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[center [pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Moon/tumblr_nsshr0RtbN1sv0f5ao1_500_zpspy2yx5xl.gif]]

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Moon/a58ffd480878745fbd06ced13a97b3ff_zpsgpglcmvq.jpg]

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Moon/purple_guy_and_the_phantoms___censored_by_ladyfiszi-d9z08y6_zpsyuqll8pg.jpg]


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I do like your post Ennard. I just hope you like mine. ^^
  / Diablo / 14h 21m 16s
I'm sure I will love Everything ^^. I think Diablo likes your post too.
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 1d 3h 13m 34s
Awww i hope you liked them all. I posted back today as well.
  -Worrisome- / -Worrisome- / 1d 7h 26m 10s
Awww I'll post when I get home! :) I'm excited !!!!
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 2d 15h 59m 2s
Those pictures are all cute. I really like them. I completely posted to everything ^^
  |Pirate| / Ennard / 2d 16h 23m 34s
[#f0e660 That's really cute D ^^ I love Foxy. Freddy cute too!
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 2d 19h 46m 36s
[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Diablo/f8edec33fa7ab039dbb055f7ba9d2857_zpsjdbudyvf.jpg] Just thought you guys need to see this lol. It's so fucking cute!

This too.

[pic http://i1074.photobucket.com/albums/w410/Ookami841/Diablo/f3174ba2-6623-49d9-8dfa-4469cd6769bb_zpskm1hq16d.jpg]
  / Diablo / 3d 15h 39m 34s
I know the feeling...it be easier if I could see the chat on the top but sadly I can't ...
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 4d 6h 30m 13s
Yes it's true. Sometimes I hate the character count when I'm chatting.
  |Pirate| / Ennard / 4d 11h 31m 42s
You think but when people are desperate...they will do what they can to survive
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 6d 9h 4m 50s
They definitely do. You'd think they'd get the hint and stop trying to get hired there.
  |Pirate| / Ennard / 6d 18h 56m 1s
That is true. XD they go through a lot of night guards.
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 9d 15h 12m 4s
Yep that's about how it goes for him. Though it's a different guy in every game.
  |Pirate| / Ennard / 9d 15h 46m 38s
Yes XD poor guy he either going to get raped or torn limb from limb
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 9d 15h 49m 26s
Most likely. That seems to be what happens with him most of the time. Or he gets killed a lot.
  |Pirate| / Ennard / 9d 15h 50m 41s

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