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[b Juan is not like other guys. Yes, us females get that bullshit ALL the time. But this time it is true. Juan looks like a bad boy with all a bunch of tattoos, wearing a fitted hat, always has money and how cold and mean he can be. However, there's a reason to it. He got his heart broken and was left with a kid. A son. Jared. He didn't understand how a mother would Just up and leave someone she loves and her first born child. It was as if the six years spent together as a couple meant nothing.]

[b ___ is new to town. Well she's not so new because she has friends and family there. She was away for a few years. It took her a month to learn about everything. The good. The bad. What's new. Etc.]

[b ___ has a habit of giving people a chance. She tries to talk to him but of course he acts like a jerk. To their surprise they actually knew each other once upon a time. They grew up together until the second grade when he got transferred to another school. They stopped talking. She moved and now life is happening. The other didn't know it but he/she was their crush. 'Well decide who, still need a female.' Everyone should know that earning someone's trust isn't easy and takes time. However, would ___ be patient enough to earn his trust to be friends? Maybe even something more?]

[center The rules are simple. You should know them so no point on my writing it. Char limit will be set to 800+]

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He seemed to ignore her concerns which made her think that it wasn’t something he was concerned about himself so just let it slide. If he didn’t like the way they were beginning to bond he would hsve said something by now, that much she was sure of. When he agreed that they would stay after all he pulled out his phone and started to order some food before handing her the phone so she could tell them where to deliver the pizza.

Soon enough Jared was returning to the living room and jumping up on the couch. She giggled when he said that he was hungry noticed just how tired he was, especially since he was able to fall asleep within seconds of being in his father’s arms. She couldn’t help but smile at the sight as she lowered herself to the floor where Juan had once sat.

“You don’t need to apologise. He is a wonderful kid...maybe had wild and crazy thoughts at times but he is s good kid. I am sure that you are really proud of him.” She said with a smile looking for st him for s moment before looking back towards Juan with a sigh.

“You mentioned that you are going to school. How much longer do you have until you finish?”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 39m 53s
Jain let out a playful chuckle. He can’t believe that she wants him to stay. He’s been nothing but rude to her. She obviously was dropped as a baby. Possibly multiple times. [#4682b4 “Yes. We can stay. I’ll order some pizza.”] He says pulling out his phone to order some pizza and garlic knots. He had to pass her the phone so she can give them the address.

Jared runs back down and jumps on the couch. “I’m hungry.”
[#4682b4 “Kid you need a nap. You already ate all the cheese and pepperonis.”] he replies to the kid. He allowed Jared to lay on him. Something about being in his dads arms makes him knock out. [#4682b4 “As easy as stealing candy from a baby. Which is super easy.”] he says leaning back against the couch. [#4682b4 “I’m sorry about Jared. He can be a handful.”] he says apologizing for his kid. He doesn’t know what to do or say. He doesn’t remember how to be nice
  Juan / Simply_Random / 1h 23m 2s
When the young boy smiled at her, she couldn’t help but feel something stir within her. Her heart melted and she found herself smiling back at him while he placed his hand on her cheek she didn’t even care that his hand was covered in sauce and greasy. When he spoke she was left lost for words. She truly had no idea what to say when he told her that she was like his mother in his dreams and when he suggested that she get married to his dead her eyes widened and she pulled back a little bit, still smiling but she was glad that Juan entered the room because it meant she didn’t need to say anything. Part of her was glad that he hadn’t heard it because she was sure that he wouldn’t have reacted well.

When he took him to the bathroom she took the minute to breathe before cleaning up the mess on her face and in the living room. Juan returned after a few seconds to help her and she smiled. He was so confusing. One minute he wanted to leave and the next he was happy to have the adult conversation and apologising for his behaviour.

“If you really don’t mind I would love to have you stay for a while. Jared he’s...quite attached. If you think it’s best that we don’t... I don’t know. I don’t want us to bond if it’s not something you are comfortable with.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 9h 39m 8s
Jared smiles. He places his greasy and saucy hand on her cheek for a few seconds. “I dream that my mommy is just like me. You’re like my mommy dream mommy Ms. Ohana. You and daddy should be married!” He says excitedly.

Juan walks back with a new shirt and pants. He picks up Jared and takes him to the bathroom to quickly wash off the dirty spots before changing him. It’s was good timing too since Jared had to use the bathroom. While Jared used the bathroom he went to go help clean what is left. [#4682b4 “I’m sorry. This subject gets me in all sorts of emotions... and for Jared ruining our nice gesture. I don’t mind ordering a new one. I’m hungry anyways. And it’ll be nice to have another grown up to talk too...”] Juan says without giving her eye contact. Juan wants to try to be nicer to her since his kid loves her.
  Simply_Random / 10h 28m 58s
Roslyn’s brows knotted slightly when he spoke towards her and she shook her head. “I never said that I know anything...I just said that I’m here if you want to talk.” For a long moment there was silence when he dried his face and he then announced that they were leaving. She let out a frustrated sigh but did not protest. One day she would find a way to get him to open up to her, even if it was just a little bit. Rather than protesting she following him downstairs to find Jared covered in grease and pizza sauce and all the toppings missing for the pizza.

“’s fine you don’t.” He didn’t let her finish before he went out to the car to get a change of clothes for him leaving her with Jared. She picked up the napkins and moved the plate onto the coffee table and started to wipe at his face and hands with a loving smile.

“It’s alright sweetheart. Sometimes I eat my pizza like that too.l she said with a giggle, placing her finger on the end of his nose with a laugh before jumping up off the sofa.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 15h 13s
[i Why is she talking?] Juan thought to himself. He's annoyed with everything. It was a mistake coming here. It was a mistake telling her about his past. About Jared's mother. Why did he tell her? Why did he go on Facebook? He's rarely on Facebook.

[#4682b4 "You don't know anything. You just tasted the batter of the cake."] He grabs her hand towel to dry his face. He lets out a long sigh before turning to face her. [#4682b4 " I'm fine. We're fine. We'll be leaving..."] He waited for her to move before going back to Jared. Seeing the mess the little kid made was hilarious. Jared not only ate all the pepperoni but he also ate all the cheese. [#4682b4 "Jesus kid... you ruined her pizza. Now we have to stay and order a real one."] he says going to the kitchen to get some napkins. Jared had sauce all over his shirt. [#4682b4 "I'm sorry... we'll order you a new one..."] he says taking off Jared's T-shirt. He left her place to go to his car to get a spare shirt. He's like a soccer mom. He has a plastic bin in his truck with extra clothes because he knows Jared is a messy child.

"I'm sorry..." he whispers to her looking down. "I didn't mean to... I swear..."
  Juan / Simply_Random / 1d 6h 9m 17s
Roslyn placed her hand on the door, waiting to hear his voice. She wondered if he would be irritated with her. After all, this was none of her business and she really had no right to interject herself into his life but he had come into her home and she felt a responsibility to make sure that her guests were not upset while they were in her home.

When she heard his voice she felt sad for him. She let out a sigh as he banged something on the door, causing her to step back a little bit, not really know what to say to him. When he opened the door she could tell that he had been crying and if she thought he would accept her she would have put her arms around him but it wasn’t likely that he would. Everything about his demeaner made sense now; the reasons why he kept people at arms length and had made an effort to make sure he didn’t allow her in.

“Juan...I know that you want nothing to do with me. I know that you probably hate the fact that Jared is forcing you to be here but I want you to know that you can talk to me if - if you want to.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 1d 7h 32s
Jared watched Juan run off. It was during commercials so when the show started again he was glued to the TV. That was until [i Ms. Ohana] placed the pizza in front of him. "Okay! Tell daddy to open the window when finishes-es." Jared says grabbing a slice pizza. Since there's no adult there he didn't grab a plate. Better hope the slice isn't saucy. All he knows is that he's going to be picking out all the pepperoni.

Juan's tears couldn't be tamed. It's been so long since he cried over Rachel. His legs shook. He was being fidgety. His hands kept moving from his face, hair, and to the back of his neck. Ugh. [#4682b4 "What?"] he asks now pacing. He hits his head on the bathroom door before opening it. [#4682b4 "I'm fine. I guess I needed to vent..."] he says moving away from the door to go wash his face. He's acting like such a baby right now.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 1d 7h 24m 16s
he hadn’t quite expected to see the emotion upon Juan’s face. She couldn’t quite tell what was going on with him in that moment. Her lips parted to speak towards him but it seemed she didn’t need to ask anything because he was already pouring his heart out to her. At least now she was beginning to understand why he seemed to be so cut off from everything.

She looked down at the picture and her heart ached for him. She couldn’t imagine what it must have felt like to have someone walk out of you especially when they had a child together. He tossed the phone on the counter and she turned to speak to him. “Juan wait...”

Roslyn let out a sigh when he walked away and took the pizza into the living room where Jared was sitting happily watching TV. “Here you go bud. I’m just going to talk to your Dad a minute.” She figured that he moved to the bathroom and she stopped in front of it, knocking the door. “Juan...”u
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 1d 10h 56m 59s
You know how after every break up you delete ever single picture of that now ex special someone? Maybe you keep it for a little while longer hoping things would change and go back to normal. However, when it doesn’t you end up deleting everything listening to Pandora, which ends up playing music that makes you even more depressed. Well on Facebook, they have a [i ‘One This Day’] it showed a picture he swore he deleted. He was about to curse when Roslyn spoke. He looks up. His face is full of uncontrollable emotions. [#4682b4 “It’s okay. My brain needs a break from studying and homework. Please I wouldn’t hear the end of it. Jared seems to be under your spell.”] he says chuckling. With his free hand he rubbed his jawline. He sighs before showing her the picture of old happy him with Jared’s mother. [#4682b4 “His m-o-t-h-e-r. She left a week after he was born. No word. Explanation. It took two years to get full and solo custody. I fear she’ll come back and take him away. She was my everything. Stupid really. She wasn’t my first but I thought she was the one... How do you tell you child his she didn’t want him. Us...”] he says tossing the phone on the counter, it hitting the walk. He runs a hand through his hair, turns and knees the cabinet before walking off to look for the bathroom. He sat on the toilet and began to process what to do.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 1d 14h 25m 44s
Roslyn hesitated for a moment. “Alright, I trust you if you say you have done this before. Just...don’t pull all my hair out okay?” She said with a laugh. As the cold water poured over her head her breath hitched and she held her breath while she got used to the feel of it. Soon enough Juan had freed the young boys hands for her hair and she was standing up stretched her back out now that he was no longer on her back.

“Well at least we didn’t need to call the fire brigade.” She said with a laugh before excusing herself to her bedroom so she could brush her hair. When she got there she laughed at her reflection in the mirror and made gr decision to quickly run some conditioner through it and wash her hair properly. When she was done she towel dried it, ran a brush through it and then pulled into into a braid over her shoulder.

When she appeared back in the kitchen, Jared had left to watch TV while they were waiting for her and she smiled towards Juan who was on his phone. “Thanks for this. I know there are probably a million things you would prefer to be doing right now.”
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 1d 18h 52m 9s
[#4682b4 "I've done it twice. It should help."] He says stealing a pepperoni as he watches her carry Jared and heads towards the sink. He slowly pours the water and gently jerk the little one's hand one by one. He added a little more water before it came out. [#4682b4 "You should go brush your hair. It's easier to untangle it now that it's wet."] Juan says sitting Jared down who tried to steal a pepperoni too, but it was too hot for his tiny fingers.

Juan went to go get them plates, cups for Jared and himself, and a knife to cut the pizza into six slices. Jared was bouncing, waiting to ea. However, they agreed it's only fair to eat when she's back. It is her place and the pizza is for her. They can't be greedy. Jared went to go turn on the TV as they wait.. Juan as on his phone checking out his social media.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 2d 4h 25m 20s
Roslyn gritted her teeth as the young boy started to tug in desperation for his father to help them but she still found the situation funny. She shook her head when they suggested cutting her hair to let them know that option was off the table.

"No cutting my hair, it takes far too long to grow and I just had it done." She said with a laugh as she started to stand up, pulling Jared onto her back so that she didn't pull on her hair anymore than he needed too. She was lucky that her headache was starting to subside or this would have definitely made her feel worse.

When they moved into the kitchen the smell of pizza caused her stomach to rumble and her lack of food was no longer a problem. For the first time in two days, her appetite had returned and now all she wanted to do was free the boys hands from her hair so they could eat.

"You think that will work?" She asked, referring to the glass of water and leaning over the sink.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 2d 7h 45m 56s
Jared began laughing. When she tried to move he ended moving with her. Not because he wanted to but because he’s stuck. Juan turns his head to look at them. He laughed so hard he had to cover his face to compose himself. [#4682b4 “I can’t I need to use the bathroom. I’ll go hunt for it.”] when he got up Jared began to beg.

Juan only helped because the little guy was jumping and pulling and it didn’t look like fun for one of them. [#4682b4 “Do you think we should cut her hair to let you be free?”]
[#4682b4 “Yes! Let’s do this.”] he looks at the kitchen hearing the oven beep. [#4682b4 “After I pull out the pizza.”]
“I want the first one. Ohana we gotta to watch daddy. Come on. Come on!”

Juan pulls out the pizza and fills a cup with water. He plan is to wet her hair to help make it easier to remove his kids hand from her head. This is sonnit helping her headache.
  Juan / Simply_Random / 2d 10h 12m 22s
Roslyn laughed at the thought of Jared telling Juan to put it with being sick rather than looking after him. When he moved towards them and took a seat on the floor she almost shifted so that he could sit up on the sofa but Jared didn’t want to let her move. “Seems the little man won’t let me move. I’m sorry.” She said before Jared asked him to get her some chocolate. She laughed again and shook her head. "I can't have chocolate before my pizza. No sweets just yet but I promise I will share them." She smiled and looked back up at Jared.

“Of course, you can stop little man.” She said as she moved to sit up but when she tried, he hands came with her and she fell into a fit of laughter. “Oh Jared, I think your hands are stuck.” She looked over towards Juan with a laugh. “Could you help?” She asked with a desperate look upon her face.
  Roslyn McOhuan: / d1gn17y / 2d 11h 3m 33s

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