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Vlad tried to get comfortable on the bed but was having no luck. Turning on the tv for background noise he slowly started to fall asleep.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 55d 6h 59m 16s
[b I'll do that] she smiled and left the room closing the door and putting the indicator that the pt. Was already seen. Seeing her advisor she quickly ran over and bowed her head. [b Dr. Lee, I'm so sorry, I had an emergency appointment and it kept me late] she was struck quiet by his expression and she sighed. [b about yesterday.....]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 55d 7h 2m 15s
"Your right. I'll give it a try, but if you can't find me try under the bed." He said as he softly smiled at her and took in a deep breath. It felt good that it didn't hurt to breath now.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 55d 7h 15m 22s
She looked at him in question. [b You still have a tube in your chest though....I would have to take it out if you wanted to change. I know you are more comfortable in your wolf form, but maybe try to test the water as a human. You might like it just as well"
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 55d 7h 17m 48s
"Thank you." He said as he watched her leave. "Be fore you go, do you have a key to this room? I'm more comfortable in my wolf form when i'm in an unfamiliar place." He explained as he tried to move.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 55d 7h 22m 41s
[b Sorry, I forgot] she whispered and leaned her head in her hand. [b I'm just tired. Last night I had a patient die and my attending, the doctor that watches over me, he said I should have seen her soon. Maybe she would have lived] Alina sighed and looked at the tube in his chest. [b Speaking of, I have to see that doctor. I'll make sure no one bother's you okay?] She smiled slightly and stood.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 55d 9h 19m 55s
"Remember I was a bait dog." He said as he looked at her a little confused. Did she forget their conversation last night? Maybe she was just stressed. "are you alright?" He asked as he laid there trying not to move or make any facial expression. Vlad lightly touched the tube in his chest and sighed.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 56d 6h 48m 12s
[b you might have it happen again if you get hit to hard. But you will be fine. As for your other wounds, let me see] Putting on a new pair of gloves she looked over the other wounds, one in particular looked infected. Sighing she took a blade and really opened it, wahine it out with Saline, then starting with stitches . [b I will take out the tube in a few hours, and I will get you a script for antibiotics. What did you do anyway?]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 56d 7h 4m 15s
"Do I have to have this done often? or do I have to permanently have a tube there?" He asked as he watched her. She was right he was slowly starting to feel better. "Do the other wounds look okay?" He asked as he ran his hand through his hair. Might as well get everything looked at while they where there.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 56d 7h 10m 49s
[b Mostly trauma. But some people can be born with it. Basically air excaped your lungs and filled your chest, squishing your lungs and making it hard to move and breathe. That's why your side hurt so much. But I released the air and you should be feeling better shortly.] She smiled taking off her gloves and throwing them in the trash.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 56d 7h 14m 14s
Gasping he grabbed the sheets and coughed. "Ow that hurt." He whispered as he looked at her. " Thank you." He said as he tried not to look at his chest. "What causes that any ways?" He asked as he sat still the best as he could. The numbness was gone as fast as it was there. Vlad looked at her and smiled. "Thank you by the way." He said as he blushed and bit his lower lip.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 56d 7h 16m 37s
[b As long as it's nothing more serious] She whispered flicking a syringe filled with numbing medication. It wouldn't take away the pain, however it would work on a nerve level and not a blood level. It was the best she could do while trying to keep his interactions secret. Take out a large needle, the size of a thick nail, she felt his ribs and counted to 3. Stabbing the needle through his chest 4 inches, a sound of air rushed through the end and excaped. She gave a sigh of relief and smiled. [b Oh good, I was right!]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 56d 7h 23m 21s
Vlad nodded and laid back down looking away. "I don't have to stay here over night do I?" He asked as he tried not to look at the tools on the table. Pain meds wouldn't work because his body temperature would just burn it off. Biting his lip he closed his eyes. "Alright I'm ready." He said.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 56d 7h 28m 11s
Alina looked troubled at the young man in front of her. She couldn't give him an xray for fear something might show. [b alright, plan B] she said pulling a cart over and pulling out all her supplies. [b Okay, I'm going to treat you for pneumothorax, which is just a fancy word for air in your chest where it should not be. However....I'm not totally sure you have one unless I do an xray. I'm basing it off symptoms and the physical trauma ]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2y 56d 7h 33m 6s
"Not that I know of." He said as slowly sat up. "But what about my ears?" He asked as they wiggled. He wasn't the best a fully hiding all of his wolf traits, especially around her. He was scared at what they would find but more scared that there would be a tube in his stomach.
  Vladimir / Zaida / 2y 56d 7h 39m 28s

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