maybe he can call her and put Jared on the phone... nah. He’s not going to be mean and blame his kid. Juan say there solo, sighing from time to time.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 3d 7m 33s
“Don’t day that. Of course he wouldn’t. You are all he needs and anyone could see that you are trying your best to provide a good life for him. He is a happy kid! You have nothing to worry about with him.” Roslyn smiled and finished her pancakes and milkshake, noticing that Juan was no longer eating. She figured that he was perhaps full because it did look like he had a lot to eat. The waitress took their lates alway and returned with leftovers for Juan and the two were left alone once more.

“It’s okay. It’s not like I had any plans or anything.” She smiled and rose from her seat, realising that the two were likely to go their separate ways now. They seee quiet as he walked her to her car and there was a moment where she wasn’t quite sure how they were going to say goodbye; whether they were going to kiss, hug or just simply say goodnight.

She pulled out her car keys and unlocked her car and turned to face Juan. “If you...if you ever want someone to talk to or hand out with. I’m here.” She said with a smile, leaning over to place her hand on the door handle of her car. “Goodnight Juan.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 5d 7h 40m 25s
Sometimes running is the best thing to do. Hell, he wants to run now. As for them possibly seeing where things go... yea, he doesn't know. It is tempting. Jared seems to love her already. He kinda likes her too, but it's terrifying to consider having another girlfriend. He will mess it up somehow... he knows it.

[#4682b4 "Thanks... sometimes I wonder if he would've been better off getting adopted. He deserves so much. I'm doing the best I can with the little things I have."] he says looking down at his food. All of a sudden he lost his appetite. When he starts thinking about the few tiny things that's in his head everything changes. He does finish off the half eaten sausage. The waitress took his food to put them in a container for him. He thinks she likes him because normally they hand the customers the container so they can do it. [#4682b4 "Thank you for coming out at such a crazy hours..."] Juan is debating on kissing her again when they get out and walks her to her car. Should he do it? It would be nice, but what if he gets a boner? That would be awkward... He doesn't even remember what the last time he did it, it. Ugh. Maybe he shouldn't... Not tonight when he's tired.
  Juan / simply_random / 5d 9h 36m 6s
“I honestly don’t know what this means but I’m sure we will both find out soon enough, that is, if we decide to see where this might lead to.” She said, shying away from looking towards him and simply concentrating on her pancakes as a distraction. Roslyn was still unsure whether Juan would want to see what their kisses and their thoughts meant or whether this could develop into a relationship. He had obviously been affected by Jared’s mother and she couldn’t help but wonder if he was truly ready to try.

“My story?” She realised that she hadn’t necessarily told him [I her story.] “It’s not that interesting really. I just always felt like this place was home. When I moved, it wasn’t really my choice, I was a child and my mother was running away from something and I guess I didn’t want to run away anymore.” Roslyn smiled as he handed her some of his food and tried the hickory sausage. Her eyes reflected the fact that she enjoyed it. “That [I is] a good sausage.” She laughed and shook her head before letting out a sigh.

“You know, Jared’s lucky to have you as a father.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 7d 15h 30m 41s
Aye. For once he didn’t choke! She tends to make him choke and not in the good way. The guy bobs his head in a [i ‘yea, cool whatever’] kind of motion. [#4682b4 “So what does this? As you can tell my social and emotional skills are so great...”] he admits with a chuckle. Fully knowing that she probably figured it out already.

Poor Juan didn’t know how hungry he was until he saw a quarter of his plate empty. He grabs a napkin and wipes his mouth. [#4682b4 “So what’s your story? You already know mines. Why move back? I would give anything to move and live somewhere else.”] he tells her before continuing to eat. He hands her a hickory sausage. [#4682b “Try it. It’s better than regular sausage. I don’t even like sausage, but I’ll always make an exception for these.”] he says wiggling his eyebrows. The guy is starting to get bored of the water and wants more coffee, but he knows better than to even switch to coffee again
  Juan / Simply_Random / 9d 8h 2m 45s
Roslyn looked towards Juan who seemed to be questioning her choices. She wouldn’t normally eat this late so pancakes and a milkshake seemed like a sensible choice considering it would be likely that she would be going to sleep in a couple of hours. She didn’t want to overface herself. “Sorry, I’m not sure I can manage much more than that.” Roslyn reached over to take the hashbrown he offered her and thanked the server who brought over her milkshake. It was likely one of the best milkshakes she had ever had.

When they were alone again he started to answer her question and she smiled towards him, blushing as he spoke. At least she knew that he was not the only one thinking about the moment they had shared with each other. Her lips parted to speak but the server returned with her food and by the time she left, Juan had stuffed his face full of food. She laughed, shaking her head and taking a bite from her pancakes.

“For what it’s worth, you have been on my mind a lot yourself.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 10d 7h 17m 40s
Did she really just order pancakes and a milkshake? He could've eaten something by now and still have something left to eat while she eats. [#4682b4 "Really?"] he says regarding her order. He grabs the hazelnut syrup and pours some on his eggs and french toast. [#4682b4 "Not sure if you like their hash brown, but you can so have mine. I'm not a fan of theirs...."] he says finishing his, hopefully, last cup of coffee. When the server came back to give her, her milkshake he orders a glass of water with two lemons. [#4682b4 "Yes and no. I could've gone straight home after this, but then it's like... I... it... it's nice to see you and I can stop thinking about the other day."] he clears his through at the server comes back with his cup of water and her pancakes. Juan was quick to stuff his mouth with some food and not have to worry about him saying something else that was most likely stupid. He feels stupid and what he said made no sense. The perks of not being interested in anyone for about four or fives years...
  Juan / simply_random / 11d 9h 25m 48s
Roslyn laughed as Juan indicated that she was in fact 20 seconds later than she had promised and she held her hands up. "You're right, I'm sorry. I'm glad you didn't leave though." Her smile and tone of voice told him that she was sincere. He then proceeded to ask why she was even awake in the first place and she let out a sigh and pulled her bag off her shoulder, laying in in the seat next to her.

"I couldn't sleep. I was reading for a while." She smiled and looked down at the menu, knowing that he would be uncomfortable eating in front of her so she ordered something that would be really quick for them to make. Pancakes. Roslyn smiled towards the waitress as she came to take her order and asked for a milkshake. When the two were alone again she looked up towards Juan.

"Were you hoping I'd be asleep?" She asked, curious about whether he asked her here because he wanted to see her or whether he was just bored.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 12d 18h 28m 22s
The poor guy may start having a sugar high if he kept drinking coffee. He already peed twice. The first time out of nervousness. Second time because of all the coffee. Eventually he drank it straight black.

Juan choked and burned his tongue with the coffee. She agreed. She agreed! Seeing his face the server come back placing a menu on the opposite side of him. “Good news?”
[#4682b4 “Yea. I guess.”] he says smiling. [#4682b4 [i ‘I’ll start timing you.’]] he replies back.

[center 10 minuets and twenty seconds later.”]

[#4682b4 “You’re 20 seconds late. If I wasn’t hungry and already orders I would’ve left.”] before he can even continue speaking his food arrive. Three plates full. [#4682b4 “I was called in earlier than normal and then bam they closed the bar which rarely happens. Why are you even up? I’m pretty sure it passed your bedtime.”] Juan says pouring himself another cup of coffee. He tried to pile everything into one plate and remove the hash browns. He hates it. When he’s drink he enjoys getting a sunny-side-up eggs style and hot sauce and mixes then with the hash browns. But only when he’s drunk. He was going to eat but looks at her. Should he wait for her to order? Why not... [#4682b4 “It’ll be weird to eat and have you watch me.... I’ll wait until you get your food. If you’re going to order...”]
  Juan / Simply_Random / 13d 10h 45m 6s
When he text her back asking her to join his she bit her lip and stared at her phone for a minute, trying to figure out what to do. She had never been asked for a spontaneous middle of the night meet up before now and even though she had work bright and early in the morning, she was still contemplating seeing him. With a smile on her face she text him back to say that she would be there in ten minutes and she climbed out of bed and quickly pulled on some clothes that were not her pyjamas, grabbed a jacket and her keys and head for the door.

Roslyn arrived in ten minutes like she had said and when she saw him sitting there she smiled towards him and held up her hand to abe. “Well...good morning to you.” She said with a laugh as she took the set opposite him. “Night off?” She asked, genuinely interested about whether he had been working.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 14d 3h 29m 30s
Juan waited nervously. He already had to cups of coffee. He even chatted with his ther server. The server thought he is being stood up. It made Juan laugh because he didn’t think she would be up and up for joining him.

When the server got called away, He got on his phone to play a game. When she finally texted back it made his phone lag while he was fighting, in the game, and lost. He was mad. He double clicks the one button to read her message.

[center [i [#4682b4 ‘Why you have to assume I’m at work? I’m at Ihope over on Regent CT. You can set down the chicken scratch writing and come join me.
  Simply_Random / 14d 7h 12m 30s
She had no idea why she was awake so late. Roslyn had been caught up in a good book and for that reason she had lost track of time. It wasn’t until her phone buzzed beside her that she finally closed the book but not before finishing the chapter she was reading. She thought nothing of who might be texting her at this time because it wasn’t until she picked up the phone that she even knew what time it was.

When she saw Juan’s name on the screen she smiled and then narrowed her eyes slightly at why he might be asking her if she was still up. It was 1am and she assumed that he might be at work which is why he is still awake him. She swiped to unlock her phone and sent him a text back.

[i I’m still awake. Work not intereting enough to keep you entertained tonight?]

Roslyn added an emoji to the end of her text before send it, still smiling after the tick showed on her screen to show that the message had been sent.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 14d 9h 43m 51s

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