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- looking for some who wont back out or take too long to reply. I get that people get busy with work school and everyday life I understand this just let me know if you wont be able to reply and I will do my best to do the same.
-semi-literate and someone who is patient as i am semi new and not very literate my self.
- no text talk please.
-semi correct spelling i know some words are hard to spell as i have a hard time myself. I am not a grammar Nazi.

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A young runaway is running away from home yet again. he/she keeps running away because his/her parents are abusive. This time, he/she manages to get pretty far. He/She wind up meeting a local boy/girl who guesses that He/she is a runaway. The two don't hit it off at all. But the local agrees to help the runaway until he/she moves on. Soon the two become friends, and later more than friends. But the runaway can't stay in the same place forever and not be found. And what happens when somebody begins to suspect that the runaway is there and contacts the police? The runaway wants to move on, and he/she wants the local to come with them. The local is now torn between love and their home and family.

My character is the runaway.


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