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She slowly woke up, her ears twitching lazily, as if she didn't care about anything, then she stretched as she was completely waking up, then she looked around. [I Who's there...?] she said in a tired, but whiny voice, still not completely awake yet, and she pawed her ears, trying to itch them like a cat would.
  Betty / SilentHiller / 3y 153d 3h 48m 27s
The calm ambience was suddenly stopped as the sound of the old floorboards above creaked by each of Vi's slow, stumbling yet cautious steps, almost as if he was wanting to be quiet because he was sneaking up on someone, or was just teasing the sleeping toon cat that was on the floor below. The floorboards in front of the Exit door were slowly pried off, and Vi landed silently.
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 153d 4h 8m 25s
Betty was on the fourth floor, which was the floor below, and she was sleeping like a little baby, not aware that she was about to be scared speechless by Emmet, whom she used to torment on the silver screen in the cartoons. Betty was dreaming about having two cat parents, but knowing that wasn't about to happen.
  Betty / SilentHiller / 3y 153d 23h 35m 14s
"Look, I-I just... I don't really like it when someone's being a jerk. It just brings memories yet to come to me." He paused, then sighed, as if he was calming down, before uttering very quietly so that no one could hear other than the two in the room, "I'm sorry, Bends... [sub I'm just as pathetic as Ol' Joey thinks I was supposed to be like.]"
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 153d 23h 38m 10s
[B hey pal...calm down, I can show her how we deal with rude toons if she gets out of me...] he said with a cruel smile as his tail swished back and forth behind his body. [B If you find her, let her know that I am waiting and that I'm losing my patience...] he continued to tell him, and he helped Emmet up.
  Bendy / SilentHiller / 3y 153d 23h 43m 10s
"I'm not finding the cat. She's a [redacted] little annoying little [redacted] that causes a ton of problems, and she gets on my nerves so that she can just laUGH [B IN MY FACE LIKE SHE DOESNT CARE ABOUT ANYONE'S [redacted] FEELINGS, AND THATS MY REASON.]" He suddenly snapped before curling up in a ball and crying. [sub "It's not like y'all even need me...."]
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 153d 23h 52m 51s
Bendy calmed down, and reverted back to his normal self, and smiled rudely, straightening his tie. [B Then help me and the others, we need to find Boris the wolf, and Betty the cat...] he said with a smug tone, and he looked at Bendris. [B I'll stay here and babysit little Bendris here to keep her out of trouble.]
  Bendy / SilentHiller / 3y 153d 23h 58m 31s
"Jesus, chill!" He yelled out, fluttering his large wings. Ever since the sight of this form, he just wanted to get out of there before God-knows-what would happen to him. The utter panic started to make him experience a panic attack, since he suddenly started crying as he curled up against the wall, wings wrapped around him. "Please... You're starting to scare me... I really don't wanna die...."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 154d 11m 30s
Bendy started to drip violently, and it started to freak out Emmet, because he never saw Bendy change this drastically in his life. [B [I Don't forget this Emmet...he brought us to life...and we would have been FORGOTTEN by the time that the future came!!] he shouted, and knocked back Emmet, who was still freaked out by what Bendy looked like.
  Who's Laughing Now? / SilentHiller / 3y 154d 17m 49s
"Wait, with the Devil?" His left eye narrowed as he looked disgusted. "Why? Why would he want to go to Satanism to create us? I mean, he could've just waited when the futuristic stuff came out, and he could've used that. But, [I no,] he had do become a satanist and then call the Anti-God himself to create us."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 154d 31m 37s
[B That's because I was made about thirty years ago when Joey made a deal with the devil to make us come to life, and I made the same deal to make you come to life...] he explained, and he smiled again, only it was a devious smile that Emmet was more comfortable with. [B Come on, lets go wake up Boris...]
  Bendy / SilentHiller / 3y 154d 39m 9s
".... For the love of God, don't smile at me like that. It just makes me want to lose my sanity even more." He uttered before coughing up some of the black liquid that he came from, and he wiped off the small drops that covered his mouth. "It's hard to imagine why y'all are so used to it while I'm not."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 154d 22h 38m 52s
Bendy smiled and he looked devious, more so than ever. [B It's our time to show our creator that we aren't the only ones able to create things...we are capable of much more than that lousy human...aren't we Emmet?] he asked with an evil smile that made Emmet feel uneasy, yet Emmet knew that Bendy was right.
  Bendy / SilentHiller / 3y 155d 15m 43s
The figure catiously stood up, wincing and letting out some semi-audible indications of pain as some joints that were 'still forming' from the recent creation popped into place with a loud and sickening 'snap' that made almost everyone nauseous about it. He almost himself had threw up from the noise, since he had hated the sound of bones popping and breaking.
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 155d 23m 11s
Boris showed up from behind the Ink Machine, and saw them. [I Hey Bendy, did it work?] he asked Bendy, but he wasn't that smart, but smart enough to know what he was doing in the room. [I I heard that Henry's comin' back soon...did ya send him the letter, Bendy?] Boris asked, and Bendy smirked. [B As a matter of fact, yes I did Boris.]
  Boris the Wolf / SilentHiller / 3y 155d 31m 30s

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