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Meph didn't bother with explaining why he'd scared the patrons. This was a club frequented by vampires, and while Meph might be okay with working with one , there were plenty of vampires who would rather die than share a club with a wolf. Mostly he thought they were idiots, but that was just the way it was. Nothing he could do about it.

One female, two males? "Sounds like a nice little threesome," he commented with a yawn. As quick as she'd spread her legs for Nick, he didn't doubt she'd done it for her roommates as well. Or maybe Nick was just her type. He did have that rippling muscle thing going on.

Oh? They were going to have a talk now? He sat down and raised his ruffled, sitting back in his chair to regale Nick with the most impatient of impatient gazes. What on earth did they have to talk about? "I'm not some delicate human," he sighed, rolling his eyes. Nick had been afraid he'd hurt Meph? Where'd he get off thinking he could hurt Meph in the first place? "It's fine, it's not like I've never been around a wolf before," he excused Nick, waving it away. "Besides, you're not the only one with...urges." It wasn't as though Meph had never experienced it himself, his body fighting him for control, the fear of hurting someone he cared about when the urge to drink struck too deeply. The only difference between vampires and wolves in that respect was that as long as vampires kept a regular feeding schedule, everything would be fine, whereas wolves had no way to force them back, when the urges came on.

If an apology was enough to change his mind about wolves, he'd be flip-flopping every few dozen years. But it was nice to hear. He inclined his head slightly, acknowledging the apology.

And back to work. "Not much. Bunch of names of people I don't know, mostly. I was going to go facebook crawling with their names later, see if any of them matched to familiar faces." She might not use pseudonyms in her address book, after all; it all depended on how seriously she and the others took the group. "Did get one thing though...or rather, a feeling. James Horus, is that name familiar to you, as well? I feel as though I've heard it before somewhere." He glanced at Nick, looking at his hair. It'd been silver earlier, had that one streak in it. How old was Nick, anyways? He'd never asked.
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[center Of course. Of course Meph would turn up. Something about seeing him so soon without the preparation made Nick uncomfortable, but he didn't show it. Instead, he took a moment to glance about the club in search of these patrons he'd supposedly frightened. "I did all that sitting down? I must be that good." He muttered sarcastically.

"I was trying to figure out what I missed. There was something wrong. Something strange. Out of place that I don't have the time to investigate." He explained, making room for Meph in the event he was sticking around. "Three roommates. One female, two males." Nick rubbed at his forehead, patting the place beside him. "I'll figure it out. But I wanna talk to you. Just so there are no misunderstandings."

After all, he'd kind of gone apeshit on Meph and there hadn't been much excuse for it. Pushing fingers through his hair, Nick scanned the crowd, swallowing. He was definitely more mellowed out, but it didn't mean the urges weren't there. No matter how well he batted them down.

"Earlier...I thought I might hurt you," he murmured without looking at the Vampyre. "Control is a big deal for me.." He explained, lacing his fingers. "There are assholes that will lose their shit and blame it on the genes, but I think that's bullshit. It's like nobody has ever heard of self responsibility."

There was irritation but it was muted. Mostly, Nick just wanted to clarify things with Meph. "I get that there are certain things that have been pre-conceived about my kind, but everyone is built differently. I know to you, and a lot of others, we probably seem like glorified hunting dogs, but that's not the whole of it. And that's why I wanted to apologize for letting my composure slip. It's not like it's impossible to stay in control but certain things are... A little trickier. Anyway - did you make any progress at all on that mobile?"]
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The shower beat down on his back, steaming up the whole room with its heat. Even so, Meph felt cold to his core, as though his heart was made of ice. Haaaa. Now that Nick was gone, he felt even more stupid. What'd he been thinking, parading around naked in front of Nick, letting the stupid wolf share his bed? He never let anyone share his bed. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

When he stepped out of the shower, a message was flashing on his phone. He ignored it. Fuck Nick. If he never saw him again, it'd be too soon. His towel felt just as warm and fluffy as Nick had. Well. More fluffy. Less warm. Meph rolled his eyes at himself. What was this tangent?

He stretched out his arms and summoned clothes to himself,, enjoying the silky-smooth feel against his skin. Walking slowly, he returned to the room and found the phone Nick had left, then plugged it in. While it was charging, he stripped the bed of sheets and rang for them to be taken to the cleaners, swapping them out for new ones. There. Now that was better. Now the room didn't smell like wet dog.

Now that it was clean, he plopped down on the bed and turned the phone on. Once it'd come up, he scrolled through the contacts idly, looking for anything or anyone familiar. Nothing, nothing, nothing. They were all just names to him. Wait...that one. He squinted. James Horus. Where had he seen that surname before? It seemed familiar, but he couldn't say from where.

His phone rang. He gave it a glance, then dismissed it. Just the stupid wolf, no doubt. Ugh. And they had to work together until this case was solved. How much longer would it take? Already seemed like eternity.

The phone rang again. One of the sister clubs. Curious, he picked up the phone.

"Meph? There's a huge wolf here, looks like he's looking for trouble. You wanna come down here and throw him out personally?" the vampire on the other end asked. She was weaker than him, a grand-niece or something distant; probably couldn't deal with a wolf on her own.

"Sure," Meph sighed. Nothing better to do. And he had a feeling he knew this wolf. Reluctantly, he peeled himself up off the bed and wandered down to his elevator, in no way excited to face the wolf.

At the bottom floor, he stepped off and slunk into the crowds. It was a short taxi ride to the sister bar, though something bothers him on his way over. No one called his name, not in the sister bat or his club. For a moment, it confused him, but then he remembered; his hair was the wrong color and he had no piercings. It was no surprise if no one recognized him.

Nick, on the other hand, was immediately recognizable, thanks to the fact that he was basically a walking hunk of muscle. He sighed and walked over. "You're scaring the patrons. Find anything useful?"
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[center Prowling the city was completely out of the question, so Nick hadn't any choice but to go with the alternative. Working out a lot of frustration and all that had been his best option, and somewhere in the midst of expelling all of that tension and fueling his massive appetite, Nick had at least managed to sent Meph an apology message.

He hadn't been trying to hurt him so much as to do the opposite. If Meph got too close and he lost it, it wouldn't have been good for either of them. Honestly, he felt guilty for the outburst, but it was that or worse. There hadn't been a lot of options there. Then again, maybe he could have asked Meph to drain him enough to weaken him for a while. Too bad he hadn't thought of that before.

In the later hours of the evening, Nick had been cruising around his city on his bike, working to regain a little of that control as he made a call via bluetooth to Meph. That was, if the vampyre wasn't still too pissed to talk to him. Honestly, he'd have understood, but it wasn't like there had been no reason for it whatsoever. Still, it could have been handled better. He [i did] regret that much.

Rolling up outside of the club nearest his place, Nick sighed. Part of him wanted to head up to Meph's directly, but something made him seriously hesitate. It was late enough for the club scene to really vibe, so he did his best to blend in, settling in a section where several other patrons and too many bodies were already crowded.

This shit could not happen again. Not while they were searching for Eliza. Even worse, if those wannabe saviours caught wind of the existence of wolves, it'd be an entirely new can of worms.

Shutting his eyes, he simply thought, combing through the details of the night he'd spent at that mortal woman's. The scents, the abode, the chemicals. What hadn't made sense? What had been out of place? He could feel that he was missing something, but Nick wasn't sure what it was. Maybe it had been something he'd seen in passing or noticed but hadn't totally focused on? Whatever it had been, it was tripping him up.

There were two male roommates and one female - who was dating one of the gentleman, so what was it? He thought back to the room, trying to visualise himself within the space again.
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Nick moved away every time he moved closer. It was a fun game, and once he realized it, he abused it to the utmost, enjoying the way Nick flinched away from him. Was he really so scary? Huh? Was Nick afraid of him now?

Then suddenly he was pinned up against a wall by his wrists, feet dangling an inch off the floor. Meph's eyes went wide, and he stiffened, suddenly afraid. This was not good. Not good at all. Nails scratched into his wall, Nick's teeth too large and his hair suddenly all white. Shit. He'd gotten used to Nick and completely forgotten about the dangers of having a wolf in the house--the dangers that came with him going into heat. He really should've put clothes on last night; his choice to sleep naked was coming back to bite him in the ass.

Nick let go of his wrists, and he planted his feet on the floor and glared Nick in the eye. Heat or no, this was inexcusable behavior. "Do not order me in my own home," he snarled, voice the dangerous kind of quiet. His body was all but emanating cold, his irises bleeding to red. He glared Nick down for a second, daring him to try that stunt again, see what'd happen when he grabbed a vampire without their permission. Caught him by surprise the first time, but never again. He held his stance for a moment, then, slowly, deliberately, moved aside, never dropping eye contact. "Touch anyone in my territory on that 'run' of yours, and I'll make you regret it."

Once he was out of Nick's way, the door opened silently on its own, as though by magic. He turned to watch Nick leave, never taking his eyes off the wolf. And he'd almost considered him an ally. Never. Wolves could not be trusted. They were wild animals, to be used and abused but never relied upon.

The door shut behind Nick, and he grimaced at it. He'd been pretty stupid, hadn't he? Letting a wolf share his bed? And he'd even seen the warning sign and been too stupid to think anything of it! Stupid, stupid, stupid! He picked the phone up and tried to work it, but it was out of power. Snarling, he grabbed it and hefted it over his head, preparing to throw it to the ground--and then took a deep breath. No. It wasn't his fault. It was just a thing that happened. Couldn't blame himself or Nick. Deep breath. Deep breath.

"I'm gonna take a damn shower," he announced to no one, and dropped the phone on the bed to stomp into his bathroom.
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[center He paused and instantly regretted it. He should've been quicker about getting through the door, because it seemed the instant Meph was up, he was intent on getting on his nerves. "I [i know] that." He exhaled, pressing his eyes shut for a moment. Damn - he was really trying his patience today, and if he wasn't worried more so about getting some fresh air, he might've taken him on.

He stepped forward and in the next moment Meph had vacated the bed, already about getting all up in his face. Today was [i so] not the day for this mess. "The phone's right where I left it - in your bed. Which I strongly urge you return."

He moved to step away, knowing very well that they were too close. Why did he have to choose today to be this persistent? Ordinarily, he couldn't wait to get rid of him, so why today? Were the fates really that sadistic?

Meph moved in close - too close - and Nick just about lost his shit. Maybe that was an understatement. Usually he could pull off the calm, detached vibe, but not today.

Nick was fast - too fast, in fact - but the end result had been the same. He'd slammed the brunet up against the wall, wrists pinned beneath splayed hands, and face hovering so close their breath mingled. "[i Back the fuck off.]" His words were a mere whisper, but his tone was dark - too dark.

"And put the fangs away. You [i really] don't want to be all up in my shit right now." He met Meph's gaze, his irises having gone completely silver. He withdrew a number of inches then, the corner of his lips twitching. His nails had lengthened to translucent white points, much different from the peachy well-groomed hands that typically [i didn't] leave scratch marks in Meph's walls.

"Now," He began, pushing fingers through cropped, silver locks. "I'm going to go for a run. You [i get] me? Get between me and the door again, and you'll regret it."

He was trying to keep his hands to himself, his eyes on anything above the vampyre's shoulders. "Am I making myself clear?" His hands dropped, fingers curling and uncurling as he put a little distance between them.
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The person pulled away from him and sat up. Meph curled up in the warm hollow where they'd been, but the warmth faded fast when he occupied the hollow. Disappointed, he at last gave up on sleep and sat up as well, stretching. So who was it? One of the cattle? He didn't usually sleep with them--as in, let them share his bed for the night, not as in have sex, which he did fairly often. But letting them stay the night? No. Too much...cattle-ness to deal with. They got so clingy it was kind of gross.

A familiar face met his eyes instead.

Meph frowned. Nick? Why--no, right, he'd been hungry, and then he'd been so tired, and he hadn't really been thinking... right. He yawned. Well, he'd definitely invited worse things to bed.

Nick jumped up and charged for the door like he'd been caught red-handed escaping from his one-night stand, and Meph laughed. "What's the matter, never shared a bed before?" he asked, amused. Nick looked like he'd just received the shock of his life, and it was kind of adorable. Adorable? No, he meant... he wanted to tease him about it. Right. "Nothing happened, you know. There's no reason to be so weird about it." What was sharing a bed between two consenting adults, anyways? No need to get so worked up about it.
Nick was almost at the door. He jumped out of bed and chased Nick down, stopping him just before he made it out the door--half on sheer instinct. It was a vital thing for vampires to keep their prey relatively confined--or had been, back in the day when people took them seriously as threats. Now it was less worrisome, but the instincts hadn't died out yet.

"Wait up, I'm hungry," he complained. "And where'd you put that phone?" If Nick had to go somewhere, he understood, but he was going to have his meal before the man left and do some phone snooping while he was gone. He moved closer, eyeing Nick's neck hungrily. Just a little bite before he left? Surely Nick wouldn't complain? He flicked his eyes up to Nick's face to see how he was reacting, then moved in for the bite.
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[center It was so strange. Nick never slept with anyone. Not because he [i couldn't], but it was far more secure to sleep alone. Even when he'd been in the military, he'd always been just a little paranoid. At least, in the beginning. It was an interesting comparison. Your unit became your pack. There were other reasons, of course, why he tended to sleep alone, but for that night in particular, it seemed like it wouldn't be an issue. Maybe it was because he was too deep into sleep to dream.

He peeked one eye open and for the longest moment just watched. It took him a second. He wasn't accustomed to seeing brown hair on the man, but he recognised the scent a half second later.

So, why was... Meph... all cuddled up to him? This was-- how did he even? Should he move? Was it rude? Where the fuck was he? Oh, lord, was this his bed?

Head swiveling about, Nick surveyed the room in muted horror. Okay-- his clothes were on, though, so they hadn't fucked. He exhaled in relief - not that it did much for him. Holy [i shit] he was burning.

Gently disentangling himself from Meph, he rolled upright and rubbed at his face, one hand pushing the hair away from his forehead and falling to rub at his nape.

[i Oh, shit...]

He had to get out of this room - far, far away. And run. Run his ass off. In fact, he'd do that now. Now seemed like a good time. Maybe if he ran long enough he'd be too tired for anything else. Despite the fact that there was a very naked man under very inviting silk sheets, and he was oh so close-

[i "No."] he hissed, straightening up from the bed and stalking for the door. Time to go. He'd get a new phone while he was at it. If he stayed here, shit was going to go south really, really fast, and he wasn't exactly sure Meph would want to be around to see that. ]
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It was weird, feeling the thrum of Nick's voice through his neck as he fed. Usually the cattle fell silent, but Nick was just so... blase about it. Giving out a report like nothing at all was happening while Meph was crouched over him, naked at that. Kind of refreshing, really. The hands on his thighs were weird, but then he realized that he had his hands in Nick's hair and decided to just go with it. They were both too tired to think too hard about what they were doing.

Good to know that Rose's roommates were humans. Meph rolled his eyes. Not important. At least they had evidence, now. Phone contacts, clothes for Meph to sniff in the morning, all kinds of things to track down. "Agreed," he sighed, to Nick's 'fucking spent.' Nick was not the only one. It'd been a very, very long day, but at last it was over. Over, but only over for them to have to get up again first thing tomorrow and get back to work. Meph sighed, dismissing the thought. Now was time for sleep. He'd worry about that in the morning.

He drifted off to sleep easily, fed and snug where he was, cuddled up against Nick's side. The sound of Nick breathing was like a lullaby. It was one of those things you didn't notice when you had it, but when he didn't anymore... he missed the sound of his own breathing. Having someone else breathe wasn't the same, but it was close enough.

Meph slept soundly through the night and well into the day. The curtains were pulled tight shut; it might as well have been midnight in his room, even when the sun was high overhead. Humans sometimes complained that they slept in too long in his room, but to Meph, he slept in just long enough. He woke up slowly, blinking his eyes open, then settling back down. He was nice and warm, snuggled up in someone's arms. It was nice. Who was it? One of the cattle? Ah, did it matter? He closed his eyes and tried to sleep a little longer, too tired to get up yet. In a moment. Just a moment.
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[center It felt so strange, having Meph settle atop him, but he was too tired to fight it. Instead, Nick simply gazed up at the vampyre, wondering what it was that had caught his attention. Was he going to get on with it or not? It wasn't like Nick had all night for- ahh, who was he kidding? He was going to pass out any second.

Absently, his hands slid up Meph's thighs, his eyes having fallen shut. He was mostly out of it by then, but he didn't even bother saying so. He'd probably be gone before Meph even finished. Fingers caught in his cropped hair and his lips parted, but he never said a word, opting instead for pulling in a slow breath.

"Debatable. Probably human - or mostly. They didn't scent of anything else." Those chemicals had been so strong, though. "One of the roommates was definitively human, though." And needed desperately to switch their brand of deodorant. It really wasn't doing it for them.

"To be honest, that place reeked of those compounds, and even if Trey is saved, doubt it's by name. That'd just be too easy." Plus, he didn't peg them for being [i that] stupid. Surely they had basic steps in place to make sure their contacts didn't just get leaked all over the place.

Settling further into the comfort of Meph's bed, Nick felt himself drifting again, just as he was attempting to relay more information. "Brought clothes... scent.." Maybe Meph would pick something up from them that he had missed. Especially having a fresh nose and all that.

"I'm fuckin'-- spent." Time for sleep. He would worry about all of this in the morning. For the time being, he was content to snuggle with the ice cube. It was a welcome reprieve from the temperature he'd been running.

Tomorrow, they would worry about sifting through evidence and finding a way to deal with Gideon. The sooner they reported of substance, the sooner he would stop breathing down their necks.]
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Rather than fight or protest, Nick plopped down full-body into the bed. Meph gave him a look, then scooted closer. Well, whatever. Food was food was food.

He chuckled a bit. Old-fashioned wolf, couldn't deal with a lady fucking around. Meph could, but mostly because he also did some fucking around himself--and most of the cattle, the women, anyways, were that kind of lady, and always had been, even back in the days when they'd been called whores and it'd been their profession. While Nick spoke, he climbed over the other man, straddling him. From this angle, Nick was pretty attractive. Not that he was the kind to go for other men, but he knew beauty when he saw it. Hair all splayed out, the silver bit showing now that he was laying down and his hair had flipped back...he could understand the attraction.

"Be too much luck if she had Trey in there as one of her contacts," he muttered. She had the serum from the syringe in her house? That'd explain why she reeked of it. Tall and graceful? "Like a ballet dancer, or like a creature?" he asked, meaning: was it a supernatural kind of graceful, or a human kind of graceful? That description could be either one. Though Nick hadn't scented a creature, so it was probably the former rather than the latter.

And then Nick was complaining about Rose again. "Oh shh, shh, you had the worst night, poor baby, I understand," Meph mocked him, then bent low and bit his neck. He was a little careless about his venom this time, but at the same time, he figured that having a naked man straddle him was probably enough to kill any aphrodesiac buzz his venom gave Nick. Besides, he'd just had a lovely night out. It was fine. All he cared about was the hot, delicious blood that came pouring out, filling him with warmth, burning the hunger away. He snuggled down lower and knit his fingers in Nick's hair subconsciously, affectionate towards the one who was filling his belly. It was a habit formed thanks to the cattle, who usually moaned for fulfillment and whined if they weren't shown at least a little affection, one he'd fallen into because it was mostly cattle he drank from on this bed, not his wolf colleagues.

When he finished drinking, he sighed and slid off Nick, sleepy now that he'd eaten his fill. A part of him wanted to chase Nick away, but another part argued that Nick was nice and warm, and he couldn't muster the will to send his warm body pillow away.
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[center Nick wasn't in the mood to get into it with Meph, so instead of objecting, he went and planted it right beside him. What he hadn't expected, however, was to completely topple over. The moment his ass had hit the bed, his head had been next. His gaze re-focused on the ceiling and with a long intake of breath, he kicked off the debriefing.

"Her place had the scent of several males. Well.. at least of four. Two, however, were the most abundant, and one of the candidates even had clothes strewn about. Fuckin'-- she said she had roommates. Interestingly enough, though, Rose is living the high life. The place was more so something I'd expect one of your kind to have. Expensive, classy, fairly low key without losing its elegance." Which was totally annoying.

"Anyway, I stole her phone contacts before I went. Gonna have to burn that mobile anyway... but the contacts will have been saved to for device and not the sim. So it's all good. Now for part two. There was a storage closet, and a bunch of weird smelling shit, what I'm guessing you scented on her, was there. It was behind some sort of false wall partition, but it was so strong of a scent. Nearly numbed my nose. Anyway, while I was checking it out, someone came home. I didn't see who, though. They sounded tall, had a long stride, but they must have been slender or something because the footfalls were pretty light. Kind of graceful but still deliberate."

Sighing, Nick melted further into the bed, his eyes falling shut. He was so exhausted. He just wanted to stay that way for a bit. Would Meph chase him off? Maybe he was hungry enough not to care too much.

"That woman was a real piece of work. It took forever for her to fall asleep. And stay he made these terrible sounds. I've heard better from a berserker. Fucking insanity."
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He was still texting the witch, trying to flirt her into his bedroom so he could get some decent food, when he felt Nick return to his castle, his lovely club of a castle. Oh. Good. He didn't have to put up with this bullshit anymore. "It is a booty call," he texted back, to her "it'd better not be," and tossed his phone down. Finally. Food without frills. Nick was just so damn convenient. He was starting to understand the allure of having a wolf around, for the first time in his life. Even if it did taste a bit like dog, at least he didn't have to seduce Nick every night just to eat.

Though the Nick that stomped into his bedroom was not in the mood to even let Meph have a meal, it seemed.

"What're you so mad about, you just got to bed a lovely lady while I had to deal with Gideon crawling up my ass," Meph asked, sitting up. Honestly, Nick looked more pent-up now than he had before Meph had sent him after the girl. Was it really that awful? The silk sheets slid down his perfect body and pooled in his lap, and he rubbed his face and yawned. "Not literally, thank G--fuck," he added after a moment. "But he wanted to know how we were doing. So I'm glad to hear that wasn't a dead end."

He patted the spot on the bed beside him, inviting Nick closer. Somehow, it was irritating to smell the scent of a woman on him, even through the soap and hot shower. Nick was his food, damn it. No one else got to lay their hands on his food. Though this time it'd been his own orders sending Nick out to have hands laid on, so he couldn't really be angry. "C'mere, I'm hungry," he said, revealing his ulterior motives. "And tell me all 'bout it. What did you find? Did you scent anything interesting?" [i Like Trey?] he almost added, but held himself back. Even he knew there was no way Nick would be able to scent a man he'd never smelled before.
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[center It felt like forever.

At last, she had been down for the count, half-sprawled across her bed, and Nick couldn't help but feel nervous. She was resilient, to say the least, but he was glad that in the end, she'd been relegated to puddle status. No big surprise, but it had been a little more than an annoyance to get there.

He'd wandered about her place, taking photos, searching for the origin of that scent. He'd sifted through the clothing she'd tossed aside earlier, making sure to get scents from both of them before he went about hunting down those odd compounds.

Locked within a closet, he found large tubs, stored deep in the back. They were insulated by a barrier of some sort, one he didn't bother to disturb, but he could smell it well enough. Must have been that shit Meph had smelled earlier.

A lock clicked and a door swung free, and Nick, deep within the storage area, froze. He listened to the footsteps travel, keys get discarded on the nearby couch, and whomever it was, crossed by the door.

He held his breath, ears perking up when water began to flow in the bathroom. Someone was taking a shower. The door shut and in the distance, he could hear Rose's subtle stirrings.

Slipping from the closet, Nick gathered his shirt, his shoes, and paused only to snatch Rose's phone. He was quick about it as he tapped the devices together and deleted his device from any history it could have been recognised on later before he went. The window was the safest route, so he opted for that, but he had to admit... this trip hadn't been totally useless.

Maybe he'd only strangle Meph a little.

The trip back to Meph's was too fucking long. He didn't bother with a cab, instead opting to get there on foot, and when at last he had arrived at his temporary abode, the first thing he'd done was shower like a motherfucker. His clothes went into a bag and he threw himself into the searing heat to cleanse himself. It was a good thirty minutes of scrubbing and annoyance before he was completely clean, from head to toe, skin still flushed once he'd pulled some clothes on.

He didn't give a shit if Meph was sleeping. He was [i pretty] damned awake himself. So he ended up marching his ass up there and letting himself in. He kicked a set of flip flops off to one side, barefoot as he entered, and tossed the bag down on the floor of Meph's bedroom.

"You're clearly awake. And you were right. She's in deep." He tossed his phone onto the bed and simply watched Meph, all comfortable and shit beneath his silk sheets. [i Fucker].
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The phone rang just as Meph was settling down to sleep. He grabbed the landline with half a thought of yanking it off its cord and lifted the receiver to his ear without vacating the bed. "Nick, bed the damn girl, she's pretty enough, for fuck's sake," he groaned, eyes shut. He just wanted to get some sleep. Was it too much to ask? Maybe he really should've been the one to do it. He was more used to it.

"And I thought you were doing work?" Gideon's voice came from the other end, cold as ice.

Meph sat bolt upright in bed, suddenly wide awake as adrenaline sent his heart racing. "Sir! No, absolutely, sir, this is strictly part of the investigation, we are following an urgent lead--"

Gideon chuckled. It was not a kind sound; more the sort that sent shivers up and down Meph's spine in a bad way. "I hope so. An urgent lead, you say? I was calling for your report, but I am glad to hear you've made progress." There was a threat in the statement; if they hadn't made progress... Meph shuddered. He didn't want to know.

"Yes, absolutely," he replied, eager to divulge the truth. "We met up with the group and passed those secret tests Fabian was talking about--they were a joke, for the most part. The group is mostly just idiots who don't know what they're talking about--"

Gideon grunted, an unpleasant sound.

"--but there's this subset, the big three," Meph followed up quickly. "They're the ringleaders, so to speak. The ones who kidnapped Eliza. One of the girls was...ah, involved with one of them, so I sent Nick to --ahem, investigate..."

"Nick?" Gideon asked. "And not yourself?"

"Not one for the skinny types, this lady," Meph said, shaking his head as though Gideon could see him. "And besides, m'lord, if I'd charmed her--this group knows about vampires, right? They'll be on the lookout for things like that. We're lucky that it came about naturally."

There was silence on the other end, silence for a long time. "And this girl will lead you to the ringleaders?" he asked at last, voice cold as ice; subtext: if she didn't...

"Yes, m'lord, absolutely," Meph said.

Silence again. A short laugh. "Then I expect to hear of success soon," Gideon said, and then the line went dead.

Meph stared at the phone in his hands, then sighed, moving sluggishly to hang it up. Good thing he hadn't called on the cattle. Gideon would've gutted him if he'd been under any sort of influence. Though now that he was awake, the hunger was just growing more extreme. He shifted on the bed, trying and failing to fall asleep. Dammit. He was hungry after all. Something about those tests had taken it out of him--maybe there was more sense to it than he'd thought. He needed good, thick, magic-rich blood... Nick was the first thing that came to mind. He sighed and rolled over. Not Nick. Someone else. There had to be someone else. He pulled up his cell phone and flicked through the contacts, searching.
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