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-Min of 600 characters
- looking for some who wont back out or take too long to reply. I get that people get busy with work school and everyday life I understand this just let me know if you wont be able to reply and I will do my best to do the same.
-semi-literate and someone who is patient as i am semi new and not very literate my self.
- no text talk please.
-semi correct spelling i know some words are hard to spell as i have a hard time myself. I am not a grammar Nazi.

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A young runaway is running away from home yet again. he/she keeps running away because his/her parents are abusive. This time, he/she manages to get pretty far. He/She wind up meeting a local boy/girl who guesses that He/she is a runaway. The two don't hit it off at all. But the local agrees to help the runaway until he/she moves on. Soon the two become friends, and later more than friends. But the runaway can't stay in the same place forever and not be found. And what happens when somebody begins to suspect that the runaway is there and contacts the police? The runaway wants to move on, and he/she wants the local to come with them. The local is now torn between love and their home and family.

you can be the runaway or i can doesnt matter


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"Tell me about yourself" Mavis smiled at her and turned down the radio so they could chat "what are your hobbies? Your interests? You have a boyfriend?" she giggles and looks at her intently "I'm gonna be here a while so we might swell get to know each other" she winked and looked at the road ahead of them, admiring the leaves on the trees.
  Mavis DeClair / liz_the_pistol / 37d 19h 58m 29s
[+red "well if you decide to stay longer it wont be any problem to me, i have a spare bedroom you can stay in, I run into town every Friday for groceries and toiletries."] Layla smiles and blinks at Mavis's use of the word cutie.. [+red " Well we are about 20 miles out of town and my house is an hour so we have another 30 miles to go."] Layla says smiling starting the car and driving out of the diner's parking lot.
  Layla Lochlan / MidnightJuniper / 121d 19h 25m 46s
Mavis smiled [#2258B1 "okay, thanks so much. I'll only be there for a week though, so don't worry about too much"] she smiles and soon finished eating. Once they were done, Mavis left a tip for the waitress and walked out to Layla's car, getting in the passenger seat and pulling her seatbelt on [#2258B1 "So, how long till when get to your house, cutie?"] she winked and laughed softly. Mavis was a bit of a flirt when it came to girls.
  Mavis DeClair / liz_the_pistol / 134d 26m 20s
Layla sits back and listens to Mavis’s story, marveling at how much like her own story it resembled. After Mavis finished talking their food arrives and Layla looks at Mavis and smiles. [+red “You know Mavis, you remind me of myself growing up, because like you I ran away from home and after we are done eating we can head back to my house and I’ll tell you my life story when we get there.. you are even more then welcome to stay for a little while we are secluded and cops don’t bug me out there.”]
  Layla Lochlan / MidnightJuniper / 136d 25m 40s
Mavis blinked and smiled a bit [#2258B0 "uh... just some cake would be great, thanks"] she smiles and takes a sip from her drink, sighing softly [#2258B0 "So, you're probably wondering why I was being chased by the police... well, I'm what most people commonly call a runaway. My parents were aggressive with me my whole life, and I've been on the run ever since my last birthday, a year ago. They act all concerned but once I get back I'm just gonna get hurt again. So, in order to not get caught, I only stay in towns for one week. So by next Sunday, I'll be gone"] she sighed and looked into her glass [#2258B0 "It's really hard living like this, but I have no pther choice..."]
  Mavis DeClair / liz_the_pistol / 142d 23h 49m 42s
Layla looks up at the waitress and smiles softly.[+red "I will have a Pepsi and another water please."] Shes says softly looking across at Mavis as she asks why Layla is being so nice to her..[+red I lie to help those in need and you needed help plus you look really young so i couldn't really just leave you to fight for yourself back there.....Why don't you explain to me what is going on and why you were running from the police back there Darling?"] she says to Mavis letting her southern accent show just a little bit and thanking the waitress after she returns with their drinks.. "What can i get to eat for ya'll today?" she asks sweetly.. [+red "Ill just have a slice of apple pie. Mavis what would you like? my treat."] Layla says smiling at Mavis.
  Layla Lochlan / MidnightJuniper / 145d 19h 11m 42s
She nodded and followed Layla, keeping her guard up. She didn't understand why Layla was being so nice to her, and it made her nervous. After a 30 minute car ride they arrived at the restaurant and got a booth that was a bit more private. [#2258B0 "hey, why are you being so nice to me? I mean, I've never met you before, and you don't owe me anything"] she says and looks at her curiously. "Can I get you anything to drink?" the waitress asks, making Mavis jump since she came out of no where [#2258B0 "gah! U-uh... just a glass of water for me, please..."] she sighed and looked at the menu. [#2258B0 'this girl... she's the first person to even give me a second glance in months... what's her deal?'] she thought as she stared at Layla.
  Mavis DeClair / liz_the_pistol / 147d 1h 6m 36s
nodding her head Layla pulls Mavis towards her car and hold the passenger door open for her. [+red 'I know a great place 20 miles out of town its away from the cops and nobody really tattles on people who go there so we should be safe."] Layla says getting in the driver side and starting her car. they drive for about 20 mins and pull into the parking lot of a cute little diner that looked sorta run down and abandoned. [+red "Come on Mavis lets go get some food and talk you can explain to me why you were running from the cops and more about you okay?"] Layla says shutting the car off and heading around the other side of the car to help Mavis out.
  Layla Lochlan / MidnightJuniper / 147d 20h 11m 26s
Mavis panted softly as she ran from the police, her brown hair blowing behind her [#2258B0 'Crap crap crap!!'] she thought as she ran through the streets. She ran into a girl and fell to the ground, groaning a bit. She looked up at her with terrified eyes and gasped when she pulled her into an alleyway. She caught her breath as she listened to the girls introduction [#2258B0 "T-The names... Mavis..."] she said through pants and looked at her [#2258B0 "Thanks for the help, Layla"] she smiled a bit. [#2258B0 'This girl is cute...'] she thought and sighed softly, sitting on the ground [#2258B0 "That was a close one... I thought they were gonna catch me for sure"] she laughs a bit and her stomach growls. She groaned and stood [#2258B0 I'm new to town... you know any good places to eat?"] she asks and smiles softly, tucking some of her hair behind her ear, revealing the piercings going down her ear.
  Mavis DeClair / liz_the_pistol / 149d 36m 24s
[+purple It was a windy afternoon in charleston South Carolina and Layla Loochlan was downtown at the farmers market shopping for food for her supper that night. After layla purchases all of her items she heads towards her car but is stopped by a sudden commotion . "hey stop that girl!" "Don't let her get away!" cops shouted weaving through the crowded farmer's market. Layla is walking towards the police when suddenly she is knocked down by a girl who looks to be no older the seventeen or eighteen. "Ooof, hey! watch where yo-" she cuts off seeing that the young girl is scared and looking back towards the police. "Come on this way." Layla says standing up and pulling the young girl into an alleyway as the cops rush by looking for her. "phew that was a close one, I am Layla Lochlan, and you are?" Layla asks sticking her hand out.]
  Layla Lochlan / MidnightJuniper / 149d 6h 35m 59s

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