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It has been 200 years after the day Naruto became the Hokage. The world has seen peace and the great ninja nations have all found peace. However all was not as it was supposed to be. The Village Hidden in the Stone have found themselves in a dire situation someone has sabotaged their network and now all of their secret documentation and jutsu have been thrown out into the world. War has been declared on any nation that surfaces with any of their secrets. They have destroyed The Village Hidden in the Mist under simple suspicion. Now it is time to find out what truly happened. Someone has set the world into chaos. A short lived peace but now the world will need to defend itself once again. A plot is in motion to destroy us all. An enemy unlike any other has surfaced and a new enemy has fallen from the sky. What will happen if we cannot band together and once again win for our world.

The Beginning

Our story takes place before the warrior falls from the sky. The Leaf Village has a new set of Genin who are eager to prove themselves and a teacher whose blood line is dwindled. Many new ninja talent have made themselves known and they are ready to start their missions. We will begin with the meeting of the teacher.

Roles that can be played that aren't the 3 genin.

Any Kaze of your choice but not everyone can be one please.
Main enemy You get to choose the name.
Rogue ninja.
Ninja from different village.
Canon characters that are immortal.


1. Cussing is ok.
2. ES Rules apply.
3. Romance is fine just don't make it all about it.
4. No god mode.
5. 1 Uchiha, Hyuga, ect, type character limit.
6. No auto-hitting player characters.
7. Don't just ditch please. Warn me if you plan to quit.
8. PM me skellies.
9. Kekkei Genkeis you create must be sent to me in full detail and must have a negative side effect all of them do.
10. Jinchuuriki- 9 MAX in this rp. First come, first serve but it must make sense. Also YOu DO NOT START WITH FULL CONTROL OF BIJU!!!! you might be able to draw upon a bit of their power but not even one tails worth at the start of the rp.
11. Have fun.
12. No drama.


Chakra Type:
Weapon: If any besides standard equipment
Blood-Line Limit: If any.
Biju: If any.
Directly copied with permission from Voltan

Pic: [pic]
Name:Kasumi Uzumaki
Rank: Genin
Chakra Type: Wind/Lightning
Weapon: a Ninjato
Blood-Line Limit: Uzumaki Blood aka long life, chakra chains, sealing skills
Biju: Nine Tailed Fox
Personality: Kind, shy, and happy, but lonely and sad when not around anyone she considers a friend
Bio: Kasumi was born to a small family in a village just outside of The leaf village. When she was two the village was attacked by bandits and most of the population was wiped out, her parents were among those who died. When the Leaf ssent some Ninja to provide releif for the village one of the Jonin saw her and decided to take her in, he even managed to find some storage scrolls that were hidden in the ruins of her parents house. Upon arriving in the Leaf her new father took her to a hospitle and they discovered she was an Uzumaki. During the examination they also discovered a seal on her and quickly discovered that she was the container to a Biju but without her parents they had no way of figuring out how or which one.

Pic: [pic]
Username: HirokoKyo
Name: Mayumi Uchiha
Age: 22
Rank: Jonin
Chakra Type: Fire/Lightening
Weapon: Shuriken
Blood-Line Limit: Sharingan/Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan
Personality:personality: hard headed, stubborn,warm,caring, protective, and persistent
Bio: Mayumi is the heir to the Uchiha clan.She has been working all her life to live up to the Uchiha name and to make her family proud. The art of medical ninjutsu is her passion and her greatest strength.Learning all her jutsu from the very best in the business. The moment she reached Chunin Mayumi began aiming for Jounin, the highest rank anyone in her clan has made it to at her age. Mayumi spends the majority of her extra time training and honing her skills. She loves ramen noodles, dumplings,and playing Shogi and Go or anything else to help sharpen her mind. Mayumi might seem rigid and uncaring when you first meet her but after you get to know her, Mayumi can be a sweet, helpful, caring person. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and is very protective of friends/teammates and family. Mayumi worked hard to reach the level of Jounin and she wants to be the best teacher/role model that she can be.

Pic: [pic]
Username: SilentHiller
Name: Ekinoma Yatinsu
Age: 19
Rank: Anbu Black Ops
Chakra Type: wild
Weapon: katana, kunai, windmill of shadows, throwing blades
Blood-Line Limit: N/A
Biju: Unknown
Personality: sociopathic, tends to stay quiet, devious, not to be trusted.
Bio: An Anbu Black Ops member during the wars between the villages, Ekinoma was the most brutal of the Anbu warriors, known for her confirmed kills in the war, but was said to be Missing In Action when she was twelve, and has been missing for seven years now. Ekinoma is now the leader of The Village Hidden In The Darkness, known for their lethal jutsus and deadly abilities that only the people of the Dark Village can learn and master.

Pic: [ pic]
Username: SilentHiller
Name: Scorpiona
Age: looks 19, but true age is not known
Rank: Shinobi
Chakra Type: dark
Weapon: Bone appendages, kunai, chains, bone claws, razor sharp teeth
Blood-Line Limit: unknown
Biju: unknown
Personality: dark sense of humor, secretive, deceitful, cruel
Bio: Not much is known about Scorpiona, but what is known is that she used to be a very powerful shinobi with the ability to manipulate shadows and pure darkness to her will, but after her defeat ten years ago, she made a deal with the ruler of the underworld to allow her to return to the realm of the living, but she became a monster in appearance along with her entire personality changing from the transformation.

Username: Psyc
Name: Shuhei Mitake
Age: 21
Rank: Junin
Chakra Type: Wind / Fire / Water
Weapon: Odachi
Blood-Line Limit: Sharingan / Tsu
Personality: Protective, Caring, Intense, Quite. In Combat he instigates and teases the opponent usually into making rash decisions, it is one of the few times he does speak.
Bio: Around 100 years after the death of the hokage Naruto there was a dispute be a few members in the Uchiha clan, this resulted in exile for the one the clan did not agree with. This member was with child at the time but no one knew it at the time, and so after she gave birth her child did not take on that name. Now Shuhei Mitake is the second generation to be born in Kohana, after all the years that have past. Shuhei has always been quiet around people as he didn't quite enjoy others company despite a few people now growing on him. Shuhei has learned how to use his blood lines Sharingan but rarely does he ever use it due to the toll it takes on him. Currently the Uchiha clan knows nothing about the Mitake family being distant blood to them and that is the way they hope to keep things as to not create another conflict.


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Roleplay Responses

Kasumi looked around quickly as the person left. "I-is she gone?" she asked as she looked over at her sensei. "[b[+red Settle done kit are you my break something, your safe....for now]]" Kasumi stopped and blinked. "W-what is this voice.... N-n-no wait! C-c-c-c-could it be him?!" SH thought as her body started to tremble at the thought. The Nine tailed fox was talking to her
  Uzumaki / IKage / 21h 49m 4s
Scorpiona cackled out loud, and started to talk. [I If you knew who sent me, then you wouldn't be able to send your own soldiers to battle...because my master is one who you knew before the war...but I cannot tell my master's name unto you...] she said with a hiss and a chuckle, and quickly left, as if she lost interest in her current objective. [I I now know that we are facing a threat...]
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 4d 11h 35m 32s
Kasumi nodded at her sensei when she said to stay alert and sprouted seven chains from her back. "Ok Sensei" she said as she looked around for any trace of the creature. "Where is she?" "[b[+red She hide herself well, but she is still here and her intent is quiet obvious.]]" The voice said again. [b[+red She is either after you or your sensei and if I had to judge based off appearence then she wants you.]]" Kasumi shook her head. "W.w.who are you? Why are you telling me these things?" She asked mentally. "[b[+red Its quiet simple, I want you to live, you live helps me nothing more nothing less kit, now be ready she is coming.]]"
  Uzumaki / IKage / 5d 5h 13m 55s
Mayumi stood her ground as this other person appeared in front of them. She began to take deep breaths, trying not to let this taunting get to her. She was hot headed and quick to act without thinking it through first generally. Suddenly this creature vanished into the shadows in front of their eyes.[+blue "Where did she go?"] Mayumi thought surveying the surroundings with her Sharingan.
[+red "Keep your eyes peeled, Kasumi"] she said looking over at her pupil.
  Mayumi Uchiha / HirokoKyo / 5d 6h 8m 43s
"My my, what a handful you've gotten yourselves into kiddos."] Shuhei had been watching from one of the near by over looking trees of the interaction between the Uchiha, her pupil and the other person that was there. He watched with interest as the other party, for the moment he figured it be best to not get involved. As they disappeared into the shadows calling out the Jonin Shuhei moved back against the tree trunk to begin moving into another position.
  Character storage / Psyk / 5d 18h 26m 23s
The creature stayed in front of her, but soon used a jutsu that no others knew about. [I Shadow Replacement Jutsu!] she said, and disappeared into the shadows, becoming one with them. [I Now try to find me if you can, humans...] she hissed, her demon side obvious to them as she talked and acted around them.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 8d 11h 2m 37s
Kasumi followed her Sensei to the best of her abilities, but she was a lot slower then her new sensei. "I finally caught up to her." she thought as she looked around and noticed the new person. "Who is she...or what is she?" Kasumi thought. "[+Red [b Be careful. She is dangerous.] ]" Kasumi's body froze for a second and looked around. "W..w.w.What was that? W..Who said that?" Kasumi whispered to herself. "[+red [b Focus Kit!]]" the voice said again which caused Kasumi to turn her attention back to the stranger.
  Uzumaki / IKage / 8d 3h 29m 43s
Scorpiona smirked under her mask, and she chuckled a bit, and crawled around the tree like an ant could. [I I know who you are...I know what you can do...but you don't know what I am capable of...] she said, loud enough for the others to hear. [I Catch me if you can...] she taunted, trying to get them to rush her out of anger.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 9d 10h 46m 46s
Looking back at Kasumi her expression had turned sullen. [+red "Yes I do."] she replied softly. All of a sudden Mayumi heard this ghostly whisper coming from up in the trees. Her expression turned from sullen to stern.
She stood up quickly grabbing a kunia knife from the pouch on the back of her left thigh.
Mayumi scanned the trees, the Sharingan appearing in both eyes. [+red "Kasumi."] she whispered. [+red "Someone is out there watching us."] In a split second Mayumi disappeared and reappeared on a tree branch in the tree that was behind her.She bent down kunia still in hand. Mayumi moved up another branch looking at their surroundings.[+red "For now I think our training will have to wait."]
  Mayumi Uchiha / HirokoKyo / 10d 1h 43m 58s
The demoness listened intently, as if she were invisible. The only sound that anyone else could hear were the sound of creaking bones, coming from her limbs when she moved even the slightest. [I I can see you...] she whispered, but this time, the others could hear it, but it sounded like a ghostly whisper that a disembodied voice had said.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 10d 12h 8m 37s
Kasumi smilesd as th took anothe rbit out of the apple. "Sweet, I can't wait sensei." she said with a smile as she started to eat a bit faster., hoping to get started soo. After a moment Kasumi looked dowwn at the ground before speaking up again "s-s-so umm Sensei.... D-do you know what I am... and um.... what I have sealed inside of me? she asked finally voicing a question she was afriad to ask.
  Uzumaki / IKage / 10d 21h 32s
Mayumi adjusted herself against the tree. She opened up her Bento Box.Suddenly she felt a chain fly by her face. Looking up Mayumi could see the end up the chain sticking through an apple. She followed the chain back down to its source.
The source was her pupil.[+blue "Interesting.."] she thought. Mayumi went back to eating her own food. She looked around at the surrounding trees.[+blue "I swear there is someone in the trees."]
She thought staring intently at her surroundings.[+red "After we finish Kayumi, we will start Ninjutsu."]
  Mayumi Uchiha / HirokoKyo / 10d 21h 41m 15s
Scorpiona watched from a distance, and she began to snoop around inside the building they had come from, careful to make sure that she did not make too much noise if she did make any, and found a list of names that were there. [I Let's that is the Sensei's name that I saw...] she whispered to herself, and as quickly as she had entered, she exited the building, and had made her way up the tree.
  Scorpiona / SilentHiller / 15d 10h 16m 20s
Kasumi smiled and followed her sensei into the forest until she sat down. "Ya I am kinda hungry." she said and looked over noticing an apple in a nearby tree. she smiled and looked over at her sensei before looking at the apple again. She raised her right hand and a white chain shot out towards the apple, peicing it with the pike on the end of the chain. Once Kasumi was she the chain had a good grip on the apple she retracted the chain, pulling hte apple from the tree and into her hand and took a bite out of it. "Nice this apple is perfect!"
  Uzumaki / IKage / 17d 21m 23s
[+red "Good."] she said again. Mayumi nodded slightly and her clones disappeared. She started to turn around towards the trees.[+red "Lets move on."] Her eyes had reverted back to normal now.
Mayumi took out a kunia, placing her finger through the handle at the top and started spinning it around her finger as she walked. Reaching the spot in the trees where she wanted to be Mayumi sat down on the grass. She stretched out her legs and leaned her back against one of the large rocks in the area.[+red "Let's take a little break. I think its lunch time already."]Reaching into her bag Mayumi took out a small lunch box.
  Mayumi Uchiha / HirokoKyo / 17d 1h 6m 10s

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