Reploid Wars: New Human On The Team

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A group of Reploids have found a human from a long time ago, and he now is involved in things that he must come to recognize and understand.


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What was going on. Leon thought as he looked imiage. How did she look so human and still a robot. Also why did she look like the woman standing next to him. "Where my mech" he asked turning to every one
  Leon / Mended / 7h 37m 15s
[I That's strange...] Foudre said, and she typed in some commands and it zoomed in on a research facility that they thought was shut down. [I There's a signature coming from inside that facility...but it's supposed to be shut down...Ciel, how's our new friend feeling right now?] she asked, and it displayed an image that made them all shudder. It was an image that showed an unfinished reploid copy of Ciel.
[I We got Mavericks attacking settlements around the vicinity of Area Zero, and I have sent out small platoons of reploid soldiers, but all contact was lost a few moments after deployment...] she informed the two, and she saw both Forte and Blues.
The news hot him like a truck. He had been asleep that long. This had to be a joke. Right? Yea pull a fast one on the one that been a sleep for a few yes.
But then he saw Model F and he new she wasn't lying. Nothing to date look like the gun she held so easily. "What going on are we under attack."
  Leon / Mended / 20h 59m 8s
[I Ciel, you better come take a look at this...] the green armored reploid told her, and both Leon and Ciel were escorted to the briefing room, where they were shown a screen that displayed eight Mavericks that were terrorizing different areas of Area Zero.
Ciel stopped at the doorway. [B You are in the year 20XX, over a hundred years after the last major war on for the others, the rainbow haired one is Dash, the purple haired one is Rarity, the red and grey one is Blues, and the one with the purple stripes under his eyes is Forte...] she explained, and she helped him up and they both were greeted by Model F, who had a large gun for protection.
  Ciel (Rebirth) / SilentHiller / 21h 11m 50s
The room was full of people. People he didn't realize. "Hooow are you people." He asked though chatting teeth. "Also where am I. Did the experiment fail? How long have I been a sleep? Is Sola okay?" This was just a few of the questions that he had
  Leon / Mended / 21h 16m 25s
Dash and Rarity came inside and the purple haired reploid, which was Rarity, was told to stay with Leon and keep an eye on him, and Dash was told to make sure he was able to use his legs. [B alright...but can I help bust some Maverick heads later?] Dash asked, and Ciel nodded, meaning that she would consider it.
  Dash and Rarity / SilentHiller / 21h 45m 20s
Ciel shouted, and the others came inside and watched as he woke up, and they helped him up. [B Slow down, you'll pull a muscle...What's your name, my friend?] she asked, concerned that the human could hurt himself after his rude awakening.
  Ciel (Rebirth) / SilentHiller / 21h 53m 21s
Leon laid there listening to the people around him. 'Ciel? Who that.' He was new to the science installation so hasn't sure who everyone was yet but he did know no one name Ciel was one his team.

He could start to feel several more of his moter functions start to return. What did she mean only human. He reached out to the voice of where he could hear Ceil voice. He felt an arm or something as he said "What going on" his vision start to return.
  Mended / 1d 13h 9m 11s
In the command room, Dash and Rarity were both getting ready, but Rarity was whining because she just finished cleaning off all the dirt off her white clothes and Dash was yelling at her because of her whining. [B Rarity, would you quit whining and just hurry up?!] she shouted, and Rarity continued to whine. [I But I JUST finished cleaning myself up, and now I have to get it all dirty again!] the purple haired reploid complained.
  Dash and Rarity / SilentHiller / 1d 15h 56m 35s
Proto Man entered the room, and the two exchanged greetings, and while they were talking, Leon could hear the voice he knew the name of speak the name of the male voice that had come in, Ciel referred to him as Blues, or Proto Man. [B [I Listen Ciel, we need to hurry, the Mavericks are causing trouble near here...]] Blues told her, and as he said that, the entire building shook as if there had been an earthquake.
from his slumber, he could hear multiple voices talking about enemies that have been resurrected using technology, and then one of the voices identified another as Ciel, and the one he now knew with a name spoke to the others. [B We need to make sure that he is alright...] she said with a powerful tone, and he could tell she was their leader and the others agreed, and she soon sounded like she was next to him. [B I thought that I was the only human out here...] she said with a saddened tone.
  Ciel (Rebirth) / SilentHiller / 1d 17h 34m 21s
The first thing to return to Leon the feeling of a massive headache. The second as the feeling of his whole body freezing. "Sola turn the heat up it freezing in here." He tried to say. However, his voice was barely understandable. "Sola was a VI that he and a friend had made to help calculate the values of long distance shooting. She could also perform basic function like turning the heater off and on. Some time he forgot that she wasn't a full AI and try to have full conversation with her. All he got back most of the time was "Command not found," but it helped have something to talk to during long night of training.

After a minute of nothing happening, he tried to reach out to do it himself but his arm wouldn't move. 'What going on,' He thought to himself. He tried to open his eyes, but all he saw was darkness. 'Am I blind,' he panicked. He tried to move something, anything. Nothing happen until he felt his hand move a little. He closed it and opened it in the hope of grabbing something anything to let him know that someone was there.
  Leon / Mended / 4d 9h 39m 5s
One of the reploid commanders of the generic model soldiers said that she had picked up Maverick signals in major parts of the world that the resistance took before, and she said only one name that they knew. [I The only one that we've encountered before is Furoneru, the jellyfish reploid...] she said, and that meant that somehow, the Neo Arcadian forces had some kind of technology to resurrect their fallen warriors.

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