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[B When he gets here, we can still help him in our own hell with Bendy...] she told him, and just that alone was enough to reassure him that she was being serious about it, she wanted to see Bendy fall, but she wanted Boris to stay around. [B We'll help him deal with Bendy, but I will make sure he doesn't hurt Boris.]
  Inkla the demon beauty / SilentHiller / 3y 144d 5h 14m 9s
"There's this thing about to happen." He said suddenly. "I-I... I was supposed to get everyone and bring them to Bendy, so he would tell them what was gonna happen. ... I-I'm sorry." He then looked at the wall. "... I kinda miss Henry. Even though he mainly worked on the Main Duo, I just guess he was a good guy and was okay to hang around with. ... That is, when I was drawn..."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 144d 5h 16m 39s
[B Only Joey was a heartless bastard, and don't you forget that, alright?] she asked him, making sure that he was sane and calm before he did anything drastic that could ruin their hopes. [B Now listen, we are just going to dance for a while, and we can do that for the rest of the night if you want, because we don't have anything that is important to do right now...]
  Inkla the demon beauty / SilentHiller / 3y 144d 5h 21m 22s
"I don't even think he should. Not right now. I dunno." Vi sighed, looking at the ground like he was upset, and he wrapped his wings around himself again. "Almost every time something happens I mess up. I mess up everything just because I was either made like that or what, and I just think he hated me, like he wanted to get rid of me."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 144d 5h 24m 0s
Inkla pulled his tie, drawing him to her eye level. [B You need to calm down right now...The Creator never forgot us...but he hasn't seen us in years...] she told him, and she gently kissed his cheek, which made him calm down within minutes after he went off on his raging irritation that they were forgotten.
  Inkla the demon beauty / SilentHiller / 3y 146d 2h 15m 11s
".... Why?" He growled, and he tensed up. "Why would they forget? Why in the world would they just... w[B HY?"] He suddenly flew upward and landed on one of the beams, folding his arm while scowling at the floor. The clock eye started leaking black liquid, yet Vi didn't notice. [B "WE DID ALL OF THAT, AND WHAT HAPPENED? NOTHING. NO ONE EVEN CARED."]
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 146d 2h 59m 9s
[B You don't get it...We have been asleep for the past forty years, and Bendy was the only one here that wasn't dead or asleep, so that is why he has those, and Bendy is the most famous character...or at least he was...] Inkla explained, and showed him that they never had their own cutouts, the only thing they had of their own were posters for their episodes.
  Inkla the demon beauty / SilentHiller / 3y 146d 3h 6m 39s
Vi stared out at where Sammy went, a look of fear on his face for a moment before he suddenly had frantically gestured with his hands while talking rushed and nervously. "See? Told you. It's like he has an obsession with Bendy, and this is just another reason why he's down here to make all of us go insane, just for a punishment."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 146d 3h 8m 47s
Sammy had become a completely different creature, for he was no longer human, but an ink monster, and he wore the face of Bendy over his, and when he heard them talking, he had one of the Bendy cutouts in his arm, and he turned to see them, and he casually walked towards them. [B [U Hello Emmet, hello Inkla...] he said in a raspy voice, then walked out of the room and continued his tasks.
  Sammy Lawrence / SilentHiller / 3y 146d 3h 15m 24s
"I-I dunno. I think he's gone a bit, y'know... crazy." He paused, looking at the old music director. A sense of dread started to course through, and he grabbed his right arm while taking deep breaths. "Not to mention, I kinda think he's a satanist... Not that it's a bad thing, it's just that I think it's crazy and scary."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 146d 3h 17m 46s
[B You look more handsome than usual, my dear dancing friend.] she told him, and she took his hand while they passed where Sammy Lawrence was working on some old songs that he used to play for them in their cartoons. [B Hey, there's Sammy...should we stop and say hello to him?] she asked Emmet, looking a bit worried.
  Inkla the demon beauty / SilentHiller / 3y 146d 3h 23m 55s
Vi cleared his throat. "Yeah, it's me. Bends is starting to get mad, since he's tired of waiting. So it's best to get up and go to the top floor. We have something planned. And I really don't know how to explain it, so I guess I'll just have Bends explain it. .... Also, did you notice something new about me? Heh heh."
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 146d 3h 59m 26s
the Ink Machine gave a great hiss and huff, then the gears began to grind against each other violently, and more of the black liquid that gave the toons life spewed out from the tube, and an extremely familiar figure began to emerge from the pool of black ink, and by the way the ink formed, Emmet saw that it was his old friend, Inkla, the demon beauty he would dance with in the cartoons thirty years ago.
  Inkla the demon beauty / SilentHiller / 3y 153d 39m 51s
Betty got up and shuffled around, trying to look for Emmet, and she thought she heard him whisper. [I Emmet..?] she said quietly, and she looked around, trying to see if she could find him anywhere in the room. [I Emmet...where are you...?] she asked out loud, which was loud enough to hear her voice.
  Betty / SilentHiller / 3y 153d 1h 2m 8s
[sub "Jeez, the floorboards might end up breaking again if someone enters. .. wait, [redacted], I just accidentally sabatoged the plan."] He uttered before he sighed, standing up as he looked at the small wounds inflicted on his hands. Small drops of black liquid fell from where the floorboards scraped his inked hands, and he closed them as he looked around for Betty.
  BATIM!TD!Emmet / Okamisutaa / 3y 153d 3h 53m 25s

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