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Married woman falls for her husbands college best friend after her husbands work brings him into their lives


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[i "wow the military....I see it, no way a dorky guy like that would build muscle so quickly without some help"] she thought as she stood by her husband and looked up at Raiden with bright eyes. She blushed slightly as she waved her hand at him [+blue "oh your just flaring little old me..."] she drawers her accent showing thickly as she looked to the side embarrassed. She was used to people flaring her, but not this much. She didn't like all the attention she was being given from his coworkers, she wanted the spot light to be on her husband instead as he was remarkable at what he did and she wanted them to be going up and down about what a great job he was doing.

She took her last shot that he gave her, throwing it back she shivered slightly from the flavor and placed the glass on the bar area so it was out of the way. [+blue "I bet your excited to work with each other...I know Hiro was jumping around like a schoolboy when he found out he was working with you on this project"] she stated sweetly with a bright smile. She couldn't help herself around this tall dark man. She felt a small draw towards him that she knew in her wilder times, Jessie would jump at a chance to see how fine he was under those close. She started to feel slightly dazed as the hard alcohol started to hit her.
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 57d 15h 13m 57s
He looked back over at her and smiled. He couldn’t believe this was Hiro’s wife. She was so gorgeous and had just the cutest little laugh. He resisted the urge to release a sigh of disappointment, she was going to be a great lay and she was clearly falling for his pickup tricks.
[+red “It’s nice to meet you too Jessica, and yeah I know I didn’t start really working out until I joined the army, now people refuse to believe that was me.”]
Hiro looked at him a little confused. [+orange “You joined the military? When did that happen?”]
[+red “Oh it was not long after graduation. Work wasn’t going all that smoothly and the family was pressuring me. So one day I went down to the recruiting office and signed up. Few months later I was sent off to basic training. I only signed on for a two year service, but I ended up staying for five. I ended up getting a lot of hands on experience in business. After I got out I got a job with this company and started getting promotion after promotion until I am where I am now. What about you Hiro? You’re a family man now I see”] he said and looked back at Jessie [+red “When you said your wife was going to be the most beautiful girl in the room, I must say I thought you where exaggerating”]
  Raiden Black / koneko-cat / 1y 58d 17h 49m 17s
Getting up she couldn't help but feel somewhat embarrassed that this man ended up being the Raiden that Hiro always talked about. She smiled though and got up, feeling alittle bit flushed from the drinks as she winked at Hiro and Raiden [+blue "well I seem to be fooled too as Hiro showed me pictures of someone completely different"] she stated simply as she stood by Hiros side and kissed his cheek.

[+blue "now that I know who you are pleased to meet you raiden"] she stated
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 60d 2h 12m 30s
Raiden smiled to himself, no matter how amazingly hot a woman is it always worked. Pretend to mistake them for someone else and buy them a drink shot before they can correct you. By this point you usually have their name. Then you get them smiling, laughing, talking to you, and taking shot after shot as you dish out the worst pickup lines, acting like you’re off your game.
Grabbing his snakebite he took a sip and shook his head [+red “No not at all, its actually a lot better this way. You see at club or bar you have no idea what you could be getting into, there are all kinds of girls there. You of course got the normal girls, the preps, the sluts, the gold diggers, and I speak from experience here, some of them are seriously crazy. However, at a business party party you got smart, intelligent, grounded women like yourself.”] he said, before being interrupted by his phone ringing. [+red “Oh it’s about time”] he said pulling it out of his pocket. He raised a finger to her [+red “One moment Love, I got to take this”] he said before answering the phone.
[+red “Hello?… Yeah I’m here. Where are you?… Mr Jackson?”] he said and looked around the room before spotting Old Mr Jackson standing next to Hiro. [+red “Oh I see him! I’m at the bar waving”] he said before hanging up and waving over at him.
Hiro smiled and walked over. The two clapped hands together before bringing each other in doing a quick bro hug.
[+red “Hiro! Damn you were right, you’ve really filled out since college.”]
Hiro laughed a bit before punching his arm [+orange “Me? Raiden I barely even recognize you. Seriously I was looking for a skinny little dorky fellow”]. Hiro said before looking at Jessie, then back to Raider, to the empty shot glasses, then to Jessie again. [+orange “Ah, I see you’ve already met my wife, Jessie. Jessie sweety, this is the guy I was telling you about, Raiden Black.”]
  Raiden Black / koneko-cat / 1y 61d 7h 12m 56s
Jessie couldn't help but giggle at how bad this man was at pick up lines. She had heard some bad ones but his game really was off. Jessie downed ever shot he gave her, as she thought why not...she was out trying to have a good time might as well as Hiro takes it up with business partners and maybe find his collage buddy around here. She put the shot glass up side down and crossed her legs facing his direction down [+blue "I would say I forgive you for being off your game if you buy me a drink, but it seems that you already did."] she said flipping her hair to the side as she sat there. She had to admit the man was eye candy, as some of the women walking by would look him over as they walked off to join their husbands.

Jessie thought he was the most relaxed of all the people at this business party and she could help he looked a little out of place with his loosened tie. She looked him over against and rolled her eyes [i "your married and a lady stop checking him out like your about to go home with him"] she thought to herself [+blue "feel it's a little strange your trying to pick up women at a business party...don't you think?"]
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 61d 12h 44m 14s
[+red "Oh shit"] he said and quickly removed his hand from her back. [+red "Sorry hun, I thought you were a colleague I worked with a while back."] he said and ran his fingers through his hair, acting a little embarrassed for the 'mistake'. Grabbing his shot he quickly downed it before looking back at her. [+red "So Jessie lets just forget about that and try again.”] he said and raised his hand to the bartended [+red “Two more red headed sluts, I messed up and need to try again”]. The Bartender chuckled a little before starting on his drinks, putting them down in front of him.
Picking the shots up off the counter he took a few steps away before turning around and coming back, leaning against the bar and smoothly moving one of the shots in front of her. [+red “Hey there pretty lady, sorry to bug you but do you have a band-aid? Because I scraped my knee falling for you”] He said before winking at her. He laughed to himself for a moment while shaking his head [+red “No, no. That was stupid, I can do better.”]. Downing his shot again he held up two fingers to the bartender, signaling him to make two more.
The bartender, who already had to shots ready put one down in front of both of them. [b “Do the magician one. You know ‘are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you everyone else disappears.”]
[+red “I’m trying to woo her, not get her drunk from all my retakes.”]
[b “Oh? Then how about ‘my doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U’ I told that to my wife, it really works”]
Shaking his head Raider leaned against the bar. [+red “Sorry Jessie, I gotta say I must be off my game tonight”]
  Raiden Henimori / koneko-cat / 1y 61d 17h 18m 20s
Jessie was sitting there not noticing the people around her as she watched her husband softly. Jessie was honestly in her own little world as she sipped her June Bug. She was jumped feeling someone touch her upper back as she looked over and saw a tall dark and very handsome man come up next to her holding a drink himself.

She looked at him questionably as he gave her a drink and started talk to her. She laughed her tiny hand over her mouth as she hid her giggle [+blue "well someone has no have the wrong girl Hun...the names Jessie"] she said with her Kansas draw, flashing him a smile as she drained the rest of her June Bug and shrugged her shoulders taking his offer of the drink. Jessie took the bright red drink and downed it all at once. She shivered slightly as she wasn't excepting the drink to go down so hard. Her throats burned as she looked back up at him [+blue "thanks for the drink though...I haven't had a free hard drink since collage"] she said her face warming up as she smirked. She did admit it had been a long time, Jessie didn't drink much since Stella was born and she got married. Back in the day Jessie would party and stay out late with her friends. Drinking free shots from men and dancing in them close to get more. Her and her best friend Rebecca would call bets with how many free shots they could get out of men. That was during Jessie's wild days, she thought of herself not that anymore as that was 5 years ago when Jessie was young and free.
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 61d 17h 51m 2s
Raiden smirked when he spotted Jessie at the bar. Sitting there by herself sipping on her bitch drink. He never saw her before, but she was a looker. He looked her up and down for a moment before excepting the challenge. He loosened his black tie just a little before walking over to her, leaning against the bar.
[+red “Hey, I’ll have a snakebite and two red headed sluts”] he called out to the bartender, who nodded and started on his drinks.
As he waited he looked over at her, clearly checking her out before he snapped his fingers and pointed at her. [+red “Elizabeth?”] he asked, just coming up with a girls name before putting his hand on her upper back just above the top of her dress. [+red “Hey! It’s been a while. I didn’t know you would be working on this project too. You remember me right? San Diego, what’s it been like three years now? Damn how does time fly. So how have you been girl?”]
The bartender slid him his beer and two shots. Grabbing the shots he slid one over to her. [+red “To be honest I came over here to buy you a drink, I was gonna hit on you and try to get you just a little tipsy. So here, I already ordered it, no point in letting it go to waste”]
  Raiden Henimori / koneko-cat / 1y 61d 18h 18m 51s
Jessie laughed alittle blushing to herself. She wasn't surprised that Hiro would talk about her at work and about Stella. Holding out her hand she shook Mr. Jackson's hand [+blue "very nice to meet you Sir"] she stated in her Kansas draw. She was always about southern hospitality and that would never change as she looked at the bar. She was ready to treat herself to a drink, so giving Hiro a kiss on the cheek [+blue "excuse me gentleman...this lady would like a drink"] she stated giving them all a bright dazzling smile as she walked off to the bar.

Walking up she faced the bartender who was a older look man. He was dishing out drinks as guest requested them with no problem. He seemed to have lots of experience as he turned and smiled at Jessie [b "hello there pretty lady what can I get you"] he asked. Jessie laughed as she smiled getting the cocktail she always did when she was able to go out [+blue "just a June Bug...for me please"] she asked flipping her beautiful long purple hair to the side as she sat down. Crossing her legs like the lady she was and turning smiling as her husband made conversation with business men and Mr. Jackson. She just loved watching him talk confidently to everyone with his goofy smile that she loved so much. The cocktail was placed in front of her as he went off to serve other guests. Jessie nodded her thanks as she begun to sip her drink.
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 63d 19h 42s
Hiro lead her into the bar, making his way past the little groups of people having their own conversations, most of then being about the new project. Stopping in an open spot close to the windows he looked around, scoping the room.
[b “Hiro, it’s nice to see you could join us tonight”] a man easily in his fifties said as he waked up to him holding a glass of scotch that had one large round ice cube in it. The man was shorter than Hiro by a few inches reaching maybe five foot six. He seemed a little under dressed, wearing a pair of black slacks and a blue long sleeve button up dress shirt. His hair was gray with a barely noticeably receding hair line.
Hiro reached out and shook his hand [+orange “Ah Mr. Jackson, it’s good to see you again. This is my wife Jessie, Jessie this is Mr. Jackson, he was in charge of the stewart project I was working on last year. Mr, Jackson is actually the one who recommended me for this job.”]
Mr. Jackson shook her hand happily [b “Ah the famous Jessie, it’s nice to finally meet you. Although I feel like I already know you from how much Hiro here would boast about you in the office. It’s a shame little Stella can’t be here, I really wanted to see if his baby girl was just as much of an angel as he makes her out to be.”]
Hiro laughed and patted him on the back. [+orange “Oh come on Mr Jackson, I didn’t talk about them that much”]
The old man let out a single laugh, pointing at him with his thumb [b “Didn’t talk that much? Every day every chance he got this man of yours here would just go on and on about his family, always having a new report on what Stella was doing and boasting about his beautiful wife.”]
  Hiro Soma / koneko-cat / 1y 64d 7h 31m 14s
Jessie couldn't help but laugh at her husband, he had always been playful and always full of life. The last time she saw him get this excited was when Stella was born. Stopping him in the front entrance she fixed his tie and gave he a big smile [+blue "don't worry about that my love, go in there and rock it like you always have...this is formal yes but have fun and make connections"] she told him as she took his arm again and entered elevator that lead to the top where the cocktail bar was.

The cocktail bar was beautiful and open with jazz playing through speakers around the room. There was plenty of seats around and even some out on a patio with a amazing view of the city. The lights were low and the bartender was dishing out drinks to the party guests. It seemed like they arrived just in time as the guests were coming in and light noise was heard from around the room as women and men had conversations amount themselves. Jessie had never been to a party before and was only familiar with cowboy saloons with country music blasting as everyone in Levi's and bootie shorts danced around in there favorite cowboy boots.

Jessie had to take a breath herself as she was just as nervous. She didn't even know what raiden looked like as everyone here was serious and professional and Hiro only showed her a picture of back then. Holding onto her husbands arm tighter they ventured deeper into the cocktail bar.
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 64d 18h 44m 29s
[+orange “Yes! You are the best honey!”] he cheered before kissing her on the cheek and running for the door. He was acting like a kid in a candy story he was so excited. Through college he didn’t make many actual friends, lots acquaintances sure, but not real true friends. But Raiden was by far his best friend back then.
They were roommates, and even though at first they didn’t get along, the more time they spent in their tight shared space, the closer they got. A single month into their first semester and they were already best friends, completely inseparable. Since they were going for the same business degree they happened to have a lot of classes together. They always sat next to each other, did their homework together, and whenever possible where partnered together for projects. Of course they had their fights, spending that much time with someone fights are something you can’t really avoid, but they always made up pretty quickly and were right back to being best friends.
After they graduated they went their separate ways, Raiden landing a great job down in California, and Hiro going to Kansas. Of course at first they tried to stay in touch, but as time past they talked less and less until eventually not at all. They both had their own lives now, not even thinking of each other until this project came up.
Hero opened the car door for Jessie, before getting in himself and driving down to the cattail bar the party was being held at. Pulling up to the valet he hopped out of the car, doing a slight jog around the car and opening up Jessie’s door for her, taking her hand to help her out before handing over the keys to the Valet.
[+orange “Okay I’m not going to lie, I am pretty nervous, you know like a high school reunion… except my new bosses will be here too”] he told her as they walked in arm in arm.
  Hiro Soma / koneko-cat / 1y 65d 9h 55m 54s
She laughed warmly at his comment, if anything he was the one that put a spell in her as even from the first time they met at business conference back a few years ago. It was a picture perfect meeting and ever since then everything went just as well.

Jessie remembered going to the business conference as a representative. She was straight out of collage and just wanted to prove she could make it in a very high male place. Most of her friends and family that she was crazy for wanting a business degree instead of going and doing modeling because she had the looks to make it up top in any modeling agency. Jessie didn't want that though she wanted to be more then just a pretty face, and during the conference she ran into Hiro and they got to talking. One thing lead to another along with a ton of liquor and here they were, happily married for three years with a beautiful daughter.

She rolled her eyes listening to him talk to raiden about her. She couldn't wipe the grin off her face as he got off the phone and excitedly looked for a picture of him. Taking the picture she begin to giggle [+blue "you weren't lying...he does look very dorky"] she stated placing the picture on the counter of the sink and walking up to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted up kissing him softly and sweetly [+blue "well come on honey...I don't want you to be late as I know your very excited to see him"] she stated walking towards the door, her pumps clicking against the wooden floor.
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 65d 12h 55m 29s
Hiro walked into the room fixing his tie. He had on a nice black suit with a white button up shirt underneath. He smiled as his eyes landed on his beautiful wife. Moving over to her he swept her up on a hug, just barely holding her off the ground. [+orange “Some day you are going to have to tell me just what kind of witch craft you use. How is it you can make me fall in love with you all over again every time I see you?”] he asked he asked and before leaning in and giving her a sweet passionate kiss. [+orange “This isn’t fair, you are just too beautiful, do I really have to share you with the rest of the world. Can’t we just stay home and snuggle all night”] he asked, knowing that they had to attend the party.
Letting her go as his cellphone rang, pulling it out of his jacket pocket he looked at the caller ID. [+orange “Oh, it’s Raiden”] he said before answering it [+orange “Raid!… Yeah yeah, we’re on our way now… Oh my wife… What really? No I’m sure I’ve told you about her… Well she is the most beautiful woman in the word.”] he said as he sent a wink at Jessica. [+orange “Oh ha ha, actually I’ve really filled out since then”] he said then started to laugh. [+orange “Oh come on man… yeah… Well I can’t wait to see what your dorky ass came out like… Alright alright, got to go”] he said with a big smile as he shook his head, putting his phone back in his pocket.
[+orange “Sorry about that honey, we haven’t seen each other since college so he’s a little excited… actually I don’t believe you’ve ever gotten the chance to meet his dorky ass “] he said and walked off, digging through some boxes, mumbling to himself about how he knew he had a picture of him somewhere.
[+orange “Ah! Here it is”] he said pulling a photo out of his old year book and handing it to her. [+orange “This was him during our freshmen year, he was my roommate”]
  Hiro Soma / koneko-cat / 1y 65d 15h 20m 37s
Fresh open night air and the sound of people outside walking or driving to get themselves from work. That was the life that Jessie had with her husband and child, she couldn't think of anything not being perfect in her life. With her husband finally landing the big project here in the city they had no choice but to pack there life up and move to New York City. She wasn't happy about the move at first due to the fact they had to up root there whole life from there small city in Kansas, where their friends and family were to go to a huge city with so much life Jessie didn't know what to do.

Though she was nervous and didn't want to come, when she saw hiro's face light up when he got the call from his longtime best friend about the huge project she couldn't help but follow her husband. Looking out the window she sighed, there new apartment was small and covered with boxes but it was home now. Walking over she fixed her hair combing it gently and putting on her peal necklace and earrings to match. Jessie pulled on a tight mint pencil dress and pumps to go with it. Tonight her and Hiro were going to go to a party that the office was throwing at a cocktail bar. Jessie really didn't like going out, but she felt she should be a good Southern belle and go with her husband to make him happy. [+blue "honey I am ready to go...Stella is with the babysitter so everything is set"] she called out to Hiro as she sprayed some of her favorite perfume and headed to grab her coat and clutch.
  Jessie / Serlight / 1y 65d 16h 17m 57s

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