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Water tapping against the glass of the shower door. Music blasting loudly from a smartphone, French. There was only French music, it felt like home when it was playing. There was a fine lined difference between heated microwave food and homecooked stove food, and the smell eminating from the kitchen as stew boiled over a fire caused Etienne to quickly finish rinsing out his hair. He was finally at the point where his original hair color shined as well as it used to. He was modeled after his mother, a woman no less beautiful than she had been when he was a child. Naturally blond with light skin and hereditary, from both his father and mother, gentle blue eyes. He stepped out of the shower and quickly began towel drying his hair, wrapping it up carefully before grabbing another, larger towel and drying himself up. The only change happening here was his lack of hair coloring for the first time in years and the dinging that continuously interrupted his music. He picked up his phone as he pulled the towel from his hair.

[i Etienne, ouvre la porte, s'il vous plait], his mother had texted him. Etienne quickly pulled on the clothes he had decided to wear, he wanted to look nice for his mother. A simple suit, comfortable and warm. He ran to the door quickly, swinging it open to see her standing before him. In her hands was a small gift, wrapped delightfully with the care only a mother could achieve. [#DC143C "Etienne, êtes-vous pour un voyage?"] she asked swiftfully as she stepped past the mantle. She waved her hand at the suitcases packed by the door. "Oui, maman, je voyage en Amérique," he replied back, taking her hand and spinning her around as he led her to the kitchen to taste his stew. She drew the spoon from the liquid and sipped at it, replacing it afterwards. She took to nodding.

[#DC143C "Etienne, you have practiced your English?"]

"Oui, maman, I have. There's so much opportunity there, I wished to try it."

[#DC143C "I'm so happy for you, Etienne, my child. I'm so glad,"] she began to cry, [#DC143C "And you turned out such a good cook as well, oh my son."]

"Maman, je suis désolé, please do not cry," he grabbed for a towel, and tried to wipe her tears away but she just pushed his hands away and smiled, laughing. She had always had such a beautiful smile, she always lit up the room. He smiled back, and she thought the same.

[#DC143C "They are tears of joy, my dear. I am so excited for you. Now then, shall we eat?"]

Etienne arrived in America about sixteen hours later, and was exhausted. He had tearingly said goodbye to his mother, and promised that he would write her every couple of weeks and send plenty of pictures through text. He would miss her, but he could do that after he found his hotel. He went through the process of connecting his phone to the internet, and searching through the map that he had saved back on the browser. He knew that they had public transportation here too, so he went immediately to find make change, and found a bus. On the way through the oceanside town, he looked around for anything to do. The bus stopped a few blocks short of his hotel, and he got off. He hadn't realized he was in the wrong place until the bus had driven off. Oh well, it wasn't as though he were in a rush. He pulled himself up against a building so that he would be out of the way of other people and pulled earbuds from his bag.

He plugged them into his phone and began listening to music. Good thing he had charged his phone beforehand, it had plenty of battery to have a little bit of fun. He looked around as French music began floating into his head. A café, a clothing store, a [i bookstore.] Etienne lit up when he realized he could learn so much more English since bookstores did exist here. He crossed the street with haste, but just as he stepped up onto the sidewalk he bumped into another person who had walked in front of him. "Oh, pardon, monsieur," he said, setting his bags up on the sidewalk before checking on the male in front of him.
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