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Wrath decided, after Isa talked with her breifly, to dissapear.

She told DeLeon she would be back in a little under a month, but she had some things she had to take care of. He made some notion about homework, but said little against the idea otherwise. Perhaps he knew, it would do her some good to get away for a little while.

After that, she flew to a sister city, where there was work to be done. There was hardly a team there, and what little there was, they were getting their asses handed to them. From what it looked like, the demons took out their leader and were running rampage for [i weeks], and on top of that, the portals were still opening. They were scared, and so were the towns people.

Wrath swooped in and, in a matter of days, cleaned up their problem. She noted that even with the amount of power she used, not once did her bones break, and that scared her more than the creatures pouring from the portals. They asked her to stay and continue to lead them. She refused.

She moved on to the next city that was crumbling. And when she had cleaned up there, she moved on to the next, and then the next, and the next. She felt like she'd cleaned up thousands of towns, small and large, but none of that help would clean her conscious. She did what she did, and when she was dead, she would pay for it.

For now...

Wrath took a flight home, which was a good few hours away. She held her bag close to her as she watched the cities below go by so fast. She took note of everything inside her sack: Her new outfit, her new mask, her new weapon, various gifts from the places she'd visited. Her finger squeezed in on a book that had been given to her; a journal stating everything he'd learned about "The Light", giving Wrath more insight than she had wanted.

And the beast within her was so quiet, it was nerve wrecking.

She'd grown accustomed to the voice in the back of her mind, taunting her to go back through the portal, or to do bad things, or to reclaim what she'd given up. What scared her was when they all the sudden just disappeared. What was the thing planning? Where exactly was she lurking at that Wrath couldn't find her?


Wrath paused a few yards away from the front of the building she'd once called home. Things felt different here. Something was not right, and she knew it. She felt the tingle on the back of her neck like she did that day by the tree.

She swallowed hard, slinging her pack over her shoulder before approaching the door. She quietly opened the door, noting that there wasn't anyone nearby when she came in. Good. She made it to her bedroom, throwing her things down and immediately changing clothes.

When she stepped out, fresh and renewed, she met Viv, facing her.

[i "Hola, Amore."] She grinned in a way that made Wrath's spine tingle. And she hadn't hugged her yet... Weird.

"Heya, Viv." Wrath grinned, trying to shake off the feeling.

"I've missed you, [i Miss Wrath]." That did it. The inflection sent every nerve skyrocketing. Who was this person standing in front of her? Wrath kept her grin and chuckled slightly.

"I know... I'm sorry. I needed some time." She shrugged. Viv made to put her arm into Wrath's, and it burned. Viv jumped back, rubbing her arm.

"[i Cara Mia], you're on fire! Do you have a fever?" The Italian slipped from the girl's tongue, and the accent changed just slightly when she did so. Wrath made a note to keep her face clear from the shock of being burned, and her sudden change in language.

"Maybe... I was on a pretty long flight. It was kind of a shock to my nerves. Maybe I'll get some water and sleep it off." Wrath made her way to the kitchen, Viv right on her tail, watching her every move. Wrath remained calm as she got a cup, filled it with water, and downed it. Slowly. When it was empty, she filled it up again.

"Better?" Viv raised an eyebrow to Wrath as she turned.

"A little. Gunna take this with me in case I need more. Sorry our reunion is brief." Wrath grinned before saying her goodnight. She peeked into Isa's room, but they must've been at school already. She closed the door behind her when she found herself in her room.

That girl was not the same girl she'd left.

She knew that now more than ever as she stared down at that portal, a demon with a girl's face on it she once knew. She stood, previously crouched through the debriefing, the bright red smile of her mask the only thing visible by the glow of the portal.

"...Told you to take care of yourself, girl." She mumbled quietly to herself, not really caring if anyone heard her. She pushed through the crowd to stand next to Isa, turning to the girl.

"If she's here, there's going to be a good number pushing through." She said loudly. "I'll keep her attention for now while everyone else takes out the lesser ones." Wrath flicked her arm out and a staff came to her, forming in her hand. "See you on the other side." She grinned behind the mask, even though they couldn't see it, and dashed into the fray, dodging away from the four legged beast and smacking the once-was Viviana in the face as hard as she could muster. The demon-girl growled and turned her attention to Wrath, just as had been expected.

"The monkey chased the weasel~" Wrath singsonged, dodging those annoying energy balls as Viv pursued her away from the others.
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Wrath approached the portal from the opposite side of it, disregarding what Isa had wanted. The problem with that plan was, Isa had not prepared for Vivianna to be there. Wrath had.

For the past month, Upon her return from her adventure with Kane, she'd become much changed
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A month.

It had been a whole month since the fiasco of going into that portal. And boy, did she regret it more each day.

The voice never left her mind, always filling that silence with whispers of various things: The Light, Viv, how she'd go about killing DeLeon, but most importantly, never to trust Isa.

Wrath's shadow self always got very, very serious around that girl, which worried her more than it should have. It was much worse when Wrath had finally started speaking to her again. She was much more solid, and more reclusive; She'd become cold.

Kane was different, too, somehow. But out of their little "disappearing act", Vivianna was most changed. Her character had flip flopped in that time span and upon returning home. Wrath couldn't help but watch. The whispering in the back of her mind about it didn't help.

Ares had decided to keep to himself mostly, While Aiden spent his time training with Isa. Wrath watched them all from afar. She was afraid to get too close... For now.

Wrath had developed some interesting side effects for yet [i another] piece of her soul, now forfeit to the beast within her in order to save... Well. [i That kid].
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Day 1:

"Viv?" Wrath said as the girl entered the hallway. The comment she heard as she came out of DeLeon's office was not a typical thing that came out of the girl's mouth. Actually, it was a lot more like Wrath's thing. Viv turned to her with a grin.

"[i Buenos Dias, Amor]." She grinned before turning away, strutting a little more than normal down the hall before veering towards the showers. Wrath looked to the watery footprints on the floor and narrowed her eyes.

[i "Oh, my."] A voice whispered behind her, causing her eyes to shoot up. She knew she should not answer it, but the curiosity got the better of her.


[i "She's here."] It said quietly before her mind erupted in laughter. Wrath's eyes slowly widened and turned to Ares. Could he hear it, too? Judging by his confusion and spaced out nature from Viv's comment, he couldn't. Wrath turned back to the hallway.

"Shut up." She whispered harshly to herself, but she couldn't help but wonder: Who was here?

Day 6:

"You've been more persistent than usual." Wrath said aloud. A quiet laugh invaded her mind.

[i "I'm bored. Let's go do something] fun." It said to her. Wrath scoffed, closing her book, a pencil and paper she'd been writing on wadded between the pages she'd been reading.

"Just shut the hell up and go away like you usually do."

[i "But] she [i gets to come out and play... I want to have some time, too. Out there."]

"Forget it." Wrath growled, packing her belongings back into her bag and picking herself up off of the grass. Every day since the portal she'd been sitting at the tree, waiting for something like that day almost a week ago. She had a feeling that it was never coming, but she couldn't help the paranoia.

[i "Let's go play with that Wind boy."] The voice decreed. Suddenly, Wrath found herself being pushed forward. She turned around sharply, but no one was there.

"...Did you just--" She was pushed again, a little harder. She took a few steps back to regain herself, but that answered her question. "Stay the [i fuck] in my head, or I will come in there, and so help you God." Wrath warned, to which the voice laughed.

[i "Dare you."] She said. Wrath anticipated more commentary, but nothing was said. Nor was she getting pushed anymore. Wrath straightened her belongings out before turning to view Ares, who was training.

For the first time, Wrath felt terrified of being around them.

Day 20:

"Fuck... Fuck!" Wrath breathed to herself as she watched her reflection. It seemed to dance and sway, and turn into something else as she watched it.
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-Revised Version-

Wrath opened her eyes to a world a lot more blurry than she remembered. Something shifted in her line of vision, as she stared up. She tried to blink away the obscurity, and as things became more clear around her, she realized that the shifting object was a ceiling fan above her, hardly doing its proper job at the trickling pace it was producing.

It was at this point, that her vision became even more clear and her concious more aware of her surroundings, that she was in a [i massive] amount of pain. Her entire body ached, even though the only thing moving was the steady rise and fall of her chest as she tried to breathe, the air scratching her dry throat. However, she decided that she couldn't just lay there all day.

Slowly, with her entire body screaming at her, she sat up, trying to assess her current situation. Somehow, she'd made it to her room. She looked around, nothing out of the ordinary, but something still felt off. As if on queue, she heard the chuckle, and her entire body tensed, which she immediately regretted. Even after she tried to relax, her mind was on high alert.

[#ef1a06 [i "Well, Well. Sleeping Beauty wakes."]] Said a voice Wrath was all too familiar with. Attempting to swallow some saliva, she looked around the room, until her eyes fell on the mirror across the room from her bed. Her reflection grinned back at her, a more sinister air about her. [#ef1a06 [i "You don't remember what happened, do you?"]] The figure said to her. Wrath, after a moment of silence, shook her head. Her reflection laughed. [#ef1a06 [i "Perhaps it's best that way. It was quite a show... If you like violence, anyway."]] The figure flicked a cigarette Wrath had not noticed she'd had before, and stuck it in her mouth to take a puff. Wrath, panicked, looked to her own hand, but there was no cancer stick there. She looked back.

"...What do you want?" Wrath asked hoarsly. The reflection tilted her head, letting the smoke trail out of her mouth.

[#ef1a06 [i "Power."]] She breathed. "[#ef1a06 [i I want to control] that [i realm. I want to be number one...."]] The reflection grinned. [#ef1a06 [i "What if you could have unlimited power? One that you wouldn't need to have me for? You could just... Have your own."]]

"What's the catch?" Wrath glared at the reflection, to which it responded with a laugh.

[#ef1a06 [i "I'm stuck in your body, idiot. I can't get it myself."]] She mused, taking a hit off of the cigarette once again. [#ef1a06 [i "You help me get it... I leave, and I'll give you your own power."]] [i My own power...] Wrath's mind trailed as she pondered on the thought of what it would be like to have her own body, untouched by the chaos that lurked inside her. [#ef1a06 [i "You could play hero, without my help."]] That last phrase echoed around her like a choir in a cathedral, bouncing around her mind, tantalizing her thoughts with the juiciest information that that [i thing] could give her.

[i Knock, Knock, Knock.] Wrath shot her head towards the sound, immediately regretting the action, as it hurt like hell. She turned back to the mirror, finding herself standing in front of it. She took a step back. When had she moved? How long was she standing there? ...Why was she covered in dried blood? She looked down at her hands and pondered this for a moment before the knocking sounded again. She cleared her throat as best as she could.

"Ye--?" A near squeak came out. She tried again. "Yes?" Better, more controlled.

[#1AB46B [i "Meet me in my office when you've gotten all of that blood off of you."]] A voice rang clear through the door. Her breath hitched in her throat. [i DeLeon.] With a gulp, and a deep breath, she responded with a 'yes'. After that, she heard his footsteps trail away from her door, but the anxiety that she felt never left with him.

As quick as her body would let her, she dragged herself, along with some clean clothes and a towel, to the shower, and washed herself at about the same pace. The hot water certainly helped each aching muscle, but it did not stop it. She thought, breifly, that she might ask Viv to heal her. Another thought told her she deserved every ounce of this. After a few more moments, the underlying anxiety of being in water overcame her, and she decided to get out. She took her time, however, drying off, and putting on clothes, as to delay her meeting.

What was she supposed to say to him?

She threw her towel in the laundry bin close by, and walked down the hall, towards her dread. When she was in front of the door, a voice commanded her to come in. [i I didn't even get to knock...] Wrath thought as she opened the door to enter. Without saying a word, she closed the door behind her, and quietly sat in the chair across from him. The entirety of those actions were monitored by glares from [i him]. They stared at each other for a while before Wrath shifted in her seat, uncomfortable.

"So... I guess this means Isa reported in." Wrath wasn't one for beating around the bush. If he was going to yell at her, she'd rather get to the point of it.

[#1AB46B "She didn't have to."] DeLeon responded, lacing his fingers over his chest as he leaned back in his chair slightly. [#1AB46B"I saw you."] Wrath felt her heart rate pick up a smidgen, but tried to maintain composure. [#1AB46B "I saw you go into the portal. Isa, as well. [i I saw you both.]]" He jabbed that point into her, knowing full well that she would feel guilty about disobeying his rules.

"Leon, let me explain." She tried to give, but he just slammed his hands on his desk so hard, that various objects and nic nacs bounced up, or fell over. Wrath's heart jumped, but she remained stoic. "...Please." She said quietly.

[#1AB46B "I don't ask for very much around here."] He said, getting up suddenly to pace around the room. [#1AB46B "I give very few rules-- All of which are for [i your] saftey-- and I only expect your grades to be good. I let you get away with skipping school, skipping life, I give you a place to stay, and for what?"]


"[#1AB46B You [i disobeyed] one of the rules, and you could've [i died in there]."] He raised his voice as if trying to interrupt him would do little good to him. [#1AB46B "You could've gotten Isa killed, [i too!]"]

"I didn't ask her to come with me!" Wrath yelled, standing up just as suddenly as he had, knocking over the chair. "I'm fully responsible for what happened, but listen--"

[#1AB46B "[i I know you are.]"] He spoke harshly, completely stopping her mid-sentence. There was a tense silence between the two of them as Wrath mulled around ideas in her head before a chord struck with her.

"...What is so important about us not going into the portal?" She asked quietly.

[#1AB46B "I told you. It's dangerous in there, you could've--"]

"Stop." She said, holding up her hand to him. He went into a silent rage. "Just... Tell me what is hiding in there that's so important to you. What is it that you didn't want us to see?" To that, he was silent. She waited, giving him a moment to contemplate an answer, but it never came. He just stood there, glaring at her. "...Fine. Then i'll find the answers myself."

[#1AB46B "If you go back in there..."] He seemed to threaten.

"If you know about whatever's in there, and [i she] knows... There are bound to be countless others who do, too." Wrath said, crossing her arms. "And I don't just mean the humans." DeLeon's glares turned into confusion, and shock. Perhaps the anger was melting away?

[#1AB46B "...She she's awake."] He said, his voice a lot calmer than it was before. [#1AB46B "That means she's interested. She knows."]

"Knows what? Interested in what?" Wrath pressed. DeLeon stared at her for a moment before taking a deep breath.

[#1AB46B "The Light."]

[#ef1a06 Hello]
[#1AB46B Hello]
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Her eyes fluttered open to a ceiling fan, lazily twirling above her and hardly doing its job at that pace. It was a ceiling fan for sure, but it was blurry. Her mouth was so dry, and every joint felt like fire when she tried to move. What in the world happened after she blacked out?

She tried to recall, shutting her eyes and trying to breathe. Her nostrils were just as dry, she was afraid she'd start tasting blood soon. [i Think, girl, think.] She told herself, looking into the blackness behind her eyelids.

[i "Do you really want to remember what happened?"] A voice called out from somewhere. Wrath shot her eyes open, darting them around, panting even when her throat protested the action. With grunts, and waves of pain, she slowly sat up, looking around. Empty.

Her eyes eventually were drawn towards the mirror, where she saw herself. Well... Sort of.

The reflection grinned back at her, and she tried to calm herself.

"You... You can't be here." she said, hoarsly. The reflections grin widened into a laugh that echoed around her. She flicked her head around, trying to pin the noise to one position, but to no avail.

[i "As if I ever needed your permission."] Her reflection mused. Before Wrath could say anything, the reflection leaned forward on the bed. [i "Did you see it? When you went inside?"] Wrath was confused by her darker self's question. The girl laughed, standing from the bed and approaching the mirror's face. Wrath watched her, trying to maintain some kind of composure. [i "You were too busy trying to play the hero again. You completely missed the light, didn't you?']

"I don't know." Wrath breathed. The reflection grinned.

[i "You could have it, you know."] She mused. Wrath tilted her head. [i "You could have the power to be a hero. We could get it... We could go back and get it. You'd be unstoppable."] What kind of power was it that the demon inside of her was willing to help her get it? Wrath gulped, opening her mouth to speak.

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts, and she turned her head sharply. She found herself standing in front of the mirror, breathing heavily. When had she gotten there? She looked down at her hands, still covered in blood from when she came out of the portal; still having no idea where it had come from. She approached her closet, grabbing a change of clothes as well as a towel, hearing that knocking again, a bit more urgent.

"What?" She said, approaching the door, even when her muscles ached.

[i "We need to talk."] The voice said from the other side of the door. Her hand paused on the door handle. She knew it was DeLeon... She knew he was going to scold her for [i oh so many] things. More than scold, probably. If he didn't beat her for the things she pulled, she would be shocked. And even in knowing all this, her hand still floated over the handle, dreading the guilt of her choice, knowing she would have to hide that guilt from him. She pressed her head against the door, bracing her hand against it.

"Not right now... Please, Leo." There was silence from the other side of the door for a while, and she closed her eyes, anticipating his response. A few minutes passed by before a sigh came from the other side of the door.

"I'm scared, Wrath. You came back different. Isa came back different. I haven't seen Kane or Viv. I can't..." He trailed off after that, the silence heavy between the door. "Were you hurt? Did something happen?"

"Isa hasn't spoken to you yet?"


"...Then..." Wrath said quietly. She pulled away from the door, diligently pulling it open, looking up at him. He looked tired, and angry, and scared. He was looking her over as all of those emotions crossed his face. She must've looked crazy, still covered in blood that was now brown and flaky, haggard, and all around a mess. When the hurt crossed his features, she had to bite the inside of her cheek so hard, she tasted blood.

She would not [i fucking] cry. Not here. Not in front of him. Not in front of [i any of them].

"What... Did you do?" He asked. It was almost a whisper, but she heard it. She knew what he was implying.

"...Did I ever tell you," Wrath said as she stepped into the hall, closing the door behind her with a quiet 'click', "What I gave up to make the first deal?" He stared at her before shaking his head. "...My name." She said. He seemed confused at this.

"A demon... Accepted your name as payment?"

"With my name came consequences of having one." Wrath continued. "My memories associated with that name, my past, and the name itself: Gone. The demon destroyed any evidence of me having ever lived before I made that deal. I can't even remember making that deal." Wrath began walking past him, and he followed. "I keep thinking, that my life must've been so horrible, I was willing to give up all of those things to forget; To be able to start over. So... When I came here, I wanted to make sure that even though I made a bad choice, I would do good with it."

She turned to DeLeon right in front of the entrance to the showers, and gave the most sympathetic smile she could muster. "Sappy as it is, this place, and the people in it, are all I have. And... I have to protect it, no matter what." DeLeon stared hard at her for what seemed like an eternity before he pulled her into a hug. It was so tight, she thought she might suffocate, but more than anything, she was surprised.

"...I'm so mad." He said quietly. "...I don't know what else to say, but that I am the maddest I've been in a long time." Was he... going to cry? Wrath had to bite her cheek again as she raised her arms slowly, making to hug him back. "Lo, and Viv..."

"They weren't at the fight." Wrath nodded. He hummed some sort of relief, squeezing her shoulders.

"Please... If you keep giving into her..." He whispered.

"...I know." She said back. "I know. Please don't make this harder on me." They stood there for a few more moments before he pulled away.

"Have you been hearing her lately?" He asked, acting a little more like the DeLeon she remembered. Wrath nodded.

"I'll hear her for a week or two before I can finally tune her out. It's just because I'm drained. I'll be fine."
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Wrath couldn't believe her eyes. That kid just [i walked into the portal]. There was no hesitation to it, just waltzed in as if he'd been there before. It was dumbfounding. She [i felt] handicapped by his actions. She sat there, for about a minute, just staring at the portal, disbelief stricken across her face.

It was after the voices began to get louder and more familiar that she realized what was starting to go on. Lesser demons had begun to pour out from the purple haze, and running up behind her was a gaggle of her crew, minus a couple of their much needed senior fighters. Perhaps they seemed befuddled by her lack of movement as they passed by her and jumped immediately into action. They knew what to do; they [i always] knew what to do.

She knew what to do, too.

Wrath made her way towards the portal, dodging Ares and his wind ability, as well as a demon that flew passed her. She continued until she stood right in front of the portal, the surface of it more reflective than she had anticipated. She looked at herself in it, her face determined, even through the fear. She was about to step in when a voice called out to her.

"[#B70303 Wrath!]" She turned quickly. Isa rushed towards her, and Wrath stuck her chin up just slightly. "[#B70303 What are you doing?!]" She demanded. She seemed pissed off, but the way her eyes darted towards the portal made Wrath realize: [i Isa was just as scared as she was.]

No one had ever done this before. Not that had been recorded, anyway, or even remembered. Wrath could understand Isa's fear.

"There's someone inside." Was all Wrath said. Isa's face fell, disbelief striking her hard. After a moment of silence between the two, Wrath spoke again. "...You know I have to go inside."

"[#B70303 You...]" She said before sighing heavily. "[#B70303 Then I'm going with you.]"

"Isa, you can't. You'll--"

"[#B70303 [i Do not argue with me.]]" She seemed to threaten. After a few moments of silence yet again, Wrath sighed, a smirk spreading across her face.

"Stubborn as ever. Alright, [i fine]. Let's go." She turned sharply towards the portal, and, with a deep breath, took the first step into the portal.

Through the purple haze, Wrath could feel a shift in gravity, becoming heavier as she pulled through to the other side. The second thing she noticed was how much [i hotter] it was. She shot her eyes around as the purple left her vision and blinked, trying to adjust to the darkness. Her feet crunched against rock, and coal, and probably other things she didn't currently feel like considering. Her surroundings were mostly just rocks, and darkness, and after a certain point, she just couldn't see anything at all. There were patches of light here and there, like sun rays, but not quite as natural.

Wrath took a step back from one that was about to pass over her, noticing it burned the ground where it touched as it glided away from her and continued its path of destruction. [i Avoid those. Got it.] She thought to herself, stepping further in. She took a quick look around and--

"[i Ho-ly Shit.]" She said slowly as her eyes traveled upward towards the head of the demon. It was [i massive], towering above her like a skyscraper. And even though its skin was just as dark as the place it lived, she could somehow still see all of it's features. It looked roided out; It was unnaturally packed with muscles. His face was contorted to wear it didn't have a mouth, and the skin stretched all the way up over its horns, only leaving two pockets for its glowing eyes.

It was holding something, which was currently keeping its attention, and she couldn't help but take a step back. Her breathing picked up a pace, and she didn't know if she was going to pass out, or throw up. How were they going to defeat [i that?] She gulped, tilting her head towards her comrade just slightly.

"Okay, Isa, i need you to--" A thud interrupted her, and she turned sharply. "Isa?!" she hissed quietly, dashing to her and shaking her gently. "What's going on?" She asked, but Isa only responded with groans as she held her head so tightly, veins popped from her forehead. Whatever it was, it made Wrath that much more tense.

"Not good, [i Not good...]" Wrath whispered, looking up towards the demon once again. Of all the [i dumb things] Wrath could've done, this was only the second dumbest. She looked back down at Isa, whispering her apologies, before closing her eyes.

Time seemed to stand still around her, if only for a few moments, when someone appeared before her. It was slightly blurry, but she could make out features; Red hair, yellow eyes, and a sinister smile that could haunt nightmares for days.

"[i [#ef1a06 I was wondering when you'd call.]]" It was a voice not much farther from Wrath's, but it held a much more seductive tone; scary, and yet alluring. Wrath gulped.

"I... I need to get them out of here. i need to not... Break."

"[i [#ef1a06 And you can't do it by yourself.]]" The dark, yet familiar figure grinned. "[i [#ef1a06 And what do I get in exchange for this... Help?]]"

"I know what you want." Wrath said quietly, to which the blurry image chuckled darkly. "...How much?"

"[i [#ef1a06 This task would not be difficult. Barely a sweat off of my back. Last I took 5%, didn't I? Hmm....]]" The darker self raised a hand to her chin, contemplating. "[i [#ef1a06 "I'll take another 5% this time.]]"

"If it's really that effortless, do you really need so much?" Wrath said to the image. It chuckled yet again.

"[i [#ef1a06 It's the price you pay for wanting to be some kind of savior.]]" The voice spoke. When there was a long silence, the figure tilted her head towards Wrath and broke it. "[i [#ef1a06 What will it be?]]"

After a long moment, realizing she didn't have much time to decide, Wrath gave in. "Fine."

[center [pic]]

When she first opened her eyes, she was astonished by the familiarity of the place. She pulled herself to her feet, looking around. All at once, memories came crawling back to her; She once lived here, alone, feared by near all other creatures that dwell here. Trying to take a step, she kicked something soft, and looked down to check. A girl. She remembered why she was back, and clicked her tongue in annoyance.

[i Not much more to collect, and i can be rid of this form.] She thought to herself with her eyes shut. It was a way to keep composure of all the [i nice] things she'd been doing lately. She took a look around again until her eyes, glowing much brighter than they probably should've been, fell upon the demon. She grinned.

"[i [#ef1a06 I leave for a few years, and I find you taller than ever.]]" She said loudly, her voice dark, and louder than anticipated. The demon's head turned sharply away from the boy it was chatting with to look down at whatever [i thing] you could now describe her as. The demon, although expressionless, had a startled air about him. She smirked at this.

"[#ef7506 [i You!]]" His voice boomed, to which [i she] smirked. "[#ef7506 You're not supposed to be here.]"

"[i [#ef1a06 Neither are you, and yet... Here we are.]]" The demon stayed silent for a while, that is, until [i Wrath] took a step forward. He seemed to growl as she approached, its rumbling getting louder. "[i [#ef1a06 Unfortunately for you, i've got a standing deal to come through on. Hand me the boy and his contents, and i'll be on my way with little to no damage.]]"

"[#ef7506 You no longer hold any title over me, [i Succubus]. Your absence has forced your rank to hardly anything. Even now, I could probably break every bone in your body with a simple--]" [i Immediately], the girl's dark face fell from her smirk to a serious expression. She raised her hand quickly and clenched her fists. The metal from around the demons boots creaked before giving way, completely crunching the contents: His feet.

The demon growled so loud and so long, it split the ground nearby, and he toppled backwards, his grip on the boy vanishing. The weight of the backpack pulled him down fast, giving her only a few seconds to react. Her hand reached again, puling a large chunk of metal from the boot she just crushed, and rushed it to the falling figure, scooping him up with ease before wiling the plate to glide over and drop him right next to her.

"[i [#ef1a06 Lucky you.]]" She growled, plucking the stone from him and examining it. A smirk spread across her face so wide, it seemed unnatural. [i Unnerving], even. "[i [#ef1a06 Oh, and lucky ME, too.]]" She mused. Her eyes, glowing yet again, flicked over to the boy. "[i [#ef1a06 I don't know how you have this, and I don't want to know... But i'm taking it. Think of it as an exchange for your life.]]" She said, a threatening tone to her voice.

"[i [#ef1a06 Now... Take that girl out of here so I can finish my job.]]" She mused, turning back to the demon who had rolled over on his belly and was turning towards her with his hands.

"[#ef7506 [i YOU BITCH!]]" The demon screamed.

"[i [#ef1a06 Woops! Out of time.]]" She said, willing the metal plate to scoop the boy and the one on the floor up and through the portal as a hand came crashing down towards Wrath.

[center ~.~]

Wrath stumbled out of the portal, covered in blood. She looked down at her hands, a major contrast to the green grass behind them. Was it her blood? A voice pulled her from her thoughts.

"[#B70303 Oh my god... What happened!? Are you--?]" Isa said, taking a few steps towards her. Wrath gave a weak chuckle.

"What... You really thought that wimpy thing could take me?" She raised her hand to Isa before her vision blurred. The last thing Wrath remembered was hitting the ground before the world turned black.

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Jesse wiped at the fogged over mirror, revealing his ragged reflection. He stared into the deep brown eyes of his self and sighed. What was he [i doing]? He ran a hand through damp locks before pulling himself off of the sink, tightening the towel around his waist as he entered into the air conditioned unit he called a bedroom. He could feel the goosebumps rise as the cold hit his skin. He padded over to a dresser and just stared at it.

The hell was he supposed to wear?

He pulled open one of the drawers and mulled over its contents, wondering if he should go for comfort-- something he [i typically] opted for-- or if he should go dressed in something to impress [i her]. Staring into the depths of his shirts, he decided for comfort. There was no reason for Jesse to make a fool out of himself... Not yet. He pulled out a dark shirt, pulling it over his arm and chest, humming for the comfort it gave is it hugged to his form. He then reached into the next drawer, pulling out one of his more presentable pair of jeans; less rips, and yet still comfortable somehow. He slipped them on with ease, walking to the bathroom to grab his belt of choice from the previously worn pair of pants. He shuffled his dirty clothes, as well as the towel he had been decorated in, into a pile in the corner of the room; an organized chaos, of sorts.

It suited him well.

As the last touch, and something he certainly would never leave without, he drew his hat from the bed. After pulling his hair out of his face, he slid it into its rightful place onto his noggin. He slid his fingers along the brim of his hat, as he had done many times before, but contemplated his fingers as they caressed the fabric. And that damned question rang out in his head yet again.

[i What am I doing?]

Before he could give himself the opportunity of answering, he slipped on his shoes, tapping the floor with them when he stood to make sure they were in their proper place, and stepped towards the door. Three knocks sounded as he was tying his bandanna around his neck, and he found himself grinning.

"That was fast." He muttered, watching as the door slid open. [i Be cool, Mcree.] He said to himself as Albany came into view, looking more casual than her usual jumpsuit.

Well. As casual as one could get when she was clearly dressed to kill. He felt extremely lacking. With a click of his tongue, and a once-over to Albany, he stepped into the hall.

"Can't say I ain't a little impressed." He mused. "And... Also intimidated." He gave a nervous laugh to that comment. "I get this feelin' ya gunna have a guard up of sorts." He grinned down at her.

"Can I attempt to ease ya?" He said, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm many things, Albany, but a sleaze ain't one of 'em." He said gently, giving her a small shrug. "Just... Don' want cha tuh feel like I give you some kinda run around just cuz' you give me the time uh day... I think yer..." [i Beautiful. Wonderful. Talented. Smart. Just pick one, Mcree!] He swallowed back his nervousness quietly before perking up. "I think yer someone I'd like to know better." [i ...Not bad, actually.] He said to himself. He cleared his throat before offering his arm.

"And I hope we can start by findin' out what kind of food yer into?" He grinned slightly before leading her towards the diner/bar just on the outskirts of the base.
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Mercy couldn't help but be completely amused at his bewildering behavior, imitating what she could only imagine was the he way he perceived a battle. She could tell, he certainly missed the old days.

She did as well.

However, the old days came with the old memories, and she wasn't really sure she was ready to delve into that kind of thing. She did, however, like being glorified. She missed giving care to the people she loved the most. They were mostly all so distant now, even when some of them had remained close. She couldn't hold the smile when he also began to frown, especially with the flooding feeling of never being able to get back to a time when they were all so useful, and needed.

"[i Det kommer att bli bra]." She said with as much of a smile she could muster. "Something wonderful will happen, I'm sure."

He then moved on to their "dating subject" rather quickly, which brought her amusement, especially when he began to get flustered. Perhaps she was wrong in her assumption to consider it a game?

"Well." She mused, leaning into her arm as she propped it onto the desk. "I'm curious now. Where would we go, exactly?" As she stared into his flustered face, a familiar sound began to ring over the intercom, signaling that lunch was ending, and that students should begin their descend to class.

"Ah. Perhaps we'll discuss this later." She grinned, beginning to put all of their food back into their containers and taking them to be stuffed in a mini fridge she had acquired recently. "Und go get some [i real] clothes on! [i Ärligt.]" She mused, shooing him out of the door. "Und be good." She gave a grin before closing the door behind him.

What on earth was she [i doing]?

"[i Det är allt.]" Angela whispered to herself as she went over to her desk. "You are going out tonight. You need the change of scenery!" She flopped down and began to work vigorously on the paperwork in front of her. She was determined to get this done by the end of the day, and then her going out and making an ass of herself with some female companions would be her treat.

She had decided.

[ 1. Don't worry too much.
2. Honestly.
3. That is it.]
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Wrath sprawled in the grass under the biggest tree she could find, just outside of campus enough to see the entirety o the school and its contents. She sighed, bored. She used her bag as a propped pillow against the trunk of the tree as she looked around. Nothing was extremely exciting today. She felt like she should probably study, but that required writing. Her wrist ached at the thought and she rubbed around the makeshift cast she did herself.

Should she practice again today?

Wrath had taken to attempting to push the limits of her powers daily, and there was a good progress coming along. If she concentrated, [i really] concentrated, she could lift a whole statue out of the ground, and move it a few feet away from its original post, without breaking anything. The only problem with that was, if she was haphazardly throwing her powers around without really paying attention, she would break things.

Last night was the perfect example.

She hadn't used much, but just throwing things around, large and in charge, in a span of a few seconds, she broke. However, her training had given much improvement upon her vice. A month ago, she would've had more of an injury than just her wrist. That gave her a sense of hope. Perhaps by next year, she could do what she did last night without even breaking a sweat. The thought made Wrath grin as she flexed her wrist yet again, probably looking stupid to any passerby.

That was when she picked up a noise, not too far off from her location. She turned to look, hearing shouting and curses and cheering from beyond the hill. With a frown, she picked herself up, slinging her belongings over her shoulder as she started her investigation.

As she approached, she could make out more sentences in the shouting, and the curses were someone yelling out, probably in pain. That realization quickened Wrath's pace towards the sound.

Sure enough, as the scene came into view, there were 6 boys --no, 7 boys, beating up on two, probably in a younger grade than the bullies, tossing them around in the middle of a circle like it was some kind of metal concert. Wrath dropped the bag and slide the rest of the way down the hill, her face contorting anger.

"HEY!" She growled, pretty much at the top of her lungs, otherwise they probably wouldn't have heard it over all the cheers and screaming. One of the boys' attention was immediately caught and he looked up at her. She must've been a sight to see, because his face shifted from shock to mild confusion, and then a victorious smirk.

"Check this chick out." He said to his assortment of hooligans, to which they all began to focus on her, ceasing their kicking and pushing. The boys looked terrified in her direction.

When she came to the bottom of the hill, only a few feet from the closest boy of the circle they'd formed, she stopped, shoving her hands in her pocket and cocking one hip defiantly.

"These boys troubling you?" She said towards the two cowering on the ground, their bags against their faces as protection.

"Yeah, maybe." One of the Letterman jacket sporting twits retorted, to which his posse laughed.

"Shut the hell up." She spat in his direction. They all made a sarcastic "oo" to signify that they weren't afraid of her at all.

That was their second mistake.

"Run home girlie. Back to the kitchen with you, alright?" One of the idiots said and the closest one to him high-fived him for such a glorious dis. Wrath rolled her eyes.

"Now, now." She smirked. "Be good dogs and run back home with your pride in tact before i send you there with your tails between your legs and your balls neutered." Then the air suddenly seemed serious, sending a chill down Wrath's spine in a way that excited her. "Scared?"

"I ain't scared of no girl." One said as he approached her. He swung, but she easily dodged to the left.

"Did your mom teach you that grammar?" She mused as he tried again to no avail. He growled, and before she knew it, his team of punks decided to run up on her, too. "Well, then, I guess it's time to get serious!" She grinned, ducking one of the punches and using the position to give her momentum, leaping over the majority of them, landing right on a face and shoving the boy to the ground. He was out.

"What the hell is she!?" One shouted as she spun around. She only gave a wild grin in response.

"Oh... Is that a real metal chain?" She said, eyeing one of the boys' necklace and grinning. "Big mistake." From within her pocket, her good wrist made a flicking motion, which caused that chain around his neck to suddenly pull, freaking him and his party the hell out. She used this advantage to swing him into several of his classmates, knocking them on their ass before deciding to send him flying wherever.

"Fuck you!" One of the boys said, immediately launching at her. She sidestepped him, which caused him to turn, but the decline of the hill just sent him backwards, on his back like the rest of his teammates. She turned to them.

"I'm being pretty nice here." She said, the smile slowly leaving her features. "If you don't want me to seriously fuck you up, i suggest you pick up your friend and leave."

"Like hell!" That same boy from a moment ago had gotten back up and had a metal object. Where did he procure that!? Quickly, she flicked her wrist as she dodged to the right, sending the pole flying away from his grip. She then decided to bring it back, knocking him square in the jaw. He went down like a bag of rocks. She picked up what was a metal pipe, as she now could tell, and looked towards the terrified group.

"Anyone else?!" They stared at her for a moment before scrambling to pick up their baggage and dip the hell out, knocked out friends being carries away by two guys a piece. After a moment of watching them leave, she turned to the two boys who were staring at her in awe. She grinned walking over to them and crouching in front of them.

"...You alright?" They nodded silently. One of them gulped.

"How... Did you..?" He tried to say, but she shook her head and held a finger to her lips.

"It's a secret. Try to keep it, yeah?" She mused before standing, tossing the pipe aside. That moment, when the breeze had just barely picked up, she felt it. That same sickening feeling she always got when they were close. She turned in every which direction, trying to guess where it could pop up.

The tree. She looked up to the thing she had sprawled under not so long ago. Sure enough, that thing had started to become engulfed in a purple abyss that only struck terror in Wrath's heart. It was [i too close to the damn school]. She turned back to the kids.

"Go home. Now." She demanded, which they responded to quickly, darting the hell out of there. She whipped out her cell and called the first person she could think of.

"Isa," She said when the girl answered, "You're not gunna believe this."
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Mcree casually listened to Albany's explanation of their mission, as well as the course of action she thought Reyes should proceed with. [i Right,] Jesse thought idly, [i That's her home.] Sh'ed probably be one of very few to know it well enough to decide what [i should] be done with it. The more shocking portion of the conversations was Reye's quick agreement to said plan.

He raised an eyebrow towards the man.

Typically, Reyes was the one weaving the plans. He liked being the "head honcho"; the full-on brains of the operation. His quick answers and support to her idea made him extremely skeptical. What changed? He snuck a peek at Albany to his left as she spoke, calmly and softly, typically the opposite of the flair she offered [i him].

When the meeting was over, she looked over at him, just long enough to make Jesse wonder, before exiting. He stood as he gave a smirk in her direction. His thought process was then interrupted by a clearing of a throat behind him. Jesse turned to see the Blackwatch leader eyeing him.

"And what were you just thinking about?" Reyes' tone didn't seem like friendly inquiry. Mcree's smile faded, but he said nothing to the man. "That girl is [i special], Cowboy." He said lowly.

"I'm aware." Jesse crossed his arms in front of his chest, cocking to one side as he shifted his weight. "I got to see it myself." Reyes eyebrow lifted slowly at Mcree. What the hell was this about?

"Mcree," He seemed to threaten, uncrossing his arms as he leaned over the table that was between the two of them, his fingers pressed into the frame as his weight shifted forward, "Don't do what I think you're intending." Mcree was surprised by this.

"And what am I intendin'?" He mused, a smirk spread across his face. "Ya ain't even got all the pieces lined up, and yer assumin' somethings gone awry. What's it to ya?" When Reyes merely stared at him, Jesse chuckled, leaning into the table as well. "Ain't none of my business that yer jealous, Reyes, but it ain't none of yers if somethin' were happin'n 'er not." Jesse could see the man grinding his teeth together. Did he forget that Mcree had a sharp eye? He took a step back from the table, his spurs making a gentle clank.

"I'll be goin' then." He tipped his hat, that smirk still plastered across his face. Of course, Jesse knew he was only toying with the man, but it wasn't [i his] fault, initially. Reyes started it with his accusations and threatening tones. Mcree couldn't help but feed into it.

Although, he was probably going to hear about it later from Albany...

...Totally worth it.

When he exited the room, he noticed Albany hadn't made it far at all, strolling leisurely as she stretched. A few clanks of his boots, and he had easily caught up with her.

"Ya sore?" He inquired as he stepped in time with her pace. " A'course. after all that fancy swingin', why wouldn't you be?" [i Dumb question, Mcree.] He cleared his throat. "Anywho... I reckon ya might be hungry?" He shrugged slightly. "If ya like, you could join me n' some of the hooligan's at there restaurant jus' down the way." He motioned in the direction he meant.

Not far from the base, on the outskirts of the town, was a local little hole in the wall of a restaurant that knew who they all were. It was completely by accident, but on a case of their business, the owners keep quiet. They were keeping them in business, after all.

"Ya don't have to answer right away. I'm sure ya wanna relax a bit. You know where my room is should ya decide." For whatever reason beyond him, his hand raised and brushed at her cheek before he stopped at his room, strangely not far from hers. "See ya." He said, casually stepping into his room as the door slid open.

When it was securely shut behind him, he pulled at his bandanna, frustrated grumbles spewing from his mouth. Why did he touch her cheek? What was he being so flirty for? What was with Reyes in the debriefing room? He threw the bandanna, as well as his hat towards the bed, going over to the sink in his bathroom and leaning against his frame.

"Calm, Jesse." He said to his reflection. "Think." And after a few moments of just staring at his hard face and disheveled hair, he decided a shower was in order.
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There was several things Wrath couldn't seem to keep her mind from wandering to. Firstly, her wrist was still healing, and the pain of the iron in her blood working away at the broken bones faster than that of a normal person came with the annoyance of constant pain. It kept her awake most of the night, which lead to thought two.

Ares' anger was a defense mechanism. Catching a bit of conversation he had had with himself when he didn't realize she was there, confirmed that. She felt the twinge of guilt coursing through her all night. She yelled at him for being arrogant when really, he was just embarrassed. What an ass she was.

After a certain point of daylight, she finally had started to doze off when Isa's voice rang in the hall. She shot up and swung the door open, only to breath a sigh of relief. It was just De Leon, getting his way, as usual. And when he saw her, he narrowed his eyes into a glare.

[#1AB46B "Are you going to school today?"] He threw, gripping the wiggling girl in his arms firmly. Wrath sighed, leaning against the door frame.

"I've got some things to take care of, but I'll be a good girl and study for the test on Monday." She said, walking past him. He cleared his throat, probably not expecting her to actually keep up with the events of schoolwork. She did mention she had one of the highest GPA scores, didn't she?

She strolled into the living room, where she didn't see much of anyone. Even peering into the kitchen proved to be fruitless. Was everyone still out of commission? No doubt, Kane was just being lazy still, and perhaps Aiden had already left. Wrath turned and made her way back to a room she had passed last night, stopping in front of the door. With a heavy sigh, she knocked.

"Ares?" She said before gently pushing into the room. The door had still been open from the previous night, and--

"Ah, jeez, dude, you're still bleeding everywhere." His sheets and pillow were covered with blood, and what looked like puss from a bad stitch job. She ran a hand through her hair with a sigh. "Not that you're going anywhere fast, but sit tight for a second." She turned around and went into the bathroom, grabbing the first aid kit, which was a lot bigger than a normal kit. To be fair, they typically had a lot more damage done to them than most kids in this school.

She came back, flopping next to him on the bed and willing him to sit up. She pulled out the thread and needle, and some disinfectant. "Let me fix that for you." She said, looking towards him with a small smile. "It's the least I could do.... You know. From last night." She threaded the needle and set it on her lap, removing some smaller scissors and, gently, snipping away the previous stitching. The thing oozed blood, and strangely, it didn't phase Wrath at all.

As she began to make quick work of disinfecting and restitching the [i proper] way, making small apologies for the pain the alcohol would cause as well as the tugging, she cleared her throat.

"So... I'd like to start by saying that... I'm sorry." She said, tugging a small knot out of the wire before continuing her stitching. "Being on a team is emotionally... strenuous. Especially when you're used to being on your own." She flicked her eyes up at him and made a small smile. "I know the feeling." She mused. "Beyond that... I've also seen a lot of people die." She tugged the last bit of stitching before tying it off, the wound a lot more closed than it was before. "So, I got a little carried away with my feelings as well." She pulled out neosporen and lathered the hell out of the wound, then proceeded to put a bandage over it.

"What I'm getting at is... You're here now. You're a part of this little family, with all their weird quirks and personalities. We're here to help you, and vice versa. Our helping you does not mean with think you incapable of handling yourself. We just think that, you shouldn't have to, because we're here with you." She smiled slightly before gathering up the kit and attempting to shove it back into the places it once was.

"Anyways, I can't make you stay in bed, but I do recommend trying not to use your arm too much until Viv can get to it." She stood and made her way to the doorway, but before leaving, she turned.

"And if you spill any of this niceness to the rest of the crew, I will personally maim you." She smirked slightly. It was a joke, of course. She didn't go around being this touchy with everyone unless it was truly needed. She wouldn't make a habit of it. She nodded before closing the door back to its original position and running into a smirking De Leon on her way back to the bathroom.

[#1AB46B "Playing nice?"] He raised an eyebrow, to which she scowled. He snickered, leaning away from the wall as he approached her. [#1AB46B "You heard Isa in the hall, right?"] Wrath nodded.

"And how is my little Queen B?" She grinned. De Leon was not impressed. "C'mon, I gotta keep it light somewhere."

[#1AB46B "The damage Isa took is not exactly a [i light] topic."]

"You think I'm not aware of that?" She held up her wrist, which was in a temporary casting, since it would be fine in a day or two. "Do you really think this damage isn't of my own doing?" He was silent to that. Her power's price was that if she used to much, her body would break. She never had the choice of what would break, either. Typically, though, it started with things like her hands and arms, simply because that's what she used to will her power. A similarity would be lifting something too heavy for you without practicing first, and breaking something important. Same basic principle.

Wrath broke the silence with a sigh. "Just keep and eye on her." She said before walking past her. "And please, try not to patronize her?" She shot over her shoulder. She went to her room, changing quickly into some jeans and a t-shirt with some kind of band logo on the front, which she had cut open the arms and sides for ventilation at one point in her life. She threw on tennis shoes before grabbing a backpack and walking out.

"I'm going out!" She said to whoever may have been listening at the time before stepping out of the door, slipping some sunglasses onto her face that she had snagged from the side table on her way out.
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He raised an eyebrow at her at her comment. "Are you implying you don't always look good?" He smirked slightly. "That would be a blatant lie." He mused. He took her hand in his and lead them out of the training grounds and into the main portion of the house. She piped up with a question, one she'd asked a few times before.

Actually, more than a few. She'd asked nearly every day. It's quite possible that she'd ask on the day as well, in the middle of their mission. He looked down at her and grinned.

"I guess the [i real] question is... Why do you think you're not ready?" He squeezed her hand gently. "You've been doing great here. My parents talk about how fast of a learner you are. Even I've seen your improvement." He gave her a genuine smile. "I think you'll be great, no matter what."

They made it to the room in little to no time, and he immediately stripped his shirt, his muscles aching against the motion. In fact, they nearly kept him from doing said action. He winced slightly, hissing as he pulled the shirt from his biceps. He attempted to peer over his back, but his neck creaked and ached horridly, he could barely turn all the way.

"That wall must've really done a number on me." He said gently, not really directing it at anyone. He couldn't see his back, after all. It could've just been sore. He flung the shirt towards the hamper they had acquired in the last year, going towards the dresser and attempting to lean down to the last drawer. No good.

He shot back up with a groan.

"Okay... Shower first then." He said, heading for the bathroom. He trailed a finger along her cheek before making his way in, immediately prepping the water warmth and curtain. He took a few steps back to look into the mirror.

He couldn't tell if it was a lot of bruising, or just one big one, but it was purples and greens.

"Aye." He grimaced. Shower, food, chamber. The compression chamber would get rid of most of that bruising, and the hot water would sooth his muscles, and that would help for tomorrow. He couldn't help but wonder if that was going to put a damper on their mission.

However, he remembered that in [i this] particular instance of training, he did not use his powers. At least, not to do what he [i could] do with them, if he needed to. He just prayed it would be enough to be there when it mattered most.

He looked towards the door for a moment, Mel on his mind. Reoccurring nightmares for the recent, upcoming event had kept him awake at night, stalking the hall just outside of the room at 3 or 4 in the morning. He did not want to think about what would happen if he was truly out of commission for tomorrow.

He stripped the rest of his clothing before getting in the shower.
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[i Don't think you're not eating went unnoticed, Ares.]

Wrath eyed the young boy. He didn't seem like one for social gatherings. Perhaps, he just hadn't quite warmed up to the idea that he'd now be spending most of his time with a pack of very different personalities. Hell, that would scare anybody into isolation.

Wrath laughed quietly when she was basically tackled by Vivana, being told about their location of interest coming up in an hour or so. She nodded at her, shoveling a few bites into her mouth as well.

"Don't listen to him, Aiden." She said when he was asking questions about the mission. Kane had said some unruly comments , and it wasn't always like that... Not with this group. "It [i is] dangerous to do what we do. We stick together. That's the gist of it." she shrugged it off as nothing.

To be honest, they never really had an idea of a plan. It was more of an ebb and flow between them, knowing when to be in there, and when to back off. Having two people in there she didn't quite know might put a damper on all of their unique chemistry, but it isn't something that couldn't be worked out. She was worried, though. How long would that "working out" portion take?

Kane's unavoidable pickiness interrupted her thoughts, and she laughed while rolling her eyes, watching him huff and puff in the corner. Little had he known, she knew he would throw a small, quiet tiff about too much seasoning and otherwise in the food. Therefore, she had made his own section.

Just spaghetti. The sauce was on the side, and he could season it to his taste. She was kind of proud of this gesture. That is, until Vivana had begun to make him a sandwich. Wrath watched her go about doing it, whether or not he would decide to protest, and that sort of stung.

But she didn't say anything. Viv had meant well. Same as her. No harm, no foul. Wrath had never been one for stepping up to the plate with the upmost confidence. She'd rather sneak her way in, some sarcastic comment or another, with the knowledge that she meant well. So, instead, she took the container, wrote Kane's name on a sticky note on top of it, and stuck it in the fridge, moderately visible through their leftovers.

There was a lot of leftovers.

Before they all had decided to make their way out, Wrath snuck her way into her room, picking up the mask she had fashioned for herself. She looked at it carefully. It was a black mask, with a cheshire cat grin painted in red. That was it. She stared at it for some time before putting her hair up in a messy bun. She then fashioned the mask to her face, scooped up the bag she had dropped earlier, and made her way back out to the living room.

[center [size20 The church]]

Vivana had decided to take up arms with Wrath, stringing her along. Wrath merely flicked her eyes back and forth between her comrades and their surroundings. She had a sick feeling, deep within herself. Something wasn't quite right about this church they were going to, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Isa had mentioned something about splitting up, which vaguely got Wrath's attention. The one that [i really] distracted her was being pulled a direction she hadn't anticipated. Vivana wanted to go a different way. She heard a whisper before Viv let go to take off down the hall.

"Dont--" She grabbed for the girl, but she was already down the hall. Wrath grumbled, following behind her with her bag slung over her back. When she came to view her again, Viv was already shooting arrows, making some smug remark to Ares, which the Red Haired girl had her attention on now.

Wrath dropped the bag, willing every fiber of her being on the metal inside of it, until it formed into a staff, neatly engraved with runes and markings of another time. She launched herself from the balcony, getting herself in between Ares and one of the demons as it, too, began to launch at him.

She swung so hard, she head a crack against the creature's lower jaw, and it stumbled back. She then flipped around, hitting the second demon in the paw. It growled, lifting it away, and Wrath used it as an incentive to swing at the creature as hard as she could, knocking it over. She took a chunk of metal she had been storing in her pockets, shaping it like an ice pick and driving it into the demon's paw, rendering it stuck there, crying out in pain.

"All clear, Isa!" Wrath shouted through her mask before grabbing onto the collar of the boy's coat. "You're coming with me." She mused before extending the metal of her staff into the ground, launching them towards Viviana. She set Ares down first before letting herself down, bringing her staff back to a normal size.

"Being reckless and in the middle is my job, cutie~" she said, lifting the mask away to reveal her smirk. "Let's take it a little slower next time, shall we?" She mused before turning back to the angry few on the ground.

"Oh boy...." She pulled her mask back down and got ready to go back into the fray until Isa could get into the mix. typically, this was Wrath's [i true] purpose. The distraction. She was good at being bouncy; good at dodging and weaving, enough to make an enemy forget that anyone else had been in the room.

She was kind of a dick that way.
  Wrath / HextechZydrate / 127d 5h 4m 6s
Albany's fluid motions ceased to amaze Jesse. It seemed to bypass over the small glint of anger he held at being pushed aside via large stick, and also the anger that she had held for him as well. It was like dancing; like [i art]. And when she had come back to basically scold him, he nearly purred. Who [i was] this girl? She easily dismissed anything he had thought of to reply to her by walking away after bopping him in the nose. He put his hand up to his face as she did, concealing this slight blush he gained from her touch.

Typically, for Jesse, it worked the other way around. He was scolding others for being reckless, and being flirty, but firm. Was she being flirty? Either way, it had stirred something strange deep within Mcree and he didn't know how to respond to her beyond following behind quietly. Should he scold her for being just as reckless as he was? Should he mention something about how beautiful her fighting style was?

Jesse's thoughts were extremely jumbled.

To make matters worse, he wasn't fully paying attention when she shoved him against the alley wall, fingers pressed to his lips. That threw him [i way] off kilter. He took in a deep breath and held it. For a moment, he was completely unaware of the soldiers a few clicks away from their location. He had to follow her gaze to figure that out.

[i Pay attention, Jesse.] He tried to tell himself. [i Yer in the middle of a damn army.] He let out the breath he'd been holding, very slowly. Before much else could be done, Jesse grabbed Albany by the waist and flipped their position, turning his back to the soldiers. In the shadows, they wouldn't be able to make him out, since he had promptly decided to wear so much dark colors today.

He took her hand in his to pull it away from his mouth, and smirked slightly. "We're gunna try this a bit different now... [i Partner]." His accent still shone through his whisper, as quiet as it was. He was foolish to go on ahead without her, and vice versa when she did the same. They were supposed to be working together. And so...

"I'm goin' up," he said as he pointed to the roof, "Yer stayin' on th' ground. I'll be yer eyes. I ain't the best shooter fer nothin'." He grinned slightly before leaning in.

"And when th' mission is over, n' we're goin' home, we're gunna talk about how ya made [i me] feel." Promise, or threat? He'd let her decide on that. He pulled a device out of his ear and placed it in hers, gently tucking a strand of stray hair away as he did. He then tapped where the mic had been discreetly hidden under his bandanna.

"A gift, from Reaper." He mused before taking a step back. "I'll be watchin'." He said before dipping back farther into the alley. He found a metal drain pipe and quickly scaled it getting on the roof with ease.

"Still got it..." He said to himself gently. He looked out, careful not to reveal himself. "Reckon you got them six next to ya," He said close to the mic, "And a small group of omnics... They got themselves a big-in, though." He meant a Bastion. "When you get there, I'll take out the Bastion, you focus on the smaller ones. Can't let ya have all the fun~" He grinned before sneaking across the room to get closer to their objective.
  Jesse Mcree / HextechZydrate / 131d 23h 42m 59s

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