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That's good. ^^ Fat bumble bee are cute and fuzzy.

I know ^^ I keep losing it pissed me off tho...
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 290d 18h 42m 6s
Well the bee is gone since I saved him. <3

Anywho I'm glad Lioden is back up. ^^
  |Pirate| / -Prompto- / 291d 5h 9m 16s
I bet it be on the windows because it's dark. I don't blame you.

I WANT MY LIONS they were suppose to have babies but with the updating I take they wont until tomorrow. V_V
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 294d 1h 50m 5s
That's nice stats. I have lionesses I caught and just bred with because they were in heat. If they end up with crappy Cubs I'll run them and the Cubs off.

Lol I have no idea, but I don't want to go back down there
  |Pirate| / -Prompto- / 294d 1h 53m 48s
I know it hard getting to pass anything one. I bought a couple new lioness last night. I have a few I'm going to give to Spring. They are kind pretty some of them have glacial. One is kind a state monster, 620 stats.

-_- I hope it be fixed soon.

How did a bee get down there?
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 294d 1h 55m 27s
I hope so too. Really would like her to pass on that glacial. Wish my male would pass his cherry blossom. I guess breeding special bases with other special bases will help those pass. Though its not very high.

They are down for maintenance again today.

On a different note... There is a bee in the basement and I'm not sure if it is dead or not and I have to do laundry. DX
  |Pirate| / -Prompto- / 294d 4h 17m 24s
She is very beautiful! ^^ I hope she will too. She will have beautiful babies
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 300d 2h 7m 37s
Her name is Frost. She's just beautiful. When she gets older I hope she passes on her glacial base. ^^
  |Pirate| / -Prompto- / 300d 2h 58m 6s
Aww, that's good I will have to go look at her! ^^ good thing because I am sure she will be a pain to catch.
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 300d 3h 21m 37s
I already did that. I let mom pick out my new lady. She costed eighteen gold beetles, but she was worth it.

She's glacial. And don't worry still have two for Wenet.
  |Pirate| / -Prompto- / 300d 3h 49m 15s
[#f0e660 "Aww I will get them posted back either tonight or tomorrow ^^

You are welcome. I think I am going to go lady hunting with my extra beetles XD but I might do that tomorrow in the morning.
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 300d 13h 19m 1s
I'm caught up. Finally. ^^ It took awhile but there is nothing on here...

Oh and thank you for the beetles... :3
  |Pirate| / -Prompto- / 300d 23h 22m 3s
I do like your post Ennard. I just hope you like mine. ^^
  / Diablo / 304d 54m 32s
I'm sure I will love Everything ^^. I think Diablo likes your post too.
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 304d 13h 46m 50s
Awww i hope you liked them all. I posted back today as well.
  -Worrisome- / -Worrisome- / 304d 17h 59m 26s

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