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[i Paradis wasn't the only island around that humans fled too...
There was at least one more... though technically it was a large cove within a rocky mountainous island that we all lived in. Bliss Cove was its name.
There were two more islands across from us, Aris Isle is the small one of the two while Bunil Isle had a large jungle.
Every so often, our leader, President Jonathon Jones, would send troops by sea to explore the islands for resources. Some of them didn't come back when they would return...
Aris Isle is what would be our escape from this place. Some of us had been working on a special project over there, an airship! We could use it to get away from Bliss Cove and travel across the seas.

You might think that titans would be the biggest threat to us and why do people want to escape. They weren't... humans were.]

[b Public Info]
This colony of humans has survived in Bliss Cove for many years, perhaps even centuries.
Technology has made advancements, much different from Paradis. A thing called uranium was discovered and used to create power, Nuclear Power, by humans from before. Power is a need in Bliss Cove, otherwise, everybody would be in the dark and traveling across the sea would be impossible.
Titans can't get in the cove, humans in the past made it impossible for them with making a sheer wall into the water surrounding the ground within. The sea is deep enough for titans to not be able to reach the top of the walls. Any of them that happen to be tall enough and/or smart enough, get killed on sight by lookouts.


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[b "President J.J. has decided that a new law will be in place that prevents the over-consumption of food, rations is what they are called. Starting today, everyone who does their job will be getting three rations a day. A ration is a square meal and you will get one at six AM, twelve PM and eight PM. This may prevent starvation for the coming future and President J.J. hopes that this new law will ensure our survival until new isles are discovered and can guarantee safety.
In other news, the headquarters of the Foundation Resistance has been found and many members have been captured, the list of names are currently unknown to the public. Remember, if you see suspicious activity, report it to the nearest-"]

"Cut that shit off." Alan says. "I've had enough of the bullshit that keeps happening."

"I was hoping to listen to something while doing this but if it really makes that mad then fine." Vincent replies then shuts off the radio.

"Stuff like that won't help us." Alan says.

"Anything other than the constant sound of wielding is help to me." Vincent says.

"Too bad they shut down the music part of the radio for the better half of the day." Alan says.

"All on a theory of the Foundation Resistance transmitting secret messages through, now that right there is some bullshit." Vincent responds.

A door opens and Jamie comes in.
"Vincent, we've been requested to join in on the front lines." She says.

"Dammit, I was hoping ti get this done by tonight." Vincent says.

"We have to go now or else we won't be getting any of those rations today or tomorrow." Jamie says.

"Guess I have to go, see you later tonight, Alan." Vincent says as he leave the room.

"Bye." Alan responds.

Jamie and Vincent head over to the nearby transport truck and get on.

[i I can't continue to live like this, none of us can... something needs to happen, something that will bring us hope.] Vincent thinks to himself. [i No mistakes, just one could kill any of us.]
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