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"What do you even mean, 'we got things to do before the finale?'" The figure hissed out slowly, as if it wasn't in a good mood. It was still looking at the ground, as if it was waiting to still continue to be formed, yet it was already finished being completed. It's wings closed tightly against its back as it looked up.
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 155d 3h 24m 13s
Bendy watched as his two new friends emerged from the ink, and he smiled mischievously. [B Hey Emmet, hey Bendris...we've got some things to take care of before we start our finale...] he said with a devious look on his face. Bendy was originally a cartoon that was known for his dancing, hence his name, Bendy the dancing demon.
  Bendy / SilentHiller / 3y 155d 3h 34m 28s
The half-formed figure cursed under its breath as it continued forming, continuously rising from the ink while letting out pained noises, as if it wasn't even used to this new feeling of being brought in existence. It swung its 'head' down, looking at the ground before coughing up ink as its head and face formed.
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 155d 5h 8m 30s
As the Ink Machine continued to spew out the black ink, a little form started to try to pull its way from the large puddle, having horns and ears, it looked like a mix between Bendy and Boris, and she was the newest and youngest of the group, because she was supposed to be a little kid, and after she managed to pull herself from the ink, she grabbed a toy fox off a table, and she started to suck on her thumb, being a really young kid, it was only natural.
  Bendris / SilentHiller / 3y 155d 5h 11m 57s
A hand pressed from the black liquid spewing out on the ground, as if someone, or some[I thing] was trying to rise out of it like cold water. Another hand grabbed the ground, and pushed its slowly forming body up out of the ink. As if it was a person, it let out a gasp before hissing out in pain as large wings had formed, spraying little droplets of black liquid as they solidified and formed.
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 155d 5h 14m 35s
Inside the old abandoned cartoon studio that was known for the birthplace of Bendy and Boris, the sounds of grinding gears could be heard echoing throughout the empty halls, spewing out large, black blobs of ink, which covered the floor in front of it, but the Ink Machine did not stop spewing a stream of the black liquid for any reason.
  The Ink Machine / SilentHiller / 3y 155d 5h 31m 13s

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