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He looked at Nick. Was this mage the one he'd been chasing? "Of course he..." the words died on his tongue. Wait...was he? He hadn't been able to smell the assailant or anything, but...he glanced over his shoulder. This guy was a powerful mage, but he didn't seem the type to rip vampires in two with his bare hands. Or leap around town fast enough to leave a vampire behind. He frowned, thinking along those lines. Was this guy not the end of the enemies? He seemed like the ringleader type... but maybe there was someone else controlling him? Or someone under his control was that powerful...but if they were that powerful, why follow the mage?

Maybe a werewolf. It did move fast, and even if recent years has been different, werewolves were historically subservient. Maybe he had a werewolf under his control. He glanced at Nick, considering. He hadn't smelled wolf, and Nick hadn't been acting weird, so maybe not. What else then? A witch? A vampire? But why steal Eliza, then?

He snorted at that. As though there wasn't enough infighting among vampires already. He could already imagine a clan or two that held something against his own taking it out on Eliza. Poor, defenseless Eliza. It almost made him motivated to get her back.


He sighed, then nodded. "Let's just focus on getting her home for now," he said, nodding. "And see if we can't figure out some way to break up that anti-supernatural group." He smirked, giving Nick a look. "Could always try and pin Eliza's disappearance on them. For one, it's not wrong, and for another, gets the police to clean up their own mortal mess."

A drink? "Sure, and make it something strong," he told Nick. They were an item now, huh? Yeah, Kitty would see to that. The man spread rumor like wildfire. Meph sighed. "At least my reputation literally can't get any shittier." Nice thing about hitting rock bottom, that.

He waited for Nick to order their drinks while surreptitiously keeping an eye on the mage. Just as the drinks came back, the man stood; Meph nudged Nick. Give him a couple of seconds to think he had left the bar alone, then they'd get up and follow him. He kicked back the drink in one go and smacked his lips, ready to move out.
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[center Man, Kitty really came on strong. Not that snick minded. Had it not been for far more pressing matters, he'd have taken him up on that offer. Well, maybe. Vengeful boyfriend was a hard sell to anyone, honestly. No one necessarily wanted the drama. Only idiots didn't know of the tragedy of Helen of Troy.

At the very least, Meph had come to save the day, so it was just as well. Clearly, until this was over, his social life would be nonexistent. Even if that also meant others just assumed he and Meph were an item. Oh, excuse him, 'Mephy-Poo'. Inwardly, he scoffed at the reminder. The moniker paired with the expression of complete and utterly unamused irritation in the man's expression simply got all the sweeter.

"Follow him home? Sure, assuming he doesn't have any tricks up his sleeve. Though, I've been pondering something. Now let's go over this. Do you think he was specifically the one eluding you before? Wouldn't he have had a scent, or a presence or something?"

Someone who packed this kind of punch just walking into a room... it almost seemed too ironic for them to cloak themselves so flawlessly. In Nick's mind, he couldn't help but think there was likely another that was in on this. Something about all of this had been fishy from the start, after all.

Deep down, he entertained the idea that perhaps a vampyre was in the mix. Someone pissed off and fairly invisible. Someone who wouldn't be easily recognisable or generally missed. A true agent of darkness. But whom?

To Nick, it felt almost as though they only had one piece to the puzzle. Meph had so eloquently relayed the stages of their general plan, but they had both lived long enough to know that circumstance adhered to the logic nor desires or any man or creature.

"Let's see how tonight goes, and by the end of it... if all goes well, we have Eliza and her young. If not- then we hopefully learn something." Sure, it didn't sound too optimistic, but Nick had only ever been a realist when it came to 'best laid plans'.

"You need a drink? An actual one? Might as well, seeing as how we are an item now. I wonder how long it'll take 'Kitty' to spill the beans on that one and have it come back to us. Ever the scandal and all that." Nick rolled his eyes. He was so ready for all of this to be over, and worse, he was restless.
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Oh, the mage was clamming up on him? Well, he hadn't exactly expected the guy to spill his heart out to a stranger like Meph. In a vampire bar especially. He shook his head and turned back to his beer, nursing it silently while he tried to think up something else to say. Or would that be pushing it too much? The guy recognized him, wasn't that enough? From here, all he and Nick had to do was follow him back to his house and see if they couldn't sniff out one poor, pregnant cousin--and then they'd just have to murder the stupid, pretentious-ass mage and bam, case closed. He glanced over his shoulder to see how Nick was fairing.

"Maybe I like that," Kitty replied, giving Nick a come-on look through his lashes. "Nothing like a little [i passion] in a man."

Where did he come from? His expression changed to one of distaste. "Does it matter? I don't know, in any case. I'm not one of those pedigree purebloods," he flicked his hand at Meph dismissively, "but that just means I'm a whole lot more fun. Who needs those old stiffs, anyways?"

About him? "Oh, me? I'm just a lonely drifter in search of love." Kitty shook his head and sighed dramatically, pushing his hair back to shoot Nick bedroom eyes. He didn't feel like spilling his heart to this wolf. That part wasn't necessary to have a good time.

"I'd much rather hear all about you," Kitty trilled, scooting a little closer yet. His finger drew circles up Nick's inner thigh. He leaned in, whispering: "maybe somewhere a little more private?"

Meph pushed away from the bar. Okay, nope, he wasn't about to let that happen. "See ya aroun'," he slurred to the mage, who barely tilted his head in acknowledgement. Ha, of course not. He was a mage, after all.

He walked over to where he'd left the wolf and sat down, raising his eyebrows at the newcomer. Couldn't go ten seconds without attracting himself some ass, could Nick? Did he ooze hormones or something? Meph wasn't seeing it, personally. "So, Kristopher, what brings an elder brother from the noble Grandine family to our humble bar?" he asked in a low voice, staring at the vampire who'd introduced himself as Kitty. "Did you have a fight with your boyfriend again?"

Kitty glared at him, eyes narrowed. "What boyfriend," he said, unable to keep the anger out of his voice. "He can go fuck himself for all I care. He's worthless. We're done. I hate him forever."

"What was it this time? The wrong sports car? Did he buy you satin sheets instead of silk?" Meph asked sarcastically. "Look, Nick doesn't need your boyfriend trying to castrate him, okay? Leave him out of your lovers' spat."

Kitty lifted his lip in a snarl, nasty comeback at the ready, then paused. Oh. OH. Oh. He understood. His snarl turned into a flirty smirk, and Meph instantly braced himself. This wasn't going to be good. "Oh... Kitty sees what's going on," the man said, glancing from Nick to Meph. He patted Nick's thigh and gave him a wink of encouragement. Meph was getting all antsy about another man touching his Nick, and Nick was watching Meph from afar? Be it far from him to intervene. "I didn't know he was spoken for." He grinned at Meph. So he'd finally joined their team, huh? "Well now, I can see that I'm just in the way! Excuse me. You should have told me it was mutual," he chided Nick gently, pushing away.

Meph put his head in his hands. How had Kitty even come to that conclusion? He shook his head. "It's not like that," he sighed, hopeless. There was no convincing Kitty otherwise, once he'd made his mind up.

"No, no, you don't need to deny it, I'm a fan of all kinds of love," Kitty said, waving Meph down. He blew Nick a kiss. "Come find me if it doesn't work out, hot cheeks." And with that, he sashayed away, disappearing across the bar.

Meph wiped his face down, suddenly tired. "Ughhhhh," he moaned, then shook his head and sat up, businesslike. "Looks like the mage is involved; he thought he recognized me. What do you think we should follow him home from the bar, see where he goes?" .
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[center Well, what all could be expected of someone of his influence? Enveloped in mystery and darkness though it might have been. "Occasionally. Perhaps we have brushed elbows at some point prior. I frequent these little places now and again,"

Nikläus cringed at the veiled insult, following up with an amused smile. "My ears picked up on something a little grating. I'm Nick, it's a pleasure." His attention refocused on the vampyre, one of his brows coming up to marvel at the proximity. Friendly little thing wasn't he- OOO-kay, that was different?

Great. He was about to flirt his way successfully into someone's bed when they had work to do. Shit, he had already gotten an invitation. Not that he was above accepting, all things considered. This 'kitty' was cute, to say the least. His ears were very much at attention on all fronts, but he made a point to slide his gaze along the planes of Kitty's form.

Definitely cute. Head tilting a fraction, Nickläus chuckled at the prospect of being bought a drink. "Now, I wonder - how is it that you're none too wary of getting close?" Very close. "According to a lot of people, we wolves tend to have our tempers."

Well, mostly when they were looking to fuck, in a time of war, or mourning a loss. Meph had gotten too close at the wrong time, but he should've known better than to stick around at a time like that.

"Wherever did you come from, I wonder?" Was this going to be like that weird cousin of Meph's from the council meeting? He didn't think he could take another experience like that one. Even to think on it in that moment made him internally shudder. Henri, had it been? Ugh...

"Tell me about yourself,"

Kitty seemed very much interested in one thing, not that Nick minded, but he couldn't just up and leave before Meph finished business with this supposed James character.]
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Meph snorted disbelievingly. "Better 'n here...damn, man, you must be packin'," he slured, gesturing with his beer. Of course the mage had seen better, the pretentious little fuck. They could've been standing before Helen herself and he would've said "huh, seen better." The face that sunk a thousand ships wouldn't be good enough for him.

The mage had a calculating look that he didn't like. Something nasty in the way he observed the world. Well, he was a mage, after all. They all had that nasty look to them. But, more importantly, he gave Meph that little squint that said he was trying to recognize Meph. Ha,and why would he recognize Meph? He wasn't an important enough vampire to be well known, which meant the mage had to know him from somewhere. the meet-up just yesterday. Should he press his luck? "I've seen you around before, I think. Yeah?" he asked, squinting at James like he was trying to place him. "You live around here?"

The vampire fluttered his eyes at the beefcake werewolf in front of him. Damn, but he was a fine man. He wasn't old enough to care what the guy was, as long as "hot" was also the answer. "You can call me Kitty," he purred, moving in a little closer. "And what's yours, hmm?" His eyes flicked over the wolf's build. Damn. The other vampires were missing out, being all prissy about it. "Haven't seen [i you] around."

The wolf wasn't paying him his full attention. Kitty pouted, then smirked. He followed the wolf's gaze, then cozied up closer, confident. Oh, so he did like men? Good, good. He traced a finger up the wolf's thigh. "Don't keep pining over old Meph, he's no fun. Don't you know? He's not into men. Missing out, I say, especially when there's some prime beefsteak like you after him. Come on home with Kitty, I'll make you forget aaaall about a boring old man like him."

He gave Nick a flirty grin, and nodded at the bartender, gesturing for another two beers. "Oh wait, where are my manners? Let me buy you a beer." Classy man like this deserved some romancing.
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[center Nick simply watched on, trying not to seem too interested in what Meph was up to. He kept track of him, sure, but so far as actually ogling him in the process of his clever plan? Nope. He was good. Best not to give themselves away, if anything. Especially since staring someone down was a good way to make them suspicious.

Instead, he turned his attentions back to the nearby group of friends and watched as some dude eyed him up. Of course. It figured. In Meph's absence, he'd claimed his seat, watching Nick with a coy smile.

[i Go away. I can't flirt right now-- or better yet...]

"What's your name?" Clearly a vamp, but they didn't seem smart enough to have any sort of proper aversion towards him. Maybe they were even just that tolerant? Whatever the case, he'd pretend to listen and keep his attentions at a majority split favouring Meph and his 'drunken' babble.

This James character seemed none too amused by the unwelcome conversation, and at first, showed no willingness to entertain it, but with Meph's prolonged eye contact, he took a casual sweep of the place. "You could say that. I've seen better." Hey. It was true. Besides, so far as he was concerned, the creatures here only served one purpose. Perhaps many - of his in particular.

There was no sense in building attachments to such disposable little things. It made no more sense to coddle stock raised for the slaughter.

Gaze cutting over to the male again, he narrowed his eyes, as if trying to place him. Did they know one another? He seemed vaguely familiar. Like a face he might've glanced in passing at some point. Perhaps... something to do with the mortals? He never knew anymore. Keeping them in check was all he cared about. They were just pawns. He cared more about their movements than he did their identities.

If anything, it better suited his purposes that they virtually had none. Nobodies were seldom missed. Nobodies, misfits, miscreants, orphans. Whatever. The less of an impression they'd made on the world, the better. No one was likely to come sniffing around when they vanished.


Just the way he liked them.]
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"Probably is," Meph muttered. If there was one thing mages were, it was into dark shit. Nothing good ever came of giving humans magic. Nothing.

James didn't seem to be tensed, but then again, why would he be? Wasn't like he knew Meph and Nick were after him. And letting off that magic in a vampire bar... flaunting his shit, was he? Bet it made him feel all tingly inside, being the 'big man on the block' and making all the fangs oh sooo scared of him. Either that, or he was trying to be hit on. Plenty of young, stupid vamps found mages a useful resource, a nice, magic-rich food, at least up until the mages used the vampires as a resource of their own. The higher ups mostly ignored that; saw it as the weaklings killing each other off. Meph was inclined to agree. You reaped what you sowed, and all that.

Which... might explain Eliza. He could just about see it; the mage was used to being able to pick off vampires for his magic. He saw this big, pregnant one, perfect for some dark, terrible spell, and went after her, not knowing that Eliza was a cousin, someone the council actually cared about. Hmm. Maybe this was the council reaping what it sowed.

But they still had to save Eliza.

Meph nodded. Almost suspiciously well. But then again, it made sense. "It's just a gaggle of mortals clustering around their savior mage. Not like it's never happened before. They probably don't even think they're doing anything wrong. You know--anything worth having their guard up over. After all, it's not like the council gave a shit until Eliza disappeared, even though they've been running around killing on our turf for weeks."

Not that into Jianna, huh? Sure thing. He didn't see the way Nick was just about entranced every time she walked by.

"Higher ups? What, like the page admins?" Meph laughed. Getting worried about this was stupid. Now that James was here, everything made sense. Nick was just being paranoid. "I don't think we need to worry about that. It's just a rouge mage doing stupid shit, the way they do. The 'higher ups' are probably just other mortals who couldn't find a vampire if one bit them on the neck." He shrugged. "Might be our photos got passed around, but I wouldn't worry too much about it."

He sipped at his drink. It'd been about fifteen minutes, and no one had joined their mage friend. "I'm gonna go say hi," he said, standing from his seat. "If the higher ups, such as they are, do know our faces, then... maybe James here will recognize me." He winked at Nick and approached the bar.

He paused for a second before he reached the bar, looking around as though unsure, then sat down beside James, a stool separated just to pretend they were strangers. This close, the magic was stifling.Thick enough he could be sure that James wouldn't be able to sense Meph's own magic, much better contained after decades of practice than James could manage. And now to play the part of the stupid mortal in the vampire bar. He made eye contact with Jiana and nodded her over, raising his drink. "Hey, pretty lady, how about a refill?" he said, giving her a stupid grin just thin enough not to show his teeth. "Nothin' like this place. Drinking with all these pretty faces... is this where the models go to drink?"

Jiana's brow furrowed, then cleared. Smart girl. She'd caught on quick. "Not too many pretty faces around here," she said, refilling his drink. "You sure you're not just drunk?"

"Yeah, yeah, I swear, even sober, it's like..." he turned to James, nodding at the man. James reluctantly made eye contact, and Meph nodded. "It's like... the girls in here are next level, isn't that right?" He watched James' face, waiting for a spark of recognition.
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[center The entrance made the hair stand up at his nape. Everything immediately felt so... [i wrong]. He slapped a hand to the back of his neck and watched the guy enter, hit with a strange wall of nostalgia that he couldn't in the least bit place.

"That feels like some seriously dark shit." he muttered, walking at the guy entered. He wasn't in any flashy garb. In fact, save for the seriously powerful magick he was cloaking just barely, he could have blended in just about anywhere. Nick figured that had to be the most dangerous part of all of this.

'James' moved toward the bar, ordering the usual, and for someone who planned to be meeting a partner in crime, he didn't do much looking around. In fact, he looked like anybody else just trying to relax and enjoy his vices. Then again, keeping a good cover was important - even in this crowd. He couldn't understand how a mage wouldn't think their presence might be obvious among a bunch of vampyres, but who was he to judge? Hullo? Wolf among the fangs?

Shaking his head at the thought, Nick turned back to regard Meph, his brow furrowed. "You know, all considered, this is going far better than I thought it would." Especially considering how little they'd initially had on the case.

Assuming nothing else derailed them, they could very well solve this, retrieve Eliza, and maybe even shut down a seriously dangerous mage. Two birds, right?

Pressing his lips together, Nick did his best to seem relaxed, his mind shifting back to what Meph had initially said. "No, thanks, though. She's cute, but..." He wasn't in it to be part of some complicated history. Especially when it involved Meph. Better he kept all that business separate. Besides, there would be plenty of time for him to indulge once their work was finished.

Drawing his drink up to his lips, Nick took a long draw, eyes skipping about, trying to pick up on anyone or anything that was out of place.
"Meph... it just dawned on me. Now that we're in... don't you think it would make sense that the higher ups were told about us?" It wasn't like they had photos of them, though, or so he'd assumed, but how could they be sure?

How could they be sure those mortals from before hadn't been followed themselves? Warily, he turned his gaze back onto the vampyre, suddenly very concerned about their cover.]
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Meph cocked an eyebrow at the way Nick's eyes followed Jiana's hips. Ha, she was a pretty lady, wasn't she? "I could introduce you," he offered dryly. Nick was pretty thirsty, if the look in his eyes was any indication.

He rolled his eyes. "Business is business. If we turned away everyone with bad juju, we wouldn't make any money and you sure wouldn't be sitting there, wolfy boy." Most of the times, bad juju just turned out to be old rumors anyways, started centuries ago and not exactly accurate, and the money the customers with bad juju paid worked just as well as the money paid by those with good juju. Now he'd rather be able to keep mages out, but the downside of letting in those with bad reputations was once you let one in, you had to let them all in.

If anything, having a reputation for having good security was a positive trait for his race--or maybe that was just the vampire in him talking. "A traitor? I don't think we'd miss a traitor having a chat in one of my bars... but maybe they meet up here and go somewhere else." One way or another, it'd be good to hang around and see what happened when he showed up. If he showed up today.

Full moon? "So what, will you be full power, too?" Meph asked, half mocking. The full moon...that gave them a deadline. And one not so far off. He checked his phone, then grimaced. "Looks like we've got about a week, week and a half before the next full moon." Not long. A little time, but not forever.

Nick was getting distracted again, watching Jiana move around the store. Meph rolled his eyes, snapping his fingers to get Nick's attention. "Hey, wolfy, you in heat? Seriously, I could put in a good word with her. She doesn't hate me that much." He shrugged and gave a little smirk. "As long as you don't mind sloppy seconds." Though Jiana would probably disagree over who was the sloppy seconds. She had spunk like that.

The door opened. The air seemed to crackle with static electricity, magic sparking through the air, making the hairs on his neck rise. He didn't need to turn to know that the mage had walked in--but this powerful? This...wasn't right. If the Horuses really had this much power, the balance of the supernatural world would be at risk. But one thing he strongly suspected: they'd found the source of the curse the humans had used on him.
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[center "Ah-- thank you," He hadn't been expecting her to pop up like that, but when she made her way back behind the bar, he couldn't help but watch her recede, eyes sliding down to linger on the sway of her hips and brows furrowing. "I'm guessing you know her, or you wouldn't have gotten all uptight. But we don't have to talk about it." They'd just gotten some intel, and if it proved to be true, then they were that much closer to figuring out this Horus bloke.

Turning his attentions back to Meph, Nick shook his head. "Your security standards are fucking deplorable." Letting mages in was seriously bad juju. And he was in no position to really judge, seeing as he was a wolf in a primarily vamp populated club, but something about it rubbed him the wrong way.

"If this James has anything to do with what's going on, do you think he comes here to meet with someone? Is it possible there's a traitor of some sort giving him intel and information, or making it easier for him? Let's think about this for a moment. Not to be insulting, because this is nothing against your kind - but vamps tend to be very careful about their security measures. So how, then, did Eliza get snatched that way?"

There had to be more that they were missing. Some piece that had yet to come into focus. He hated not having all of the details. "One thing, though. Similar to craft work, Mages tend to draw power from natural elements. If this is something a Mage is up to or part of, and it turns out to be for some freaky shit, then they might do it during a full moon. Mostly because for anything big, you need all the power you can get. The conditions have to be perfect." Which was why craftwork was so difficult to begin with. Timing and measure.

Nick tossed another glance at Jiana. She seemed to be watching them - watching Meph - but she didn't make any moves to approach again. Instead, she turned her lovely smile onto a nearby patron and mixed them a drink.]
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The name seemed to strike a spark in Nick's memory as well. Meph nodded, watching while Nick contemplated. Yeah, that was exactly it. That on-the-tip-of-your-tongue feeling.

Oh--a mage. It made sense. The name was just pretentious enough. Damn mages were all pompous and arrogant, and for no damned reason, either. Vampires, at least, had the excuse of being older than the hills and used to that kind of respect, and most of their beef with the other races was, if stupid, at least well-grounded in past slights. Mages just seemed to decide to be pissed off at one thing or another, and generally looked down on the whole world... it pissed him off. And more than just him; there was a reason why everything had gone to shit a while back. Well--not like mages being pompous assholes was the sole trigger, but it sure hadn't helped.

Meph nodded, willing to put things behind him for now. The 'incident' had been as much his fault as Nick's, after all. He really shouldn't think of people as convenient food; it was what led to being the same kind of asshole as the rest of vampires were. More importantly, they had to work together and figure this out before the higher-ups decided to come down on their asses. "It'd probably help. And damn, a mage--" he grimaced. "I don't want to imagine what kind of uses he could put a pregnant vampire to." Mages used some weird shit in their spells, after all, and the nastier ones tended to require blood sacrifices. He only had to hope that this James Horus was an unluckily-named fuckbuddy and not related to anything that was going on.

Ha, fat chance.

He was sipping his drink when Jiana approached, inclining her head respectfully to him. He nodded back, a little bit of guilt in his expression before he swallowed it down. Jiana was one of his few 'children,' so to speak, one of the very few he'd brought into the family. He'd come to regret bringing anyone into the family in the years since; they were treated worse than him, the upstart 'brother' who thought he was good enough to be a sire, and there was some shame, there, too, from remembering those days when he'd thought expanding the family was good, when he'd thought he was a valued, equal member--shame at being so stupid and blind to reality. He generally avoided his 'children;' unlike the others, Jiana hadn't taken offense at the slight of being ignored. She'd always been stronger than the others in that way, more independent. This was her town, so here she was going to stay, distant sire or no. Strangely, he felt a pang in his heart to see her here, to find out she was working at one of his bars this way. She should be doing so much better than working for a cousin... but what could he do about it? His position in the family was little more than a title. Meaningless.

The copper-skinned beauty smiled, and he remembered why he'd turned her and had to look away, drowning memories in a long drink. "Sorry for eavesdropping, but I thought I heard you two mention James... James Horus?"

Meph nodded, leaning back in his seat and fetching his phone so he had something to do other than make eye contact. Dammit. This was so awkward. It was like meeting an ex, but worse. Like meeting an ex-wife, only she was doing perfectly well on her own and had a new husband while he was bumming around still acting like a teenager. Embarrassment coated him like fog, fog he wished he could dive into and disappear.

Jiana focused on Nick, giving him a dazzling smile. "He's a regular around these parts," she explained, nodding towards an empty seat at the bar. "If you wait a bit, I expect he'll drop by."

Surprised, Meph glanced up at Nick. What, really? Wait--mages hung out at his bars, and he didn't even know? He frowned. He really had to stop by his other holdings more often, rather than just lurk perpetually at the club.
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[center Well, it had been worth a try, anyway, or so Nick had supposed. Couldn't get all bent out of shape if Meph didn't want to accept his apologies. The man was so stubborn, he almost wasn't even surprised. Almost. If only because Meph clearly wasn't always as hard as he typically came off in public settings. He had softer moments. Even if Nick wasn't supposed to see it.

Momentarily distracted, Nick eyed a statuesque brunette who'd been occasionally glancing his way since he'd first arrived. She didn't put out the same vibe as the others. They were definitely all about wishing death upon him and pronounced disgust, but he scented something else on her. Something... he could only liken to curiosity.

"James Horus... Horus... Horus..." He contemplated, turning his gaze back onto Meph. His masque of perfectly casual composure was back in place, posture more relaxed. Rolling his ankle to and fro on the heel of one shit-kicker, he narrowed his gaze, as though it would help him to better clarify the details his mind was grasping for.

"Wasn't he that Mage motherfucker? Rather... wasn't 'Horus' one of the families, back before everything blew up, that was well known for being versed in the arts of the craft? Of course, they were lesser mages, so the line was practically cast aside. I'll never understand why mages look down upon those that practise the craft, but that's none of my business. point is, weren't they a powerful albeit limited lot? I thought their line had died out some time ago? I could look into records and see if I can't amass some info on the branches of that clan altogether."

After all, he had to prove a little more useful if they were ever going to get to the bottom of this. "Might point us in the right direction of those who would have something to do with Eliza's disappearance. And we're really fucking limited on time here, with the grand high-butt breathing down our necks." Rolling his eyes, he leant forward, just in time for drinks to be placed before them.

Nick watched the brunette from earlier incline her head respectfully to Meph. She had a different air than the others. Didn't reek of entitlement. "Permission to offer a word?" She asked, glancing between the two, platter tucked up against one hip as she fetched up some nearby empty glasses.]
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Meph didn't bother with explaining why he'd scared the patrons. This was a club frequented by vampires, and while Meph might be okay with working with one , there were plenty of vampires who would rather die than share a club with a wolf. Mostly he thought they were idiots, but that was just the way it was. Nothing he could do about it.

One female, two males? "Sounds like a nice little threesome," he commented with a yawn. As quick as she'd spread her legs for Nick, he didn't doubt she'd done it for her roommates as well. Or maybe Nick was just her type. He did have that rippling muscle thing going on.

Oh? They were going to have a talk now? He sat down and raised his ruffled, sitting back in his chair to regale Nick with the most impatient of impatient gazes. What on earth did they have to talk about? "I'm not some delicate human," he sighed, rolling his eyes. Nick had been afraid he'd hurt Meph? Where'd he get off thinking he could hurt Meph in the first place? "It's fine, it's not like I've never been around a wolf before," he excused Nick, waving it away. "Besides, you're not the only one with...urges." It wasn't as though Meph had never experienced it himself, his body fighting him for control, the fear of hurting someone he cared about when the urge to drink struck too deeply. The only difference between vampires and wolves in that respect was that as long as vampires kept a regular feeding schedule, everything would be fine, whereas wolves had no way to force them back, when the urges came on.

If an apology was enough to change his mind about wolves, he'd be flip-flopping every few dozen years. But it was nice to hear. He inclined his head slightly, acknowledging the apology.

And back to work. "Not much. Bunch of names of people I don't know, mostly. I was going to go facebook crawling with their names later, see if any of them matched to familiar faces." She might not use pseudonyms in her address book, after all; it all depended on how seriously she and the others took the group. "Did get one thing though...or rather, a feeling. James Horus, is that name familiar to you, as well? I feel as though I've heard it before somewhere." He glanced at Nick, looking at his hair. It'd been silver earlier, had that one streak in it. How old was Nick, anyways? He'd never asked.
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[center Of course. Of course Meph would turn up. Something about seeing him so soon without the preparation made Nick uncomfortable, but he didn't show it. Instead, he took a moment to glance about the club in search of these patrons he'd supposedly frightened. "I did all that sitting down? I must be that good." He muttered sarcastically.

"I was trying to figure out what I missed. There was something wrong. Something strange. Out of place that I don't have the time to investigate." He explained, making room for Meph in the event he was sticking around. "Three roommates. One female, two males." Nick rubbed at his forehead, patting the place beside him. "I'll figure it out. But I wanna talk to you. Just so there are no misunderstandings."

After all, he'd kind of gone apeshit on Meph and there hadn't been much excuse for it. Pushing fingers through his hair, Nick scanned the crowd, swallowing. He was definitely more mellowed out, but it didn't mean the urges weren't there. No matter how well he batted them down.

"Earlier...I thought I might hurt you," he murmured without looking at the Vampyre. "Control is a big deal for me.." He explained, lacing his fingers. "There are assholes that will lose their shit and blame it on the genes, but I think that's bullshit. It's like nobody has ever heard of self responsibility."

There was irritation but it was muted. Mostly, Nick just wanted to clarify things with Meph. "I get that there are certain things that have been pre-conceived about my kind, but everyone is built differently. I know to you, and a lot of others, we probably seem like glorified hunting dogs, but that's not the whole of it. And that's why I wanted to apologize for letting my composure slip. It's not like it's impossible to stay in control but certain things are... A little trickier. Anyway - did you make any progress at all on that mobile?"]
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The shower beat down on his back, steaming up the whole room with its heat. Even so, Meph felt cold to his core, as though his heart was made of ice. Haaaa. Now that Nick was gone, he felt even more stupid. What'd he been thinking, parading around naked in front of Nick, letting the stupid wolf share his bed? He never let anyone share his bed. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

When he stepped out of the shower, a message was flashing on his phone. He ignored it. Fuck Nick. If he never saw him again, it'd be too soon. His towel felt just as warm and fluffy as Nick had. Well. More fluffy. Less warm. Meph rolled his eyes at himself. What was this tangent?

He stretched out his arms and summoned clothes to himself,, enjoying the silky-smooth feel against his skin. Walking slowly, he returned to the room and found the phone Nick had left, then plugged it in. While it was charging, he stripped the bed of sheets and rang for them to be taken to the cleaners, swapping them out for new ones. There. Now that was better. Now the room didn't smell like wet dog.

Now that it was clean, he plopped down on the bed and turned the phone on. Once it'd come up, he scrolled through the contacts idly, looking for anything or anyone familiar. Nothing, nothing, nothing. They were all just names to him. Wait...that one. He squinted. James Horus. Where had he seen that surname before? It seemed familiar, but he couldn't say from where.

His phone rang. He gave it a glance, then dismissed it. Just the stupid wolf, no doubt. Ugh. And they had to work together until this case was solved. How much longer would it take? Already seemed like eternity.

The phone rang again. One of the sister clubs. Curious, he picked up the phone.

"Meph? There's a huge wolf here, looks like he's looking for trouble. You wanna come down here and throw him out personally?" the vampire on the other end asked. She was weaker than him, a grand-niece or something distant; probably couldn't deal with a wolf on her own.

"Sure," Meph sighed. Nothing better to do. And he had a feeling he knew this wolf. Reluctantly, he peeled himself up off the bed and wandered down to his elevator, in no way excited to face the wolf.

At the bottom floor, he stepped off and slunk into the crowds. It was a short taxi ride to the sister bar, though something bothers him on his way over. No one called his name, not in the sister bat or his club. For a moment, it confused him, but then he remembered; his hair was the wrong color and he had no piercings. It was no surprise if no one recognized him.

Nick, on the other hand, was immediately recognizable, thanks to the fact that he was basically a walking hunk of muscle. He sighed and walked over. "You're scaring the patrons. Find anything useful?"
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