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What happens when the Daughter of the vampire king and the son of the werewolf king have to get married? They agree to do it so there will be peace between the two races, but neither one of them can stand each other. But with a little bit of taking and spending time together will they eventual fall in love? only time will tell.


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"No not really." He said as he walked next to her. "If you would like I can be up during the day, that way when your awake you don't have to see me." He said as he rand a hand through his hair and looked up at his window to see his wolf looking down on him. Giving her a light nod, he continued to fallow his soon to be bride. Every once in a while he would look her over and then shake his head making his focus go back to the floor. "The gardens here are beautiful... Doesn't the sun hurt you?" He asked and then bit his lower lip. That was stupid to ask. Beating himself up for asking he sighed and stuffed his hands in his pockets pulling his sleeves as he did. He didn't want any of his scars showing, signs that his father wanted to train him like an animal. wincing as a small but sharp pain shot up his arm and closed his eyes and then blinked.
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Emily nodded and turned to lead him through the courtyard. "It still wasn't necessary, I haven't done anything to deserve it from you and you're only here because your family forced you to," she said bluntly.

She continued leading the way until he minuted that their parents were counting on them, "Yeah, yeah." she said with a quiet sigh and frowned as he said he was worried Fully would scare her, "I wouldn't be afraid." If Emily was anything, it was stubborn. She hated being told what to do or appearing vulnerable to anyone, let alone a werewolf she was being forced to marry.

She led Matayo into the gardens from the courtyard, "This is our gardens. Most of these flowers bloom at night since that's when we prefer to be out, I just happen to like watching the sunset." she explained as she led him toward the house.

"Is there anywhere specific you'd like to see first? Do you have any hobbies like reading or something?" she asked, as she glanced over her shoulder at him.
  Emily / CrazyCasey / 2y 78d 5h 24m 10s
"If it's not to much trouble I would like to have a tour, I can always look around my self, and as for the box and the roses, it's the least I could do.." He said as he looked at her when she touched his shoulder. For a vampire she was okay to be around. Biting his lower lip he shivered a little bit and smiled. "Our parent's are counting on us to make this work. I hope I don't smell funny to you, I've tried to mask my sent so that it wasn't to much and I left Fully in my room, I didn't want her to scare you." He said as he blushed a little bit. "If you ever find me annoying in any way please tell me." He continued.
Thinking that he was starting to talk to much he stopped and looked around the garden a little bit. He found himself talking a lot when he was scared. He didn't know why he felt that way.
  Matayo (Tayo) / Zaida / 2y 81d 48m 2s
Emily closed her eyes and just felt the breeze as it blew through the archway she was under. Soon she caught another scent. It was a werewolf. Her crimson eyes cracked open as he approached.

She eyed the box in his hand and the rose. Raising dark eyebrow as she stood to take the rose from him, "Thank you. But you know, just because we will be married, doesn't mean I expect anything like this from you."

She smiled a bit at him and patted his shoulder as she moved to pass him, "Is there anything you would like me to help you with? I can show you around or something?"

Emily glanced at him. She was trying to cooperate with him. To at least be pleasant toward him, though she wasn't sure how long it would last. She didn't even know where to begin with him or how to relate to him.

One thing could be said for sure, for a werewolf, at least he was cute. He didn't smell as bad as most other wolves did either so she guessed she could tolerate him, at least for a limited time.
  Emily / CrazyCasey / 2y 81d 1h 3m 39s
Tayo set the last box on his new bed and sighed. It was cold in his room and he let out a small huff. looking at all the boxes he decided to start unpacking. starting with the last box her brought in. it was filled with pictures and small trinkets. putting them away he came across the jewelry box him mother gave him. "For your new wife." He could hear her say.

With a light sigh he looked over at the rose and slightly smiled. "Might as well make friends.' He said out loud as he grabbed the box and the rose.
Walking to the garden he looked around for his soon to be bride. Spotting her he bowed his head and walked to her. "Hello my name is Matayo." He started as he ran a hand through his bangs. "I have something for you will you accept it?" He held out the rose and the box with a small blush. Waiting for her to take the items he tried to smile. He didn't want his days here to be depressing so he tried. He tried to make friends.

Tayo Didn't want to make things uncomfortable for her so he stayed a few inches away from her. "I'm sure my sent is bothering you so I'll try to keep a distance between us." He said as he stood up straight.
  Matayo (Tayo) / Zaida / 2y 81d 7h 1m 32s
Emily sat outside her home as she stared up at the sky. The sun was just a few hours from setting and her soon to be 'husband' would be arriving soon. She wrinkled her nose and scowled at the sun.

The last thing she wanted was to have her father decide who she'd marry, much less marry a werewolf. They were filthy creatures. She didn't want to be a part of a peace treaty. She didn't even care if the damn treaty lasted or not. It wasn't as if the treaty would last long anyway.

She sighed and turned to wander the courtyard of her family's castle until she found a nice peaceful shady place she hoped no one would find her at. The sunlight wouldn't kill her but it did hurt her eyes as they were sensitive.

"Hopefully this goes smoothly and I can just avoid him for the rest of the time he's around." she said in a huff as she pouted and leaned back on the bench she was on.
  Emily / CrazyCasey / 2y 81d 21h 42m 41s
Tayo sat on his bed with the last of his things and his trust companion Fully at his feet. He looked around his room and sighed. "Why me? Why do I have to be the one to make the peace treaty work and marry a blood sucker.?" He said out loud as he turned his sword over in his hand. He didn't have any one special that he carried about, Besides his mother. She was the real reason he was doing it. Letting out a light huff he put his sword away and grabbed the last box along with Fully's leash. "Come on girl" He said as he started to walk out the door. Taking one last look at his room, he closed the door and headed out of the castle. Stopping at the garden he decided to pick a red rose for his soon to be bride. "Might as well try to be nice right Fully?" He said to his wolf as he started walking again.
  Matayo (Tayo) / Zaida / 2y 81d 22h 47m 5s

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