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[center [font constantia You would think living, just living, would be so simple. Who doesn't want to wake up and go to work, see friend, family and coworkers, go to parties, fall in love, have a family and live happily ever after. Right?

[center [b Wrong!]]

Life isn't what it always that peachy and exactly like a fucking fairytale. Life is cruel. It's hard. People get murdered, raped, kidnapped and all that of that other horrible, horrible things.

Rose had her fair share of bad issues. It made her become who she is today. A doctor with a dark side. A hacker, fighter and a racer. Did I mention he knows how to use a gun? Although she prefers to use her fists. She went from moving a lot because of her alcoholic abusivo father and her low self esteem drug addict mother who kept taking him back, to being given to a full constantly to pay for her fathers debt, running away and being taken in my teen racers who should her the ropes and spent her life stealing and hiding from her father and that guy she escaped from who paralysis her with fear. Rose never had a stable relationship. They all end up cheating on her which made her wonder what the hell is wrong with her? Then again her 'family' probably scared them off.

Rose met ____ after an on and off relationship. They hit it off quickly. Love blossomed slowly. It still is. She's taking it super slow. He does seem too good to be true. He's wealthy, fit, good looking, charming and smart. She doesn't know that he is a twin or that he is apart of the mafia. Yup, the mafia. Told you life isn't what it always seems.

In the future, they go through a rough patch. She finds out she's pregnant and was allowed in his house only to find him in bed with another girl. Except it was his twin brother that she doesn't know about. Let alone the twin signing papers to give up custody of the kid. ___ comes home to find out he's single and expecting sort of.

Anyways, this is based off a weird dream I had. We can start with them meeting and build up.

The rules are simple and constantly posted so you should know them! Char limit will be 1200. Real pictures and you should know the rest! PM your skelly with the subject title 'Two Life to Live.' Copy and paste the skelly.

Name: Rose Mari Neves
Age: 28
Job: Doctor
Likes: baking & cooking, animals, cars, working out, traveling, reading
Dislike: insects, liars, drama, her father, cops,
Other: Rose tries her best to stay away from drama. The people she call her family moved so in a way she's alone for now. During her pregnant days she kept to herself. She works less since she has money saved from illegal doings. She is also still in love with him and try's to co-parents even though she has full custody.]

Name: Juan Antony Carpio
Age: 30
Job: Right hand man
Likes: cars, money, guns, running, video games, boobs, tattoos
Dislike: botched people, easy girls, mayo, cops, 'rats',
Other: Juan have been friends with ___ for as long as he can remember. He show his friend his loyalty when he would jump in, in fights and actually helped him kill and get rid of a body with/for him. Juan isn't big on having a love life. He finds it to be pointless because they don't always last and he doesn't want to waste his time. He is also a single child. His father disappeared at the age of 8. His mother is his world. He is a mama's boy and she knows what he does and is okay with it because he got her a house and makes sure she is well taken care of.

[center [b ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~]] [center [b [u Extra]]]
[center [i Name, age, job, who do they know?]]

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