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[center [font constantia You would think living, just living, would be so simple. Who doesn't want to wake up and go to work, see friend, family and coworkers, go to parties, fall in love, have a family and live happily ever after. Right?

[center [b Wrong!]]

Life isn't what it always that peachy and exactly like a fucking fairytale. Life is cruel. It's hard. People get murdered, raped, kidnapped and all that of that other horrible, horrible things.

Rose had her fair share of bad issues. It made her become who she is today. A doctor with a dark side. A hacker, fighter and a racer. Did I mention he knows how to use a gun? Although she prefers to use her fists. She went from moving a lot because of her alcoholic abusivo father and her low self esteem drug addict mother who kept taking him back, to being given to a full constantly to pay for her fathers debt, running away and being taken in my teen racers who should her the ropes and spent her life stealing and hiding from her father and that guy she escaped from who paralysis her with fear. Rose never had a stable relationship. They all end up cheating on her which made her wonder what the hell is wrong with her? Then again her 'family' probably scared them off.

Rose met ____ after an on and off relationship. They hit it off quickly. Love blossomed slowly. It still is. She's taking it super slow. He does seem too good to be true. He's wealthy, fit, good looking, charming and smart. She doesn't know that he is a twin or that he is apart of the mafia. Yup, the mafia. Told you life isn't what it always seems.

In the future, they go through a rough patch. She finds out she's pregnant and was allowed in his house only to find him in bed with another girl. Except it was his twin brother that she doesn't know about. Let alone the twin signing papers to give up custody of the kid. ___ comes home to find out he's single and expecting sort of.

Anyways, this is based off a weird dream I had. We can start with them meeting and build up.

The rules are simple and constantly posted so you should know them! Char limit will be 1200. Real pictures and you should know the rest! PM your skelly with the subject title 'Two Life to Live.' Copy and paste the skelly.

Name: Rose Mari Neves
Age: 28
Job: Doctor
Likes: baking & cooking, animals, cars, working out, traveling, reading
Dislike: insects, liars, drama, her father, cops,
Other: Rose tries her best to stay away from drama. The people she call her family moved so in a way she's alone for now. During her pregnant days she kept to herself. She works less since she has money saved from illegal doings. She is also still in love with him and try's to co-parents even though she has full custody.]

Name: Chris Antony Carpio
Age: 30
Job: Right hand man
Likes: cars, money, guns, running, video games, boobs, tattoos
Dislike: botched people, easy girls, mayo, cops, 'rats',
Other: Chris have been friends with ___ for as long as he can remember. He show his friend his loyalty when he would jump in, in fights and actually helped him kill and get rid of a body with/for him. Chris isn't big on having a love life. He finds it to be pointless because they don't always last and he doesn't want to waste his time. He is also a single child. His father disappeared at the age of 8. His mother is his world. He is a mama's boy and she knows what he does and is okay with it because he got her a house and makes sure she is well taken care of.

[center [b ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~]] [center [b [u Extra]]]
[center [i Name, age, job, who do they know?]]

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No one expected what they’re seeing. Their plan went down the drain. It made sense why Grayson wanted to go alone to see what’s happening while the rest stays behind and watch from a distance. Everyone is the car was restless. Chris, Rose, and possibly Willow were itching to know what is happening. Two hours later he finally appeared. Those two hours felt like an eternity. Today is one heck of a bizarre day. His family is dead?

[#af18ae “I’ll go with you… You shouldn’t go alone…”] Rose says not sure how to comfort him or if she should even try. How close was he to his family?

[b “I agree with her. You’re all the only Wolfe left. It’s too much of a risk. Your family went through hell and back to make your name mean something…”] [#af18ae [i “Wolfe…”]] Rose whispers as Chris spoke. [b “I’ll let you go but you can’t go alone.”] he said while Rose whispers something under her breath. He didn’t care that she shook her head.

Rose now finally knows who he is. She held on to Willow’s hand for support or something. Maybe there’s no reason to it besides the fact she’s scared.
  simply_random / 346d 14h 37m 16s
When the car pulled up after the goodbyes, loving answers, and whatnot. There was the back entrance only flashes of red and blue flashed against the side of the side of the house. Grayson paled knowing that this was not a good thing. He gave a steady look to Chris.

"I think someone beat us to the punch. I should go in and see what's going on. I'll have my phone on so I can look like I have been in contact," he said turning on his phone. "Once I have some answers, I'll call. Go to safety first."

It took two hours to find out exactly everything that happened. He was let go, most police told to let things go. Returning back to the anxious three he let out a breath. "Gaspar has been killed, my father...he's in critical condition. I'm going to go see him...I know the risks, Chris," Grayson said leaning back before looking to Rose sadly. This probably wouldn't go well.
  Life / Faust / 352d 10h 12m 57s
Rose doesn’t want to think about anything but positive things. Every fairytale has that one sour situation that prolongs before their happy ending finally happens. All she could do right now is nod and smile. They could have a dozen plans yet Grayson doesn’t seem to have much hope. That scares her. When they were alone she hugs him. Nice guys don’t always finish last…

[#af18ae “Before we leave I want to say thank you for everything. Since the moment we met you were nice and charming. Don’t ever change, okay? No matter what happens. I… love you.”] her arms let loose so her eyes can look up at his. Her facial expression is genuine and filled with love. If her eyes could sparkle they would. As much as she would love to have sex with him one last time before something horrible goes wrong, she just wants to be in his arms. It’s magical to her. It makes her feel better.

[center [pic ]]
[right [pic]]

Whatever happens, happens. He’ll follow Grayson’s lead. He’ll change his life around or at least try to. Everyone thought he was cheap because he wasn’t too crazy about spending thousands every week. He has money saved. Some in a bank and some at home in a safe. He could sell luxurious condo. Downgrade to a nice studio apartment or a one bedroom. His condo costed him about two hundred thousand. He could get something amount or more since he did renovate it. His condo is better now than ever. He feels sorry for Grayson and Rose.

[#4682b4 “Define smooth?”] Chris looks at her. Everyone seems to be scared. [#4682b4 “Better late than sorry. I may consider doing the same or starting up a business. Maybe a strip club, a bar, or my own restaurant.”] he said smirking. All of them are a promising idea although he favors the restaurant more since he loves cooking. He could go finish cooking school and branch out from there. [#4682b4 “We’ll be okay. Shivery isn’t dead. I can speak for the both of us when I say you two girls would be safe. We won’t let anything happen to you.”] Chris pulls her into a hug and kisses the top of her head. [#4682b4 “Now to get a motel and shower. I smell like an ogre.”] he says laughing.
  Rose / Simply_Random / 360d 22h 25m 34s
It was time for the speech. Well, it was one of the speeches. He'd call it the possible last speech and not make it sound like the break up speech. It seemed all set. There was a layout of the house that Willow knew quite well . It was awkward for him just knowing that this woman had been with his twin brother.

[b "Rose...This might not go as well as we're hoping. It's not ending remotely close to how I was hoping. Just make sure you're okay, alright? That's all that matters to me. I don't know what will happen to any of us but there might be something bad that will happen. You and Willow make it out okay,"] Grayson stroked her hair when they were in private. He loved her. It also might be in his best interest for her to disappear, it really depended on what happened.


[b "Would you rather have been there one too many times? I was even lucky to get to the house, it's mostly a hotel or a side house,"] Willow sipped the coffee once Grayson pulled Rose aside. He was preparing to do something big, only she was sure that he only knew what it was. Grayson had that look of someone that was tired of everything but kept his shoulders up.

[b "This isn't going to go smooth, is it?"] Willow asked, hearing that quaver in her voice despite her annoyance. [b "It's time for a new life after this. This is too big of a wake up call. Get in school, do something good for others and no more one night stands."]

Clean up for good, she would become straight somehow.
  Life / Faust / 1y 5d 10h 45m 45s
Chris watched the girls. They were acting like the girls from Charlie Angels. They were planning everything. His hands were behind his head watching them in disbelief. It’s like he doesn’t know them. Willow. After a while he looks at Grayson in disbelief.

[#4682b4 “Well I feel useless.”] he said taking a seat. He hears rose talking about using a bomb, but where can they find one in such short… oh there she goes. She’s explaining how she’ll make one. If Grayson and her were to get married and his dad finds out about her wickedness he’ll be proud. It made him question if Willow is the same way.
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Rose kisses his arms and wraps an arm around him. She’s happy. When Willow asks for some paper and something to write in, Rose taps for Grayson to move so she can go get it. Once when Rose hands her a paper she asks Willow to describe the house. How big she thinks it is, how many windows in each room, floors, rooms, cameras, etc. She needs all the good stuff. It was a rough and sloppy sketch but she began to think of ways to enter. As planned Willow can distract whatever his name is. The rest can sneak inside from one of the two back entrances. She can get needles with sleeping serum or take them down with silencers on their guns. Getting rid of more than one body would be hassle so an explosion would be the best way to get rid of them. She could work with anything. Chemicals, cleaning products even though it’s the same thing, gun powder, gas… etc. she had a secret pyromaniac phase growing up, which is why she loves candles so much. Besides the smell. When she was done she looks at everyone to see if they’re in an agreement. If not it’s cool. Rose is down for anything.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 1y 6d 18h 1m 35s
Here they were in an abandoned location used to hide from the law. It was here they were deciding a future that included killing more than one person. The idea was hard hitting, though it did not seemed to phase Chris or Grayson. Chris was still finding some light through the cracks. That was what she liked about him was that humor.

Giving him a sideways glance, she gave a light smile before taking the coffee greedily. [b "I know the way. There's two back entrances that we could use...and the quickest way....Is there something I can write on in here?"]

Turning to Rose to ask that last question. She couldn't help but have regret over having had that fling, why she even did that life she didn't know.


It was clear to the girls that he might not be able to make it out. There were implications in this that went deep. Either way he was prepared if anything happened, already had money set aside, and Marina had a new life waiting. He hoped he wouldn't have to- but the chances weren't high.

There would be a good bye, just in case, Grayson knew that only Chris knew how it was. Giving Chris a grim look he went over to Rose and wrapped his arms around her.

[b "I'll write down the address, Willow can fill in the rest. We can call in some help with this...and be able to escape,"] Grayson gave a smile despite the situation. [b "I guess we should all get ready and leave soon."]
  Life / Faust / 1y 8d 11h 31m 57s
Rose grabs the first thing she saw that is close to her. [#af18ae “That doesn’t sound simple. There would be a lot of men and possibly heavily guarded.”] she takes a bite from the breakfast sandwich she picked not too long ago. This going to be hard. How are they all going to agree on a plan? They all most likely do things differently. [#af18ae “Where does he live? We can get a blueprint of the house. Unless you just want to wing it. I like being organized and having back up plans.”] she said munching on her food.

This is one random thought, but Willow and Chris seems to be super cozy. They could have a double wedding! If things get that far for the both of them. It is pretty exciting thinking about it. Grayson an her already, briefly, spoke about their future and plans.

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Chris hugs Rose. The girl came in handy. Coffee and breakfast, sure why not!

He looks at his brother from another mother. Why is he not telling Rose everything? He didn’t like that. Is he really going to keep her in the dark with his plan? [#4682b4 “Agree. Having a plan B and a C would be good. For the record, I am not talking about the day after pill…”] he thought adding a joke would lighten up the mood. Although Willow does need one after last night activities. Like Willow said Rose does know more about these things then she leads on. Having plan B and C would be a great idea. Not to mention getting blue prints of his place. Possibly scouting it to see how many guys are inside and outside of the property. He doesn’t like the idea of Willow going inside by herself.

[#4682b4 “Rose may be a keeper. She knows her stuff. I think it’s safe to say she’ll keep you safe if I’m not around he teases. Would you do the same for me?”] he said nudging Willow on the shoulder teasingly.
  Rose / simply_random / 1y 10d 9h 46m 53s
It was entirely possible that this would go well for them. By some good grace, he's free to have a boring 9-5 job, and live a day to day life with Rose. It seemed boring to most but it was the most beautiful dream there could be. He didn't want to let go of her he kissed her forehead, running a hand through her hair.

"The coffee is amazing, thank you. A vacation. Oh, that's the dream there," Grayson gave a low sound at the idea of the vacation. When had there been a time he took a proper vacation? He didn't remember.

When Willow and Chris came in, he could tell that they had spent the night together. Chris really was falling for her and Willow actually seemed pretty scared. There was barriers breaking down here.

"It's really simple but complicated. We do need to enter close to where the head quarters are, a driver would be good considering it could get dicey. Gaspar would accept Willow coming in. During this time his loyal men need to be taken out and then him, or vice versa."


That had been an amazing night, perhaps there had been some desperation in there. They were good together in that way, that was amazing, she was only worried that it was the wrong time. Or was it good timing?

"You're going to give me that puppy dog look, aren't you?" Willow chuckled before kissing him softly. God, she liked this, she liked him to the point where she would settle down.

Willow was glad to hug her back and smiled, she was here. "We don't have to say sorry and go all mushy. I'm just glad you're here." She smiled before taking that coffee.

The way that Grayson said it made it sound so simple.
  Life / Faust / 1y 11d 11h 13m 46s
Chris was beginning to get hungry. He could smell coffee and it was making him salivate like a bulldog. His mind got pulled to the side thinking about last night. His bottom lip was being nibbled on as he thought about last night and used every inch of his strength not to wake her up with some morning loving. It’s bad enough they did it yesterday raw. Being in a relationship is okay by him but making a mini Chris or Willow isn’t. he needs time to prepare himself for something so serious as making a baby with someone. His mom would love it though. Her months of nagging will finally happen.

[#4682b4 “Good morning.” Chris said smiling back down at her. He kissed her forehead as she spoke. His smiled disappeared. What a way to kill the mood. [#4682b4 “We’ll make it. Things would just be different for everyone. We’ll all be tied with one another with the same skeletons in our closets.”] Chris got up to get dress. He is ready for whatever happens. His mom would be happy once when he doesn’t have to worry about anything and can finally stop looking back and assume the person eyeing him is someone there to get him. Clearing his throat, he exited the room. His eyes fest upon coffee and food and clean clothes. The first thing he grabbed was a cup of coffee. [#4682b4 “We got coffee!”] Chris cheers before drinking his coffee. [#4682b4 “Hot, hot, hot…”] he says sticking his tongue out.
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Rose was going to continue, but his magical hug made her shut up. It felt right behind there with him. When the hug ended and she could tell something is up by his facial expression. She either missed something or he is purely terrified of the outcome. [#af18ae “Everything will be okay. I brought coffee, food and clothes. Maybe after this we can go on a vacation eat breakfast while watching the sunrise in a pool. It’s been a while since I’ve done something and I remember what pulled me through it was thinking about the future, family friends and most of all love.”] Rose kisses him smiling. Hearing Chris get excited about coffee meant Willow is up and free from his curly head clutches. [#af18ae “I need to apologize to Willow. See you out there.”] The girl squeezes his hand, kissed him one more time and runs out to go apologize to Willow. Without a word, she hugs Willow tightly. [#af18ae “Don’t say it. I’m sorry. I love you.”] again, Rose lets go of her hearing Chris excitement for what she got them. There were options between a bagel with cream cheese and bacon or a smile bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel. Rose laughs. She pulls Willow to join the others [#af18ae “What is the game plan? If we need cars I am your girl. Maybe guns too, but it’s not for certain. Plus, I’m a good driver in both sides of the law.”] Rose sits on the counter taking her cup of coffee.
  Simply_Random / 1y 12d 15h 50m 0s
It was different. Each kiss, stroke, movement and sound. It was filling as well, unlike when the passion wears off and it's empty. Willow attributed sleep to the fact that he was there despite everything. Once there was sunlight, her mind began to awaken, she knew that there would be something terrible was going to happen today.

Thoughts clustered, but she stayed curled to his chest on the old sleeping bag. Finally unable to lay there she looked up giving him a half smile. [b "I guess it's time to get up and go to a possible suicide mission."]

Standing up she dressed slowly, feeling almost completely numb inside. The incidents of yesterday was the best dose of novacane for the mind. It did make something clear. Willow would have a completely fresh start if she survived. She was not where she wanted to be, she'd get there.


Grayson didn't even speak another word, just took her in his arms and kissed her. If willing, he'd do what he could to make it right for her. Only he and Marina knew one part of the plan, hell, she had suggested it. Even if they did the perfect plan, there still would be some sort of retribution.

In the morning he knew it was time, having not slept much that night for various reasons including Rose. The thought of letting her go killed him inside, the thought of her dying because of him was worse though.

[b "We should have a small breakfast. This is the day we finish it,"] Grayson told her in a heavy tone before kissing her forehead. [b "Everyone will be okay, I hope so at least."]
  faust / 1y 13d 11h 45m 37s
Rose couldn’t get over the fact they love each other. She knows what she feels for him. Does he know? Did he mean it when he told her he loves her? it could’ve been from the heat of the moment like the time she accidently allowed it to slip out during sex. Willow even pointed it out. Rose goes to her when there’s problems between them. Only because she didn’t know if her friend wants to hear how happy and in love she is with a guy she just met. It’s crazy.

It took longer than last night to get there. There are more cars and traffic because of people going to work or wherever. The car was parked in front of the house. She got out the car grabbing everything, saving the coffee for last so she can balance everything first. Rose went around back and carefully opens the door. Part of her wondered if he even noticed she left. Willow knew about it because she did lecture the girl for her recent actions. Setting everything down Rose walks to Willow’s room with two cups of coffee. Rose was about to barge in until she saw Chris with Willow. Willow and Chris are a thing now? She retreats from the door to leave them alone. Instead of talking to Willow first Grayson is going to be first now. With her cup of coffee in her hand, Rose takes a deep breath before saying something. [#af18ae “I love you too.”] was the first thing that popped out of her mouth, [#af18ae “And I’m sorry.”] she adds.
[center [pic]]
[#4682b4 “Night.”] It was all Chris said to his friend. He isn’t going to like what is going to happen, but whatever works. right? They can get through this. They can and they will. For no reason, he followed her to her room. It was more like an instinct. [#4682b4 “I think so. We’ve been through a lot. Survived a few attempts from his brother. It’s only messy now because of our love life is mixed into it.”] he said entwining his hands together and putting it behind his head sighing.

Willow approaches him. A smile grew on his face when she thanked him for everything and that she means it. Now what he wasn’t expecting was the kiss and the caress on a cheek. He didn’t want to end it. Obviously, he kissed back and more. His hands went from his head down to her waist. His hands were there for thirty seconds before he cups her ass, squeezes it before lifting her up. With what’s about to happen they’re going to have to keep it down because they aren’t alone. He doesn’t know about her but it’s different. It’s more like a mutual emotional desire instead of having pure lust and only wants to get his dick wet. In the morning he stayed on bed and had his fingers running through her hair.
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Sending the woman that Gaspar was upset over leaving was not the ideal plan. It had many options to turn bad. Of course, he didn't doubt that Willow could take care of herself. Chris would be unhappy, if they drew Gaspar out, then they could take care of him. Something would need to be done with the men that was most loyal. Either buying the out or finishing them off as well.

[b "Of course, there isn't anymore lies. Well, there is always going to be one or two. And in the end, I still want out which will be a fiasco in itself,"] Gaspar sighed. [b "Well, tomorrow we may all die so might as well enjoy the night. Good night, you two."]

Grayson stepped towards his room, he wouldn't be able to sleep, but he could try to think of what to do. He ended up cat napping, before taking in the place. Maybe around a corner he'd find Rose.


The idea of a near certain death was not appealing to her. Nor was losing her friend in anyway, there wasn't anything that made certain anymore. More than clear she saw what she needed to do with her life. Clean it up, start growing instead of drifting. She looked towards Chris and gave a sigh.

[b "Think he'll be okay? I know Rose will. She'll just be intolerable for a while,"] Rose said before thinking more on those last words from Grayson. It could be. She never thought of an end, just an endless stream.

Approaching Chris, she gave a small sigh. [b "Thanks for everything, I mean it."] Leaning up kissed him softly, running a hand over his cheek. This time there wasn't lust, but genuine desire.
  Life / Faust / 1y 15d 10h 12m 7s
[#4682b4 "You still can with Rose. You just need to fix things with her. Get her roses and chocolate covered strawberries. If she's not allergic to any of those things. Let a girl get me those things just because and I'll put a ring on that finger faster than I take off their panties with my teeth."] Chris rawrs and then bites the air. They could use a laugh. Look at him trying to make people laugh instead of making them hurt. This is a rare yet proud moment.

Chris clears his throat when Willow walks in. He isn't up for her helping. She could get her. He looked at his friend with eyes telling him to say no. But he didn't. Ass. [#4682b4 "I won't like it but whatever you want to do..."] hopefully whatever happens doesn't make things worse for everyone else. [#4682b4 "What about Rose? Do we tell her about the plan?"]
[center [b --------------- -----------------]]
Rose couldn't sleep. She stood up drinking coffee and eventually passed out from exhaustion. She was out cold for a solid three hours. Despite only sleeping for three hours she was fine. She took Tommy's car and put the things in the back. The sun was out already. She drove back to give them clothes to change and real breakfast and coffee on the go. She made it considering she's low on cash at the moment.

Before she left Tommy walks out and hands her a backpack. She doesn't know it yet but it has money, guns and ammo. Rose drove faster than normal. She wants to get there and find them there. Not find the abandon house empty.
  Chris / Simply_Random / 1y 16d 7h 42s
Good God, what was she supposed to do? Willow couldn't possibly rest at this point. Moving through the hallway she over heard the men, at least the last part with the plan. The first part she didn't hear though Grayson seemed worse of wear.

Stepping into the room, she looked between the two men. Sitting down on one of the chairs she looked to them expectingly. "Whatever the plan is...I'm in. It doesn't matter what I need to do, I want to do it."

Whether Rose would return she didn't know it didn't seem a good time to tell Grayson. The man was in the middle of a meltdown. She couldn't help but wonder how he kept himself poised for so long.

"Are you sure? Chris might not like it," Grayson asked carefully.

"I want him to suffer, plain and simple," Willow said flatly.


"Oh yeah? I'm happy for you, I really do mean that. The rest...what did it bring though? The idea that I could find someone that I would be with someone. And there would be a day when there was only little lies and living ordinary. It's a pipe dream, isn't it?" Grayson asked. There had been such hope, such hard work and now it was draining away slowly.

The idea of just giving it all to him was tempting. Grayson knew better but in his heart he knew what he wanted most in the world. Running a hand through his hair he looked towards Chris.

It was then that she came in and asked that question.

They had a plan they could do, it would just be intricate. He looked between them, wondering how much to reveal. "What do you say Chris?"
  Life / Faust / 1y 16d 10h 59m 6s
Chris felt bad. Rubbing it in about how he was right isn’t going to happen. Not when he sees how much this is hurting him. [#4682b4 “Honestly I’m glad you didn’t. Willow is pretty cool. Whatever is happening between you and Rose will end. Give it time”] He sits down on the lawn chair. Why is there a lawn chair in the house, he doesn’t know nor does he want to ask.

Part of him wants to tell him he may have feelings for Willow, but Gray is in the slumps about his relationship. [#4682b4 “What is it you’re going to do that I won’t like? It’s not like you’re going to give him what he wants… right?”] He must be stupid if he is going to give him all the power. He is like a little kid and would abuse it. Chris won’t let him do it. There has to be another way. [#4682b4 “But if you’re going to kill him or talk to daddy dearest I am down for it.”]
[center [pic]]
Rose was furious. Willow is on his side. Her best friend. Her ride or die best friend. Don’t they trust her. She can stop. She will. Tommy is still around. When it began to rain she looks up. [#af18ae “Just my luck.”] her destination was a 24hour Walmart. They will need clothes. She has cash so they don’t have to worry about her being tracked. She got everyone simple change of clothes, snacks and a prepaid phone with two cards of twenty dollars’ worth of minutes. Rose stops seeing a calendar. Something in her head clicked and told her she’s four days late. She couldn’t be right? Shrugging it off. She went to go pay for everything. She is now left with twenty dollars. On her way, back the rain picked up. Rose still took her time. The sun was looks like it’ll be coming up soon.

When Rose returns she strips to her undergarments. Willow’s words were still echoing in her head. she begins to make herself a cup of coffee. Instant coffee and use canned milk. Crucial times calls for crucial measures. As she waits for the water to boil she braids her hair. All of a sudden, she hears a car pull up. Rose grabs wrench that was under the sink and hide near the entrance. She didn’t want to wake anyone up. When the person came in she swung hitting the person. The person groans out loud as he collapses on the floor.

“Stop. Stop. It’s me.” Rose waits for him to show his face. She just hit her fake brother. “I saw the news. I tried calling you… ugh… I see you’re keeping up with family tradition.”
[#af18ae “Sorry…”] she says getting a chair for him. Rose told him a few things. She doesn’t think Grayson would won’t him to know all of it. After all it is his family drama.
“So, Willow is here? I thought you two stopped talking.”
[#af18ae “With how things are going maybe, but as far as I know she’s still my main squeeze.”]
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