Wolfenstein: The Order of Cerberus

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Taking place after The New Order, the Nazis have had enough of the resistance fighters stopping or ruining their plans to keep the public in check, and the resistance has managed to hijack one of the Nazi Panzerhunds, or Tank Hounds, and have reprogrammed it to attack Nazis, but the resistance needs more than a single massive 10 foot tall stainless steel robot to save their asses and save the world from those Nazi bastards...we want YOU to join the resistance and kill as many of those goddamn Nazis that you can!

[pic http://img11.deviantart.net/0103/i/2015/066/a/d/wolfenstein__the_new_order___poster_40x50_cm_by_biosmanager-d8krn49.png]

[yt https://youtu.be/DXezZuRQQ2k]


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