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It has been 200 years after the day Naruto became the Hokage. The world has seen peace and the great ninja nations have all found peace. However all was not as it was supposed to be. The Village Hidden in the Stone have found themselves in a dire situation someone has sabotaged their network and now all of their secret documentation and jutsu have been thrown out into the world. War has been declared on any nation that surfaces with any of their secrets. They have destroyed The Village Hidden in the Mist under simple suspicion. Now it is time to find out what truly happened. Someone has set the world into chaos. A short lived peace but now the world will need to defend itself once again. A plot is in motion to destroy us all. An enemy unlike any other has surfaced and a new enemy has fallen from the sky. What will happen if we cannot band together and once again win for our world.

The Beginning

Our story takes place before the warrior falls from the sky. The Leaf Village has a new set of Genin who are eager to prove themselves and a teacher whose blood line is dwindled. Many new ninja talent have made themselves known and they are ready to start their missions. We will begin with the meeting of the teacher.

Roles that can be played that aren't the 3 genin.

Any Kaze of your choice but not everyone can be one please.
Main enemy You get to choose the name.
Rogue ninja.
Ninja from different village.
Canon characters that are immortal.


1. Cussing is ok.
2. ES Rules apply.
3. Romance is fine just don't make it all about it.
4. No god mode.
5. 1 Uchiha, Hyuga, ect, type character limit.
6. No auto-hitting player characters.
7. Don't just ditch please. Warn me if you plan to quit.
8. PM me skellies.
9. Kekkei Genkeis you create must be sent to me in full detail and must have a negative side effect all of them do.
10. Jinchuuriki- 9 MAX in this rp. First come, first serve but it must make sense. Also YOu DO NOT START WITH FULL CONTROL OF BIJU!!!! you might be able to draw upon a bit of their power but not even one tails worth at the start of the rp.
11. Have fun.
12. No drama.


Chakra Type:
Weapon: If any besides standard equipment
Blood-Line Limit: If any.
Biju: If any.
Directly copied with permission from Voltan

Pic: [pic]
Name:Kasumi Uzumaki
Rank: Genin
Chakra Type: Wind/Lightning
Weapon: a Ninjato
Blood-Line Limit:
Biju: Nine Tailed Fox
Personality: Kind, shy, and happy, but lonely and sad when not around anyone she considers a friend
Bio: Kasumi was born to a small family in a village just outside of The leaf village. When she was two the village was attacked by bandits and most of the population was wiped out, her parents were among those who died. When the Leaf ssent some Ninja to provide releif for the village one of the Jonin saw her and decided to take her in, he even managed to find some storage scrolls that were hidden in the ruins of her parents house. Upon arriving in the Leaf her new father took her to a hospitle and they discovered she was an Uzumaki. During the examination they also discovered a seal on her and quickly discovered that she was the container to a Biju but without her parents they had no way of figuring out how or which one.

Pic: [pic]
Username: HirokoKyo
Name: Mayumi Uchiha
Age: 22
Rank: Chunin
Chakra Type: Fire/Lightening
Weapon: Shuriken
Blood-Line Limit: Sharingan/Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan
Personality: Hardheaded/hotheaded, soft hearted, hard-working, kind, caring, clever, genuine, intelligent, protective, and brave
Bio: Mayumi is the heir to the Uchiha clan.She has been working all her life to live up to the Uchiha name and to make her family proud. The art of medical ninjutsu is her passion and her greatest strength.Learning all her jutsu from the very best in the business. She has only made it to Chunin so far but is aiming for Jounin, the highest rank anyone in her clan has made it to at her age. Mayumi spends the majority of her extra time training and honing her skills. She loves ramen noodles, dumplings,and playing Shogi and Go or anything else to help sharpen her mind. Mayumi might seem rigid and uncaring when you first meet her but after you get to know her, Mayumi can be a sweet, helpful, caring person. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and is very protective of friends/teammates and family. Mayumi is also striving to be the leader of a new group of Genin when she reaches the status of Jounin.


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