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Bella Swan was a party girl in Port Angeles, going to college and visiting her mother once a year in Miami. One night she went clubbing and all of her friends bailed on her. She met a tall, dark, handsome man... thats all she remembers of the night. Now 5 weeks later, here she sits, pregnant, and her mother is making her move in with her father.

What happens when her childhood friend, Jacob Black, had went through his change the weekend before and imprints on her? What happens when at the tribe bonfire, Bella sees the father of her child?

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"If thats what you want Bella I won't tell her. I'm her father, no matter what Paul says, it takes more to be a father than just showing up once in a while." Jacob said and kissed Bella and the top of Maci's head before the nurse came in to take her back to the nursery. He was relieved because it was a nurse that they knew on duty that night.

Jacob fell asleep in the chair in the corner of Bella's room that night and the next morning a nurse brought Maci in the room to eat. Jacob woke up seeing his girls and smiled. He picked up his phone, "I'll go call Charlie and check up with the guys, I'll be right back to my favorite girls."

Jacob would give anything for Bella to consider him more than what they were. He was a father to her daughter, a boyfriend to her but thats where it ended, it was like he was hitting a wall with her.
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[b "Are you sure you're okay with going to dads? I mean, It's probably going to be more than a couple of days. But I guess we could just go to the house and fix the spare bedroom up for mom and Phil."] she said softly.She looked at Jacob and Maci and just smiled softly. [b "I don't want her ever knowing."] she said. [b "You're her father... If Paul wants a fight, then I will fight him.. He will never get to be a part of our daughters life... Jacob, he doesn't deserve her."]

She smiled when he talked about Billy and Sarah. [b "They would've gotten along so well.."]

[b "Let her sleep in the nursery with the nurses, Jacob. We're both exhausted and we need to rest up for when we go home, love."] she said. She rolled over on her side and slowly drifted off to sleep.
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"I'll never get tired of her beautiful face. I can hold her awhile." Jacob said and continued, "Well we can go to your dads for a couple days and then take her home, I know your mom will want to help....its what moms do. I mean if mine was here, well I wouldn't have even been able to hold Maci yet, and dad, you seen his face when he held her. I haven't seen a smile that big on his face in years. Literally years Bells."

Maci was asleep against his chest. "You did amazing Bella, shes perfect, I love you both and I know you need your rest. Get some sleep and when the nurse comes back I will ask if Maci's bassinet can be brought in here so she can sleep in here. I know I'm over protective but shes my baby girl."
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Isabella looked at Paul and nodded. [b "Goodbye."] was all that she said. [b "I love yo mom."] she said, hugging the older woman back. [b "Thank you guys."] she said, hugging Phil and Charlie before they all left. [b "I love you guys, be careful."]

She handed Maci Rae back to Jacob when she was done feeding. [b "We never really discussed if we would go home to your house, or my dads. Mom is staying two weeks, but do you think we won't need help by then?"]

She giggled when Maci curled into Jacob's chest, her butt in the air. [b "She's gonna be a Daddy's girl, and her Momma's world."] She snapped a picture. She yawned slightly. All the visitors had worn her out. [b "If you're tired, we can take her to the nursery."]
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Paul sighed and said, "I should go." He walked out and Renee hugged Bella and said, "We will be here for two weeks and Jacob don't worry about the nursery, Phil, Billy, and Charlie and I are finishing it, you just worry about your girls." Jacob chuckled and said, "I'll take good care of them."

After Maci ate Jacob took her into his arms and kissed her belly, "Hey baby girl, daddy loves you very much but mommy needs her sleep so you have to come chill with daddy for a few minutes." Maci didn't fuss or fight him, she curled into his chest.

Jacob heard a camera go off and realized Bella had taken their picture with her phone. He was in love with her and Maci. He would protect them with his life.
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Isabella just nodded as she listened to Paul. She just rolled her eyes once more. [b "We do make a cute child.."] she said softly, glancing at Jacob, she placed her hand on his knee. [b "It's not about what I want anymore. Paul, the minute I gave birth, everything changed. I wanted her to have you in her life, but she has Jacob. I'm not, nor will I ever beg you to be in her life."]

She looked at him, waiting to see what he would say. [b "Maci doesn't need any part time people in her life. I will not let that happen to my daughter. The sooner you get that through your head, the better."]

She looked up at Jacob. [b "I think we should all rest of a few hours before we get anymore visitors.. I'm tired and Maci is getting hungry."]
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"I...I wanted to see her...we make one cute kid..." Paul said staring down at his daughter. "I see now that I'm not needed...Jacob seems to have the dad thing down. I just thought maybe you'd want me in her life."

Jacob smiled at Maci, "Paul if you want to see Maci its up to Bella but I can't stop you, just know I consider her my daughter and I will protect her as such." Paul knew this wasn't a threat, it was a promise. "I'm taking over as Alpha too in a couple weeks, just want you in the loop since you've been up on the Makah reserve."

Jacob knew where he had been and that he had a girlfriend, an imprint actually on that new reservation. Paul had a life that Maci didn't fit into and Jacob knew it.
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Isabella just smiled softly as she stared at Maci Rae and Jacob. [b "She loves her daddy."] she said, not thinking that Paul was there. Her eyes went wide. Looking over at Emily, she just rolled her eyes. She leaned back against the bed and sighed. [b "Jacob, see if Paul wants to hold Maci Rae."] she said.

She giggled slightly as she watched. [b "Paul, if you drop my daughter, I will kick your ass."] she said. After a few seconds, she breathed in relief. Paul had handed her back to Jacob. [b "My turn."] she said, wanting Maci in her arms, where she was safe. [b "So... Did you need something Paul?"]

She looked down at Maci, who was smiling slighty. [b "Momma's girl is so pretty."] she whispered. She kissed the babies forehead.
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Jacob looked down at his daughter. "Shes spoiled and perfect, aren't you Maci?" Jacob asked in a baby talk voice and then he saw Paul. He had to come and ruin everything. Jacob didn't want to talk to him but he knew he would have to. Jacob was with Bella and Bella was Maci's mother...but Paul would never be a father, he wasn't made for it.

Jacob on the other hand was the father type. It came natural to him, how to hold her...stop her from crying, make her laugh. Everyone saw it.

When Bella suggested Paul get to hold Maci, Jacob reluctantly handed her over and said, "Support her head, shes fragile." Paul looked like a giant trying to hold a loaf of bread without smashing it. He was unnatural and awkward and handed her back to Jacob. "I...I just don't want to drop her." Paul said sighing.
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Isabella just shook her head as she listened to him. [b "I don't know Jacob. How would you feel if your biological daughter was possibly about to be taken away from you?"] she asked. She kissed him softly. [b "I'm tired."] she mumbled. [b "They should bring Maci back soon, when they do, wake me up and I'll feed her."]

She leaned back, and got comfortable in the bed. She slept for about an hour or so. The nurse woke her up to help her feed Maci, she made Jacob leave for that. He had never seen her without clothes since last summer.

The next day, the visitors came. Literally the entire pack, all of Bella's friends and family, even a couple of guys that worked with Charlie. [b "She's so spoiled."] she told Jacob as she handed Maci over.

She looked up when Paul walked in.
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"He said he wants me to remember that he had you first Bella. What kind of person does that?" Jacob said sighing. "I just don't want him to hurt you or our baby girl, shes too perfect."

He kissed Bella gently and said, "I'm sorry I don't want you to worry about it and Sarah for our daughter, our future daughter." Hell he didn't even know if Bella wanted more kids, Maci hadn't exactly been planned and now here he was thinking about what he would call their kids. What was wrong with him? She was his imprint but it was her decision, he wasn't going to push her to do anything that she didn't want to do.

Jacob slept in the corner on a cot that night. Occassionally waking up and walking down to the nursery to check on Maci who was asleep in her bassinet.
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Isabella just listened to Jacob and sighed softly. [b "I knew this was going to happen."] she said. [b "A few weeks ago, he came to the house when you were on patrols. He said that he got some help, and was staying sober. He said that he wanted to be in Maci's life."] she explained [b "Charlie was there with me. I already talked to him, and he said that legally there isn't anything we can do. Paul can take me to court and fight for custody."]

[b "Jacob. I'm not going through this."] she said [b "I just had my daughter, and I'm exhausted. I know that Maci is yours as well, but biologically, she is Paul. She looks just like him for heaven sakes."]

[b "I know you're pissed at me because I didn't name her Sarah.. I just thought that it would be better for when you have a daughter that is biologically yours."]
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"Paul refuses to sign away his rights, he basically threatened me and said that the council and I couldn't keep him away from his daughter...I told him that shes our daughter and hes no brother of mine." Jacob said sighing. "I love her Bella and you, I love you both. I want you both safe and Paul isn't safe."

He would do everything that he possibly could to make sure that they were safe and Paul would never get to them. "If I step up as alpha, I can order him to stay away. Sam won't do it, not like I will. I can't risk him hurting you or Maci, shes...shes perfect and I love you."

He didn't want to push the fact that Sarah wasn't in her name and had faith that Bella would explain that to him later but Maci Rae Black fit her perfectly.
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Isabella smiled softly and nodded. She looked down at Maci, her heart was so full right now. The little girl had her big brown eyes, and tiny nose. [b "She's perfect."] she whispered.

A little while later, everything was cleaned, She and Jacob were left alone with their daughter. [b "She's seriously just perfect. I never want to let her go."] she said. She frowned when the nurse came and took Maci Rae to the nursery. [b "You, momma need some rest and I have tests I have to run on your daughter."]

She looked over at Jacob. [b "Why?"] she asked. She knew there had to be a reason. [b "Why did you come back so angry?"] she asked [b "You went and got me ice, and you came back a completely different person."]
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Jacob shook his head, "No its perfect, shes perfect." he kissed her gently and their daughter's forehead. She might not biologically be his but she was his baby girl and he would do everything to protect her.

When everything was cleaned up and the doctor left the room and Bella was holding Maci he sighed, "I'm going to step up as alpha...." He didn't want to elaborate why, Maci was a blessing and he didn't want to lose her or Bella to Paul. His whole existiance laid in Bella's arms and Paul wanted to take her away from him.

Paul watched a nurse put the name tag on Maci's bassinet, expecting her last name to be Lahote. It read, "Maci Rae Black, Parents: Isabella Swan and Jacob Black."

Paul was furious.
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