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[center [font "Century Gothic" They went a long way back. Friends since childhood. Tatsuya had been around almost all of Boy's life. Even when high school came they stayed close. Normally high school could split friends up pretty easily, but Tatsuya and Boy's bond seemed rather strong until Boy made a new friend. A friend that was too close for Tatsuya's liking. Of course Tatsuya stayed silent about it and hung out with the two as if he was hanging out with Boy and his normal friends. As a few months passed Tatsuya could see that this friend wasn't going to just up and leave anytime soon. Instead it seemed as if this friend was going to try and take what belonged to him. Boy's heart was something Tatsuya had wanted for years. Now someone else was moving in on it. He couldn't allow that.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" Tatsuya's plan was simple. He began to threaten and be cruel to Boy's other friends without Boy knowing. Of course his threats were taken seriously. He had been violent before without Boy knowing it. Quickly several friends disappeared from Boy's life and then a few more. It wasn't long before Boy was left with Tatsuya and the newer friend he had made. The newer friend seemed to suspect that Tatsuya was the one that was doing this, but when he said something to Boy... He wouldn't believe him. Instead Boy defended Tatsuya. Tatsuya was his childhood friend after all. He would never do something so terrible.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" The friend dropped talking about Tatsuya and decided to focus back on winning the Boy's heart over. Tatsuya could see his plan was failing. He had hoped Boy would think his new friend was the one that got rid of all his old ones. Angry that it had failed Tatsuya began rethinking things. To put his new plan together he would have to wait awhile. He had hoped to have the new friend disposed of before Boy got any closer to him, but he had waited too long. Boy and this new friend started dating. This pissed Tatsuya off. What made matters worse was Boy started to blow Tatsuya off to hang out with his boyfriend.]]

[center [pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/38096883a3fd27729f8f7dd6f4c02664/tumblr_ntps90nJzQ1uem9ano1_400.gif]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" Tatsuya doesn't lose so easily though. To Boy Tatsuya was always sweet, but he was about to see a side he didn't know about. Boy had just had a good night with his boyfriend. When he went home to bed he didn't think anything was off. However he was awaken to discomfort. He was on the floor tied up. Standing before him was Tatsuya. The faint light in the room glittered off a blade that the blonde held in his hand. A smirk was on his lips. Across the room tied to a chair was Boy's boyfriend. Seemed Tatsuya had them both, but why was he doing this to them? The boy didn't understand, but that was alright... Tatsuya would make him soon enough.]]

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[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ Sexual Scenes will be Time skipped or taken to email.]]
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Tatsuya seemed to be thinking to himself. So the male thought it was a lie. That wasn't true. It wasn't a lie. The blonde hadn't been lying. He had been watching the boyfriend. Everyday he watched him. [+orange "You may think I was lying, but honestly I wasn't."] He said. He soon shook his head slightly. He didn't know for sure what he should say or do next. He soon looked off to the side. Of course the male wouldn't believe him, but oh well. It wouldn't matter. The male was now his and he'd do what he pleased with him.

He soon looked back towards the male when he heard what he asked. [+orange "I don't know. I figured we'd talk a bit. I'm sure you may have questions and if you don't then maybe you have more things to yell at me."] He stated. He crossed his arms and leaned back on his heels and watched the male. He soon let out a soft sigh.
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[font "Courier new" [#4208af Akira] sighed softly as he wiggled around in the chair. The ropes were very uncomfortable. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes. It wasn't long before Tatsuya returned. He sighed softly as he looked at the male. At least his boyfriend would be able to get way safely.

When Tatsuya said something about his boy friend phone he then seen Tatsuya smash it under his boot. What he said next only irritated him.
[#4208af "That a lie..."] he said a closed his eyes. There was no way his boyfriend would done such a thing to him.

He sighed softly as he closed his eyes then open them again. His honey colored eyes locked on to Tatsuya. [#4208af "So what do you plan to do with me...now that you have me?"] he said as he looked at Tatsuya. Things were still shaky between the two. If he did anything wrong he would either die or Tatsuya would kill his boyfriend. Akira sighed softly as he closed his eyes.
  Ⓑⓔⓐⓤⓣⓨ / Diablo / 84d 23h 9m 41s
Finally. The blonde seemed to calm down hearing that. He leaned back on his heels and seemed to be thinking. He looked at the boyfriend. He could let him go. It would be easier he supposed. He soon cut the boyfriend's bindings. He soon lifted the male and left the house. It wasn't long before he returned though. [+orange "I left him out in the forest a ways away from the house."] He explained. He leaned back on his heels and seemed to be thinking about what he should say next. There was no way the male could go to the police.

[+orange "I don't think I have to worry about bringing him back, but know that if you fuck up again... I will kill him."] He said. He watched the red head quietly. He seemed to be waiting for what he had to say next. He looked over at the table. He hadn't given the boyfriend his phone or knife back. It would look like he had been robbed. Quietly the blonde dropped the phone onto the floor and crushed it. He couldn't have them trying to use it to find him. He doubted the boyfriend would know what to do anyway.

He soon looked back to the red head. [+orange "Now he won't be able to contact you or anyone else. Nor will he be able to find this phone."] He said. He cocked his head off to the side. [+orange "Not that it matters though. He had plenty of other guys he was messaging. So he has a ton of choices to replace you with. I'm surprised you never caught him."] He added.
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[font "Courier new" [#4208af Akira] sighed softly as he closed his eyes. He was moved from the floor to the chair. If only that brat didn't tie him up again he might if been able to get out of this. All he could do now was sit there and watch. His honey colored eyes followed the blonde hair male around the room.

So there was a chance that his boyfriend might make it. He was happy about that but part of him just couldn't believe that it could easily be a lie. He watched he male closely. [#4208af "Be...good you say..."] he said as as blood spilled from his mouth and stained his shirt.

[#4208af "Fine...I'll do what you ask..."] he said as he looked off to the side staying silent. He really didn't like the idea but maybe if it was just the two of them things would be easier. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes.
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The blonde sighed. [+orange "Trying to kill yourself are you?"] He asked curiously. He soon shook his head and frowned. [+orange "Well I guess we are going to have to do something about that."] He stated. He soon walked away quietly. He soon came back with another chair. He set it up and then picked up the red head and tied him to the chair. [+orange "Well you won't be dying anytime soon."] He said angrily. He frowned faintly. Stupid boy. Killing himself would have got him no where. He was quiet.

Now what was he going to do. He knew the bleeding would stop in the male's mouth. If the male ended up biting himself again he was going to probably have to put a gag in his mouth. He really didn't want to have to do that. [+orange "Killing yourself isn't going to save anyone."] He said coldly. He soon looked over at the boyfriend. The boyfriend had no idea who had captured them or anything. Actually the only memory he would have was before he passed out. [+orange "There is still a chance I can let your little boy toy go."] He said coldly.

He soon looked to the red head. [+orange "But if you want me to do that then you have to be good."] He said coldly.
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[font "Courier new" [#4208af Akira] growled at Tatsuya touched him and pulled out his phone and his knife. Then did the same to his boyfriend. He hated this helpless feeling. This was horrible, Tatsuya words were even worse. Akira just lay there on the floor. If only this were just a dream.

He sighed softly what was he going to do. Tatsuya was a fucking monster, hearing that he had killed before only sicken him. Tears formed in his honey colored eyes. So this was it all the lies and stories he heard were true. Hearing the truth was worse than anything. The truth was ugly and utterly painful.

Akira just lay there on the floor silently. He didn't want to watch his boyfriend die. If he couldn't get way what else was there for him. Just laid there until Tatsuya decided to kill him? No. He was going to make it difficult for the boy. He would kill himself before he let the blonde touch him.

How could he ever let him touch him again. He was a murder. A disgusting monster. Akira bit down hard on his tongue. He always had rather sharp teeth. It was easy for him to cut his tongue. The red haired male stay silent as he laid there. What ever Tatsuya said was probably lies. It didn't matter. He just made things a little easy for him by attempting to kill himself. Blood filled his mouth he cough a little as it pour down his throat. If the blood lose didn't kill him surely he would choke to death. It was better then being stuck here with Tatsuya.
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The blonde simply blinked. Feel anything like hurt about murdering people? Nah why would he feel that? He was getting back at them for causing him pain. A lot of people had caused him pain. He couldn't stand it. No one else was going to protect him from it so he had to do it himself. A thought occurred to him as he stood there. He had forgotten to search them for weapons. He let the boyfriends hair go and closed his knife and tucked it away into his back pocket. He searched the boyfriend first checking everywhere. He found the knife as well as his phone.

He placed both of those things on the table. He then moved to his friend and checked everywhere. He found his knife and phone. He took them and placed them next to the boyfriend's. [+Orange "The more you beg for his life... Only makes me want him dead. Killing isn't hard for me. I've done it before. I feel but only for you... Honestly... You've tainted yourself by trying to get out of this... And by admitting your only feelings towards me were brotherly. I don't want you as a brother... And if you can't love me the way I want then you are worthless to me. If you continue to taunt me and fucking threaten or call me things I will wake him up and slit his fucking throat... It won't be the end of it either... He'll die slowly and I'll make sure to torture him before his last breath."] He snapped.

The blonde glared at the one he use to love so much. That love had turned twisted as it always did with the little blonde. Love never turned out well for him. He was sick of the lies and the way people treated him. He was always the outcast. When Akira had got those other friends they had started to steal him away and Tatsuya stopped them... Then the boyfriend came along and that snapped something in the blonde. It broke him down and when he was broken he struck like a wounded rattle snake.
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[font "Courier new" [#4208af Akira] sighed softly nothing worked now the only things he could do were to either scream or just watch. He growled light as he seen Tatsuya touch his boyfriend and careless jerk his head back. [#4208af "Tatsuya that boy did nothing to you...it was all me...would you please just leave him alone? Can you really live with that fact that your about to murder people? Doesn't it hurt? Maybe not huh? I take you feel nothing!"] he said coldly. He didn't want to watch.

He was sick and tired of not be able to do anything. This was cruel and utter torture. He sighed softly as he looked the around the floor. There had to be some way out of this. He need to get free. He wonder if Tatsuya had searched there clothes? He had his know knife on him. A pocket knife that his father gave him. He was sure his boyfriend had on on him too. He remembered it feel out of his boot once. He just need Tatsuya to leave or to be distracted for a little while.

Akira wiggled and flopped around on the floor it seem that his knife was still on him. Sadly it was in spot that he couldn't reach. That meant the only one he could get to would be the one in his boy friends boot. He sighed softly. He hated this, whole thing was just disaster. If he would of only listen to his mother thing wouldn't of turned out like this.]
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Did this male's mouth ever stop? Apparently not. All he wanted to do was try and get him to let the boyfriend go. He shook his head. [+Orange "Stop your begging it's so damned annoying."] He said coldly. He played with his knife quietly. He seemed to be thinking to himself. He leaned back on his heels. He flipped the blade up into the air and then he caught it without hurting himself. [+Orange "I will not be setting your boyfriend free and I don't want you to be a slave. Actually he'd look better dead and you... You look better tied up and unable to get away..."] He stated coldly.

Of course everything he said was cruel and cold. He wasn't ever happy. [+orange "You should have loved me more... I loved you did everything for you."] He said. He shook his head slightly. [+Orange "Of course... Everyone seems to believe that I am crazy... I don't really care though. I mean it doesn't matter right? Who cares if they think I'm crazy. Who cares if you see the real me? The other side you seen was real too."] He laughed coldly.

He looked over at the boyfriend. He reached out and grabbed his hair and jerked his head back. [+Orange "I don't plan on letting this man get away. He took you... He hurt me and now... I'll hurt him... And then you... And when I'm done playing with you two... You'll both die."] This was how things worked with him. This was how he solved his love problems.
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[font "Courier new" [#4208af Akira] sighed softly it was futile to say anything maybe he should of just stay quiet and stare at him the whole time. Tatsuya was really pissed off. He sighed softly if only he had listen to the others and even his parents then maybe he wouldn't of been in this mess.

[#4208af "Yeah I'm finished... I hope...I hope I never see your fucking face again...I guess mom and other other really were right about you but I chose not to believe them."] he said with a sigh. [#4208af "Yeah I did love you...I love you like a brother...I guess I should of love you more...I'm..."] he wasn't going to say it. There was no point to apologizing now. He sighed softly as he closed his eyes.

If there was way to get his hands free he would take Tatsuya down. Tatsuya tied the ropes pretty tight. [#4208af "I know this is pointless now but let me make it up to you...please? I'll do what ever you like..."] he said as he looked at him. How pitiful he was begging for his life? Well that what it felt like but he really wanted was Tatsuya to let his boyfriend go. He would feel more at ease , even if it meant dying for him.

Tatsuya angelic image was stained. Tainted but the truth. [#4208af "Look....If you let him go...I'll do what ever you would like I'll even be come your slave..."] he said softly as he looked off to the side. He felt disgusted by his action. Right now he really just wanted to scream and yell.
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Apparently the red head thought he was the one in power here. He would find out very soon that he was extremely wrong. The only one in power he was the blonde. He crossed his arms over his chest careful not to let his blade get to close to his skin or anything. He didn't want to end up hurting himself. He listened to everything the red head had to say a cruel smirk on his lips. [+orange "Finished? Or do you still have things that you want to threaten me with? You're love no longer matters to me because you may just die tonight."] He said angrily.

Leaning back on his heels he watched the male. [+orange "Oh so it was okay to just push me away and hurt me huh? Oh that's classic. I've heard all of that before. You won't be the first to have said it and most likely won't be the last. If you don't try... Than you hurt everything anyway and you lose them... Just like you have lost me."] He said angrily. He was clearly pissed off. Nothing the red head said seem to matter to the blonde. The blonde was so angry. It was beyond anger now.

[+orange "As for killing him... I'll do what I want. I am in the one in power here... Not you... You never loved me anyway so why threaten me with not loving me?"] He demanded angrily. He was pissed off. The words from the red head had only angered him even further.
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[font "Courier new" [#4208af Akira] honey colored eyes just watched as Tatsuya circled around them. He listen to the males bitter words. Of corse they were close friends. He thought of Tatsuya like a brother. Once in a while his thought use to wonder beyond that but the thought of losing Tatsuya scared him. Now he felt other wise. The though of hate came to his mind but how could he truly hate him. Tatsu had been by his side for many years.

Akira sighed softly he knew that Tatsu was waiting for answer that he need to come up with quickly. [#4208af " I'm sorry...I pushed you away like that....I was scared of getting to close to you...I've always though of you as a younger brother...I never meant to hurt you...I didn't want to get closer to you because I was scared....I was scared would lose you...I never could imagine you not being in my life..."] he said as he watched him.

He was telling Tatsuya how he really felt. It was sort of embarrassing. The crimson blush that was on his cheek fade as he seen the knife that Tatsuya was holding. It was frightening. Even though he finally told Tatsu how he was still quiet frightened. Things weren't going to be the same.

[#4208af "Tatsuya just leave him out of this... if you...if you hurt him I will never give you any love...If you kill him you might as well just kill me to..."] he said bluntly. He was still frightened how could he just say something so bold and daring. Maybe because part of him believe that Tatsu wouldn't do anything... Or maybe he just didn't care anymore. If he was only going to die then what was the point in care how he spent his last few hours...minutes. He heart was racing in his chest.
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The boy listened as the red head woke up. Aww how pretty he was... Like always, but right now... Tatsuya didn't have time to care about that. The red head was speaking to him. He watched him quietly. He hated the look the male had... It was the look that seemed to say Tatsuya was crazy. The blonde wasn't crazy. No he was completely normal. He smirked cruelly to himself. He leaned back on his heels and seemed to be thinking of what he should say. How should he explain himself this time. The stage was set. His actors were slowly waking. Well all except the boyfriend.

Tatsuya had given the boyfriend a double dose. If it killed him oh well... If it didn't than that was too bad because he would be in for a lot of pain. [+orange "I would have liked to ask you the same thing when you told me that you had a boyfriend... When you kept making new friends and hanging out with them more than me. I have been here longer than any of them and yet I always ranked lower than them."] He said angrily. He crossed his arms over his chest and watched the red head.

[+orange "Of course they were all easy to chase off, but this one... This one tried to tell you I was bad... That I was crazy."] He snagged the boyfriend's hair and jerked his head back. Not a sound came from him, but he was still breathing. Looked like he couldn't really feel anything. That was too bad. He let those odd green eyes look back to his best friend and he cocked his head off to the side and seemed to be waiting for him to say something.
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[font "Courier new" [#4208af Akira] wince just a little before open his honey colored eyes. Where was he? What happen. He remember he was hanging out with his boyfriend then not long after that everything went black. Akira vision started to come back that was when he notice familiar looking shoes. Panic came to his mind. He told himself not to look up when he did he seen Tatsu. Standing there with a knife in his hands. He try to move but he just couldn't. He was tied up? But why? None of this made any sense to him.

Akira heart beat quicken. This was frightening this had to be some messed up dream Tatsu would never do such a thing. He was also a sweet boy...though thoughts started to fade as he remember how his other friends left. He couldn't believe them there was no way his best friend could do such a thing. Now he was starting to believe that his other friends were right. Tatsu was bad. Not just bad but twisted.

[#4208af "Tatsuya....What the hell is going on..."] he said with a shaky voice. He was trying his hardest to be brave. His heart was racing in his chest. Fear was starting to take over. How could Tatsu do something like this. Why to him? Weren't they friends? They have known each other since childhood. None of this was making any bit of sense.
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The night had begun slowly. It always did. Yet this night was going to get better. Tatsuya had it all set up. This was the same scene with different actors. The boy laughed faintly to himself. He had just finished tying up his best friend and the boy that his best friend had chosen over him. He had worked hard on scheming this out. Now it was all put into action. They should have thought twice before deciding to hurt him. He seemed to be deep in thought for a moment, but he soon shook it off and went back to finishing everything up.

Once he was finished he picked up the butterfly knife he had laying on the table. He opened it with such ease. He never cut himself once. He soon leaned back on his heels. The boyfriend was tied to the chair, why his so called best friend was on the floor tied up as well. This was just the way Tatsuya had imagined it. Now he just had to put it all into action once one of them woke up.
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