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Ciel kept his defiant glare as Sebastian spoke, moving aside afterwards so the earl could slip out easily. He didn't move at first, choosing to be a bit more stubborn, until a few rounds of coughs exited his chest and he was no longer able to keep the sharp glare. His coughs sounded rough with congestion and burned his chest terribly. Once they stopped, however, he slowly pulled himself out from under the sturdy furniture and stood to his feet.

The exposed eye shifted towards the door, seeing the chair that now blocked their exit. So Sebastian had been prepared, it seemed, for his charge to dart out the door at the first moment he got. He wasn't wrong, that's exactly what Ciel would have done had he not been caught so early. He stood still as Sebastian moved the chair and opened the door, the boy moving through it and heading defeated back to his bedroom where the doctor waited.

[+blue "Let's make this as quick as possible,"] Ciel huffed around a few deep coughs. [+blue "I don't have all day."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 62d 5h 53m 0s
Sebastian couldn't help but grin as he approached the table that he knew hid the earl. He wondered how long the boy truly thought that he could hide from him. Going through the process of lifting the sheet and folding it, he soon made eye contact with his charge, a small grin appearing on his lips. How very childish of him to hide underneath of the furniture.

[+red "I don't know what you are doing in the storage room, my lord, but the Doctor is here, and I do trust you wouldn't keep such a frail man waiting."] The doctor was rather old and slow, so the process of examination would take even longer, but he truly was a kind fellow and usually attempted to comply to your needs, but it made it no more enjoyable. Straightening back up, the demon took a step back so the boy could get out from under the table, making sure that he did indeed step out from under before moving any further.
  Sebastian Michaelis / MariaAvaricia / 3y 63d 1h 58m 20s
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Sebastian didn't seem to move for ages, the room remaining rather silent. Ciel's frame remained near motionless as he listened carefully, trying to assess his situation from sound. After what seemed like hours, he could hear the footsteps of his butler as he moved a bit and something being set on the floor near the door's direction. He wasn't sure what it was or what had happened, but he knew it didn't bode well for him. His butler was determined to find him and most likely knew where he was already.

The two just liked to toy with each other.

The exposed eye flickered in the male's direction as he heard his footsteps again, moving to the far side of the room. It was silent for a moment before he heard the rustle of fabric, telling the boy that sheets were being pulled from the furniture. This caused a frown to fall on his face, knowing he'd be discovered eventually. The pattern continued: footsteps, rustle, silence, footsteps. Ciel pushed himself back as far as he could, remaining still until the sheet was finally pulled from his hiding spot and the amethyst eyes locked with his own.

Damn demon.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 63d 2h 15m 14s
Scarlet eyes scanned over each individual object in the room. He'd been in this room many times, to change out a broken chair or possibly just set aside something that no longer pleased the earl or one of his guests, so he knew it fairly well. Knowing the boy was rather small, he decided to go about this the smart way.. Though, he knew where the boy most likely was. It'd be a bit more fun to toy with him.

As a precaution, he moved something in front of the door. Though the boy couldn't get away from him, this helped as a visual reminder of such a thing. He stepped forward and, starting in the left corner, removed the white sheets from the furniture, folded it neatly and placed it on top of said furniture item, and moved to each piece slowly, moving to the right and working in rows. He made sure to do so slowly, checking every little nook and cranny, wondering what the boy would say when he was discovered.
  Sebastian Michaelis / MariaAvaricia / 3y 63d 3h 26m 34s
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Ciel kept quiet as he crept through the furniture, focusing on making as little noise as possible. This game of cat and mouse wouldn't last long, just as usual, but he hoped he could procrastinate long enough that the doctor would get fed up and simply leave. He didn't imagine this would be the case, but he remained slightly hopeful. The boy muffled a few harsh coughs in his arm as he made his way towards the back of the room, hiding himself underneath a table covered by a white sheet.

His form went rigid as he heard the door open, footsteps follow, and the door quietly close again. The demon was hunting him. Ciel remained as motionless as he could in his hiding space, not even breathing too loudly in the small hope that his butler would move on.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 63d 3h 34m 32s
Once the door was opened to the boys room, he immediately suspected he had run off. He stepped inside, glancing at the bed and sighing softly, giving a quick apology to the Doctor and telling him he may remain in the room until the earl returned. Sebastian knew that he would run off, but had slightly hoped that he had been sick enough that he wouldn't have. Then again, the child was so stubborn, he could most likely break something and find some way to limp off and hide. And so, the search began.

He stepped out of the room, shutting the door behind him as he looked around the many doors. Truthfully, the boy couldn't have gone far seeming as he didn't talk with the doctor too long, so he had to be in the nearby five or so doors, he presumed. He searched a few before coming upon the storage room, stepping inside and shutting the door behind him, sealing off a bit of light as he began to make his way about the room.
  Sebastian Michaelis / MariaAvaricia / 3y 63d 11h 8m 50s
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A soft noise outside his window caused the boy to sit up a bit, pushing himself to his feet after a few harsh coughs. He hoped it wasn't what he thought it was, that the butler was simply bluffing in order to rile him up some. A gaze out the crystal clear glass told him that it wasn't the case, that Sebastian had gone through with his promise to bring an outside eye into this. A small frown fell on the porcelain face again, the earl moving from his window with a quiet huff and heading towards the door. This wasn't a torture he wanted to take part in, the young Phantomhive detesting doctors, and refused to sit by while it all happened. An effort had to be made on his part...and it certainly would be.

Ciel knew Sebastian would be expecting it, but it didn't matter.

In order to try to escape whatever treatment the doctor may come up with, the earl slipped out of his bedroom as quietly as he could and headed down the hall. He could hear the soft murmurs of Sebastian and their guest downstairs, their voices beginning to get closer: they were heading upstairs. Quickly he moved into a storage room, silently closing the door behind him and hiding among the covered furniture. It wouldn't hide him for long, but it was a good place to start.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 64d 4h 52m 39s
Soon enough the doctor arrived at the manor, Sebastian greeting him accordingly and bringing him to the young earl's room. He knew how much he detested doctors, but not only would he not get better without one, he quite liked annoying his charge in little ways whenever possible. Whether it be calling the doctor for the smallest of things, or simply leaving him through a nightmare, he had to do something to keep himself entertained. After all, masquerading around as a butler wasn't something he'd ever expected to do, nor did he expect he'd do it again, for anyone other than the earl.

Ciel himself was a strange thing to Sebastian. Intriguingly stubborn, contradicting himself many times, and a belief that he, a child, was an adult. Even better that he should be treated like one, even through his tantrums and whines. But, it was that very intrigue that kept the butler here. That, and the thought of what he could take in the future. What he would take. And oh, how he'd savor it.
  Sebastian Michaelis / MariaAvaricia / 3y 64d 6h 27m 43s
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A soft sigh fell from his chest, a few harsh coughs following after, and glared faintly at the butler as he took his leave. Ciel wasn't fond of doctors, he never really had been for as long as he could remember, which was why Sebastian tried as hard as he could to keep most procedures in house and performed by himself. Sebastian was the only one Ciel would trust with such things, not even the rest of the staff could care for the boy the way the demon did.

Having an outsider poking and prodding him for an hour didn't sit well with the small earl, Ciel's frown growing with each passing minute. He knew the doctor would be called in, it was just a matter of time. Unfortunately he didn't have a time schedule for this event and would have to keep a careful eye out on his surroundings in order to try to avoid it. Sure, he couldn't run forever but he could hide for a little while. He sighed around a couple of coughs again, curling up in the bed and pulling the blankets further around him while listening to the sounds of the large house as it continued throughout its day.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 74d 5h 1m 14s
The butler raised a brow when he questioned the need of a doctor, shaking his head and 'tsk'ing a bit. [+red "My lord. I'd rather call him today and him tell me it will clear up."] He wouldn't allow the earl to remain stubborn for long. Truly, no matter what his charge said, he was going to call for the doctor. It just wasn't a matter that he could take lightly. He moved from the shelves over to his cart once again, looking at the boy in the bed. [+red "I shall take my leave. If you need me, call."] He then turned, taking the old cart out with him, taking it back down where it belonged.

After taking care of the cart, he walked down to the small phone booth in the mansion. He rung up the doctor, which the earl would protest most likely, telling him to come sometime that day, which was agreed upon, and a time set. He had two hours until he was here. While he waited, he decided to simply do what he always does when he has time; clean. Especially the garden, as at the moment a few blooms were obviously out of place or wilting.
  Sebastian Michaelis / MariaAvaricia / 3y 74d 11h 13m 41s
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The young earl avoided eye contact with his butler once the coughs had finally escaped, filling the somewhat quiet room with their harshness. He knew he couldn't hide them forever and that Sebastian would find out rather soon, though he imagined he could have kept it under wraps for at least a good part of the morning. Now his secret was out and he would have his butler keeping a careful eye on him.

Even worse, he wanted to call in a doctor.

He sighed quietly after reaching over and setting the teacup back down, leaning back into his pillows once more. Ciel could deal with the rest though he found himself wondering just how long he could procrastinate the visit from the doctor. He didn't imagine himself to be that ill yet and would fight as hard as he could to keep it at bay. He knew it wouldn't last long, a day or two at the most, but the boy hoped he would show signs of improvement by then and he could come up with a plan B.

[+blue "It's fine,"] he answered quietly, loosely folding his arms over his chest as he looked back at his care taker. [+blue "A doctor isn't necessary, it'll clear up soon."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 77d 3h 10m 36s
A slight chuckle escaped the demons lips when the boy coughed. Truly, how long did he think he could hide it from him? Besides, if the earl hadn't told Sebastian, eventually he could've possibly died. How humiliating. The Queen's guard dog taken down by a simple cold, all because he didn't wish to tell someone that he was sick so he could get better.

[+red "On the schedule would've been a bit more searching if you were up to it, and a visit from a gentleman from France at dinner. He had wanted to talk to you about the company. I will talk to him myself, and call the doctor in a moment. Quite a cough you've got there, my lord."] A slow smirk drew across his face, and he hummed a bit, turning and straightening a few books around on the bookcase. He was always tidying up the smallest things. There was always something to clean.
  Sebastian Michaelis / MariaAvaricia / 3y 82d 12h 46m 54s
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Ciel carefully pulled the items closer to himself, eating his breakfast quietly. His stomach ached a little and the burning in his chest hadn't let up much, causing the boy to eat less than he normally would. Typically the entire confection would have disappeared, even if it took a bit longer than usual, but this morning about half of it remained. Once finished, Ciel picked up his tea and leaned back again, stifling a few coughs as he did so.

That damn burning was relentless.

[+blue "What's on the schedule today?"] he asked quietly, turning his head into his shoulder a bit. The coughs could no longer be contained, releasing from his chest in a hoarse manner. Once he finally got them under control, he sighed quietly and took another drink of his tea.

Damn it all.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 88d 4h 5m 9s
[+red "I see. This morning we have blueberry cheesecake and Earl Grey, your favorite."] Both of them were the Earl's favorites. Sebastian had done this because he was a tad worried for the boy, but he seemed alright. Though, he couldn't be fooled. Something was most likely wrong, but the boy would most likely not let on to his sickness. Seemed he would have to do a bit of sleuthing to figure out exactly what was wrong, especially since he knew if he was incorrectly medicated then he could maybe make it worse. There were side affects, after all.

He set the clothes on the end of the bed for whenever the Earl was done eating, making sure the cart was within reach of the boy so he wouldn't have to ask for his food. He looked over Ciel a moment, seeing no visible signs of illness, so he'd have to watch for behavioral signs.
  Sebastian Michaelis / MariaAvaricia / 3y 89d 7h 41m 4s
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Ciel remained curled up in the bed for quite some time, not moving and letting a few rough coughs sound into the quiet room. They burned his chest a little, causing an internal groan from the young boy. He vaguely recalled an event like this before, where his coughs burned, and believed he was told it was a bronchial problem. Having asthma didn't help this case any, probably made it more troublesome, and hoped it was something that would pass within a few days.

Even if it didn't, he hoped he could hide it from his butler for a while. The last thing he wanted was to stay in bed all day.

Heterochromic eyes flickered open once Sebastian announced his presence, the young earl pulling the blankets down a bit to look over at his butler. He seemed his usual, cheerful self, not letting on if he knew about his charge's health or not. Ciel slowly sat, trying to stifle a few coughs as he did so. [+blue "I'm fine,"] he answered quietly, rubbing his chest a little as the demon's back was turned. [+blue "Just a bit tired."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 90d 4h 23m 25s

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