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In the beginning the gods gathered and formed everything, they placed everything in reach that anyone could ever ask for. They only asked for devotion a simple thought sufficed many times. If there was a need then the mortals would beg for assist. That was till war broke out across the lands and a new god arose one that was nailed to two bars that formed a cross his followers called him the true god and all where to worship him or face eternal damnation. Those who rebelled and wouldn't betray the gods of old where severely punished in life, and in death they became restless, and broke threw the world of the dead, back to where the living resided bringing with them demons of all forms. now you are a descendant of those who where murdered mercilessly the gods have gifted you with magic and health but your very life is threatened because of the war between the gods of old and the follows of the new god. Fight threw to the sacred circle of stones and call the gods forth to end the war of the gods.

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Alric had stepped out of the circle as the last bit of green light faded from his body. Two people It seemed had joined him, but had passed out from the pain of having their magic slowly drained from their bodies. Their life force would fuel the magic.

Seeing star take up one of the circles and Lavinia taking up the other Alric called up the ritual stone. It was nothing spectacular, just a normal looking stone that stood ten feet high and two feet across. Flat on all the sides, accept the one thing that made it oddly out of place was the fact it was floating off the floor.

The stone had indeed come up from the ground within the tunnels that Alric had taken years to carve out and had run under the city, however it didn't destroy the earth more it was summoned to the basement by their spell. Hearing the concerns Alric's face gave away nothing. [b "I plan on using the dead."] Raising his hands as bodies of the recently dead hunters came through the doorway each one seemed to reanimate itself along with the skeletons that he had been using earlier during their scouting.

Alric had raised his hands high above all their heads and started an incantation, which teleported them to a different location, only this one was open. the small rush of chilly night air gave way to a bright sunrise dawn the golden hues seemed to show they were on the edge of town on the tallest building. [b "From here we go downward, only this building has been abandoned for years, so we shouldn't meet any resistance. After here we go to Townhall and bring up the stone that is in the third cell to the left under the place in the old jail."]
  Death Patron / Colorful_insanity / 49d 23h 2m 48s
[+teal "Alric, whenever you are ready we can do this.] As soon as she had said that telepathically they had appeared and Alric set up a circle and everyone had taken their place in the circle, along with everyone else. Although she felt a mild uneasiness from Star, she knew it was indubitably why it was that Star had felt this way. For Lavinia did not feel quite at peace with the entire group either, for it was not that long ago that she had joined Alric and his order of magic users. Although, having lived with him she grew to admire his leadership skills and somewhat strong personality.

Valerian, having stepped away from the circle and leaning against the wall nearest James and Ashley voiced his concerns [+maroon "What is your battle plan, and how do you plan on actually taking those six locations, because their are still the matters of the other stones?"] Lavinia was also mildly concerned about this.
  Lavinia Cassady / cognitiveApparition / 51d 17h 23m 26s
Valerian stepped away from their Circle, sensing it wasn't his place to stay inside it. Moving around the room, he scanned everyone, taking a moment to listen to everyone talk, and found the wall closest to James and Ashley. [B "Again, don't worry about the hostilities, I've been met with sharper blades. So, as it stands, you know who I am, but, I have no idea who any of you are, with exception."] Propping himself against the wall, he placed his hands crossed on the hilts of his blades, and let out a slow sigh, waiting for anyone else to speak and continued to talk. [B "What is your battle plan, and how do you plan on actually taking those six locations, because their are still the matters of the other stones"]
  chaoticchewy / 62d 20h 26m 19s
Alric called out. [+Red “Stand down Star, This is Valerian, Patron to the Triple Goddess and Guardian to James and Ashley.”] [b “damn it Alric you cant be serous”] she thought to herself as she lowered her bow under Alric’s orders how she hated orders that didn't come from the gods themselves orders that could cost lives but she knew when she had to obey [+red “Their alcove was attacked and captured James ported them out of the fight to give warning to any that they came in contact with, but James and Ashley got captured before their teleportation went off.”] Alric said.

[+red “Welcome brother, you are in safe company.”] Alric said to the man in front of them star stepped forward [+blue “welcome please except my apologies these are times of war after all can never be too careful”] she said to the man Alric called Valerian offering her hand to the warrior he did some chatting but he seemed comfortable enough with their group she found it strange that Alric named him brother so simply but that wasn’t her place to question so she put it off as Alric said [+red “We are turning the war on the hunter’s themselves. We have six more buildings that we need to take before the night is over.”]

Star looked at Lavinia she seemed to be better now and comfortable with the new comer Alric continued to speak directing to to the group this time [+red “I need someone to take stand inside the other three circles.”] Star noticed the look on his face as he continued to speak [+red “Know that your power will be given to bring up this stone, and you may lose your life doing so, but your power will fuel the stone once its risen until the others are up.”]

Everyone took their places star included she wasn’t used to working magic in groups of people it never was her favorite thing to do but she knew there was no avoiding it as the magic was needed and it was their responsibility. It wasn't that group magic, also known as circle and coven magic, was hard it just wasn't her favorite thing to do, as it relied on every member participating and Star herself didn't trust many people and building trust wasn't an easy thing for her. Life had been too cruel and the hunters where proof of it.
  starbird / 87d 45m 22s
Lavinia was a bit on edge because of the strange man, but she relinquished her sense of danger, because she sensed he held no hostility towards the group. She continued towards the ruin, leading others who were just as eager to fulfil the orders Alric had given them. Along their way they past a large amount of bodies from the battle if one happened to twitch or anything she simply put a dagger through their throat quickly and continued onwards to her main objective. Once there her and the others waited for Alric in the basement being just a little chatty and eager to continue with the nights ‘festivities’. [+teal “Alright, I have the strength enough to open our telepathic communications again and we’re sitting in the basement right now, so whenever you are ready we can do this.”] Lavinia sent out this message to Alric as her green eyes sparkled a bit in the basement room lit with torches.
  Lavinia Cassady / cognitiveApparition / 111d 1h 29m 3s
Valerian kept his blades drawn until he heard his own name, and upon recognizing James and Ashley, sheathed his blades. [b "I'm so glad to see that their alive, I was worried I may have been the only one to have gotten out. I've also been greeted with much more hostility before, so at least I wasn't shot on sight. I must be out of practice to have been notcied"] He shifted slightly as Alric touched his shoulder, resting his hand on his blade, and listened as the man talked. Looking to both James and Ashley, he gave them both a slight nod and motion of his hand, and after a returned gesture and a nod, he shifted his mask slightly, and stood down.

[b "Only six? If you have some details, and how much resistance we are expecting, I should be able to cover a couple. I spent time in the Asia Minors tracking hunter enclaves, until I was asked to return a few years ago. So my expertise in infiltration may come in handy"] He watched as the man reveled a green orb from his palm, and backed off, giving a slight shutter as he drew his blood in the name of his God. Necromancy and blood magic had always been odd to him, and had also always made him rather uncomfortable, but he stood by, watching for reactions from the rest of the room.
  ChaoticChewy / 62d 20h 25m 47s
The group of magic user came to the ground floor with him, some of them rushed on to the basement in the lead was Lavinia. She was it seemed determined to bring up the rune stone. It was the mission he had set her and she would see it done, but they needed to get everyone down into the basement first. The group moved quickly pasted the rotting corpses of the dead hunters that lay on the floor and those pinned to the walls, or even those still standing from Alric’s necromancer magic. [b “We must hurry.”] was all he said as he turned and released the bodies of the dead back into the city streets outside.

Climbing down the stairs it seemed more hunters appeared in the basement while the fight was happening up stairs, but their bodies were riddled with arrows and burns from it seemed a fight that had already happened. Upon closer inspection one could tell they weren’t with the group they had just killed of hunters as their markers were different. A few of the magic users came forward one caring James who motioned for alric to come closer.

As the man leaned into the elder he could sense the yet living person in the corner. Star acted first, drawing bow and arrow up to meet his mark, but her power rune to make it so no one else hit him was an odd thing. James whispered into Alric’s ear and the male called out. [b “Stand down star, This is Valerian, Patron to the Triple Goddess and Guardian to James and Ashley. Their alcove was attacked and captured James ported them out of the fight to give warning to any that they came in contact with, but James and Ashley got captured before their teleportation went off.”]

Alric stepped forward up next to Valerian and placed a hand on the man’s shoulder. [b “Welcome brother, you are in safe company.”] lifting his hand to show a bright green orb appear in it the man put the ball out with a clench of his fist. [b “We are turning the war on the hunter’s themselves. We have six more buildings that we need to take before the night is over.”]

As he turned to face the men and women in the group he dropped to the floor of the giant room and placed both hands on the floor summoning a circle with Three circle on the outside and one in the middle. Stepping up into the middle circle He motioned to the other three circles. [b “I need someone to take stand inside the other three circles.”] Looking over the group he gave a stone cold look. [b “Know that your power will be given to bring up this stone, and you may lose your life doing so, but your power will fuel the stone once its risen until the others are up.”]

As his last foot stepped over the circle drawn on the floor it lit up a Ruby red color and small symbols appeared around his circle. His three patrons, Urso the blood God, Nerull God of death, and his last Patron god Har’Koa The Goddess of rebirth. Drawing out a knife from his pocket he cut his hand and turned it over onto the blood symbol. [b "Blood for the blood God."]

Drawing the blood across all three symbols they lit up in order. Urso was crimson red to represent blood, Nerull was Envy green to represent darker nature. And Har'Koa glowed Zaffre blue for the rivers of life.

  Alric | Le Padre / Colorful_insanity / 117d 6h 48m 8s
Star understood why Lavinia would be on edge, the man near them was a new comer. While Star had her own reserves she knew enough to know there was no immediate threat. Alric hadn't mentioned the man but he didn't seem to be overly concerned about the newcomer. They still needed to move there was still much to be done and the elders would need help as well as the village. They still had much to do and none of it would be simple the new man did pose a small problem. Would he be welcomed or would Alric being the primary leader need to go threw a drawn out process. Star could tell, he used magic, as well as carried two rather nice looking swords also known as a Falcata’s. These where rare now days, as many who where trained in sword play used long swords or daggers for convince and simple craftsmanship, some also preferred katakana’s, but the use of the roman Falcata’s was still a new sight to even Star. She moved her eyes over the man, his mask firm against his face, and his stance was defiantly self preservation. He hadn't meant to find them, but he could join them, and be a good partner to them, providing that Alric approved the man joining them. [b “and in this dark time would he really turn down an able body warrior?”] she thought to herself. Star knew better then to question it so instead she drew her bow with her arrow lined and said [+red “if your not our enemy and you stand against the hunters come out now and my arrow will not strike you, however I shall only give you one chance to prove yourself”] as she spoke a ward encircled the room wall to wall this ward wouldn't allow anyone who aimed to harm the magic users enter just her way of ensuring that if he was an enemy they would be safe after all there was elders with them now after alric had saved them the man stepped toward the group and instantly the ward aloud him in relieved that he meant them no ill will star turned to alric to speak for the man but alric held his hand up to speak.
  star / starbird / 118d 15h 33m 1s
[b "Leave them to their own for now."] Alric told her and she listened for her strength was a little drained because of the poison she had since taken from her blood stream, but regardless she could still fulfill some of the spell needed to cast a call to action for the people to bring down the dead from within the compound and meet with them. Having fulfilled that duty Lavinia bid what little amount of time she could, while waiting for people to show up, into regaining her energy. Alric’s orders were that they get to the basement as soon as possible and that they take a couple of people with them.
Both Star and Lavinia lead this small group into the basement where the large battle took place. There were a lot of really interesting spells being used by all of them. The particular spell used by Alric is one of the reasons that they won the fight. Lavinia fought with a might of her own and her swords as well as the corrupting force of her deity and the burning damage of her daggers. The fight wage on for an hour as the sound of steel and magic clashing roared over all of those involved. Until finally it dived down and Alric spoke once more in a cool and commanding voice [b It seems They have captured a hidden alcove just east of here. This is the elder of said village, James, Elder to Azray Goddess of the deepwood forest. This is also Ashley Elder to Athel 'Loran. God of the wild hunt."] Alric let out a smile as he spoke and Lavinia knew that these two would make great leaders for said mission, but an unknown guest appeared suddenly from the shadows as Alric finished his grand speech. Lavinia sensed his presence first before he had even entered the room, but surely she knew that Alric had as well. She sensed no hostility from the man, but she also knew that she had been prepared just in case he was to oppose them.
  Lavinia Cassady / cognitiveApparition / 118d 23h 41m 8s
Valerian looked around, half dazed, as he stepped out of a forced teleportation, he could still here the screams of his friends echoing through the back of his mind. Taking a moment to center himself and aquatint himself with his new surroundings, Valerian realized that he had no idea were he was at. Speaking in a low whisper to himself, mostly in frustration [b Were has the Elder sent me, and what does he possibly...] trailing off mid-sentence, he suddenly thought of the allies and friends he had just left behind to die.As quickly as the thought came forward, it also subsided and he pushed the thoughts of rage to the back of his mind, looking on, hoping to figure out the question he had just asked himself. Without really worrying who might be watching, Valerian took a few moments to cast a kinetic enhancement spell, and charged towards the direction the Elder had told him to head once the spell was complete. After a short while, about 30 minutes at his enhanced speed, he could see the answer to his question. A building, that looked familiar to a picture the Elder had once shown him as a child.

Stopping just short of the building, Valerian realized quickly why it was he was here. Fresh tracks indicated that people were still inside and whoever was here was still fighting inside, or had at least just finished fighting. Drawing both blades, and without really thinking, he waded into the building, ready to cut down anyone that might get in his way.

Walking in, blades at the ready, he could smell the freshly deceased, and saw them shortly afterwards; Men, women, even children, laid strewn across the ground, broken and stabbed. Continuing onward he could here a voice, and stopped dead in his tracks, proceeding to hide withing the shadows, not wishing to engage in unnecessary bloodshed, waiting to hear what else the male voice had to say, hoping that it was an ally, not an enemy.
  ChaoticChewy / 119d 24m 40s
Alric had understood what Lavinia was asking. She was asking for aid, and it would only serve to help them. [b "Leave them to their own for now."] Turning to face as so many as they came down the stairs as the call went out to their group of hunters. [b "We have a battle on our hands. Bring the bodies and the dead from within the compound."]

Sending out an even wider call on his own across the city Alric waited. At first nothing seemed to happen, however a small smile spread across the man's face as more time passed. [b "Star be ready to move. Laviana you as well. The two of you need to get to the basement right away. Take two or three other's with you and get that rune out of the ground. The other hunting parties will be raising their runes here soon as well."]

drawing out of thin air his weapon of choice his blade wrapped in souls alric only held up his hand. [b "Stay here, all of you."] was his only command as the male stepped down the stairs into the first floor and the entry with all the hunters. [b "Come on folks, this is all that you brought with you."] Raising his blade about his head and allowing it to glow a bright green. [b "Lady of the depth I call upon your powers you have blessed with me I need your agents now. Souls of the damned and dead I claim your oaths now. Come forth and fight for me."]

Just as hunter's started to charge him arms popped out of the ground and grabbed them dragging them it seemed down into the building itself. As men were dragged down into the depths skeletons and souls appeared out of the blade itself. [b "Men, Forma ad signa, Duo Finis."] It appeared that the men seemed to be of roman origin and obeyed Alric.

Clashing of metal and screams was all that could be heard for almost an hour as hunters faced their own dead. Eventually the screams stopped and alric reappeared at the base of the landing mage in hand. [b "It seems They have captured a hidden alcove just east of here. This is the elder of said village, James, Elder to Azray Goddess of the deepwood forest."] Looking at everyone he just smiled as a second mage came out of hiding. [b "This is also Ashley Elder to Athel 'Loran. God of the wild hunt."]
  Alric | Le Padre / Colorful_insanity / 138d 15h 19m 13s
Star looked at lavinia, she was injured and would defiantly need some help with the task. Alric had said nothing about what star had said but as soon as the deed was done he spoke [+Blue “We need to hurry. There is something wrong here completely wrong.”] off they went back the way they came down to the basement where the ruin was but as they approached the main floor alric once again raised his hand up to stop star and started to speak [+Blue “Wait. There are too many people down there for us to deal with alone; we need to get everyone down here. The building was nearly empty which is what threw me off as it was too easy. The reason being is because the hunters were all out looking for us.”] star casted a small spell to try and to tell how many where around she couldn’t see them clearly but could tell how many there where and wither or not they could use magic as one could [+Red “well hell”] she said turning back to look at alric [+Red “you are right this just got a lot more deadly they out number us five to one alric, even with the three of us this wont be a simple task by any means I can also tell there’s another mage down there but they are close to death.”] she waited for alric to respond knowing he had to plan the next move. Lavinia had regained some of her composure and her wound was dressed.
  starbird / 138d 15h 54m 5s
As Star and Alric reach her position, Lavinia had just grabbed out her bandages [b “Lavinia dress that wound first. Poison may have entered your system from her blade.”] she heard Alric and realized that he was correct. That if she had not done so she would most likely not make it. She thanked Alric for the advice and quickly removed most of the clear and poisonous substance from her blood. In doing so she had to make sure to properly dress the wound and apply a counter measure to make sure she did not exasperate the affects of the poison.

Lavinia paid no mind to Star stabbing her opponent in the gut or anything about the child she was carrying, but did listen to her house mate's advice on gathering everyone to help fight their opponents, so Lavinia knew what she was to do. [+teal "Alric, Star, I may need your help to summon enough strength to rally all of the groups telepathically. I hate having to ask for such help, but I fear for my own well-being otherwise,"] she sounded quite somber about asking.
  Lavinia Cassady / RottenLuck / 138d 21h 43s
Alric had only a little time left to deal with the wound, but he would take care of it later on. The more important thing was getting his house mate and the rune from the floor. Getting a little of the poison out of his system Alric stood up. Waving his hand the freshly dead stood back up. [b “Send out for the other dead.”]

Alric left the room shortly after star to find Lavinia also wrapping her wound. [b “Lavinia dress that wound first. Poison may have entered your system from her blade.”] Alric looked at the women dressed in armor a tree of life symbol placed on her arm. Watching as star removed the armor and spoke of the child inside The man stood still waiting.

Watching star stabbed her knife into the stomach and ended the child’s life Alric nodded. [b “We need to hurry. There is something wrong here,, completely wrong.”] picking up Lavinia to her feet Alric started back the way they had come towards the rune in the basement, however as they reached the bottom floor Alric held up his hand.
[b “Wait. There are too many people down there for us to deal with alone; we need to get everyone down here. The building was nearly empty which is what threw me off as it was too easy. The reason being is because the hunters were all out looking for us.”]
  Alric | Le Padre / Colorful_insanity / 139d 3h 48m 6s
Star knew that Alric was right it would take all three of them to bring up the shrine, or they would have to clear the building and send a group to deal with the rest later. [+Red “lets go find Lavinia before she wonders off too far”] she finally said. As they set off running threw the building, they crossed a few hunters, but it seems outside of the man and the child there was only a handful of people stationed here. It seemed strange to star if they had been using this building as a base shouldn't there be more then a few people guards or something, that there was crucifixes everywhere they could hang them this made Star laugh a little as she thought to herself [+Blue “they still believe that we cant touch such silly things their religion is bound to a dead man on a cross.”] Alric must have thought along the same lines as he glanced at one and smiled while saying something under his breath.

They kept moving threw the building till they reached the floor lavinia was on they heard the clash of steal on metal, and as they got to the room where the racket was coming from they found lavinia at her feet was a corpse of a woman in a suit of armor. Star went to the body removed the chest plate and saw that the woman had a baby bump, and a tattoo of the tree of life [+Red “the baby is still alive alric the child would be a magic user if we save it, and bring it back, but we have no idea if they have anyone watching for us to just that”] before she could do anything to change her mind star drove her dagger into the womb and insured the child wouldn't survive. [+Red “lets go”] she said without looking at either alric or lavinia [+Red “we still have a job to do.”]
  starbird / 139d 4h 43m 27s

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