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[+purple Bonnie] was wonder the hallways when he seen Puppet come running down the hall. He froze for a instant what the hell was going on then it hit him. This sickening feeling. He disliked it what was going on. [+Purple Puppet ... what is this sickening feeling?"] he said as he looked toward the tall dark figure.

It was also rare to here puppet speak. He mostly kept to himself but seeing out side of his room. Something terrible must of been about to happen. His tails and ears twitched he could hear speaking down the hall. It was that golden rabbit an someone else. It must of been the thing that Spring was trying so hard to hide.
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[+magenta Mangle] nodded as he followed with him. He really didn't want to follow Foxy out of the room. He was just happy that he was with Foxy and not a lone to be frighten. Foxy was right there really was something terrible here it was making his heart race fast in his chest.

Once they got to Foxy's room he started to feel a little bit better. He was still scared he could tell that Foxy was frighten too. He smiled softly as he wrapped his arms around Foxy staying close to him right now seemed like it was the smart things to do. He didn't want to leave Foxy's side.
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[#f0e660 Springtrap just sighed softly as he looked toward the emotionless being. [#9612d9 "Oh I see...then he really is gone then..."] he sighed softly as he closed his eyes then opened them again. [#9612d9 "I'm not going to destroy your body. I like it...I mean I like the one you have on... Deep down your really a hideous monster too...What do they call you?"] he said with a soft sigh.

[#9612d9 "Also where is Fredbear?"] he said as he looked towards Ennard. He was ready to go to bed now. That cheerful person he like to talk to was gone. He wasn't never there to began with. This was becoming quiet a long night it was all a headache. An annoyance, it seem they they would be able to run this night guard off even if they wanted to.

He sighed softly as he closed his eyes then open them again. He hated this place it was worse than hell it's self. He wanted to hurt that man but he just couldn't find it in to hurt Chase? Wait that wasn't who he really was it? He sighed softly as he closed his eyes.
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The creature watched the rabbit. It's smile revealing sharp teeth. The dangerous being seemed to stand its ground even when attacked. There was no fear in it. It had all the power here. He could shut them all down if he wanted and he would if they stepped out of line. The golden rabbit was stepping over its boundaries. [+purple "Oh rabbit... You make yourself sound so important... Sadly this isn't all about you... It never was. You just approached me first."] He stated cruelly. He didn't seem to care if it sounded bad.

A small smirk played on his lips. Even though he was cut he didn't seem to care. The blood that dripped down his face made no difference to him. Human bodies were easy for him to get. He leaned back on his heels and cocked his head off to the side. That cruel creature didn't care. When the golden rabbit hugged him the male didn't react much. After a moment it backed away from him. [+purple "There is no beauty in this world. No matter what you do... This body... Is always replaceable. If you destroy this one... I will get a new one."] It smiled the sharp teeth in its mouth gleaming.
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The red fox didn't seem to know what to do. He didn't know if looking would be a good idea. [+crimson "I don't know. I have a feeling if we go looking it may doom us."] He didn't think he could fight the creature that was in their midst. It could be too dangerous to deal with. He gave a slight shake of his head. No they weren't going to deal with whatever that thing was. It would be dangerous to them and he didn't like it. He bit his bottom lip softly and seemed to be thinking. He soon let go of mangle and took his hand.

[+crimson "Come on... We should probably head towards my room. Whatever is going on isn't something we should deal with right now."] He said softly. He soon sighed softly and led him towards his room. It was best if they hid. This frightened feeling... He didn't like it. He was suppose to be strong. He looked ahead and tried to ignore it. He didn't know what else to do really.
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[+magenta Mangle] shivered slightly. [+magenta "Your right something does seem off...should we may go to your room? There more stuff to hide amongst."] he said as his ears twitched he could hear footsteps wonder down the hallway. He held tightly to Foxy. It was frightening seeing Foxy frighten. He had never once seen Foxy scared of anything, seeing him like that was just scary.

Mangle sighed softly there was always something to ruin the mood. His tail twitched slightly. [+magenta "Well there a couple things we can do we can go hide or we can go and find out make causing such a ruckus."] he said as he shivered. Part of him just didn't want to know what making everything feel so uneasy. It was a sickening feeling. His head was starting to hurt once again. Just like when he was depressed that annoying voice came back. He just tried to push it to the back of his mind.
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[#f0e660 Springtrap sighed softly as he tilted his head to the side. Chase words made sense. Perhaps it was better he didn't know, but something told him that he just need to know. He need to remember everything. No matter how painful and disgusting it was. [#9612d9 "I suppose that is true...I must of done something pretty horrible to forget everything..."] he glance at the male then growled slightly.

So this man wasn't a human at all he was something far more disgusting. He was on of them. Springtrap sighed softly as he pulled the unlocked draw open. There was a pile of old newspaper clipping. One of them had the headline of 5 missing children. That seem so familiar. As his eye scanned the paper he just drop it. It flutter to the floor. He just stood there silently. He just laugh there no way that could be true? Well it was he could remember it clearly now. He killed all those children, and he killed his best friend. Springtraps appearance change slightly his golden hair seem to fade away but the rabbit ears remained. [#9612d9 "...I remember now...why did I do? I suppose I never told any one why....and I still don't have to... either."] he said as he looked at Chase. Something was off with him. He was seem more and more like the rest of those disgusting animatronics.

[#9612d9 "You disgust me"] he said coldly. [#9612d9 "You just another one of them aren't you? So tell me which one where you? I mean I kill all those children where you one of them ? Or where you him? "] he sighed softly as he looked down at the floor. [#9612d9 "Well it doesn't matter now... does it? They're all dead...I'm dead too happy ending right? "] he said as he paced around the room. He was getting quiet a sickening feeling being around Chase. He sighed softly as he ran a hand thought his purple colored hair.

[#9612d9 "So tell me what do you want? Why are you here? Do you love playing games with me?"] he said with a soft snicker. [#9612d9 "I bet if I cut you up into piece you would rebuild yourself wouldn't you?"] he said with a faint smile. [#9612d9 "Want to give it a try "] he said as he step towards Chase. He moved his arm and knife fell out his sleeve. He smiled softly as he press the knife into Chase face. How beautiful he looked with blood dripping down his face. Almost a delicious looking site. He just wanted to sink his teeth into the man.

Springtrap sighed softly as he stop leaving a scratch on the male face. He drop the knife he change back into the golden hair rabbit. He pulled the creature into his arm and sighed softly. [#9612d9 " You look so beautiful with blood running down your face....So delicious..."] he said with a snickered. [#9612d9 "I guess I can't forget some of my old urges now can I?...."] he let go of the male then walked way form him. [#9612d9 "I think it's time we call it a night..."] he said as walked towards the door.
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Something else lurked the halls. He hadn't been there in a long time. He had stayed in his room simply rewinding the music box over and over. Listening to the song over and over again. It kept it calm. Now that it could control it on its own it didn't seem to care much about a human being in the building. Instead it just stayed on its own listening to the same song over and over again. None of the other animatronics bothered him and honestly he didn't seem to care. Though he had to admit it was kinda of lonely.

Though something had caught its attention. Something it didn't like. Slowly it forced itself to its feet. The sound of music playing stopped. It didn't bother t rewind the music box again. Instead it left the room. He was sure most of the animatronics had forgotten about him. He was okay with that he supposed... Even though... He had given them life. Had brought them back. Had gave them time to seek vengeance. Of course... That probably didn't matter to them. They seemed more interested in one another lately.

There had been a human that came here, but the male now realized that it was something else. Something that was potentially dangerous to them. Now he was on the move to figure out what it was and why it was here. Slowly he walked the halls looking everywhere. He walked passed Foxy and Mangle, but didn't greet them. He didn't bother them at all.
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The red head watched the white and pink fox. Even though he was very interested in what was going on... Something felt very wrong. He slowly looked around before letting his eyes settle on Mangle. He was just lovely, but something in the air didn't seem right. He slid his arms around Mangle and held him close. Having him this close with no one around was rather nice. He smirked lightly to himself. With that stupid rabbit not bothering him this was really great. [+crimson "Yes the bunny will definitely need a talking to or he will only get worse. Though talking to him might now help at all."] He said.

He was trying to keep the bad feeling from ruining what was going on. He wanted to stay near this male as long as he could. He kissed the male back when he was kissed. It was a nice feeling. He just wished that it would never end. It seemed the white and pink fox had gotten rather brave. Nipping at his neck and then stepping away. what a tease. He smirked at what the male said and then he frowned. [+crimson "Ye feel that feeling in the air Mangle?"] He asked. For once it was the red fox that sounded frightened.

[+crimson "Something is here... Something like us, but it feels new..."] He said softly. He reached and pulled the white and pink fox close to him as if to protect him. [+crimson "I don't know what it wants, but I have a feeling it can be dangerous to all of us..."] He said softly.
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Human? It had been easy to become human... A small smirk came over his lips as the male turned away from him and walked over to the desk. The creature tilted his head off to the side. What was it that the golden rabbit wanted? Did it really not remember anything? Faking to be a human was easy. He had passed with flying colors without anyone noticing. It wasn't a surprise though. Why was it that idiots kept gathering the old animatronics and using them? Had they not learned anything. It was laughable. Even the animatronics didn't seem to notice the difference between the man that called himself Chase and a real human.

His eyes brightened even more and he slowly stood up. Did he have the key to that desk? Oh yes... Yes he did. He slowly reached into his pocket and pulled it out. What was the reason that this creature had returned? Oh there were a lot of reasons. For one... He had freedom. He came to grant it to the others. It would be easy. It had been easy for him. Stealing a body and then stealing a whole new body. Living inside of a human like being made life so much easier. Quietly he walked over to the desk and sat the key down before he turned away without a word.

There wasn't really anything for him to say. He looked at the small mirror on the wall. His appearance had changed slightly. No problem. They would find out someday. No more pretending to be human. It tilted its head back slightly. The change it took on only made it appear more demonic. Showing its true self slightly. Slowly it turned back towards Springtrap. He narrowed his eyes slightly. Now what was he going to do about this golden rabbit. Surely it knew where the rest of the animatronics were. It would be difficult for him to anything with the golden rabbit.

That one was different than the others. [+purple "Ya know... Searching for your past is hard to do... Did you ever think you forgot on purpose? Maybe it was so traumatic that you don't want to remember. You push it away because you don't want to remember. Maybe that's why your dreams don't show you everything."] He stated. His voice had changed slightly becoming more... Robotic sounding. He laughed lightly. [+purple "Then again... Maybe you really don't remember, but when you do... You will just want to forget again."] He stated.
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[#f0e660 Springtrap listen to the male speak. If he has such horrible nightmare then this defiantly wasn't the please to work in. He was horrify and disgusting to look at...maybe he would try to take a bath before he came the next time. Although not matter how much he bathed these rabbit ears wouldn't go away. He let out a faint sigh as he touched them.

[#9612d9 "Well that make sense I you think it's weird of me....I want to be human....I hate this place...I hate being trap here...I want to be like you..."] he said as he reached down and touched Chase arm. When he touched him a shiver sent up his spine. He seen something that he still didn't understand. His chest hurt and he quickly pulled his hand way from the male's arm. [#9612d9 "How rude of me to just touch you like that..."] he said as he backed way.

The golden haired rabbit stood there and thought. What was that he seen. It was just like the person he seen in a dream. Who was he why did he keep seeing him. Why did it feel that he knew that person before. His head was hurting. Springtrap looked towards the desk. There was something he could faintly remember about this desk. He reach down toward the bottom draw, he tried to open it but it was locked. [#9612d9 "Do you have a key to this..."] he said as looked at Chase.
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[+magenta Mangle] watched Foxy after he pulled way from him. He couldn't tell if he like the kiss or not. So maybe he would just have to do it again, and again. [+magenta "I'm glad you feel the same...I know you are dangerous..."] he said as he wrapped his arms around Foxys neck. His nose was touching Foxy's. [+magenta "But as long as were together we can work thins out can't we? I understand Bonnie can be quiet a hassle ...I will talk with him tomorrow..for now it's just you and me..."] he said with a sweet smile.

[+magenta "I want to take advantage of this time....don't you..."] he said as kissed Foxy's pink colored lips. His heart was fluttering in his chest. He wanted this. He had always wanted this after setting eyes on the red colored fox. He smiled softly as his tail flickered behind him. He smiled softly as he pulled himself closer to Foxy. He pulled away from the kiss and nuzzled his nose into Foxys neck. [+magenta "I love you Foxy..."] he said with a soft blush.

[+magenta "I suppose if you are going to get rough with me...I'll just have to do the same...I think I will be able to handle you...just as long as you can handle me...."] he said with small snicker. He smirked softly as he nip at Foxy's neck. He smirked softly he figure Foxy's like his neck be bitten since he normally hid it quiet well under his clothes. Since Mangle pull on them earlier it wasn't a surprise his neck was little exposed. Mangle blushed softly at the though of foxy bitting his neck. That idea just excited him.

He blushed softly as pulled his tail close to himself. He then let go of Foxy and backed away but he wasn't to far out of Foxy's reach. He could easily be pulled back into the male's arms. He didn't quiet understand where all this confidence came from. Yes he always felt this way for Foxy but he never thought that he would be the one to start anything.
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The dark haired male watched him quietly. He seemed to be thinking over what to say. Taking a deep breath he slowly let it out. Dreams that felt like something from his past life? Or things that had happened before? It would be kind of like deja vu. He wasn't sure if he had dreams like that or not. Most of the times he didn't dream at night and when he did. He looked off to the side. They were nightmares. He had suffered from nightmares since he was a child. His family hadn't known what caused them and no amount of therapy helped.

He still went to a therapist... Yet nothing helped those nightmares. They only seemed to get worse. [+purple "I suppose not... I mean I might if I had things other than nightmares."] He said after a moment. He soon looked at the golden rabbit and offered a small smile. [+purple "I guess I haven't really dreamed anything that would be real."] He added. [+purple "But that doesn't mean I don't believe that dreams like that don't exist. I believe dreams use things you have seen before to make its contents."] He explained with a slight shrug. [+purple "So it is possible you are seeing something that has happened to you before."] He added.
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The red fox glared as the white fox pulled his hand away from him. This didn't make him happy. Actually it activated his anger all over again, but he didn't make a sound he simply watched the fox waiting for its explanation about everything. When the fox kissed him he stood there in shock. His anger drained away to confusion. They had flirted a lot, but nothing had ever came of it until now. He didn't know what to do as he stood there. He was confused. He blinked a few times and then rubbed the back of his neck.

[+crimson "Oh I see..."] He didn't know what to say. He was stumbling over his words in his head. He closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking to himself. What would one say here? Yes he felt the same, but he knew how his anger was. It was bitter and cruel. It made him want to hurt them... Mostly the rabbit though. He closed his eyes and seemed to be thinking to himself. [+crimson "I want to be more as well... I'm sorry about my temper... But that rabbit..."] He said dryly.
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[#f0e660 Springtrap sighed softly as he seen the male jump slightly. Maybe he should of knocked but sadly he was sure if he did that he still probably jump. His appearance was quiet frightening. [#9612d9 "It's okay...your worth talking too...beside that I have things I would like to ask you..."] he said. He smiled softly as he looked at Chase at least he hope that male would listen to him.

He smiled softly as he closed his eyes then opened them again. [#9612d9 "Do you ever have dreams and felt like they happen once before?"] he said. He sighed softly as he looked off to the side. He was sure that his word were just confusing. He looked off to the side as he stood there by the male. He looked at the chair that the man was leaning on. It looked like a nice comfy chair. It was probably fun to sit in and spin around in.
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