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[center [font "batang che" Our story begins with the Kingdom of Fer'harl, ruled by an aging King who sought to pass his throne to one of his two sons. By name, Eldest Prince Emil and Second Prince Alarice. Alarice was an ambitious young man with an inventive mind, who relied only upon himself. He sought to defend their Kingdom against the neighbouring Empires of Oster and Brem, who would use Fer'harl as a battleground to settle differences between the two Empires and their desires to expand their borders. Unlike Alarice, Emil was a man with a soft heart who relied upon the strength of people around him; he wished to barter with the neighbouring Emperors with sections of Fer'harl's land in exchange for peace and to build their Kingdom internally. Ultimately, the King had decided to name Alarice as his successor. Within a fortnight of his Father's passing, Alarice began to expand the military force and invaded the Brem Empire within a year. With his ambitious heart and inventive thinking, he returned home victorious and gained great merits; though without a son, his people were uncertain of their future. Thus, he adopted the young Prince Normand, the son of his brother, aged six. Normand was sent to live in a far away castle, away from the looming wars and to be forgotten of until he came of age, for his own protection. For many a year, Alarice safeguarded the Kingdom and expanded the borders of Fer'harl; opening trade routes and creating a shining age in the midst of war. His campaigns were funded through high taxes upon the castletown, whereas his supplies came from the untaxed village adjacent to his castle. In exchange for the skills of blacksmiths, young soldiers by the hundreds and plenty of grain to last them through harsh winters, the village was freed from any form of taxes.]]
[center [font "batang che" However, the requirement for Alarice to lead the country into war had soon ceased - leaving many a citizen to become lazy. The trading routes were often unguarded, making them extremely dangerous passages and isolating Fer'harl from many resources. He continued to recruit soldiers, yet without wars for them to participate in, many were left untrained. He upkept the law of the village not requiring to assist in funding the Kingdom; therefore, it fell onto the castletown, which became poor and depleted of simple resources. Alarice had not known how to run a Kingdom, that was not on the brink of war. Prince Emil, Alarice's brother, proposed he take a wife - offering the eldest Princess of Oster, to seal an alliance through marriage and prevent wars in the future. However, , Alarice desired her younger sister. He brought her into his Kingdom and awaited until she came of age, before taking her as his Queen. When she soon produced a Prince, he was not sent away like the Prince Normand before him, but kept at the Queen's side. This sparked outrage within the castletown, for many hoped Normand would return and claim the throne. The Queen grew to be an extravagant young woman, who hosted many elaborate parties. She invited others without precaution from neighbouring countries, taking up debts with their bordering Empires to wine and dine her friends. Their economy fell drastically and the Kingdom fell into great debt - unable to return the investments of Brem and Oster, Fer'harl once again neared war.]]
[center [font "batang che" In a ploy devised by none other than the Prince Emil, Alarice agreed to step down from the throne for the sake of his son - he was unpopular with the citizens and a likely first target, should Fer'harl be invaded. Emil ascended the throne, naming his several children beneath him as his eventual successors; removing Alarice and his son from any chance at retrieving the throne. With a new King annointed, there was a temporary peace; but Emil knew nobody would be appeased for long, should nothing change. He began to repair internal affairs and strifes within the Kingdom and work toward a more stable economy. However, King Emil swiftly became disliked. The Kingdom was viewed as unstable, with previously rich villagers now without labour-workers and their coffers emptied to assist those in need. Poor townspeople came to taste what they viewed as luxuries and became greedy for more. He was petitioned many a time, but ignored the cries of the people, for he wished to build stable alliances with those on their borders. The citizens of Fer'harl, townspeople and villagers alike, casted King Emil as a tyrant and stormed the castle. Within a night, the Queen was murdered and the fate of the King was left unknown. As chaos swept the castle, each of Emir's children - six, without the presence of Normand - were separated.]]
[center [font "batang che" On that horrible night, the Princess Edeline was taken from the castle, believed to be stolen away to the Brem Empire to be married. Without the presence of King Emir or the Prince Normand, Edeline was next in line for the throne. Should she be wed, the fate of Fer'harl would fall into the hands of the Brem Empire. The remaining siblings have limited time to save their sister, their Kingdom, and themselves. Shall they locate their missing family members, and what shall come of Fer'harl?]]


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