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What happens When a little sister gets kidnapped and it's up to the big brother to save her?

Rain is your normal little girl walking home from the park one day, a group of guys pick her up and take her away. Screaming for her older brother and crying she drops her bear and her shoe. Her dress gets torn and one by one the guys hit her trying to get her to shut up.


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Rain tried to get away from her kidnappers, but she wasn't fast enough. Letting out a loud scream as on of them gabbed her and pushed her to the ground she hid under a car. "Go away, I didn't do anything to you." She said as she cried. Blood stained her dress and her face. She hurt but that wasn't going to stop her from trying to stay alive. "Get out here little brat." One of the men said as he tried to grab her foot. Curling in a little ball she started to shake. "Please hurry Keka." She said under her breath as she was drug out from under the car.
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Kekaishia held the teddy bear tightly. [+red She will be fine i know she will want her teddy] Kekaishia thought trying to keep a level head but his anger was growing more and more as he followed the blood trail out of the park. Tire burns were left in the asphalt where the blood trail ended. Kekaishia looked around. Not many people were on the street but he could see a homeless man across the street from where he was. Kekaishia quickly ran across the street ignoring the beeps from people driving down the road. "Sir did you see where the car that was in the parking spot went" He was an old man scars littered his face and it seemed that he had not bathed in a year. The man pointed towards Main street then pointed left gesturing that they had turned when they got there. Kekaishia nodded and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to the man. The man excepted it and placed a hand on my shoulder. [+blue "They had a little girl with them if your going to save her. Give them hell and make sure you are prepared for everything"] Kekaishia looked back at the old man. [+red Who is this man?"] he thought as he thanked him and headed in the direction he pointed him. Main st was residential and a business street. If you took a right it would take you to all the apartments in the city and if you kept following the road you would find yourself in the suburbs. If you went down the other way you would find office buildings and at the end of Main street the warehouse district. Anger and rage was still running through kekaishia's veins as he sprinted down the sidewalk.
  Kekaishia2 / Kekaishia / 2y 80d 13h 1m 11s
"Your going to be in big trouble when my big brother comes." She told one of the men only to be punched. "Shut up little brat." He said as she fell to the floor of wear house. Crying she curled up in a tight ball and hopped that her brother would soon be there. "Why did he want the girl any way?" One of the men asked another. "I don't know something about her he liked." The other explained as he walked over to Rain and kicked her. "Please leave me alone." She cried. Her favorite dress was ripped her teddy was missing and she was cold.
  Lavender Rain / Zaida / 2y 80d 13h 18m 19s
Kekaishia smiled as he walked towards him and his sisters usual spot in the park. A park bench smack dab in the middle of the park away from everyone else. A little get away from the real world. As he neared the bench he noticed she wasn't there. He looked around to see if maybe she was playing with the birds that like to sit at the base of the trees. Nothing then he noticed something on the ground in front of the bench. He rushed over to the old bronze bench and picked up the item. "Its her teddy bear" Kekaishia's eyes widened as he noticed one of her shoes laying under neath the bench. He looked around paying attention to every detail in the surroundings. He noticed something hanging from a small branch close to the base of a tree. He ran over to it. "This is part of her dress" Kekaishia dropped to the ground as the realization of his sister being taken finally came clear. " I need to find her." Kekaishia stood up and looked around at the ground where he had found the piece of fabric. Small blood spots littered the ground. Kekaishia pulled up his gas mask which was hanging around his neck and tightened it. He scanned the blood spots and noticed they were going in one direction. "North" Kekaishia followed the small droplets. Fear came over him then anger as he stared at the blood.
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