Osiris and The Phoenix *under construction *

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[center [b [I There's always a need for a Champion]]]

[size25 [b "T]] rials... Trials... There must always be trials... By the word of [I Yanni] , our philosopher and guide of all things. The center of our universe is her, and we all have squandered it, my son... "

There was a banging, a harshslam of glass and metal. They were breaking in...

"You must leave! Find a way to heal her! Find her and heal her heart! "

[i W-Wait... Wait, Father... What are you...]

"Osiris, listen to me! Your name means more than you think! Find a way to heal her... Or we all will be in danger... "

[I Danger? What danger?]

"Listen, son... You are a Nightingale.. Born a direct descendant of the First Champion... A banshee, a reaper. Your line holds responsibility, and you can't slack off now...


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