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Britt thought about the bottom of the list where it said meet a real vampire. 'I hope he doesn't laugh about it.' She thought She felt embarrassed a little and thought Damon might judge. Elena sat by her while they waited. 'this is a bit different of Damon to be so helpful and kind to someone we just met.' Elena thought

Caroline waited to see if Damon would respond even though he was tending to the new girl. She was staring at her phone hoping for a response.
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Damon easily snuck into Britt's home, he looked at her list and nodded. It wouldn't be hard to gather everything up. [b "I'll have to bring her back to let her get everything else she needs. I don't know what girls need."] he muttered as he threw clothes in a bag. Walking into the spare bedroom, he grabbed some books, smirking when he seen the vampire books. [b "She's got a thing for vampires."]
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Britt was sitting on the couch thinking about every thing since Joey was dead. She was a bit over whelmed but she was holding it together. Elena noticed how Damon was being so kind to Britt but she didn't say a thing.

Since it was dark none of the police were around Britt's home at this time. They had many things on the list to do.
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Damon grabbed her list and walked out to his truck. Before pulling out of the driveway, he used his vampire hearing.

He growled when he heard Britt say she would probably become homeless [b "Over my dead body."] he said. He shook his head. Nothing bad would ever happen to Britt as long as he was alive.

He heard his phone ring but he ignored it. It was getting dark, so he could probably sneak into Britt's house and get some clothes and her books, he decided that he would try that before heading to the store.
  Damon. / BooBear96 / 1y 318d 21h 38m 43s
While Making the list Damon asked for she realized right away she didn't have any of her clothes, so that was on the top of the list. Her Books was on the list if Damon could possibly get them for her. She wrote at the bottom of her list meet a real vampire then ripped it a little because she almost lost her belief in vampire. When she finally came downstairs, Elena saw that she was coming down so it surprised her. "Hey how are you doing?" Elena asked
"A little better. Though honestly now that Joey is dead I'll probably be homeless by the end of the month and have to find somewhere to stay after getting my things from the house." Britt said, though she still missed Joey, she missed him but yet somehow being in this home and having her new friends help made her feel somewhat even better.

Caroline parked the car at her home as she carefully got out then she went inside her home. As she went up to her room and sat her keys down she wondered if Damon would come visit her like he normally would every night but then she remembered he had the new girl over at his place tonight for who knows how long. She picked up her phone though and texted him "Will you be coming over tonight?"
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Damon watched as Elena took the girl upstairs to the guest room. He sighed and leaned against the wall. In a way, he felt bad for killing Joey, but then he didn't. Britt deserved more than Joey could ever give her.

Britt was meant to be with him, he understood all that now. He was compelled to kill him, because he was supposed to be with Britt.
  Damon. / BooBear96 / 1y 320d 15h 55m 7s
Caroline wondered if Damon liked her, but she couldn't resist taking him up on that offer and took the mustang as she went home.

Elena took her and showed her the room, Britt was shocked because the guest room looked way better than her bedroom that wasn't set up at home. Elena set down a paper so Britt could write as she walked down the stairs.

"She's not really saying a whole lot." Elena said
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Damon looked at Britt and smiled slightly. [b "You're welcome, Britt."] he said, loving how her name rolled off his tougne. [b "Elena can show you the guest room.. Make that list. I'll run out in about an hour."] he said.

He walked over to Caroline, wrapping his arms around his waist. [b "Be nice to her."] he mumbled, kissing her. [b "Now go home. You can take the Mustang."] he said, handing her the extra set of keys.

He walked insdie his house, and looked at Elena, who was walking down the stairs. [b "How is she?"]
  Damon. / BooBear96 / 1y 320d 17h 1m 0s
Britt had dried up the tears as she carefully got out of the truck. She looked at Damon and tried giving him a smile. "Thank you Damon for helping me out." She admitted. Around this time Stefan had pulled up with Elena and Elena went over to Caroline putting a hand on her arm. "Hey go easy on her. She went home and her boyfriend had been killed." Elena said to Caroline.
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[b "Don't worry about Caroline."] he said as he pulling onto the main road. [b "She'll leave and go to her house when we get there."]

[i Stefan just looked at Damon and shook his head, something was up. "Damons acting...nice."]

Soon enough they were at his house, it was only a ten minute drive from Britts. [b "If you need anything, just make me a list and I can go to the store for you."] he said as he ran over to the passenger side to open the door. [b "It'll be okay Britt. I promise."]

He glared at Caroline, who was now on the front porch, daring, hopeing that she would smart off.
  Damon. / BooBear96 / 1y 320d 17h 18m 20s
Britt wasn't used to being picked up but she sat in the seat and put the seat belt on though she heard him call her 'Princess' which was a bit unusual for her. As she waited inside his truck she thought about how he talked to Elena when Caroline was mentioned, something about him made her curious and she wished she could of gotten some of her books before leaving but not at the moment.

"We will see you at the salvatore house." Elena said as she went with Stefan to his car since she'd came with him originally. As the two were driving to Stefan's home Elena wondered why Damon was insisting Britt to go with him it made her wonder.
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[b "Caroline won't say a damn word to her."] he said, darkness showing through his eyes. Yes, Caroline was his girlfriend, but she wasn't going to bully or be rude to anyone in front of him, especially Britt. [b "I'll make sure of it."] he said as he opened his truck foor for Britt. [b "Let me help you."] he said, gently touching her waist, he lifted her inside. [b "Put your seatbelt on, princess."]
  Damon. / BooBear96 / 1y 320d 17h 34m 25s
"I guess so, but Damon where's Caroline?" Elena asked, Stefan walked over as he took Elena's hand. Britt was too upset to think of a way to say no that they should go to Elena's house but she found Damon's presence to be quite comforting which seemed odd to her because she knew he had a girlfriend. This Protective feeling he gave was different then how protective Joey was but she didn't want to really say much due to she wasn't looking for a rebound after her boyfriend died.
  Britt Petrova -rl pic- / BrittStalin / 1y 320d 17h 38m 5s
Damon nodded as he listened to her. His heart was breaking right now, seeing the young girl cry. He shook his head, looking at Elena. [b "You two will come stay with Stefan and myself."] he said softly looking at Britt. [b "You'll be perfectly safe with us."]

He looked at Elena, and gave her a look, telling her to be quiet.

[b "Come on.."] he said, he wrapped his arm protectivly around Britt's shoulders. [b "Elena, are you riding with Stefan?"] he asked.
  Damon. / BooBear96 / 1y 320d 17h 45m 16s
Britt shook her head as she wiped her tears. "My boyfriend is dead..I came home and he was laying there dead. I called Elena who called all these other people. They're treating it my home like a crime scene right now so I can't stay here." Britt said. Elena had one arm around her and looked at Damon "I told her she can come stay with me at my home. It'll be safe there." Elena said though she had noticed Damons odd behavior with seeing Britt crying even though he was with Caroline.
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