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[I If you need a place to stay, I can arrange a spare room for you.] she said to him, and then she showed him that he was surprisingly perfect health for being preserved for over a century. [I Your health is astounding...I've never seen someone so clean of disease...]
  Zero / SilentHiller / 1y 222d 8h 19m 39s
He followed her over. "Yes can I help you." He said. He was starting to feel tired after all the days events. He would have to ask Ciel later about a place to rest. That and he need to get into Seraphim store area and get his stuff.
  Leon / Mended / 1y 222d 19h 11m 8s
A reploid with mechanical wings, a strange staff, and a type of gun calmly walked into the room and approached Leon. [I Excuse me sir, but may I please have a word with you for a moment?] she asked politely, which slightly made him uneasy, but at the same time, it made him comfortable with talking to her.
  Mercy (Model M) / SilentHiller / 1y 225d 6h 53m 19s
Zero nodded, and thanked him, then he made his way to where she was. [B Thank you.] he said, and when he met up with Ciel, he was introduced to a few of the other reploids that he remembered as either Mavericks in the past, or as robots when he was just a prototype.
  Zero / SilentHiller / 1y 226d 8h 11m 24s
Leon look out causely at the new arrival. People at dissaper don't just reaper one day. On guard Leon grasp a side arm out of the weapons locked next to the cockpit. He strapped it to his hip and came down. "She this way." He said leading but keeping a close eye out.
  Leon / Mended / 1y 228d 7h 18m 29s
A strange red, black, and white reploid entered the room, and he looked at the human, then he asked where Ciel was. [B My name is Zero...] he said, and that made Leon remember that Ciel had said that Zero went missing a few months ago.
  Zero / SilentHiller / 1y 229d 4h 4m 20s
"Job done easy." He said before his face went red. "I'm yea I got some work to do call if you need me" he said as he quickly flees. He had never been go arriving women. Other he made him self look like a fool or something bad happen.
He climbed back in to Seraphim. He pulls up his old mail page to see he had over 1000 old mail. Most if not all was junk and the filter took care of most. What was left was message form is parents and sister. A few where just check ups but the later ones became video. There we one about brithday Christmas and other event. But the one that hit him hard was that his baby sister was married and he was now an uncle. "We know your on some mission but we want to let you know how proud we are of you." After the last one he closed the screen. He wiped the tears from his eye. "We are all that left Sola." He said. "Mom dad sis there all gone and I wasn't there."
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 229d 5h 3m 59s
The copy was jostled the entire way back, and when they returned, Ciel began to take a look at her own copy, and she even had someone finish up putting it together after reprogramming it. [B I see you have found the part that is needed.] she said to Leon, and to his surprise, she kissed him on his cheek.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 229d 8h 28m 29s
Leon picked up the unfinished version and started taking it to seraphim. "I thought you be heavy." He joked to it. Guess we are both discarded failures." He knew it couldn't reply but he had alway been lonely when out on mission. He had alway found him talking to himself. He settled the part in the rear of the mech making sure it had enough room. "Sit back and enjoy the ride Sola the best ride for miles.
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 229d 18h 11m 40s
the container drained and the incomplete copy fell out of the tube, and onto the ground, completely immobile, and completely inactive and unable to activate unless completed otherwise. [I Project Genesis discarded...] stated a computerized voice from the intercom.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 230d 1h 47m 13s
Leon sighed " Sola keep a scans up for a hostile." He then dismount to find a way to get everything he need with out ripping the hole thing out. He wanted to try to keep ever thing in one peace. "Okay let see what I can find"
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 230d 1h 58m 36s
Inside the factory, he saw that it had been redesigned to only accommodate Project Genesis, which was the reploid copy of Ciel, but it was still inactive, and Leon remembered that Ciel said that they needed to bring Project Genesis back to Resistance Base to examine it closely, along with the energy equalizer.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 230d 2h 8m 24s
Leon looked at the fallen armor. He drew his blade and cut it leg off at the knee. Then did the same with one of it arm. He was careful no to hurt the pilot. "Don't follow I don't wanna have to kill if I don't need to." He said as he jet off back to the factory.
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 230d 2h 9m 36s
One approached him from behind and attempted to shoot him, but it missed because it slipped on a patch of mud. [I Shit!] the pilot shouted, and the Ride Armor fell backwards, and landed with a loud thud, and it was stuck like a turtle lying on its shell.
  Behemoth Ride Armor / SilentHiller / 1y 230d 2h 21m 43s
After look out the battlefield Leon came up with a plan. Not know if he could resupply any weapon he used he wanted to keep weapon with low ammunition in reserve.

So he drew his heavy sniper rifle. Wanting to keep at ranged he would move form cover to cover. Firing a shot for each spot then moving again. If they got too close he would switch to his moonlight blade and cut them down. "If you won't get out of my way then I'll make you.
  Leon / Mended / 1y 230d 3h 22m 1s

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