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[center [pic http://images06.imikimi.com/image/3Zu3-13Q-1.gif?height=400&scale=max&width=400]]

[center [size10 This is an original rebuttal of The Goosemother Scroll. Please do not take this idea]]

[center The World of Beasts fell to perpetual ruin.]

[center [pic http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1sBOLh1AvZw/VVAXtw6n4MI/AAAAAAAALZE/ZyltkjE-WmM/s1600/Old%2BValyria.gif]]

[center Pyg, a nameless piglet at first on a mission to rid the Green lands of the Legion of wolves that plagued her once beloved home, became The Master in the mountain. After losing her beloved friend, Leap, a wolfling that wanted nothing more but to help Pyg, to the army of Ghosts of Men and now, army of beasts unfortunate to fall on their journey, Pyg ordered her wolf monk a message be sent to armies in the Green Lands...]

[center [I Hear me, monk! I will punish the wolves that murdered beasts unable to protect themselves. The wolves under my banner will govern their own kind, and kill the murderers ever to set foot on our lands]]

[center So, was the will, and it was done]

[center Beasts were captured, wolves murdered their own kind, and were forced to eat the flesh of their fallen brothers, such as Pyg did when she feasted on, without knowledge, meat of boar mere hours before Leap's Unspeakable Oath had been fulfilled. She did so without remorse. And the Green Land, fell into ruin... For, it was too late.]

[center Much of the beasts were killed. Many scattered to other Lands to save their children. And her mother... Her mother suffered a greater pain than could imagine. After knowledge that her sons Meekfoot and Braveheart were murdered and that her daughter had gone missing, she was never the same, and disappeared into the trees of her homeland.]

[center The Rhinoceros King had also had a message... He was to take suffering beasts and royal advisors of his choosing to Green Land, so to govern and rehabilitate her home and make it anew. The King, shocked she had survived and had became the Master, did as he was asked. Pyg had no desire to take over the Lands, in fact wanted her people to thrive, and finally give her people peace]

[center Wolves ran away to outer lands, lands never claimed by beasts. There, some thrived, and were also governed by their own under the banner of The Master. Kingdoms formed, lands replenished, and though the Master found her throne, peace reigned.]

[center But... after years of peace, Pyg began feeling Ill, casting out orders so profane and evil, that she even shocked herself. She sent her last order to the King... [I Let no one reach the mountain, for peace will die if I awaken]]

[center It didn't stop it, for a hooded beast was borne of her malice and torment, and was sent to come for souls to build an army of dead so vast, you will die from the sight of it... Only one beast of pure heart as gold may stop her evil, and none other than a wolf can do it...]


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