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Genesis didn't move or say a word. Her body had sustained extreme damage, and Leon could tell because Genesis' body was slowly deteriorating in his grip, but her head was surprisingly intact, even though the rest of her was totaled.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 212d 1h 9m 4s
Leon felt blood drip off his forehead. "That hurt. Sola report system."
"Resetting ten minutes until we will have power again." She said.
"We don't have that kinda time" he said grabing his rifle and switching it to shotgun mode. He the open the hatch and started moving to Genesis. " come on little lady knows not time to take a nap. He joked grab her and lifting he on her shoulder.
  Leon / Mended / 1y 212d 2h 45m 10s
Genesis was in pieces, but most of her upper half remained intact, but she was completely disabled, meaning that she could not do anything, as her energy source was broken, and she was lying on the ground, broken and unmoving.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 212d 5h 28m 6s
After finishing the last enemy on his side he yelled her name into his mic. " Dam it. Sola put all remaining power the the thruster." Sola did as she was told but said. " We are almost out of power if you do this then we will most sertlly run out. Doesn't matter will hit them with wat we got left." He then jump launch himself to Genesis last position. Smashing himself into the closet enemy as power went out.
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 212d 5h 30m 4s
[B [I There's too many of them! I can't hold out-]] she never got to finish, and then her comms went static, which meant that the enemy had most likely damaged her to the point of immobility. The sounds of gunfire could be heard throughout the area.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 212d 5h 42m 33s
"Dam it" leon cursed to himself. His booster where still only but that was about it. "Fall back and call for refinements I will deal with them as long as I can." He then flip a switch on he dash to drop his rifle. He then drew his moonlight sword and hid behind cover in front of the enemy. "What j would give for a grind blade."
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 212d 5h 44m 58s
[B [I Roger that...Radio headquarters for a transport unit to bring the MANTIS back to base so that we may be able to learn other ways to destroy them.]] she told him, and then she thought she heard something approaching. [B [I I'm picking up multiple enemy signatures on my sensors!]] she shouted.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 212d 5h 50m 19s
Leon let out a sigh of relief. "Damage report." He asked. "We are out of missiles as well as the left arm took a few hit. No response from it. Left leg is in bad shape as well." Sola said "I recommend repair as soon as possible." Leon then reported to Genesis. "Be ready for pick up will be there soon."
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 212d 7h 2m 23s
Once the machine's power core overheated, she waited for the right moment to aim and fire, and as soon as the core had popped up, she opened fire, dealing severe damage to the machine, and completely destroyed the power core, causing the MANTIS to collapse, rendering it completely useless. [B [I Leon, the MANTIS is rendered useless.]]
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 212d 7h 32m 6s
Leon fired his weapon focusing on the head. His shoulder open and fired ten missles before having to reload. His rifle fire shot after making the barrel glow red. He use his booster to jump for cover to cover never letting himself get to sit still. He left the aiming up to Sola programming and with was doing a good job keeping up with his movement.
  Sola (vi) / Mended / 1y 212d 17h 38m 22s
[B [I Eject me now!]] she shouted, and waited for the ejector to send her out of the mech, and she readied her weapon. [B [I If you hit its head with enough electricity, the core will be exposed.]] she said, and she changed her weapon to rocket launcher mode.
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 215d 3h 45m 58s
"Well what every they named it after it ain't going to look like it in a few minutes you ready" he asked as he moved to a good position to take. He locked in with missiles and ready his assault rifles and shotguns. "Sola divert most power the the booster let not give this guy something to shoot at"
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 215d 4h 45m 34s
[B [I Then something went wrong...]] she said with a sigh, which startled him, because he didn't think that robots could sigh. [B [I From what Ciel told me, it was called a MANTIS, mainly because it resembled a praying Mantis...]]
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 215d 5h 30m 32s
"2027 although nothing like it was around when I was awake." He said as he reach the drop off point. "Every in my time was maned because the in didn't line the idea of Robot being in control of so of the most powerful technology we had at the time."
  Seraphim / Mended / 1y 215d 5h 39m 17s
Genesis nodded, and she loaded the weapon she carried. [B [I We need to be careful...also, what year was the enemy created in?]] she asked, not knowing much about his idea of mechs. [B [I I heard Ciel mention that the unit in action was around your time...]]
  Genesis (Copy Ciel) / SilentHiller / 1y 215d 5h 57m 6s

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