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[center [font constantia You would think living, just living, would be so simple. Who doesn't want to wake up and go to work, see friend, family and coworkers, go to parties, fall in love, have a family and live happily ever after. Right?

[center [b Wrong!]]

Life isn't what it always that peachy and exactly like a fucking fairytale. Life is cruel. It's hard. People get murdered, raped, kidnapped and all that of that other horrible, horrible things.

Rose had her fair share of bad issues. It made her become who she is today. A doctor with a dark side. A hacker, fighter and a racer. Did I mention he knows how to use a gun? Although she prefers to use her fists. She went from moving a lot because of her alcoholic abusivo father and her low self esteem drug addict mother who kept taking him back, to being given to a full constantly to pay for her fathers debt, running away and being taken in my teen racers who should her the ropes and spent her life stealing and hiding from her father and that guy she escaped from who paralysis her with fear. Rose never had a stable relationship. They all end up cheating on her which made her wonder what the hell is wrong with her? Then again her 'family' probably scared them off.

Rose met ____ after an on and off relationship. They hit it off quickly. Love blossomed slowly. It still is. She's taking it super slow. He does seem too good to be true. He's wealthy, fit, good looking, charming and smart. She doesn't know that he is a twin or that he is apart of the mafia. Yup, the mafia. Told you life isn't what it always seems.

In the future, they go through a rough patch. She finds out she's pregnant and was allowed in his house only to find him in bed with another girl. Except it was his twin brother that she doesn't know about. Let alone the twin signing papers to give up custody of the kid. ___ comes home to find out he's single and expecting sort of.

Anyways, this is based off a weird dream I had. We can start with them meeting and build up.

The rules are simple and constantly posted so you should know them! Char limit will be 1200. Real pictures and you should know the rest! PM your skelly with the subject title 'Two Life to Live.' Copy and paste the skelly.

Name: Rose Mari Neves
Age: 28
Job: Doctor
Likes: baking & cooking, animals, cars, working out, traveling, reading
Dislike: insects, liars, drama, her father, cops,
Other: Rose tries her best to stay away from drama. The people she call her family moved so in a way she's alone for now. During her pregnant days she kept to herself. She works less since she has money saved from illegal doings. She is also still in love with him and try's to co-parents even though she has full custody.]

Name: Chris Antony Carpio
Age: 30
Job: Right hand man
Likes: cars, money, guns, running, video games, boobs, tattoos
Dislike: botched people, easy girls, mayo, cops, 'rats',
Other: Chris have been friends with ___ for as long as he can remember. He show his friend his loyalty when he would jump in, in fights and actually helped him kill and get rid of a body with/for him. Chris isn't big on having a love life. He finds it to be pointless because they don't always last and he doesn't want to waste his time. He is also a single child. His father disappeared at the age of 8. His mother is his world. He is a mama's boy and she knows what he does and is okay with it because he got her a house and makes sure she is well taken care of.

[center [b ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~]] [center [b [u Extra]]]
[center [i Name, age, job, who do they know?]]

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Nothing happened that night. Not a text or a call from Grayson. The rest of the night was boring. It was hard for her to go to sleep. Rose was called into work early for a consult. You would think they would allow her to go home early after her shift, but she stayed for another shift and then for a few more hours. There was a faerie boat accident, which meant pure chaos. Everything was full. Operating rooms were booked. Angry and emotional loved ones waiting for news.

Rose had to take charge as a temporary general doctor. One when things slowed down she sent Willow another [i ‘SOS’] text. She isn’t in any condition to drive. The second she clocked out, finally, she got stopped to sign a few things. Willow is going to kill her if she doesn’t hurry up. A smile creeps on her face seeing her friend. [#af18ae “I’m so sorry. Things around here has been hectic like my life. More like my love life… Thank you for coming I…”] she is witnessing a fight. She drops her bag to go stop it. A fight broke up. She only remembers one of the guy, but the other is a mystery. Rose had a good grip on one of the guys. Another guy tries punching her guy but ends up hitting her instead causing her to let go and touch her right cheek. With anger, her eyes squint. One of her interns runs up to her asks if she’s okay. As she said yes you hear windows shattering and loud popping sounds. Her intern drags her down to the ground. The drive by ended and Rose looks up to see if Willow is okay. [#af18ae “Willow are you okay?”] she shouts to her. She turns her head to look at her favorite intern. Rose was shouting for help, putting pressure on his neck wound. She could feel his life sleeping away. Tears staining her cheeks.
[center [pic]]
The sun is down. The back SUV with tinted windows, guys addressed in all black from head to toes. Not one word was said. All you saw were hands with black leather gloves putting ammo into their guns. They circled the block once. The windows lowered and seeing Rose and surprisingly Willow they began firing. After all the windows were shattered the quickly took off.
[center [pic]]
Seeing Grayson made him spit out everything that has happened. He felt like a gossip girl. What happened the following night was needed. Pizza, games and terrible things. It was spectacular. When Alex left he brought in a package that was outside.

He thought it was a surprise gift from Rose. Instead, it was a box with a laptop, a note with a link on it and a bag of tissues. Chris teased him saying how Rose must be a good girlfriend if she’s supporting his porn habits. If he has any. Eagerly, he waited for Grayson to type in the link. His smile fades seeing what was going on. On one half of the screen you see guy gearing up for a shootout. On the other half of the screen you see a hospital. He didn’t out two and two together until he saw Willow and Rose. Before it was over he got up to call Willow to make sure she’s alive. He didn’t catch the messaged that played on the screen.
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Grayson was perplexed, her mouth said one thing but her expression was an entirely different matter. Of course, she had been cheated on before, as he recounted from the first date. It was natural to be suspicious. Grayson was a professional man even if the undercurrent of the business was dirty. Work sometimes was done over a meal, it made both people far more comfortable than just an office. An underhand tactic used by his people for many generations.

Returning back to his office, he finally got the text. Seeing Chris he gave a pathetic smile. [b "Let's go someplace."]

The next night, it was video games, pizza and other terrible things. Stuff he'd need to go to the gym over. There was some contact with Rose but she was busy and he was unsure of the entire situation. Rose was wonderful, Grayson was complicated.

Getting a message alert on his tablet, he looked to it before frowning.

[b Keep watching, all the way through.]

It was the hospital lobby where she worked, he was getting a terrible feeling.


Willow was more than happy to go and get Rose. She was working too hard, and there was more activity that she was sure was going on. Grayson hadn't been mentioned as much, that really did not mean anything good. It meant it was stalling, not much from Chris either. She thought she'd be okay but she missed his quirkiness. Whatever, she didn't need him or his company.

Giving a stretch she waited, keeping her carry on her, she was paranoid and justified. Finally seeing Rose she gave a wide grin. [b "And here I thought I would need to stay all night, let's go."]

She was trying so hard to act as if she wasn't feeling overly paranoid and what was that word...almost lonely. Just almost though. Once she felt safe she'd go on the hunt again.
  Life / Faust / 2h 24m 11s
Rose couldn’t feel any more uncomfortable. Having most of the restaurants attention is super uncomfortable. Removing the glove, the proper way, she pulls out her phone to text Willow an ‘SOS’ and explaining everything making a long story short. The manager came by to thank her and ask if she is even a doctor. Rose told him where she works and asked if they can pack her food to go instead.

When the ambulance finally arrived all, you heard was medical terminology coming out of her mouth. One of the EMT recognized her. They chatted for about a minute or so as the prepped to transport the patient. Waving bye Rose turns around to see Grayson in front of her. It was hard to tell of her heart sank or stopped, but it did something. A forced smiled appeared on her. [#af18ae “You don’t need to explain yourself. We don’t have a label Grayson.”] [ii Who am I kidding? Explain yourself. Continue. What on earth do you do anyways? Why couldn’t this meeting have been taken care of in your office or building? Don’t you know how mad this looks? We went from seeing each other all the time to barely talking only to see you with another girl. A classic guy move.] Rose had a full conversation in her head. [#af18ae “I hope your lunch meeting is going well. I shouldn’t keep you waiting. I’m free until four tomorrow if anything.”] what would be a safe way to say goodbye? She could kiss him on the cheek. It is the most common way to greet and farewell someone. Then there’s kissing him on the lips so he could remember what they have and if [i ‘business associate] jealous. However, he claims to be in a lunch meeting so shaking his hand would fit best considering he is working. Her mouth opened to say something but the manager returns with her food, free of charge. Rose thanked him before giving Grayson her full attention once more. Fuck it a kiss on the cheek would do. She still likes him despite him entertaining someone else. Taking a step closer, she was a bit hesitant to kiss him on the cheek. At first their lips were a few inches away, eyes locked with one another but she broke their stare to kiss him on the cheek. Her lips were pressed on it longer than it normally should’ve been. [#af18ae “See you around stranger… I miss you.”] yup, she is regretting saying the last part. Rose quickly left to go wait for Willow outside.
[center [pic]]
Chris didn’t get nothing from no one. It ticked him off even more. She must be one selfish, self-centered, egotistical, narcissistic bitch. God, he sounds like a female… what the fuck did this girl do to him? Willow has him talking like a girl by cursing out a dude for being a hoe. Who’s the hoe now? He doesn’t know why Grayson would want to experience such a thing. You would think since he got to know Willow within time things would be good… wrong. Yet Grayson and Rose are practically dating and till in love. If they’re in love. He is losing his mind. His best friend is doing god knows what. Sighing, he left to go to the office to see him. He needs someone to talk too.
  Rose / Simply_Random / 10h 53m 4s
The wonder that was miracle or Marina was equally met by the mysterious nature of her. Grayson's sole purpose in his father's empire was understanding and organizing. Potentially it was to create another generation of Wolfe's for a world of sheep. That part wasn't entirely interesting to him. Creating children for a business had been what his father had done, that caused the suicide of their mother.

When Marina returned she talked more business casually and Grayson struggled to keep up. To his luck, there was a commotion, he was one of the many people that watched. What wasn't expected was Rose. He wasn't sure on the story, the outfit was sexy, people didn't wear outfits like that for the brother.

It was better, Marina had said, to leave all ties behind and start over in a new country.

Leaving Marina there to the food, he attempted to follow after her. She'd run away, think he was seeing others even if they weren't even seeing each other officially.

[b "She's a business partner, if you're thinking that I'm sleeping with her,"] Grayson explained, but didn't reach out for her right away. [b "She works close to what I do and is new so I'm doing a lunch meeting, to build repertoire."]

It was up to her if she believed him or not, since he wasn't as certain about her.


[b "There is no way you're walking away from me. It will be over my dead body that I see you, my brother or anything get what's mine,"] Gaspar leaned in touching her face. [b "And I'll do whatever means it will take."]

Willow was an incredibly tough bird. There wasn't a lot that phased her, this caused a chill down her spine. When he left she placed a hand on her chest taking some deep breaths.

What the fuck did she get involved in? Glancing to her phone, she almost got excited before reading it. Of course, they were getting something solid, even a friendship and he was running.

[b "Fuck it,"] Willow muttered before going for some extra vodka from the store. The next stop was an order on a new gun, and updated spray and taser. There was no way she'd be caught with her pants around her feet again.

After dropping off the items, it was back to the office. She'd find a way to bury this man.
  Life / Faust / 1d 2h 34m 5s
Chris couldn’t believe what he saw. It is just burning his insides. The bitch was in his house. They hung out. The audacity. He missed a few turns for him to head home. The second he got home he put the bags down, put the food away and left to go talk to Grayson.

His friend wasn’t there. It was okay because he allowed himself inside. Chris fought the air. He pulls out his phone to send a text to the trader. [i ‘We can’t see each other anymore.’] That was all he sent. If he got into detail as to why they shouldn’t talk anymore it would’ve went from him talking about what he saw and how it is boiling his blood to getting all mushy and saying how things with them is different and he wants to keep exploring to see where it goes, but he knows better. She isn’t worth an explanation right. [i ‘I hang out w/ you too much. I think almost fell for a two face… where are you?’] Chris hit send sending Grayson a text as he raids his fridge. Grabbing a beer and a bag of chips he went to go sit on the floor with his back against the couch.

Right now, he needs a guy’s night out to a strip club or just spending the entire night playing video games. How could someone with those seductive eyes when she has that wing thing be such a thing… those soft plumped lips full of lies… thinking about her mad him toss his beer. It shatters against the wall. Beer all over the place. The word ‘fuck’ escapes him. He is messing up his friend’s place because of a girl. For a fucking girl who loves to play game and used him. Chris quickly gets up to clean the mess up full of rage.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 2d 58m 53s
Rose couldn’t help but to check on Grayson from time to time. It is so hard not to jump into conclusions. She should know better than to assume something. Then again, it’s like why would he see another female? In her mind if you’re interested in someone you shouldn’t be entertaining other people. This is killing her more than she wants it too. Watching her get up and walking to the bathroom made on idea run into her head. Go fuck her up. Beat her up until she’s out cold. As much as she loves the idea right now, she shouldn’t go too far in go back to her old habits. Racing is already one big step into the dark side. On the other hand, she can go surprise him. Crash their date… if she had the balls for it, which she doesn’t at the moment.

[center [i 'Let's go to Brazil! I need to go shopping for this trip. A new bathing suit is needed. Maybe a thong one... as much as I hate it I need to make this dude regret entertaining another hoe...']]

Seeing her good arrive nothing else mattered to her. Food is a good distraction. That was until someone began shouting for a doctor. Her eyes haven’t rolled to the back of her head since high school. Groaning, Rose gets up to go assess the situation. They though the guy was choking but nothing came out. instantly she knew it had to be a severe allergic reaction. The guys date was on the phone with a dispatcher. It was on speakers so Rose told them everything she could see, feel, and hear. He was turning blue, weak pulse, swelling lips, tongue and throat, and wheezing. Seeing his eyes began to roll and the ambulance is about ten minutes away she began ordering people around to perform an emergency tracheotomy. It was easy to tune out the complaining girlfriend and all the gasping. The guy has a pen tub in his throat. What she did worked. He was breathing, slowly gaining color and his pulse was getting stronger. Rose sighs and looks around to see a lot of phones pointing her away. Hesitantly she looks at Grayson and his lady friend. All she could do as give him a weak smile before looking away. Now she is going to have to take her food to go. She feels out of place more than ever. At first eating alone wasn’t bad, but now that she has everyone’s attention it makes it a hundred times worse.
  Rose / Simply_Random / 2d 1h 12m 38s
The woman, Marina, was a beautiful woman. Mixed race with that luscious skin tone, bright blue eyes with dark brown hair. For a meeting she called for she dressed in a white dress with red patterns on it. Grayson may be seeing someone but it didn't mean he couldn't appreciate her beauty. That beauty meant nothing compared to the ruthless nature of the woman.

Marina was what they called a fixer. Independent, only loyal to themselves did more dirty work for their clients with black mail, 'persuasion' and whatnot. In this case, protecting those around him from Gaspar. There was news he was preparing something, since last night there had been a sudden increase in his activity.

[i Got how the Grinch Stole Christmas on DVD, you should watch it with me.]

That had been the text he had sent Chris, coded for saying Gaspar was back in town and on business. He'd leave out some parts of the conversation.

Marina was continuing in vague details about what she did and the costs. Then she gave that look that asked why.

[b "Can you help me out or not?"] Grayson finally asked running a hand through his hair.

[b "Maybe...I'm going to run to the little girls room,"] Marina smirked running a finger down his hand before he had a chance to withdraw.

Jesus, did it have to be this hard? Of course, he was attempting anything too messy because of Chris. Chris loved this life style and Grayson wasn't going to change that. He was just getting out of it.

Placing his head in his hands he gave a visible sigh feeling tired and alone.


[i Brazil. Someplace on the beach with hot guys and amazing food.]

That was what she messaged back, Willow wasn't sure she'd actually be able to go with the workload just from being a paralegal. The one thing that was a given was that she couldn't let her self be buddy buddy with Chris. If she was to settle down she'd find a steady partner that wouldn't get bored and break her heart.

On the way out of the store during her lunch hour there was Gaspar suddenly. Attempting to find that pepper spray in her bag, it wasn't in time. He leaned in close to make it appear intimate but she knew better.

[b "You don't say good bye, I do...and I'm not done with you...I'm not afraid to go after what you love most,"] Gaspar gave a vicious smile. She knew that making a scene would be beneficial to a point. It was time for her conceal carry.

[b "Fuck off,"] Willow hissed, almost wishing someone would be there to interrupt this.

After another few minutes, he stalked off, she was left feeling violated and afraid for her sister in laws family. Jesus, why did she let herself get caught up with that man? Most men in general.

[i I have to go with you, Rose.]
  Life / Faust / 3d 1h 52m 34s
Work today was like a roller coaster. It had its moments where it got boring, busy, good, emotional. You name it! It felt beyond amazing to be home out of scrubs, showered and with a full belly. During the next hour, she went to an auto dealer that majority of the racers go to, to order car parts. It is time that she updates her car that she has in storage.

[center [i ‘Agree. Somewhere tropical? I got family in Brazil. Maybe Hawaii? OR a cruise!’] Rose replies.]

Escaping reality would be so much fun! It would be good to get away from work and the life style she’s slowly crawling back into… It took her forever to get away from it and now she’s creeping back towards it. There should be a reason for it, but she can’t think of it now. Once again, she got hungry. Rose entered a restaurant to get something to eat. To her surprise she saw him, Grayson, but he wasn’t alone. He is with another girl. It hurt. She knew things were rocky between them but enough for him to go entertain another girl? Rose was escorted to a seat. What sucked was that he is still in an eye sight. Rose ordered her food, drank her beer and texted willow about her current situation.
[center [pic]]
Chris nods. What the hell just happen? He got up to lock the door behind her and went back to bed. He didn’t know it but he fell back to sleep sleeping on the side she was on. Inhaling her scent. That sweet girly scent.

Sometime around dinner time Chris sent a text to his buddy tell him he had a girl sleep over. Legitly just sleep over and it was the weirdest yet greatest thing ever. He even asked if this is how it is to catch feelings for a girl. It made him ask about Rose to see how things are going with them. Grayson’s style, relationship wise, is possibly rubbing off on him. Then again, he is possible got tired being a hoe.

Chris left the house to get a few things for the house. Simple things like groceries and cleaning products. Maybe even minor new things for the house like bed sheets, pillows, curtains and towels. He also got a few candles. He enjoys watching it clicker and the way the smell. He is weird. Driving around he spots Willow. He double parks across the street only to see Gaspar walk about to her. her froze as he was starting to fill up with anger. Willow must have been playing him. he should’ve known better. He took a picture of them debating on sending it to her saying so [i ‘much for hating his guts’] or saying [i ‘I knew you like playing games, but I didn’t think you would be a two face.’] Girls are sneaky bitches. To think he was okay with him no longer sleeping around with random bitches. Yes, he could’ve chosen a better word for females but right now they’re all bitches because of her. He was having such a good day until he says this bullshit. He decided to leave before he does something reckless. He didn’t care of his window was down and they see him. She already got the best of him. He needs to leave or else he’ll go to jail.
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Willow was beginning to wonder what was wrong with her. Making food, playing games, light cuddling and occasionally sex. That was how a relationship unfolded. While she wasn't opposed to relationships she was frankly, awful at them, and got bored. Chris, well she never saw that in a million years. Still when she woke up fully clothed cuddling against his back she knew it wasn't a good sign.

[b "I need to go home and change and go to work. I'll see you later,"] Willow smiled. Inwardly she was freaking out. There would be no feeling catching going on here. They were both romantically volatile people.

Reading the messages she gave a groan. Still she dressed for work and then realized that she hadn't have had a proper vacation in some time. Hot guys that she threw away like wrappers, drinks, and new places to explore. Someplace like Mexico or Brazil...

[i You're too busy for him and in reverse. Maybe it's time for a vacation. I could use one.]

One away from all of this.

Grayson texted back here and there, but the sweep for bugs in his office and home was going to take a while. His brother new and if Chris ever found out his means to get out. See, Chris was right about getting out alive, it wasn't as likely. He'd live under a false name hoping that no one would find him.

It was a mistake to try to be romantic with Rose, especially right now. The question was what he did now that he started something already.
  Life / Faust / 5d 54m 3s
Like they say you learn something new every day. The guy has a similar story. He is a bastard child. His mother cheated on her fiancé with someone he knows. Well someone his almost real father knows. He doesn’t feel like getting into tonight. Maybe in the near, not so close, future. Chris disappeared to go get a box filled with games. There are times when he likes to have guest over and entertain them by being a good host.

[#4682b4 “Don’t hate me but I am not crazy about shoots and ladders.”] he pulls out a few games so she can choose what they would be playing. He is down for anything. Chris got up a few times to check on the pizza. He didn’t want to burn it. Two rounds into the game the pizzas were done. They watched a movie, drank wine and ate the pizza before playing more games. Chris didn’t know what time they went to bed. He has never had a girl sleep in his bed. Especially without having sex.

[center [pic]]

Rose never got a reply. She decided to the after party. It bummed her out that he hasn’t replied. A little after two she got home. Alone. It is upsetting. Nothing a quick hot shower and some rest wouldn’t fix.

In the morning, Rose woke up to a text from him. A smile creeped on her face. [center [ii ‘It’s okay. I’ll take it as pay back for being super late.’] After sending the message it was time go to work. 6am—6pm. Every chance she got she texted Grayson, Willow and Tommy. She even sent Grayson a picture of her outfit last night saying her missed out as joke. The conversation with willow was mostly about how there is trouble in paradise. Then with Tommy he wanted to know the hot spots for a few things.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 5d 1h 20m 34s
Then there was waiting, and then more waiting. Grayson didn't pace, detesting pacing a great deal, but he did check his watch. Checking the watch wouldn't make her magically appear but it was a comfort up until he realized that there was only a minute difference. So, instead he grabbed a bite to eat feeling his phone go off.

Well, that was understandable, he was just annoyed that it was now he was finding out.

Close to replying he looked up hearing someone sitting across from him. Then that cologne hit him and he immediately placed the phone away in his jacket pocket. [b "Gasper, I was wondering what sewer you crawled down."]

[b "No sewer, though I was finding out some interesting news. Want to hear what I've been told?"] He asked with a smile.

[b "Not really, you'll say it anyway, so go ahead. It might make you look less constipated,"] Grayson smirked.

[b "You want out...and even willing to go to the lengths of shutting down the operation. I wonder if your little lap dog knows that...he wouldn't be too happy about that,"] Gaspar gave a vicious smile. [b "Good luck with that, buddy."]

Grayson watched him leave, paling before he ignored the text, immediately going home to check for bugs. He wouldn't reply till the next morning.

[i Sorry, had some last minute stuff at work.]


[b "Mhm, three other siblings...though I'll let you in on a secret, I'm a love child of another guy. Dad was off screwing around and so did mom. She ended up getting pregnant and I came around...Dad didn't do anything because his image was at stake,"] Willow gave smirk, though there was no amusement to it. She didn't talk about her family, it immediately ruined her mood. [b "Fuck no, he hasn't, I told him if he even said one word I'd fine a way to sue the hell out of him. Working in a law office has it's advantages."]

Willow gave a laugh at the pizza comment. Chris had several advantages. The one time she remembered, the sex was good, though for her it was mostly the fun times she found herself liking. [b "Games...Does shoots and ladders and almost every kids game count?"]

She wasn't even a mom but already knew most of the kid shows and games already.
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Rose was dressed a certain way when she was with her family. The girl has on a dark blue ripped jean with a black lace floral bralette bra bustier crop top cami, a black choker necklace and black with black army boots. Time escaped her. It was already ten minutes passed their meet up time. She quickly sends him an apology text and that she is going to be late. Now she didn’t tell him how late. Rose is doing the unthinkable. She is racing. She sent him the text before it started. It was a last-minute thing and the guy she considers her brother is paying for her because he won the first race.

The race was hard. She hasn’t raced in forever. She saved her tricks for last, making her win. The minute it was over someone shouts that 5O is coming. This part is where adrenaline kicks in. Her brother drove the getaway car. After Rose collected her $14,400. $3,600 a pop was about two-month worth of rent if you’re lucky,

From being ten minutes late to now seventy-five minutes later, Rose got out the car. The festival was practically over. She felt so bad. It was her idea to go a little late. The date was also her idea.

[center [size13 [b Grayson [pic]]]] [center [size12 [i ‘I am so sorry! My brother came and we lost track of time. Can I come over or do you want to come over my place?’]]'

After sending the message she sat on the hood of the car. Tommy, aka Tom, got out of the car and sat down next to her. They just sat there in silence watching what’s left of the carnival.
“There is always tomorrow… assuming he is still talking to you.”
[#af18ae “Assuming he doesn’t end things because we haven’t seen each other in a while and someone tells him I’m with another pretty hair jerk.”] he chuckles.
“Well don’t assume the worse… speaking of worse I came here for a reason.”
[#af18ae “Not surprised. It’s not like Charlie found me. I haven’t seen him in years. It’s like he’s dead.”] Rose said smiling. Tom’s facial expression made her smile drop, [#af18ae “You left to go find him and now he’s here…”]
“I left for another reason. You know I’ll always have someone watching you. He was spotted. He was the one who broke into your place while you were I’ assuming your new [i ‘boo thang’].” Tommy said making fun of her for saying boo thang.
[#af18ae “Joy. The moment when my life changes for the better something happens… I’m telling you I have bad juju…”]
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Five months and in love? Are they really in love? Chris doesn’t ask about how things are going with Rose. If anything was to happen he doesn’t want to say I told you so and gloat. There is an always will be an uncertainty about that girl. Everyone has seen Titanic. Rose killed Jake. There was more than enough space for them both to be on top of the door. Apparently, there is another movie where that Rose also killed the other guy. Then again, he doesn’t know anything about that movie.

[#4682b4 “Nice to know you’re not an only child. Dam and I thought we had so much in common.”] Chris said teasingly, [#4682b4 “Dam.”] Even though they went over this once, possibly twice, he still can’t apprehend Gaspar was banging willow or that Willow gave that tool the time of day. Regardless of Chris being a bachelor and a man-whore he is nothing like Gaspar. Gaspar is a tool. A fuck boy as most girls says. With Chris, you know what you’re getting yourself into. He tests himself for sexual transmitted diseases every three months. [#4682b4 “That is true. No one has seen him around or heard from him. He hasn’t reached out to you at all?’] it didn’t take long for him to finish cleaning up.

Chris cleaned and refilled their wine glass. He doesn’t know about her but he doesn’t like extra things in his wine glass. Well anything in anything he drinks. Unless it is meant to be there. [#4682b4 “No we wait. I’ll even give you the honors of putting on a movie of your choosing. Making pizza is fun. Waiting for it on the other hand isn’t so much.”] Normally Chris would have sex as they wait, burn the pizza and end up ordering some. That isn’t going to happen today. He isn’t going to initiate it. Nevertheless, if she does he is all game. Then again there’s no pressure or sexual intentions in tonight’s hang out. There are times when he gets tired of being a hoe, going out, drinking, etc. Today is one of those days. Pulling out his phone he sent a text to see what Grayson is up too and for the hell of it he asked how are things going with the chick. [#4682b4 “I know you like playing games with guys, but how are your gaming skills? I’m a master at Jenga. I love that game so much I have jumbo Jenga blocks and the normal sized ones.”] Chris told the girl grinning wickedly.
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Catching the dough she shook her head at Chris amused. Willow wasn't exactly sure what was going on with them, nor did she care. It wasn't about sex. There was little pressure or even full fledged lust. It wasn't the only strange thing in her life. She settled on a job- she liked her job and was considering actually going to be a lawyer or something.

[b "Five months and in love? That's not bad. My sister got engaged at six months, of course, they did break up but got back together and married. They're still together and he's actually a good guy. You worry too much,"] Willow shook her head a little. [b "Who you need to worry about is his brother. He's been quiet for too long, hasn't even pestered me in a while while which is weird."]

He had found out it was accidental but she had kicked Gaspar out of her life a long time ago.

[b "Alright, what do I do next?"] Willow looked to him puzzled.


In a beautiful and easy life, it would be the best months of his life. Grayson knew that it was a myth that the world was beautiful and easy. While the relationship was wonderful, even if it wasn't defined, he still was doing what he had done a while back. Money was placed in an off shore account where it couldn't be touched by anyone who caught wind to his plan. He'd need quite a bit to ensure safety and survive.

Checking the messages he smiled, seeing her was the only thing on his mind much to Chris annoyance. It should be a year when he would be free of this way of life.

When the time came, Grayson was there, dressed relaxed with a V cut tee shirt and jeans. Waiting on her, he gave a smile.
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[center [pic]] [center [b ~ [i Time Skip] ~ 5 ½ months later…]]

[center [pic]]

Chris doesn’t know how long it’s been. He doesn’t keep track. The only thing he keeps tabs on his when he got laid and with who, and Grayson and his family problems. He is his brother’s keeper. Lame and yes, the phrase is supposed to be ‘I’m my sister’s keeper’, but Chris considers him his brother and he is very protective.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach but Chris wasn't afraid to throw some of it at Willow. He invited her over for some food. He likes to cook. Lately they have been hanging out. There were two moments when they slept with each other. Only one he remembers because that time he wasn’t stupid wasted. The playful Bachelor hurled handfuls of flour and morsels of food at Willow as they baked pizza in his kitchen.

He doesn’t know what they are. They’re far away from being a couple. They aren’t even friend with benefits. All he knows is that he has a fun with her. Best part is they could check people out and the other butts in. It is weird but a good weird. Chris washes his hands [#4682b4 “I haven’t asked but what do you think about Rose and Grayson? Is it just me or are they falling in love way too fast yet they aren’t rushing things. Get what I’m trying to say?”] Chris began to clean up the mess he made, well started, with Willow. This girl is going to learn how to make her own pizza. Unless she’s there for the wrong reasons. Initially, the girl is there because neither of them had plans, he wanted some company, and he can finally show her that he can cook so all her jokes and teasing can go swimming with the fishes.
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