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[h3 Wills and ways]

Jet passed off Orrin to the two younglings and two adult Jedi, leading them to her would be medical room. It had the basic amenities you would need for such a space, but luckily for her new Jedi ally, she had a medical droid. Although it was a little rustic, it would get the job done until they got Orrin and the other male Jedi, Len, to a proper medical facility so they can recover and heal properly... but where could she bring a handful of Jedi when they were being hunted by the entirety of the Republic? Hell, she didn't even know where they were now, but she could tell by how the ship felt, they were just drifting, and not flying. Time to talk to the pilot.

Leaving the medical room, the young Mandalorian almost runs headlong in to Kit. [b "Just who I was looking for."] Jet says and takes the young boy by the shoulder to lead him away from the others. The boy was pale and had black messy hair, and looked like he was about to be sick. He wasn't as young as the two younglings, but he wasn't old enough to be around Jet or Orrin's age. A teenager... and she had to have a very awkward and frank conversation with him.

She takes the boy to the holding area, and he seems very confused, but that might be because Jet didn't say squat yet.

"Is there something you need of me?" Kit asks, looking around the room. "Where is Master Skos? Is he in the infirmary as well?" And there it was. The heartbreaking conversation she needed to have with a teen. She knew Jedi were supposed to distance themselves from their emotions or something, but losing someone you cared about or looked up to made that sort of hard to do, even when trained for it. That's basically why Jet didn't have any friends.

[b "That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about.."] and already, the boy grew even paler, anticipating the words that were about to come from the Mandalorian's mouth. She couldn't help but feel bad for the kid.

"But... but I saw him jump in to the ship..."

[b "There was a rogue Jedi."] Jet tells him and Kit seems surprised by that and then looks down at the ground.

"A Jedi..." Kit says, his hands balling in to fists. There's a sudden tension in the room, and Jet could see her breath in the air. The next thing she knew, metal started creaking, and loose debris began to hover. She looks back at at Kit, his hands balled up so tight, blood began dripping from them. Jet goes to say his name to bring him back to reality, but nothing comes out, and she suddenly couldn't breathe.

A firm hand finds itself across Kit's face, the shock of the slap bringing the boy back to his senses and the room back to its normal climate and temperature.

[b "Don't ever go there again."] Jet almost snarls, and the boy holding his cheek simply nods before exiting the holding area.

Once Jet calmed herself down, she got to know the other Jedi that were now occupying her ship. The two younglings were Trilby and Fin. And Len she was already anquainted with, but his female comrades name was Edi. She gave them the tour of her ship, luckily having just enough space to bunk them all. Three rooms she used for storage or were empty that within a few hours they were able to turn them in to something the Jedi could sleep in. Obviously Jet had her own quarters, but she figured she helped the Jedi enough and kept it for herself.

Once they concluded the tour, there was one room left and she made a point to lock it. [b "This room is off limits. Now why don't you all try and get some rest so I can think on what I'm going to do with you all."] And she doesn't wait for anyone to respond, she just pivots on her foot and makes a b-line for the infirmary to check on Orrin. His wounds were a lot more severe than anyone else's, including hers, so she wanted to make sure the Jedi didn't become one with the force.

Once in the infirmary, Jet takes stock of Orrin. Even if she hadn't just fought a bunch of Clones with him, she would be able to tell he was a warrior by the scars all over his body and his defined muscles. Jet's body told a similar tale, but thanks to armour and shields, her scars were a little less harsh and frequent. Not to mention the man's eyes, there was definitely some horrific story behind what happened to those and it fascinated her beyond belief how he could still seemingly [i see].

"Mandalorian... Jet, im sorry." She was staring so long that it startled her when Orrin spoke, and she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed and a little relieved that he was blind and couldn't see that. "I cannot see, the pain in my skull hard to block out. I cannot focus on the force, I cannot draw on it the ways i normally can... That said, you saved my life. I owe you a debt I can never repay. Thank you"

[b "It's alright Orrin. You did a lot of saving me out there too. We'll figure something out for your head injury, but in the mean time, just rest. We have a long road ahead of us."] And when Orrin inquires where they can hide and mentions the children, she hums to herself in thought, sitting on the edge of the sink across from Orrin and crossing her legs. [b "You know something? I never thought that far ahead. Getting involved with you Jedi was all on impulse and I made up everything as I went along."] Admittedly not one of her most soundest decisions, and she probably would've saved herself a world of hurt by not getting involved, but she couldn't exactly do anything now could she? She was a fugitive as well now.

[b "But now we have some breathing room and I can think, so I'll think of something; I always do. But, you know, if you have any ideas, I'm all ears. Oh, and before I forget,"] Jet pulls out the pouch Master Skos had given her, opening it up and taking out... something. It was a small sphere, barely the size of Jet's palm. It was a slightly blue gray colour with gold filling wherever the orb was cracked. The thing was warm to the touch and she couldn't really tell, but she could swear the thing was vibrating a little. [b "Skos' last will and testament."] The Mandalorian says, placing the small orb in Orrin's hand. Maybe he'd know more about it than she would. [b "I don't know what it is, but the Ithorian went out of his way to get this before he was killed. I think it might be something to look in to, but definitely after we get the children somewhere safe."] But where do you hide orphan Jedi?
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It had taken a few hours for the padawans, assisted by a basic medical droid, to remove the shrapnel from his body and close him up. There was one piece that could not be removed, the one stabbed into his left eyebrow. With how deep it was and the delicate location it would have to be left until there were at a dedicated medical facility well stocked with specialists and the right equipment.

With his tattered cloths removed he was wearing a type of athletic shorts, and the scars that made up his story could be seen. There were some scars which obviously came from battle but many of them were too thin and precise, almost surgical to have happened in battle. The most shocking of all were the chemical burns around his left eye and the grey mass that was once his eye, and the right eye was missing the top and bottom eyelids and the eye was more scar tissue then not with many cuts all around the socket.

As he sat he stared at the tattered bandanna that now was tore and had blood stains from the shrapnel and spots where it was charred from the explosion. He folded it with great cared and set it next to him before looking straight up with a sigh. "Mandalorian...Jet, im sorry. I cannot see, the pain in my skull hard to block out. I cannot focus on the force, I cannot draw on it the ways i normally can." he cleared his throat. "That said, you saved my life. I owe you a debt I can never repay. Thank you"

he close the eye he could and rubbed his face "Now it seems we are in your territory. Where can we hide? Before anything else we need to get the children to safety"
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[h3 Betrayal]

The landing pad was clear, so, so far all was going according to plan. [i 'And they say plans don't survive first contact with the enemy.'] Jet thinks to herself as they stand on the pad. She was waiting for someone to ask how they were supposed to escape without a ship when a modified light freighter ascends from the lower levels of Coruscant, in the pilot seat, none other than the Padawan Kit.

[b "Right on time."] Jet beams to herself. It seemed like they were going to be making a smooth get away when Kit managed a bit of a clunky landing, but a stray blaster bolt that barely managed to miss Jet's head put all those happy thoughts to bed. She quickly points to the two younglings and then to the two injured adults. [b "Get them inside! We'll cover you until then."]

"I can still fight." The female Jedi protested and Jet rolled her eyes behind her visor. Her male counterpart didn't put up a fuss because he could barely stand, but Jet could tell the female Jedi wasn't exactly doing well either.

[b "Just shut up and get in my ship. We have no time to waste."] The Mandalorian says and starts taking pot shots at the advancing Clones. This time there was more of them, and something didn't seem right.

Again, Jet and Orrin did their dance, killing and incapacitating where they could, drawing attention away from the Jedi being filed in to her ship. All was going according to plan, but when that normally happened, it took a turn for the worse... and it did.

Jet was dealing with two Clones in close quarters, dodging a blow, and tripping the other other one. She spins and blasts the one on the floor as she starts trying to shoot the other point blank. They scuffle a bit, both deflecting each other blaster muzzles until an explosion takes the two of them off their feet. She hits the ground hard, cracking her visor, and her handcannon leaving her hand. She goes to grab her side arm on her hip, but is kicked in the side before she can. The breath leaves her lungs and she felt a few ribs crack as another kick turned her on to her back, a Clone blaster now in her face.

Well, this wasn't exactly how she expect to go, fighting alongside Jedi and killing Clones. Never in a million years would she have thought something like this would happen. But to be honest, it was fine. She kind of expected she'd die something like this. In the mercenary business, especially as a Mandalorian, it wa quite rare you grew old. She accepted that fate long ago, welcomed it if anything.

She could see the Clone start to pull the trigger but he suddenly stopped, something dropping on to her chest and rolling to the side. It takes Jet a second, but she looks over and she sees the Clone troopers severed head. When she looks up, she couldn't help but smile at the sight. [b "Master Skos. Better late than never."] She says and the Ithorian offers his hand and helps her up, giving her back her hamdcannon. The dust and debris of all the fighting hadn't settled yet, and it gave them some cover which could prove useful.

"Forgive me, Miss Cereza, I had some matters to take care of before we left the Temple forever." He says and Jet nods, seeing a pouch on his hip that wasn't there before. But it was all okay now, it seemed they bought themselves enough time to escape. Now all they needed was-

[b "Orrin!"] She shouts. Looking over at him, he was covered in blood, his clothes torn to shreds and shrapnel sticking out of his body, one piece of which was sticking out of his head. She had a medbay on the ship, but she was no doctor or healer, but at this point she guessed she should count having a bunch of Jedi as part of her crew a blessing now. She moved to grab him when suddenly there was a flash and a burning pain in her side. She looks down to see a blaster wound on the right side of her lower abdomen. It was a through and through, so she was able to make it to Orrin with only a massive amount of pain to deal with.

More blaster fire started funnelling through the dust and debris, all wild shots trying to hit her and the two Jedi. Skos was quick to jump in and defend the two, deflecting the bolts. "Get to the ship. I'll join you shortly." The Jedi says and Jet nods, tacking Orrin's arm and draping it over her shoulder as the two hobble to the ship.

[b "It's almost over."] Jet says, although she wasn't sure if she was responding to Orrin or if she was saying it to herself. Either way, the two make it to the gangway of her ship as Skos provides them with much needed cover. Quickly Jet brings one of her vambraces close to her face. [b "Kit, get this thing off the ground. Now!"] and barely a second later, the ship begins lift off, the sudden movement knocking Jet and Orrin down, but they were still in the ship. She turns to face the outside, Skos sprinting back towards the ship, dodging blaster fire, and thermal detonators on the way as the ship lifted up higher.

He was going to make it! And with a leap no doubt augmented by the force, the Ithorian Jedi lands on the gangway in front of Jet and Orrin. "Sorry for the trouble, I-" and at first Jet didn't process what just happened until she looked down at the Jedi's chest. Blue light eminates from it, and Jet realized that a lightsaber was sticking out of his chest. They both just sort of stared at each other in a stunned silence, before everything sped up again.

With his last little bit of strength, Skos tosses the pouch to Jet who barely manages to catch it, and the Jedi falls backwards off the gangway as the ship begins take off. She runs to catch him, but is too late, his body plummeting to the landing pad below as the gangway begins to close. But before it does, she catches sight of something she would remember for the rest of her days. A Jedi clad in a black cloak holding a blue lightsaber staring up at her. [i The traitor.] And once the gangway closes, the ship goes in to hyperspace, Jet having no idea what coordinates Kit had punched in.

Jet turns back around and helps Orrin to his feet. [b "We need to get you patched up right away."] She takes his arm over her shoulders again, tossing aside her Mandalorian helmet in the process, letting her long dark hair cascade down her back. [b "And then after that, [i I] need to figure out what I'm goin to do with all of you."]
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** Snow blows around Orrin as he kneels infront of the vast emptiness of Hoth. Wind howling is all he can hear as he meditates. Suddenly, the sound of crunching snow can be heard approaching from infront of him and he opens his eyes. A tall Miralukan woman with a shaved head and a less worn bandanna identical to the one he wore. "What are you doing here Saar?" she asked, as if speaking to a sick child. "I told you not to join me on this path for a long time...It was my last order as your master." Orrin looked at his master "I dont know. Im just so tired of fighting, It seems this is not a foe that can be defeated. Why fight against the inevitable" The woman scoffed "When did you get so weak, when did you lose your spine Saar. You are a warrior of Order, a champion of the force." Orrin sighed and lowered his head. "you dont und-" he feels the sting of a slap across his face. "Remember your training. Remember who you are and wake up! You must walk the path laid before you, you must fight back the encroaching darkness!" he looked at his master and went to speak but she slapped him again "Wake up Saar!" another slap "Wake up!"**

Orrin Gasps and opens his eyes. What did he. the grenade...he grabbed the side of his head and grimaced as it started coming back to him

--Jet had just finished speaking to others and it was now time to hold their ground until master Skos came back. The landing bay was empty when they got there but Orrin knew it was only matter of time before more clones showed up. He sent the padawans into the shuttle and began to pace waiting for the fighting to begin. This was the hardest fight he had be apart of in some time, it was thrilling but at the same time he couldnt help but feel like he had missed a step since he lost the use of his eyes.--

Orrin rolled over and started to push himself up, to his knees first but then he struggled to a standing position. he felt his chest and it was sticky with blood. Shrapnel from the grenade had to have hit him. He was alive, for now anyway. Another stab of pain comes and he grabs his head again

--As the clones rushed in the fight progressed as expected. He was quick with his darting from clone to clone, rending armor and flesh with his light sabers, deflecting bolts. Jet firing his weapons and using an impressive display of skill. Orrin never felt the need to watch his back, he knew she had that well in hand, just as he focused any clones to switched their attention to her. An more effective team he had never been a part of...then as he ran through a clone it grabbed him tight and he noticed a beeping coming from his belt. A grenade. He force pushed the clone away but not soon enough, he was caught in the explosion--

"is it over?" Orrin coughed some blood "I...I cant see" the stabbing pain rocked his skull once more. He went to rub his face and felt something...a shard of metal protruding from his skull
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[h3 Expediency]

Jet nodded in affirmation that they would have to proceed on without the use of Orrin's force abilities. [b "That's alright. Do it all the time."] She remarks with a spin of her handcannon.

She follows the Jedi in to one of the main halls as Clone close in on their position. In an instant, the both of them spring in to action, Jet with her blasters a devices, and Orrin with his lightsabers. Despite the two never having actually worked together, they were a deadly effective duo. Orrin glided around the room like a well choreographed dance while Jet used her handcannon and smaller blaster to start the fireworks. She wasn't as mobile as her Jedi dance partner, but she jumped, rolled, and used her rocket boots when the situation called for it.

It felt kind of good teaming up with a Jedi in this situation. In this situation, it worked surprisingly well. Wherever Jet was lacking Orrin picked up the slack and vice versa. But at the same time, it felt like more than that... if she really thought about it, today was the first time she's fought for someone's else without it benefitting her in some way.

[b "Youre not so bad yourself, Master Jedi."] The Mandalorian responds to the compliment. That was another thing she forgot about working with others; having her work admired. Despite it being a grim business, it was always nice to hear she did well from another established warrior... not that she doubted her skills or anything, she was just a little vain here and there.

It was eerily quiet in this part of the Temple, bodies laying about and he ruin of a once great belief. She sort of just ignored all of it, it was a battlefield after all, and not he first one she's been on either. However, when Orrin took notice of something, she stopped to take a gander as well. And honestly? She wished she didn't.

Some of the bodies of the slain Jedi didn't have blaster wounds, but lightsaber wounds instead. She couldn't help but feel a cold chill run down her spine. Was this how the Clone were able to enter the Temple? They had a rogue Jedi with them? That was a scary thought, and one she immediately put to bed when Orrin said they should keep moving.

The two loop around through the Temple to the landing pad they had designated as their rendezvous point with little resistance. It seemed that the attack on the Temple was either over or close to being over, the Clones that were around seemingly stationed as a formality, probably for any remaining Jedi that were able to hide... but that seemed unlikely.

Rounding a corner, Jet's blaster comes up immediately when four figures come in to her sight. However, she was skilled enough not to pull the trigger, the figures being in Jedi garb, two of which were the younglings that were accompanying Skos. The other two were pretty worse for ware, a man and a woman, the man leaning heavily on the female Jedi as he was clearly severely wounded.

"Master Orrin, Miss Cereza." One of the younglings says as her and Orrin approach. She motions to the two adult Jedi now with them. "We found them in one of the training rooms."

[b "Good job, kid."] Jet says and then glances at the two Jedi and then around. [b "Where's Master Skos?"]

"He said there was something he needed to get and that he would meet us at the landing pad."

[b "Fantastic."] she mumbles under her breath. They didn't really have time to be waiting around for the rapidly depleting Jedi to be running errands in ground zero of their own massacre. [b "Well, just stay behind Master Orrin and I. The landing pad is just up ahead, and with all the noise we just made, it should be mostly clear."] However, for the sake of the children, she left out the part that the Clones would no doubt be making their way, and in numbers towards them so time was of the essence. That in mind, Jet moves passed her charges, and towards the landing pad.
  Jet / MarkyMark / 91d 3h 26m 49s
Orrin slowed his breathing to collect himself but he had been drawing too heavily on the force, between the speed, augmenting his strength, blocking out the pain and now the wall, he was reaching the limits of what he could do without rest. That was why he pushed his body to perfection as well as his mind. "We must make do without he force going mindful of that" with one arm he grabs the top of their cover and pulls himself up and jumps over the cover, his left arm extends throwing a now ignited light saber and drawing his other.

He rolls as he hits the ground and quickly pops back to his feet and deflects blaster fire back to its source as his makes his way to the clone acting as a holster for his weapon. Soon it was back in his hand and with two sabers it would take an autocannon to get through his defense. It wasn't long before they cleaned up he clones in the main area and they could catch their breath.

"Not bad for a mercenary, maybe there is a reason your people were once feared across the galaxy." He smirks and heads towards an archway "this way to the air pad, once that is clear we can get any survivors out of here." He starts to jog as he disengages his light sabers

With every dead Jedi they pass Orrin winces and grows more grim. This was no mere attack, this methodical execution this is...a light saber wound.

"No..." he breaths as he comes to a sudden stop. The darkness he wasn't was a Sith. "We cannot tarry. This is far worse then I expected..."
  Orrin Saar / SpacePirateTim / 93d 5h 24m 1s
[h3 Art of War]

The Mandalorian couldn't help but scoff at Orrin's remark about friendly fire. She sort of guessed it was just a friendly jab at her and she didn't take it personally, but she still spun her handcannon efficiently in her hand and flipped it into her hip holster. [b "Don't you worry about that, Master Jedi, I'm a professional. I'll send you my bill once we're done."]

And with that, everyone broke off. Skos and the two younglings below, and Jet and Orrin taking the rooftops above. And it was pretty astounding to watch Orrin work the way he did. You'd almost think he could see better than your average person... That in mind, he [i was] a Jedi after all. Taking his eyes away probably became a benefit to him at some point. 'Is everywhere' and 'works in mysterious ways' and all that nonsense.

The two made it to the wall without so much as hiccup, but she was banking on that. The wall was the issue now, and she had the explosives to deal with it considering it was about to crumble--must've been hit by a rocket launcher or something--but her companion seemed to be intent on dealing with it his own way.

At first Jet had no idea what in the hell Orrin was doing. He was just... standing there, facing the wall. She was about to remind him that they were on a deadline and out in the open when she started to [i feel] something. It was... strange. Almost like a calm ocean breeze that wafted by her. But before she could think more on it, the wall started to crumble and then blasted inwards, creating their opening in to the Temple. And Jet had to say, she was pretty impressed by that. She's seen Jedi in action before, but she can't say she's seen one do this kind of damage by just staring at a wall.

But being impressed was something she could do later. Explosives or not, it had the intended effect, and it garnered the attention of the Troopers on the landing pad closeby. Swiftly, Jet pulls out her handcannon and takes down one of the advancing Trooper's as they open fire on the Mandalorian and her Jedi compatriot.

She puts another blaster bolt in to another Clone and looks down at her partner. [b "Don't fall asleep on me yet, we still have work to do."] She says and takes the rook of his elbow in her free hand, tugging him in to Temple while laying down cover fire. It might be one versus many, but Jet's accuracey and rate of fire despite using a single handcannon was enough to slow the Clones down and make them proceed with caution.

Once through the hole, Jet plasters herself to the wall, quickly taking stock of where they were. It was a simple long corridor that they busted in to, and either end seemed like it went in to an expansive room. This is why she took Orrin with her, because at this point, she had no clue where she was or where they would need to go.

[b "You're up, tour guide."] The Mandalorian pulls out a thermal detonator and tosses it out of the hole and towards the clones. The explosion and resounding shouts of surprise and pain was enough so she didn't have to look to see the damage. She thinks this was sufficiently handled, but they had to keep moving further in to the Temple to save as many of the Jedi as they could and then get off this rock. Reinforcements were no doubt inbound, so staying on the move was imperative. [b "Where to next?"]


The two Padawans stayed behind the Ithorian Jedi as they waded through the tunnels in to the Temple. Skos had his lightsaber ignited for light, but it was still difficult to see very far ahead. Fortunately enough Cereza's maps were accurate and they were right under the Temple, heading in to the lower systems of it.

Skos looks up at the large drainage pipe that would lead them inside of the Temple and then to the Padawans as they looks back at him for guidance. These were trying times for ones so young. It was difficult for Skos himself as well, but he's lost comrades and friends in the Clone Wars already. His own Padawan, Kit, a greatly talented individual had already lost people when he was but a boy. These two with him now... He couldn't even imagine.

"Are we going to die?" The small girl asks and Skos shakes his head at her. He wouldn't let that happen, even if it meant he had to lay down his life.

"No. Both of you will live to fight another day. We're in capable hands." He tells the both of them, crouching so he's on their level. "Miss Cereza told us to save as many of our friends as we could, and we will. Do you think you can do that?" They both nod at him and he smiles to himself. "Good. There is something else I need to ask of the both of you now."
  Jet / MarkyMark / 93d 5h 45m 35s
A wry smirk tugged at Orrins mouth. Clearly more then just a thug or mercenary, this mandalorian was a warrior like the ones of old. He looked forward to seeing her in action. Seeing what all she was able to accomplish being a conduit of the force.

Orrin didn't need to look in the direction of the temple to know of what she spoke, he already had a perfect image in his mind. "Leave wall to me, I will collapse it, you be ready to open fire once the opening presents itself. No friendly fire under any circumstances" the last part was uneccesary, just a gauge of her disposition based on her response.

He rolled his shoulders and and took a few steps in the direction of the Temple. "My name is Orrin Saar Mandalorian, and please. Do try to keep up" and with that he rushed towards the first step of the plan. The wall. Watching him move you would never suspect his eyes were dead underneath the blindfold, the way he deftly maneuvered through he environment until finally, he was at the wall.

He rubbed a hand against and not only looked at it, but through it. He saw every flaw, imperfections, and crack and divot and before long found the points in the wall that were the most essential and the weakest. Drawing upon the force his brow furrowed and sweat beaded as he exerted the force on the points and as he heard the sounds of the wall crumbling he pushed forward with all his might blasting rubble inwards and he dropped to a knee catching his breath. Shatter point on such a scale was more difficult then he has anticipated. He hoped the mandalorian was ready
  SpacePirateTim / 93d 10h 23m 50s
[h3 Barely bulletproof]

From such a far distance away, the Troopers didn't stand against Jet's sniper rifle. Before they could even figure out her position all of them fell prey to her blaster bolts. Fortunately she was fast enough and the Clones were surprised enough that they weren't able to take any potshots at Skos and the other Jedi. Three more lives hopefully saved from this madness.

By the time the group of Jedi were back, Jet was just finished speaking with Kit, the boy nodding his head and leaping off the building down to the lower levels.

"Cereza, where is Kit going?" Skos asks and the Mandalorian offers a nonchalant shrug.

[b "I sent him on an errand."] Jet says as she takes stock of the three new Jedi joining them. They were two younglings and an adult male with a blindfold. Despite the fact that he was wearing a blindfold, she could feel him [i looking] at her, an uncomfortable chill running down her spine. She couldn't help it, but her grip around her blaster tightened, and her eyes narrowed underneath her visor. It was an intense feeling that she got from him,and it felt almost as if he now knew all of the wrongs she's committed in her life. She didn't like to be judged, no one in the galaxy was a saint.

The tension quickly breaks when he asks what the plan is, clearly expediency was critical to everyone in the group, including Jet. As much as she wanted to help her new Jedi friends, she was still wrestling with the part of her that wanted to leave them behind and save herself. Maybe this was why she always worked better alone. But that had to change, at least temporarily.

Jet points off in the distance at the Temple, specifically at the wall that was severely damaged. It was hard to see from this distance, Jet herself requiring her viewplate, but she figured the Jedi could probably use their magic powers to see it. She wasnt sure about the blind one, so she ended up feeling obligated to explain what she was pointing at.

[b "There's a section of wall that's ready to go on one side of the Temple. Most of the Troopers are inside, with a few guarding landing pads."] Her finger moves over to the landing pad closest to the damaged wall. [b "The plan is to bust through the wall to get in, but it'll grab the attention of the Troopers on that landing pad there. They're not expecting anyone to be breaking [i in] to the Temple, so they'll no doubt cone after us. But that's part of the plan."] She knew she sounded crazy, and The younglings were looking at her like they were absolutely astounded by the crazy coming out of her mouth.

[b "Bear with me please."] She reaches in to one of her pouches and pulls out a compact holoprojector and takes out a holodisk from one of her vambraces. She puts the disk in and the dimensions of underground tunnels pops up. [b "These are the underground tunnels and waste systems of the Temple I thankfully was able to access. The most of us will be taking that way to get in while the rest cause trouble inside the Temple."]

She points to the blind Jedi. [b "You're with me and the wall. We knock it down and lure the Clones in to the Temple and away from the landing pad. We take out as many as possible and we direct your friends back the way we came since it should be mostly clear by then. We'll just have to worry about what's in front of us."] her finger then swivels to Skos and the younglings. [b "You three go in through the tunnels and get your friends to the landing pad as well, while me and Shaggy act as bait. It's hardly bulletproof, but it's the only plan I could come up with on the fly. I'd prefer a head on assault, but that's not a luxury we can afford. Or survive. Any objections?"]
  Jet / MarkyMark / 93d 12h 17m 7s
Orrin braced and activated his light sabers as the clones dropped and the jedi came into view but took a much less threatening stance when he realized the situation was well in hand. Though deactivated he was keeping them in his hands to be safe.

The jedi that stood before him glowed with a pure blue/white tint as the force flowed through him. The things Orrin could see through the force were infinitely more useful then his real eyes ever showed him, and he never lamented their loss.

Orrin nodded and followed the Master back to the padawan and...mandalorian? The Padawans aura was simple enough, a light grey with tendrils of the force flowing forward, a user yes but clearly still years from reaching his true potential. The armored woman though. she was a less simple read

A few wisps swirling around her showed that, weather she was aware of it or not, she had minor force sensitivity. Be it luck or uncanny accuracy with her weapons he was not certain...a question for a later day. The complexity came from elsewhere, the smoky red that gathered around her was evidence of the dark deeds she had committed in her life but there was a yellow glow, albeit faint that showed a good nature trying to come through. Orrin was not sure if it was being smothered by the smoke or clearing it away, but one thing was to be certain, he would have to watch her closely.

"Whats this plan? we cannot tarry long, Im sure you have felt it but there has been a terrible darkness that now lingers over the temple. I fear the worst...the younglings there..." he trails off "We must be hurry"

  Orrin Saar / SpacePirateTim / 93d 15h 38m 58s
[h3 Planning ahead]

Jet, the Ithorian Jedi Skos, and the boy Padawan Kit, make their way through the winding streets of Coruscant, explosions and screams replacing the usual hustle and bustle of the planet city's nightlife. It was chilling to the Mandalorian. She's been in plenty of war zones, and she's seen plenty of messed up stuff in her life , but the bitter reality is that this was a place of commerce and peace. And now the defenders of the planet were warring against each other, and no one knew why. What could the Jedi have done to provoke genocide?

"Up here." Skos says, pointing to a few sectional buildings. The Jedi and apprentice jump, using the force and surfaces until they were on top of one of the taller buildings. Jet couldn't help but scoff, the two clearly forgetting she didn't have access to mystic powers to augment her physical capabilities. Luckily enough for her she wore rocket boots, and boosted herself up to the building alongside her new friends. And honestly, she didn't have the force, but she could [i feel] what the two were experiencing right now.

From the building they were standing on, they had a clear view of the Jedi Temple. The building was alight, blaster fire and lightsabers being extinguished was all there for them to watch. Jet was mostly desensitized to violence, but the Jedi beside her, although warriors, were keepers of the peace. Watching their place of worship, their home, being invaded and sundered, their brethren killed, it was heartbreaking.

The three were just standing atop the building in a stunned silence as they watched the violence from a distance. Jet was the first one to come to her senses, looking at the two traumatized Jedi. [b "We need to move now if we hope to save anyone."]

"But there are so many of them. How can we?" Kit asks, and honestly, Jet didn't know how to respond to that. The odds were nearly insurmountable, their enemy a seemingly endless number of manufactured killers, and not to mention it was the fucking 501st occupying the temple. It would be lucky if [i they] got out of here alive. And it was difficult for her not to listen to the selfish part of her that only looked out for herself, but there was the other part of her that couldn't help but get involved. She felt like she owed the Jedi, especially after everything that's happened. She was a shitty person, but tonight when the world was worse than her, she would be better.

Pulling down her viewplate, Jet scanned the Temple. It was locked down pretty tight, but it looked like a fragment of one of he walls was heavily damaged and ready to crumble. It was far enough from several of the entrances for them to get close, but still close enough to one of the landing pads where it could be a problem of being spotted. However, she wasn't about to jump in there without exhausting all her options first. She starts scanning the streets from their vantage point, trying to see if there was a clear path they could take devoid of Troopers. They couldn't just rooftop jump, they'd be sitting ducks. Maybe the sewers could be an option? But she wasn't sure how familiar the two Jedi were with the systems going in to the Temple or if they were guarded.

As she was considering the limited options they had, something caught her attention. There were three more Jedi making their way towards the Temple. One was an adult male and was accompanied by two younglings. But that's not what caught the Mandalorian's attention.

Atop one of the buildings was a squad of Clones, silently laying in wait to ambush the three unwitting Jedi. Quickly Jet reaches on to the back of her belt and pulls off a device. It extends slightly and she fastens it to her heavy blaster pistol, a stock swinging overtop of it, turning the handcannon in to a sniper rifle.

"I see them." Skos tells her, and she nods. The veteran Jedi unfastens his lightsaber from his belt, and his Padawan goes to do the same. The Ithorian waves him off, wordlessly commanding the boy to stay put. He nods his head in the direction of the three in the distance.

[b "Make contact, and I'll cover you."]


Skos makes short work of making his way to his Jedi brethren. He uses the force and lands in an alleyway adjacent to the trio, igniting his lightsaber to draw their attention and no doubt the group of Clones.

Without missing a beat and with no sound at all, suddenly a Clone plummets to the streets, his visor shattered from a distant blaster shot. No doubt from Cereza. Soon enough, more bodies begin to fall from above and onto the streets. The Mandalorian woman was frighteningly effective and Skos didn't even need to defend like he thought he did. However, he still stood in the alleyways for a second, deactivating his lightsaber and [i sensing] for a moment. It seemed they were clear for the moment and the Ithorian strides out in to the streets towards the three. His step falters when he recognizes the Knight with the two Padawan.

"Orrin Saar." Skos says. He didn't know the many personally, but he's heard of him and seen him once or twice before. Last he heard, the Jedi Knight was in the outer rim... but it was a blessing to have someone as skilled as Orrin on their side. And it seemed he was making his way to the Jedi Temple as well, probably intent on the same mission Skos and his allies were. "Come with me. We have allies close-by and a plan to infiltrate the Temple. We need to save as many of our comrades as possible..." Not to mention here was something very important to Skos himself in the Temple that he couldn't let fall in to the wrong hands. "This way. Hurry."
  Jet / MarkyMark / 94d 6h 8m 41s
**If there was one thing in his life that he truly wished that he had that he didnt, it was luck. He has spent years honing his mind and body to as near as perfection as he could, and when he fell short he had his connection to force to help him. Despite that he could never defeat the foe that defied him, and there was seemingly no end to the number of times it would best him. Luck, a spawn of chaos he found it fitting that it was never in his favor as he dedicated his life to combating chaos.**

An explosion Rocks Orrin out of his thoughts and he looks around. What were these clones doing? Werent they soldier of the Republic? Manufactured sure, but allied none the less. Something was horribly wrong. To make matters worse, he didnt have his light sabers with him. After all, why would he need them? right? At the very least he was glad he was staying nearby, it was just a matter of getting there.

As Orrin rounded a corner he came face to face with three clone troopers who raised their rifles. His grey and white robes gave him away as once of the Jedi they were so keen on killing. Closing his eyes Orrin drew on the force and gathered all he had the time for and extended his arms outwards, pushing the troopers away, but not before they opened fire. A blaster bolt to the thigh dropped him as they rag dolled away. "Use the pain, It means you are still alive" he growled to himself as he rose to his feet. not giving the clones a second glance he hurried on his way, slowed by a limp.

'Master! youve got to help us!' Orrin turned his head to see two padawans, their braids not even long enough to touch their shoulders yet. "get down, and lower your voices." he dropped to a knee, and motioned them closer "What is going on? Why are the clones attacking?" the students looked at each other and both shrugged. 'we dont know' one spoke up. "Kriff it all..." he muttered. "Combat much have you received?" the frightened looks on their faces told him all he needed to know. "come with me. I wont let you die today"

As they stood up the three clones from earlier had, apparently, recovered and chased him down. "Do either of you have a light saber?" one of the padawans offers her training saber. 'this is all we have'. he takes the training weapon and furrows his brow. "I will not join the force today...not while you are under my charge. The stairs there, go up them. at the top my room is the third door on the left, it is open. run there. now"

Using the force to augment his speed, and drawing on the pain from his leg Orrin rushed forward as the Clones opened fire. He deflected the shots as well as he could but this toy was not intended for use against such powerful blasters, and finally, it snapped in half. But, that didnt matter, Orrin was close enough. He lept at the far left trooper and switched his grip on the training saber and jammed the splintered weapon into the soft spot at the neck, driving it all the to the hilt. He released it and looked to the next clone just in time to get a boot to the face. Rolling with the blow he rose to his feet and landed a series of punches against the clone's armor. Though he could feel the skin breaking with each blow he continued the assault. It wasnt long before the other clone circled behind him and grabbed him, holding his arms back as the one being punched drew a vibro knife. "Time to die jedi" as he stabbed Orrin used the force to flip up and over the clone holding him, causing the attacker to stab him instead. Landing behind the shocked clone He delivered a hard kick knocking them into each other before turning and running to the stairs he directed the padawans to earlier

He limped up the stairs, blood dripping down his leg, spattering on the stairs as it dripped from his damaged knuckles. "Almost there, you are so close" he muttered to himself. he could hear the sounds of armored feet rushing up the stairs after him, this spurned him to move quicker until finally, he reached the door and ducked inside as blaster fire hit the walls. "my sabers! in the foot locker! give them to me!" one of the padawans hands the sabers he spoke of and he limped back out into the hallway, ready to face the clones that followed him.

The sabers ignite, one pale silver and the other the greenish blue of shallow tropical water. his breathing, was calmer now. The pain could no longer be felt. The clones infront of him were no longer a threat, just lights to be extinguished. in an instant his one saber stuck out of the chest of the already wounded clone and the other opened fire, it only took a few shots before one found its way back to his own helmet. The threat was gone and the sabers were turned off.

"children come, we have to get to the temple. Any survivors will be going there to regroup. They have to be" the Padawans step out to join him and one speaks up, "master, who are you?" Orrin drops his hood revealing a blindfold and shaggy dark brown hair. "I am no master, Merely a Knight...My name Is Orrin Saar"
  SpacePirateTim / 96d 1h 34m 31s
[h3 Unlikely intervention]

Well, this definitely wasn't how Jet was expecting to spend her day... she was sort of expecting to spend like she did most of her days lately; drinking in a scuzzy dive bar on the lower levels of Coruscant. Maybe hooking up with a random stranger she just met if she was in a particularly self-loathing mood. But hose plans got shot to shit faster than a pod-racer crash.

Instead of throwing herself a pity party today, Jet was actually on the upper levels, in the middle of a fire fight with a bunch of Clone Troopers. This wasn't exactly a common occurrence in Jet's life. She might be a Mandalorian, ex-bounty hunter, and current mercenary, but she's never come to blows with the the Republic authorities. But just like everything else about this day, something was different.

It started when some sort of martial law was put in to place and the Jedi Temple was put on military lockdown. Soon enough, it wa chaos in the streets and Jet gravitated towards the temple, only to find Clones and Jedi, allies previously to this, doing battle. It didn't take long for her to get herself involved, and the firefight they were in began to move further from the temple... There were five of them at first, including Jet herself, but they lost two Jedi to the Clones during the battle. But Jet made sure to take a number of Troopers out on their escape.

Jet was an extremely skilled Mandalorian, and expert in weapons, and tactics, so fighting was basically second nature to her. But like her, these Troopers were skilled, and despite their focus being the Temple and the group was moving away from it, Jet and her temporary allies were still outnumbered.

"Look out!" Someone calls, and a thermal detonator lands between her and two Jedi. They all move, but the blast catches them, but fortunately enough for Jet, her armour took most of the impact of the debris and she wasn't any worse for ware.

Quickly Jet gets to her feet and ducks behind a vehicle to shield herself from the Troopers blaster fire, and gets her heavy blaster pistol ready. Most of the troops were focussed on the Temple, and no doubt slaughtering the Jedi, but the few who were outside managed to spread the Troopers a little more thin in the streets. That's actually how Jet got involved. She wasn't exactly big on Jedi or anything, and killing wasn't exactly something new to her either, but this was different. Something was very, very [i wrong].

Two Jedi were pinned down, deflecting blaster fire as best as they could, but things weren't looking good for them. It seemed like one was a master and the other an apprentice, the younger of the two struggling to keep up with the barrage of blasters, Jet being able to do very little behind her vehicle as she was pinned down.

[b "Get ready!"] Jet shouts from under her helmet, pulling back a segment on her gauntlet, a small rocket locking into place. It didn't even seem like the master Jedi needed a warning as his style changed dramatically and the aggro shifted more on him. Here was only a second or two to move out from cover, and she did, she fired a rocket from her wrist, blowing up a few of the troopers and buying her and the two Jedi valuable seconds.

The Mandalorian dashes out from cover, firing her heavy blaster pistol and tagging a Clone Trooper as her and the two Jedi fled in to a nearby alleyway, twisting and winding through the cities veins. The good thing about a planet like Coruscant was the fact that there were so many nooks and crannies. That being said, two Jedi and a Mandalorian weren't exactly hard to spot, especially considering the Witch Hunt that came seemingly out of nowhere. However, for the moment, it seemed the three gave the Troopers the slip, but she had no doubt in her mind that in the next few minutes they'd be locked in combat again. Uhh, why the heck did she even get herself involved?!

"We only have a moment to catch our breath." The master Jedi, a scarred Ithorian said. Jet agreed with a nod of her head, the horrified look on her face thankfully concealed by her helmet. She still couldn't believe she intervened. It wasn't like her, but at that same time, she could sort of understand why she did what she did...

[b "We need to get off-world... oh god, [i I] need to get off world! I can't believe this is happening!] Normally she was calm under pressure, battle and violence in her blood, but she just put a target on her back and she was freaking out.

"Calm yourself." The Ithorian said in a strangely calm voice. "Where there is a will, there is a way. But we cannot leave yet."

[b "And why the hell not? I don't need to stay! I'm not staying! I'm getting to my ship and I'm leaving this all behind me!"] She was basically fuming, but the Ithorian seemed strangely calm still, even though it was quite clear his apprentice or whatever was shaken up. The boy was human, and looked greener than her armour. This was probably the kid's first real fight and it was with people who were supposedly their allies. Not to mention clones of a famed Jedi killer.

"What is your name?"

That caught her off-guard, but she couldn't help but answer. [b "Cereza Jet."] she says, and leaves out the part where only friends call her "Jet".

"You're a resourceful woman, Cereza. You've gotten yourself, my Padawan, and myself out of harms way. I know you're confused and frightened, as am I, but I know you will help us. We need to make our escape, but there is more we need to do before we do."

She was about ask what that was, when suddenly there was an explosion not to far from where they were holed up. Shouts and blaster fire permeated the air, and Jet sighed inwardly.

[b "We need to save as many as we can."]

  Jet / MarkyMark / 96d 3h 7m 11s

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