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Isabella just smiled and nodded. [b "I'll call you regardless."] she said with a cheeky grin. [b "But thank you for always being so understanding."] she leaned over, softly kissing his cheek. [b "I love you, Jacob Black."]

She listened to him and nodded. She knew that they would need money. Babies weren't exactly the cheapest thing in the world. [b "Closer to my due date, my friends from school are gonna throw me a baby shower. Mom wants to throw one, and so does Emily. So I have a feeling were going to have a lot of gifts."] she said. [b "I'm gonna start looking for a job in the next few days."]
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 143d 23h 28m 13s
Jacob nodded and said, "But if you need me you'll call me right, and if you have trouble sleeping. Plus if it starts raining its a high possibility that I'll be on the back porch." He sighed and kissed her gently.

"I won't push you Bella but I will do my best to be a dad to this baby and I won't be gone a ton, I kind of work out of your garage for my carving business since dad's garage has my mechanic business out of it. When I'm not wolfing out, I am trying to save some money up. I do have a car I barely use but I know once the baby comes i'll use it alot."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 145d 23h 23m 59s
Isabella nodded and thought for a moment. [b "I want you here with me too. But I also want to be normal for a bit."] she started [b "Which is why I think you should start staying in your own house for a while... Just like five nights a week."] she said. [b "Please don't be mad.. But I've always been this girl. I've always had a guy."]

She looked over at him. [b "I need time with my dad."] she said [b "I need to go and visit my mom soon too.. I just want this to be as normal as possible. We can talk about it again when I get closer to my due date."]
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 145d 23h 29m 27s
"I mean I want to be around and I can't easily fit in your bed, especially when the baby starts growing. I sleep on the back porch when I'm patrolling so please don't have a heart attack if you see a big red wolf back there again. But, you want the baby to be Quileute and I support that but we don't live in La Push and I don't want to take you away from Charlie. These are all things we have to talk about. But don't buy a crib, I'm uh doing something for that." It was a suprise but Jacob kind of ruined it just then.

He was carving a handmade crib, it was a old Quileute tradition. Jacob was great at carving and actually made furniture and sold it at the farmers market when he needed extra money and with the baby coming he would need all he could get. Charlie had let him use the garage for it.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 145d 23h 51m 16s
Isabella smiled softly and just shook her head. [b "I think you meant I was the cute one. You were the one always eating the worms."] she said with a giggle [b "I miss Sarah."]

Growing up, she always spent her summer, fall break and half of spring break in Forks with Charlie, which meant she was always with Billy and Sarah while Charlie worked. She grew quite close to Sarah.

[b "What do you mean?"] she asked. She was tired, and the pregnancy brain was really starting to get to her. [b "What needs to be decided?"]
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 145d 23h 55m 48s
"Oh I will ask you, I already have an idea, just everything reminded me of that, I remember that was a couple weeks before my mom died, she thought we were the cutest things in the world. I mean we were pretty cute but I guess, I miss my mom. I mean if she was here, she would love you Bella." Jacob said kissing her smiling.

"We should talk to your dad and mine and decide what to do about Baby Black, and yes I am referring to the baby as Baby Black from now on." Jacob said as he planted a kiss on her flat stomach.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 146d 1m 35s
Isabella just smiled and nodded. [b "Emily already told me everything."] she said softly. [b "She told me that in order for our baby to be accepted, I had to give birth on the reservation... I don't care, but I just want my friends from school to be able to be there with us."] she said. She looked over at her wall. It was covered in pictures of her and Jacob. Ranging from early childhood years to last summer.

She smiled and just shook her head. [b "Its too soon. I want to be with you forever, but it's too soon. I want you asking me to be a total surprise. After the baby gets here."]
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 146d 26m 17s
"She will probably be the one to help deliver Baby Black, shes a nurse at the clinic on the rez, Sue is the midwife. I kinda asked Emily about all of that, I was worried about you and I didn't know who else to ask about babies. I mean theres not been a Quileute born in 16 years so its not widely known at least to me its not. She did say that since the baby has the wolf gene he or she might be a little bigger than a normal newborn." Jacob said touching her belly.

"Bells...were going to be parents." Jacob said with a smile and remembered back to when he was just two years old and Bella was 4. They had been playing in the mud in Bella's yard. Their parents watching them when Jacob splattered 4 year old Bella with mud and she started to cry.

Jacob hated when she cried to made her a promise. "I'll marry you and we will have a big family and a dog and be happy." Jacob had kissed Bella on the cheek then. It was one of the pictures that Charlie had on his fireplace.

"Remember the promise I made you when we were little? That I'd marry you. That offer still stands."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 146d 33m 46s
Isabella thanked Sam, and hugged Emily before they headed out of La Push. They had to stop by Emily's and get her jeep, but then they headed back to Charlie's.

[b "I meant every word."] she said as she laid back on her bed, stretching out. [b "I can't believe that he had the nerve to show up like that."] she grabbed a pillow, hugging it to her belly. [b "I want my baby to be a Black."] she whispered, not looking at him right away. [b "I know getting Paul to sign his rights over will be hell. But my dad will help us. Paul beat Rachel up, we can use that against him. He obviously has a drinking problem."]

She smiled and nodded. [b "Emily is great. I really think we'll become best friends."]
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 146d 39m 28s
Jake nodded and Sam told him to go home with Bella and not worry about patrols for the night. Jacob was thankful. He needed some time with Bella.

Once they were back at Charlie's and in Bella's room Jacob asked, "Did you mean that? You want me to be the babies father? I would love that Bella but I didn't know how you felt and I know getting Paul to sign something might be like pulling teeth." Charlie was working late but fully supported their relationship and had said it many times.

Jacob held her closely, "Sam said that Emily wanted to have a girls day with you next week, we have to go to Seattle and meet up with the Makah tribe, make sure everything is okay up there. We have a treaty with them that we protect them as well."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 146d 48m 39s
Isabella was shaking. She knew that Emily had told her not to go near a wolf while they were so mad, but she couldn't let Jacob kill his brother, even if he hated him, he'd always regret it. [b "Jake.."] she said softly, closely watching him.

She just looked at Paul, shaking her head. [b "I'm so thankful that Jacob is going to be there to step up, when you aren't."] she looked back at everyone. [b "My baby has everything that it will ever need, right here."] she said. [b "I meant what I said. You're going to sign away your rights when I deliver. Jacob will be it's legal father after we finalize the adoption. You will never see our baby."]

She felt Jacob's arm wrap around her waist, she smiled and leaned back to him. [b "I think that enough excitement for one night."] she said.
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 146d 2h 37s
As soon as Jacob felt Bella's touch he stepped back and put his head down. Paul was alive and gasping for air, he hadn't even had the chance to phase before Jacob was on him. Everyone there knew about the wolves so it wasn't like Jacob had to hide but no one had ever seen an imprint control one of the wolves like that.

Sam stood there and said,"Bella, that was amazing, I'm his alpha and I was screaming at him to stop and he didn't obey me." Jacob walked to the trees and phased back and put on another set of clothes. Jacob wrapped his arms around her. "He is not welcome here." Paul growled and Jacob shook.

Sam looked to Paul, "stand down Paul, you were told to leave La Push, after what you did to Rachel." He had beaten rachel last week and she had went to Hawaii to stay with her twin sister. Jacob stood with Bella as Sam talked, "now you've went after an imprint. Paul your lucky Jacob didn't kill you. If you were smart you'd leave now."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 146d 19h 50m 0s
Isabella smiled and nodded. [b "I'll think on it."] she said, [b "I didn't actually think about everyone thinking it was his baby, so maybe Black wouldn't be such a bad name."] , climbing out of the truck. [b "I missed you!"] she said, leaning up and kissing his cheek. She wrapped her arm on his right one, and headed toward the fire. [b "I love it down here."] she said, resting her head on his upper arm.

Turning around to see what the commotion was, she gasped. She looked over at Emily. [b "What in the world does he think he's gonna do?"] she asked. She looked up when she seen the whiskey bottle. [b "Paul. This isn't the time nor the place for this. Please. Don't do this here."] she said. She shook her head as Jacob phased. [b "See. I knew it, Tired to warn ya Paul."]

The girl could see that Jacob had every intention of killing Paul, but that wouldn't solve anything. It would only cause drama within the pack and La Push. Gathering up what little courage she had, she slowly walked closer to Jacob. [b "Baby. Listen to my voice. This wont solve anything. I need you to calm down, and come back to me."] she said softly. Once she was close enough, she reached out and touched him.
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 146d 19h 57m 24s
"I think you should talk to Jacob because I think since your his imprint and all of Forks and La Push think he's the babies father that it would mean a lot to him but it is your baby and not his about the name thing but like I said be careful because they are wolves." Emily said pulling up.

Everyone was already there. Jacob met Bella at the truck and picked her up and spun her around and kissed her. "I just had to endure Embry's singing for a whole hour, excuse me while I cut off my ears."

Emily laughed and said," Oh god thats terrible, how will you go on." Sam smiled and said,"Hey baby." He kissed Emily. He was a different man with her. Like Jacob was different for Bella and no one else.

The bonfire was fun, people hanging out, watching the waves, running in and out of the ocean.

"BLACK GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!" Everyone heard a yell come from the path and Paul was running with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. He was worse than drunk, he was hammered. Paul started for Bella and Jacob said,"Stay behind me Bella, he's drunk."

Paul laughed and said,"Look at little Jakey protecting the slut and her baby." That was all it took and Jacob phased, pinning Paul to the ground, his paw on his throat, making it unable for him to breathe. Jacob would kill him for that.

Many of the pack and elders were yelling at Jacob to stand down but all he saw was red.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2y 146d 20h 4m 42s
Isabella just shook her head and laughed at Jacob. He sure was something. [b "I'm not sure. I think it would be really cute to keep it from Jacob. I don't think I could wait that long to know. Especially after you get the conformation with us!"] she said. [b "I haven't given much thought to it. Jacob says that he wants to be the father, but I just assumed that it would have Swan as the last name."]

She smiled and nodded. [b "I can do that! I can only imagine how much the rest of them eat. I have to go for snacks and such every TWO days Emily, but that's for a pregnant girl and a wolf. So, I guess it's not that bad, haha."]

She climbed up in Emily's truck, watching the scenery. [b "La Push is so pretty, so peaceful."] she said. She looked over at Emily as the truck stopped. [b "Whats wrong?"] she asked. She just nodded and listened to her.
  .:.Bella Swan.:. / BooBear96 / 2y 146d 20h 15m 20s

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