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"Sauldering stuff?" Bre said, she didn't even know what soldering was let alone how to use it as she thought about it. "we might in the shed." Bre said though she never went out there Sookie more did.

Sookie around the time was walking out "Sook do we have any Sauldering stuff?" Bre asked her clearly unsure what that was. Sookie smiled as she waved for them to follow as she went into the shed and brought out what was needed.
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 270d 11h 15m 52s
Some time later, they came back with an old railing, fire pokers and Kylie had found an old wind charm so she was going to bring it back to her ranch. SHe'd go here to get some items for when she restored the old house.

"Alright, all we need to do is sauder all these and we'll be good. You wouldn't happen to have any saudering stuff would you?" Kylie asked. This sort of thing made her very happy.
  Bad Things / Faust / 1y 274d 8h 30m 7s
Bre more let Kylie and Ben do the talking as she stayed back by the car, she didn't want to get in the way since they knew what they were doing. She didn't mind though due to she had a lot on her mind. She smiled though glad they were getting the materials needed.
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 275d 7h 31m 56s
It was still adorable and amusing. It was good to see them work together so well, they had a real chance at being something much more. Kylie hoped for her sake that they would be and they'd be happy together. Kylie grabbed her bag, but it would be Bre to drive, she knew the area much better.

The place was basically a scrap yard with old cars, parts and everything scattered around. Three buildings was in view. A sweaty man with only a tank top and bright colored shorts came out.

"You must be Kylie," he said shaking her hand. "Pleased to meet ya. He said you needed some railings."

"Anything pure iron," Ben said looking around wondering why someone would want to live this way.
  Bad Things / Faust / 1y 275d 10h 11m 6s
"Yeah, let's go. The less I have to involve Sook the better she'll be." Bre said as she got up ready to figure out. She smiled a little though at her comment about Ben being adorable. "He's taken the step to learn about our time." Bre said as she looked over at Ben still smiling.
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 275d 19h 19m 26s
"I'll see if George has contacts here. He has them everywhere," Kylie offered. Standing up, she finished her orange juice before going to make that call. It took only fifteen minutes before she returned. "Alright, there's a guy just fifteen minutes from Shreveport that has some stuff. George has already called him so we can go and pick it up now. It's going to cost a bit though, it's hard to find this stuff. We should also look for fire pokers, too."

Ben was amazed about this technology. That had been quick. He wasn't sure he'd ever be able to keep up. "And I'm sure we can find that on the..."

"Internet, Ben, internet," Kylie said gently. "He's adorable, Bre. So shall we go?"
  Bad Things / Faust / 1y 276d 9h 55s
Bre kissed him back then when they were all sitting there she listened and smiled. "What do I think? I'm thinking we have a lot to do, but colorado is a bit far still and we'll need the funds to travel to get the iron." Bre answered as she knew this wasn't going to be easy at all.

Around this time her cousin was coming in from being out all night, she stopped seeing the three of them. "Are ya'll alright?" Sookie asked, Bre didn't want to involve her more but then Sookie kinda was involved. "Oh you know. bad guy stuff." Bre said trying to keep Sookie out. "Oh well if ya need anything let me know Bre." Sookie said as she walked to her room.

'oh Sookie, just keep living in your world with Bill. Stay out of this fight.' Bre thought
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 277d 9h 8m 23s
"When dealing with a vampire, there never is a certainty," Ben said kissing her softly. "You help that side, believe it or not."

The next morning, Kylie listened sipping her coffee, she gave a thoughtful look. "If you need iron then you need to find people who collect restoration items. I have a list in Colorado, I could see if they know anyone here?"

"That's perfect, what do you think, Bre?" Ben asked happily.
  Bad Things / Faust / 1y 277d 9h 25m 25s
Between Relaxing and the night event she didn't know which was more appealing to her. She didn't care much for the town now but she wasn't going to just let the sprite take her friends minds. She layed close to Ben as she thought about everyone that tried to turn her against him and how it hadn't worked. "Is there anything I should be concerned about?" Bre asked him, figuring she didn't know much of anything except what he and others briefly told her.

Eric kissed her as he held her close then he listened to her about that she had to get back and his other duties. "Yes, I'll try to find the information you want to know." Eric said to her.
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 277d 18h 35m 44s
Eventually Ben would catch up to these times. When he last came out there was VHS and the players. He had given up after the third tape being eaten. Now it was on demand, remotes, all that infuriating experience. It was worth relaxing with Bre for that night and holding her close to him.

Naturally he took that night to make love to her. Each time felt unique and wonderful. He was happy to hold her and kiss her afterwards.


"You're a terrible influence, Eric," Kylie smiled before leaning up to kiss him softly again. She'd blame the blood for this. She couldn't stay the night after spending that time with him. There was other stuff to do and she needed to get back to Bre.

Leaning up with one last kiss. "I should get back and you have other duties. I'll see you later, okay?" She smiled happily before starting to walk out.
  Bad Things / Faust / 1y 278d 10h 14m 17s
"No I don't have any plans for awhile." Eric said, it was true he liked to spend his time with her even when his sheriff duties were never ending but he also liked having her so close to him.


Bre was glad to have the information "What's wrong with the fruit?" She asked him, but as she heard his question she knew her answer. "Yeah relaxing sounds nice."
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 279d 8h 45m 53s
What was she going to do about them? She had made the full decision to embrace whatever would happen. There was no reason to be afraid of death after almost feeling it twice. She hadn't told Eric this. "Thank you, it'd be good to know. Probably wouldn't like it, I don't know about them them."

Closing her eyes, she rested against him comfortably. It was strange but nice. "Us," she repeated trying it out. "You don't have any urgent plans for the next little bit, do you?"


"She's old. And well...hates anyone...maybe one day I'll take you to those other worlds. Just don't eat the fruit," Ben warned before wrapping his arm around her waist. "Want to just relax this evening and we can find some iron tomorrow?"

He had a feeling that Eric would keep Kylie distracted for a while. They seemed to have a good connection that Kylie would be an idiot to not take advantage of.
  Bad Things / faust / 1y 279d 9h 9m 36s
"She seemed to get bored of me pretty easily. She doesn't like people, does she?" Bre asked, it was part of the reason she didn't keep her there much longer. She could of just asked a few more questions but she probably wouldn't of liked the answers.

"I can see what I can find out, but your birth family won't approve of us." Eric said to her, he held her close. He wanted nothing more then to give her everything she needed.
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 279d 9h 42m 29s
"'d I forget? Well, it has been acentury since I killed one. No, longer than that. You forget after so many years," Ben rubbed the back of his neck. Iron wasn't comMon anymore bit he knew houses used to have it. "Old iron pokers, fences and the such. We need to find some salvage places."

He wrapped his arms around her. "She hates who I used to be. Sometimes it still comes back but I'm fighting that everyday. "


"Why would we need to fight against each other? There must be a reason they were killed. Can you help me find out why?" Kylie asked pressing her head against his chest. She had feelings for him and loved how this felt. She'd think on that later but for now she wanted him.
  Bad Things / Faust / 1y 279d 22h 16m 12s
"She gave some useful information and I for one am not going to Gabe for anything. He'll only tell me lies." Bre said to him, she was glad he had trusted her to be alone with the woman even if she didn't like Ben.

"His weakness is Iron." Bre told Ben


Eric held her close as he kissed her back, "I am glad you said that because I do not want to fight you ever." He said to her
  Bre Petrova & Eric Northman / BrittStalin / 1y 281d 8h 6m 16s

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