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After reaching the fountain he was aiming for, Taro sat down. He motioned to Alistair to sit next. This particular garden was secluded and secret to anyone who didn't know the correct entrance. The Prince is one of the few people who know about it so the two of them would be alone.[+red "This is one of the few gardens outside of that castle that very few people know about."]
Tilting his head slightly to the side Taro looked intentionally at Alistair studying his movements. He noticed the change in the eye color from indoors to the outdoors.He noticed his stature and the different things about him in the light better then in the darkness of the dungeon.Brushing some hair out of his face. The Prince moved his gaze away from Alistair.
He looked around at the plants,trees,the little animals running around the area. He placed one of his hands down into the water of the fountain and moved it around slightly to see the fish move around.[+red "What is your age?] he asked stilling looking down a the water.[+red "Can you get hurt?] All of a sudden these questions came into his head. [+red "What superpowers do you have?] he asked just rattling them off as they came.
  Prince Taro Fuyu / HirokoKyo / 7d 15h 32m 19s
Alistair blinked as he walked with the Prince, squinting a bit from the sun. He rubbed his eyes and they changed from the black and red that you first saw to a normal seeming white with grey iris'. [+red "I'm fine with sunlight.. My eyes just adjust to it."] He didn't know why the Prince would ask such things. Truly he'd had to have seen a demon before, right? With his deep interest in studying creatures and things of the sort, surely he'd encountered at least one other of his species. Or was he a bit rarer than he thought? He grinned a bit at that ideal. If he was one of the only ones of his kind, oh boy could he put this boy through whatever he wished. He knew if he really was rare, then the boy would most likely do whatever he could to make sure that he stayed.
  Alistair Endmon / MariaAvaricia / 9d 22h 56s
Taro moved off the wall and stood next to Alistair.[+red "We definitely can get out of here."] He smiled some. This was the least favorite part of the castle. He tried to avoid it as much as humanly possible. The Prince closed the cell door and began walking towards the stairs.
[+blue "This is going to be hard to explain to The King."] he thought tugging on his collar a bit. The stairs were just as steep going down as they were going up. Reaching the door at the top, he stepped outside. [+red "How do you handle sunlight?"]
Taro asked heading toward the outside door leading toward the gardens. The sun was shinning and the soft breeze blew rustling the leaves on the trees.The clouds gently floated by as the Prince walked towards the fountain in the middle of one of the gardens.
  Prince Taro Fuyu / HirokoKyo / 10d 5h 17m 20s
Alistair grinned widely as he stepped out, stretching and breathing out. [+red "that's perfectly ok with me, Princey."] He looked around in the dungeon, making a bit of a face. It was really gross down here.. even when he had been in other castles, things hadn't been like this. Sure, they werent all perfect and peachy, but they werent cold and wet and just all together uncomfortable. [+red "Im all for staying out and walking around, and i don't care if you study me, do as much as you want, but can we please get out of here?"] He took another drag off his cigarette, running a hand through his hair as he blew the oke out to the side, looking back to the Prince questioningly. He really would cooperate. He just really wanted out of this place.
  Alistair Endmon / MariaAvaricia / 10d 5h 34m 57s
Leaning back with the support of this hands Taro looked up. Tilting his head slightly to the side again,he thought for a second about what Alistair was asking of him.He closed his eyes and sighed.[+red "The only was I would let you out of here is in shackles and chains."] Opening his eyes The Prince stood back up.
[+red "You are the only demon I have ever come across, I would like to learn more about you."] He was somewhat hesitant and reluctant to let Alistair out just yet. Against his better judgement, The Prince walked over to the wall across from the cell. He picked up the keys and walked back over.Placing the key into the lock, and turned the key.Opening the cell door, Taro stepped back.
Making room for Alistair to walk out, he held his breath waiting.
  Prince Taro Fuyu / HirokoKyo / 10d 5h 40m 13s
[+red "Of course I have a name. Call me Alistair. Alistair Endmon."] His lips curled upwards into that smile once more, which quickly seemed to become a signature thing, the demon placing his hands on the door. [+red "Since you're so nice, Princey, am I allowed out of here? I won't run, promise. I'm a good little captive."] He chuckled, just twiddling his pointed nails against the metal door. Really, he could melt this at this exact moment if he wished to, so he truly was being nice. In all reality, he was simply curious about this Prince and was wondering how this could end up. He hoped the Prince was the smart kind.. he'd love to hold some finally good conversations with someone, rather than them poke and prod at him with needles all day.
  Alistair Endmon / MariaAvaricia / 10d 6h 16m 12s
Taro put the lighter back in his pocket taking another drag of his cigarette. He nodded as the demon told him about the water.[+red "Unbearable is not really who I am."] he took another drag before he spoke again. [+red "Do you have a name, demon?"]
He asked blowing the smoke out as he spoke. A person wouldn't of thought looking at this demon that there was spiked teeth and a forked tongue belonging to that face. The Prince was intrigued by the discoveries he was making by just watching and listening. After a couple more drags of the cigarette, Taro dropped it to the ground and stepping on it with his foot to put it out. Taro started lowering himself to the floor. Once he reached the floor he crossed his legs and stared up at the demon.
  Prince Taro Fuyu / HirokoKyo / 10d 6h 19m 28s
The demon welcomingly took the cigarette, but refused the lighter, grinning a bit as he snapped his fingers, a flame appearing at the end of his pointer finger as he casually lit his own, taking a drag himself before breathing it out, his forked tongue creating a rather interesting shape out of the smoke. He gave a laugh as it floated out past you, breathing out a sigh of relief. [+red "I'm glad you aren't unbearable. One of the others who captured me decided it was the best idea to douse me in water."] He grumbled at this, not seeming too overly happy with this fact. He mainly hated water because he couldn't light anything on fire anymore whilst he was still wet, on his hands at least. He could do pretty much whatever else he wanted, but it was difficult to light a fire with a wet hand.
  Alistair Endmon / MariaAvaricia / 10d 6h 46m 14s
The sudden outburst of the Demon stopped The Prince in his tracks. He turned back around walking back to the last cell. He paused facing this demon he had locked up beneath the castle. He cocked his head to the side [+red "Interesting."] he murmured
It seemed that this demon had quite a temper when provoked. [+red "What kind of prince am I?"] he repeats to the demon. Taking out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He opened the lid and held the open box out to this creature.
[+red "I'm this kind of prince."] He waited for the demon to take a cigarette studying him. [+red "I am Crown Prince Taro Fuyu."] Taro took a smoke for himself and lit it with the lighter that is always in his pocket. He motioned it towards the demon. Moving a piece of hair out of his face, The Prince took his first drag. Turning his head he blew the smoke out to the side.
  Prince Taro Fuyu / HirokoKyo / 10d 6h 51m 20s
This brought quite a bit of protest from the demon in the cell. [+red "What kind of a Prince are you, to leave me in here to rot, hm? What'cha think I'm gonna do, bite your head off?"] He laughed, his laugh almost like a cackle really, an evil sounding thing that would be stuck in your head all night. [+red "I mean, If I very much wanted to I could very gladly.. But, I won't. I'm much kinder than some of my.. counterparts.. though I certainly could invite them to play along as well."] A devilish grin spread across his face, almost sickly. It was like a Cheshire cats grin, all of his pointed teeth showing themselves off, and he breathed out. [+red "If you're to leave me down here, at least give me a smoke! You couldn't be that cruel!"]
  Alistair Endmon / MariaAvaricia / 10d 7h 10m 4s
Getting to the last cell, he could see that the demon had gotten to his feet and was standing near the cell door. His appearance was very unexpected, all of the tales portrayed demons to be these hideous, large, deformed creatures who had no human resemblance what so ever. Taro tilted his head slightly as this demon spoke to him. A frown stretched across The Prince's face.
[+red "You will refer to me as Your Highness, Demon."]He said in a stern voice. Taro started to turn to walk out. He had seen all he needed to see for now. He began walking slowly towards the staircase. Taro was not a big fan of the dungeon. It was dark and damp. It was the perfect place for this demon at the moment. The lab will have to be setup and extra restraints will have to be brought in to keep this demon at bay.
  Prince Taro Fuyu / HirokoKyo / 10d 7h 7m 4s
In the very last one lay your 'subject', by the name of Alistair Endmon. A demon fairly well known for his temper, as well as his habit of seducing women. He sat with glowing eyes closed, taping his foot against the stone cold bottom of the cell, red hair a mess and fluffed up like a ball around his head. It seemed he'd literally been dragged out of bed to attend your whimsy.

As soon as you neared the door, one eye popped open, a soft smirk passing over the demons lips. Oh, my. He'd expected the Prince to be somewhat.. Shall we say.. different. With all the tales that he'd heard of the Prince, he'd half expected him to be a straight out brute, so he found quite a bit of amusement in how he looked. Pulling himself to his feet, he walked over, his own eyes staring at the Prince in front of him. [+red "Why hello there, little Prince.."]
  Alistair Endmon / MariaAvaricia / 10d 7h 38m 28s
The door opened as The Prince stood surveying what was happening outside his window. "Your Royal Highness." One of the knights walking through the entryway into his room. Taro turned around facing the men."What is it?" he asked. The knight replied "We have acquired the subject,Your Majesty."Good.You are dismissed. " Taro replied. The men bowed, turned around, and left the room.
The Prince made is way out the open door, down the corridor,and headed towards the throne room.As he neared the closed door, Taro could hear the commotion of The King and The Court. "That must be my subject." He thought, a small smile spreading across his face. After a few minutes the door opened letting out a stream of people. Waiting for the people depart before walking down the rest of the corridor. The door leading down to the dungeons was the last door on the right. Two guards were standing on either side, bowing towards The Prince as they opened the door.
Taro walked down the long, steep staircase. Reaching the bottom he began to walk along the cells looking into each one closely.
  Prince Taro Fuyu / HirokoKyo / 10d 7h 45m 52s
Everything around him was cold. When he'd awoken, the warmth his usual bed had carried had turned to a biting, angry cold, nipping at all exposed skin, particularly around his wrists. They were heavy as well.. The demon was in chains, it so appeared. He also couldn't see a damned thing, so he was most likely blind folded as well, though he could tell one thing for sure. He was being dragged. His knees, bloodied and still burning from whatever he was being dragged on, hurt like hell, and suddenly the material changed as he was brought into the palace.

After a brief chat with the king, he was thrown into the dungeon, his chains still holding him in this prison now in more than one way, but the blindfold was gone. Great. He could see where he wasn't going any time soon. Everyone knew the Prince had a thing for studying oddities, and seeing as there weren't many demons around, he himself was probably considered one. Leaning back and accepting his fate, he let his head rest on the cold, dripping stone of the lower dungeon, just waiting for some kind of noise or interaction of some kind. Surely he wouldn't be left alone.
  Alistair Endmon / MariaAvaricia / 10d 8h 18m 33s

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