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[#f0e660 Springtrap sighed softly as he stood up. It was once again night time. It was time for him to go roam the hallways. He didn't very often say much to the others. One because he it. Two because he wasn't like them. He was different. He sighed softly as he chew on his bottom lip.

He approach the office. He wasn't quiet sure what he should do. Should he knock on the door or just barge on in? Wait why was he thinking like that? He sighed softly. Right? He was hideous looking. He sighed softly as he stood in the door way. [#9612d9 "Good evening..."] he said as he glance at the male.

Well he could finally tell someone about his strange dreams. He smiled softly as he waited to hear if Chase was going to say anything back. Maybe he would or maybe he wouldn't he would just ignore him. He sighed softly as stood there silently waiting for the male to notice him.
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[+Magenta Mangle] looked up toward the figure. Of corse foxy would find him even when he was laying in a room full of toys. He sat up pulled in his knees to his chest and his back against the wall. He looked at Foxy but wasn't sure if he should say anything to him or just ignore him. He was standing right there in front of him. [+Magenta "Yeah...I am fine...I thought you didn't want to be around me anymore? "] he said with a soft sigh.

Mangle sighed softly as he look off to the side he couldn't look Foxy in the eyes. At least not at the moment. Sighed softly [+Magenta "I know you dislike that Rabbit...just because you dislike him doesn't mean you should take out on me...I would of been yours...I should of been yours but I think best if you just stay way from me."] he said as he stood up brushed past Foxy as he head out of the room.

He sighed softly, he was broken on the outside and on the inside. He loved Foxy he really did. He sighed softly it was best if he was a lone. He sighed softly. Why did he do that? Why did he just snap at Foxy like that. He sighed softly as he made his way down the hallway. He went to a room where they humans had parties. Hardly anyone went in there. It would be perfect place to cry his eyes out. It was already hard to hold the tears in.
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The night was back and of course that meant Chase had to be at work. He sighed softly. It wasn't like working killed him or anything... He just didn't know how long he was going to have to deal with this. Once in the room he looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Looked like everything was fine. He hadn't gotten in trouble so that meant the blood had been all cleaned up. He smiled lightly to himself. This was amazing. He was good for another few days here... Or... A lifetime if he didn't get his damned story written.

It wasn't going well. He sighed softly. It never was. He leaned back on his heels and seemed to be thinking to himself. What was he going to do now? He sat down and watched the doorway before he glanced at the cameras. He hadn't even looked at them at all the first night. There had been no point. He had been busy doing other things.
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Another day gone by. How boring it had been. It always was. Shutting himself down and just letting himself be toyed with and beat on by humans. Lovely. It was annoying. What they called playing... He called torture. He just wanted to lay there and never get back up. What point was there? Slowly he opened his eyes and sat up. The night was finally his again. He wasn't sure what he was going to do though. He was very angry with the rabbit still. Ruining his time with mangle... Yet he had broken Mangle's heart by how he had reacted.

Sighing he forced himself up and walked towards the area that Mangle was in. He could see the little white and pink fox laying on the floor and clawing at himself. That was his fault of course. Everything was his fault when he got angry. He sighed softly and walked toward him. [+crimson "Ye okay mangle?"] He asked curiously. He tilted his head slightly and then he looked off to the side. [+crimson "I am sorry for what I said... That rabbit... All it does is piss me off anymore. There are others he could run to."] He growled lightly.
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[+Magenta Mangle] didn't leave his room when the night was over. When he heard footstep by the door he would hide. He had this feeling that Foxy didn't want to see him. No matter how much it hurt he was going to stay away from that red fox. He sighed softly as he as he cried silently to him self. His chest it hurt. It really hurt? Why did it hurt so bad. He sighed sighed softly as he laid there on the floor amongst the toys. It was lucky that he blended in be could of sworn he heard that rabbit walk past his door and even peek.

Mangle curled himself into a ball of what and pink fur. If being wake hurt so much maybe it would be best if he just slept but even sleep started to avoid him. All his could do was lay there in pain. He wanted to be with Foxy. He wanted to be around him. If Foxy wanted him he would come for him right? Thing was he didn't.

Mangle eyes were red that were stained with tears. He was sure if Foxy seen him such a state he would just be disgusted by him. He sighed softy as he claws at his arms. Maybe if claw at them a hard enough the pain in chest would go away. He wouldn't feel anything anymore. He become how he should of been in the first place and feel absolutely nothing.

[+Magenta "I hate them...I hate them all"] he said as mumbling to himself. Blood drip down his wrist form where he dug his nails into it
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[#f0e660 Springtrap smiled softly as. So his name was Chase. He was happy to know the mans name. [#9612d9 "Good night Chase.."] he said as closed his eyes. The sun was coming up. It was time for him to sleep. Springtrap instantly fell a sleep in the chair. He he was tired and screaming at that purple rabbit wore him out. He sighed in his sleep, how odd he was dreaming again.

This dream was quiet odd. He could see himself but he wasn't quiet himself. He was someone else? He had to be he wasn't horrible monster. He was human? There was no doubt about it he had to be a human in this dream. He didn't have annoying large ears. His hair it wasn't blonde it was almost an indigo color. This dream was quiet different from the rest. He didn't understand it at all. It was making his head heart, even his chest began to throb in pain.

Springtrap dream didn't last long he wake to the sound of humans. They seem to be in a hurry for some odd reason. Springtrap yawned as he looked towards the old clocked that he was even surprised still work. It was only 6:00 pm. The store didn't close for another two hours. Which sucked because he was ready to meet Chase again. He wanted to tell him about his dream. He sighed softly Fredbear always would listen to him talk about his dreams that bear would always laugh and sometime even pull him into a hug.
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 2d 7h 11m 5s
The red fox didn't even listen to what the rabbit had to say. He just waited until he was gone. He frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. He was just about sick of that fucking rabbit. He growled faintly to himself. He soon turned and walked towards the scent of his stage and sat down. He rubbed his jaw slightly. It sometimes hurt. In his actual form it was broken... But like this it was normal and fine, but sometimes... It hurt like a fucking bitch. Apparently this was one of the moments. Maybe it was because he had gotten so angry.

Was angry even the right word for that anymore? It was almost morning. He was tired. He laid back and closed his eyes. He didn't know what he was going to do tomorrow night. He didn't even want to be around mangle. Everytime he was that damned rabbit would show up. He was just about sick of it. How much would it take before he finally snapped and killed the rabbit? He smirked faintly to himself. Killing something would be nice... Even if it was one of his own.
  |Pirate| / Ennard / 2d 16h 31m 50s
The man had followed the golden rabbit even though he wasn't sure he should trust him or not. He seen the mop before the male pointed it out. He reached out and took it. He listened as the male spoke to him. He didn't even know what he should say now. He leaned back on his heels thinking quietly to himself. He didn't know for sure what he was going to do next. He would have to clean up that room. He was sure his boss would kick his ass if they seen it like that. He frowned deeply. Leaving the rabbit felt wrong, but he supposed that's all he could really do.

Before he got out the door he heard the next question. Oh that was right he had never introduced himself. He stopped for a moment and seemed to think about giving it out or not. It didn't seem like a good idea, but the creature... Had told him what it was called. [+purple "My name is Chase."] He responded after a moment. He soon headed out. He needed to get that blood cleaned up or he'd possibly be fired and he couldn't have that.
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[#a31ded Bonnie] sighed softly as he was shoved way from the pink haired foxy. He sighed softly as he looked towards Foxy. [#a31ded "How pitiful of you to scare away the only person who probably love you Foxy...I guess you will truly get what you be a lone.."] He said as he walked towards the door. None of them were going to listen to him. What did they think he was crazy? That blonde haired rabbit screamed at him. He went back to his room.

He was so pissed. Nothing seem to be going his way. He sighed softly as he pouted. What could be more important then listen to him. After all he was they star of the show. He play the guitar in the band plus he sand. He sighed softly as sat down on his stage. How boring. This whole night just seem to suck.

First the blonde rabbit screamed at him for no good reason. He could of sworn her heard another voice. Then Mangle out of all people wouldn't comfort him. He sighed softly as he sat there in silence soon morning would be coming.
  Nightmare / -Springtrap / 4d 4h 35m 8s
[+Magenta Mangle ] heart sank. He could feel the anger coming off of Foxy. It wasn't his fault that everyone came to him for help. He sighed softly as he looked at way. He didn't want to see Foxy. When Foxy told him just to leave it brought tears to his eyes. Foxy didn't mean to upset Foxy. He sighed softly as he shoved Bonnie off him ran off slamming the door behind him.

It was rather me of him to just leave Bonnie in there a lone with the red fox. Mangle went back to his room. He cried. What more could he do. He couldn't say anything to Foxy that would help him calm down. There was no point to it. Foxy would just refuse to listen only get more angry. He sat there in the corner silently crying. His chest hurt so bad. How could Foxy be so cruel.

Mangle sighed softly as thought to himself. He decided it would just be best to stay way from both Foxy and Bonnie. Maybe that would make it hurt less? The thought of being away from Foxy just hurt it would only get better right? He sighed softly he was going to have to try and completely cut Foxy out of his life. After all that was what Foxy wanted right? To be alone?
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[#f0e660 Springtrap sighed softly as he looked up towards the male. [#9612d9 "It's fine don't worry about it...there a mop in the closet that I stay in....Just help me get back should be good for the rest of the night...Just stay way from the foxes....they will tear you apart on site...Bonnie will just scream in your face....if he ask you play in his band tell him no....As for the rest just avoid them... You should be able to see them on your camera..."] He sighed softly as he force himself to stand.

He sighed softly as he reach out for the night watch. [#9612d9 "I suppose I could of just let Bonnie scream at you...but I suppose you are nice to talk to...It's been rather lonely... Just don't think to much into it ...Because I not that kind of person..."] he said as he pulled his extended hand back to his side.

He sighed softly as it was best to stay distant from everyone. He was different after all. He didn't belong with others nor did he belong with the humans. He sighed softly as he led the man down the hallway to a large closet. The closet wasn't really a closet but a storage room. The room it's self was eerie and reek of death. The room wasn't very often used. It was quiet dusty and dirty. [#9612d9 "The mop is over there..."] he said as he pointed to a mop that was hidden behind a few boxes. Springtrap sighed softly as he sat down on old dusty soft. He lean his head back and looked up towards the ceiling... [#9612d9 "Before you go...what's your name?"] he said as he looked over toward the night guard.
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 4d 5h 24m 47s
The man had hidden as the golden rabbit had said. He didn't know what he should do at this moment. He closed his eyes and waited. He could hear the sounds and it was frightening. What was he going to do now? He was scared. Why was the rabbit protecting him? Hadn't he wanted him to leave and not come back? Hadn't he been threatening him about the others? He didn't seem to know what he should do anymore. It was a little frustrating. He didn't understand what to do now. He waited until the noises stopped.

Quietly the male moved out from other the desk. Still on his hands and knees he crawled over to the hurt rabbit. He looked all over it. He didn't know what he should do now. There was so much blood. He didn't know if he would be able to get it all cleaned up. He looked the rabbit over. [+purple "Is there anyway to stop the bleeding... I don't suppose there is a medical kit anywhere around here..."] He said slowly.
  |NightWatch| / Ennard / 4d 11h 16m 7s
The fox stood there looking rather frustrated. He hated this. A dark look was in his eyes. He didn't want to deal with either one of them right now. He knew this wasn't mangle's fault, but something about seeing bonnie so close to him just pissed him off even more. He felt violent. He wanted to hurt them... Hurt them both. Make them... He shook his head suddenly. He didn't want to think about this anymore. He rubbed the back of his neck and then dropped his hand down to his side. What was he going to do about this.

He let out a soft sigh to calm himself down. [+crimson "Listen... Why don't you leave."] He said coldly. He crossed his arms over his chest. [+crimson "I would prefer that you both just go back to your spots... I have grown rather tired."] Of course tired wasn't the right word. No it was more than that. A lot more than that. Anger wasn't even the right word anymore.
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[#a31ded "Oh Mangle that blonde hair rabbit was mean to me...he spoke such harsh words to me..."] he said as tears formed in his eyes. [#a31ded "He was so scary...hold me.."] he said sweetly. He could sense that negative it. He shiver as he looked toward Foxy who seemed to be pissed off.

[#a31ded "Was I interrupting something? "] he said as he twitched his ears. He had nuzzled closer to Mangle who was still in shock from being shoved away from the red colored fox. Bonnie hadn't notice the look on the white foxes face. Mangle look screamed for help. Mangle didn't know what to other than to just stay still.

Bonnie had no clue that he was interrupting the two a lone time. It didn't really brother him if he was those too didn't need to be any closer they what they were. Bonnie use to really like Foxy but when Mangle came around it became hard to but Mangle was sweet. He was always kind and gentle.
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[+Magenta Mangle ] smiled softly as he followed him to pirate cove. He smiled softly as he lashed his tail. He was so happy to be here a lone with Foxy. [+Magenta "Surprise me..."] he said as he followed him up the stage. He was starting to get a little nervous. How embarrassing. He really shouldn't of been embarrassed but he was.

He smiled softly as he close his eyes. He really didn't mind being surprise because as long as it was Foxy it didn't matter. Foxy was his and he was Foxy's. He blushed softly as he lean his forward maybe hoping for a kiss. It wouldn't be the first time that he two kissed. The first time was by accident. Bonnie had accidentally pushed him to hard and he fell into Foxy.

It didn't seem like the red Fox hated it since he could felt his warm lips kiss back. Mangle shook his head as he open his eyes [+Magenta "Forget the surprise and just kiss me...ravage me Foxy! "] he said with a blush as he inched closer to Foxy face. He really was going to do it. Before he stand on the tips of his toe he felt himself being pushed way but it wasn't by Foxy.

Foxy eyes changed colored one stay golden and the other turn black and white. He looked to see a purple haired rabbit that held tightly to him. Him...again...what did he want now...
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