The Witch and Apprentice

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She Purred happily as she said that she was looking for the part to be filled. [b ”Of course I would love too sit down for an interview.”] she started to walk when her staff knocked some stuff over before the woman had turned around Samir mumbled some words softly stopping the stuff from shattering on the floor. The long-haired woman picked up placing the candles back on the shelf.

The young witch smiled putting her hand on her floating staff walking to the back room with the grey-haired woman. She sat in the chair looking up at the ceiling light it was very tacky and the little flicker started to make Samir a little uneasy before she was snapped out of it when cinder came in with tea setting the cup before her.

She watched the tea as it began to soak. Her golden eyes looked back up to the woman as she spoke. She asked her name, why she wanted the position and what she thought about witches. Samir felt like this was a trick question. [b “My name is Samir, Samir Raven it’s a pleasure to meet you. I want to take this job because…”] she froze swallowing hard. If she told this woman would she attack her because she was a witch. But if this woman was a witch hater Samir knew enough to scare her and get away.

The young woman took in a deep breath in and let it out before she began to talk again. [b “The honest truth is that I am taking this job until I can find a witch to take me as their apprentice. Im not the best at controlling myself. So with this you should know my take of witches. I know I am wasting your time miss you are looking for a mortal to come work for you so if you would excuse me.”] Samir softly spoke standing up her tea finally set but she saw herself out of the shop embarrassed.

[b “I hope she finds someone who will work well in her shop.”] Samir held her staff behind her back as she walked through the trees looking for a place to rest for the night.
  Witches Apprentice / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 5d 5h 18m 20s
Cinder looked up from her papers, more suddenly than she had wanted to at the mention of someone taking her up on the position. When she met the girl's eyes, her eyebrow instantly raised. The girl had to be magickally inclined. She held a staff and cranberry branches in her hair. Her tone was formal but meek. Cinder was more than ready to bet her next paycheck that this girl was a witch and a rather inexperienced one at that. She was good at pegging people.
"[#b987c0 [b Yeah, yeah hi. I am. I am looking to fill the position. If you have the time, I would like to sit down and have an interview with you.]]"

Cinder shut her inventory notebook and ran her thumb down the spine, changing the insides from the true inventory to a fake one, one worthy for mortal eyes. She knew that she was more than likely safe but she faced far worse than someone stealing from her should a mortal get ahold of her inventory and learn the truth of her shop. She picked up her tea and motioned the girl to the back room. It was where she liked to do her readings for her customers. It was a small room, roomy enough for two but not for three. The table in the center was lined with cold candles, some fresh and other melted, dripping onto the starry blue table covering. She had crystals all over the table, mostly on the left side where she worked. She reached inside and turned on the ceiling light, giving it a tackier taste but sometimes the mortals needed tacky.
"[#b987c0 [b Please have a seat. I am going to bring over some drinks.]]"
She motioned to the right seat and walked away from the room, moving instead to the counter again. She reached into the mini fridge she kept under there and pulled out two water bottles and a mug she kept for emergencies that was lying on top of the fridge. She cracked the one bottle open and poured the water into the mug, rubbing and blowing on the clay to heat it up. She let it go, feeling the heat seeping into the water as she grabbed a earl gray tea bag from her never-ending stash. She threw the bag in and gave the cup another small wash of air. It started to cool off then, staying at the perfect temperature. She smiled, satisfied with herself and her master abilities for tea making and walked back to the room, cup and bottle in each hand. She placed both in front of the girl.
"[#b987c0 [b Here you are. It's Earl Gray so you'll want to take it out in about three minutes.]]" She sat down in her chair and stretched her arms out before leaning on the table. She was not the most professional but she was good at what she did. She could afford not to be professional.
"[#b987c0 [b So, what is your name? Why do you want to position and what do you think of witches?]]" She smirked slightly, resting her head in her hands and running her fingers through her short gray hair.
  Chandara "Cinder" Rowtag / Avix / 1y 14d 3h 12m 28s
Samir was not your average human, She had magical abilities on those who are called Witches. Not everyone was lucky to have these abilities. To control these powers, they had to spend years and years to accomplish. Samir hasn’t completely finished her training the girl’s training came to a stop when the woman she studied under was murdered by a witch hunter. Not all were completely okay with witches some wanted them dead.

Golden hair blew in the wind leading her to a Shop her facial features were very soft very angelic like as she walked towards the door. A sign was posted for help wanted Samir thought that until she finds another Teacher she would have to earn a living like a normal person but this place couldn’t be permanent she wanted to one day be known as full fledge witch until then she would just be an apprentice.

Samir touched the door gently pushing it open the smell of Fresh sent of sage. Her footstep was light since the young woman refused to wear them she felt more with mother earth. The girl wore a white dress with a red ribbon in her hair sat two cranberry branches her eyes a golden yellow. Samir looked around before speaking lowly while her staff clanked on the ground. “Excuse me miss I saw the help wanted sign is that position still needing filled I can be of some help Ma’am.”

Samir blushed she was nervous at first hoping that she wasn’t going to be rejected for wearing no shoes as well as looking younger then she really was, she was about 26 but looked 16. The young girl fidgeted and then looked back at the door she was ready to rush out but she looked around she started to feel more comfortable. The smell of sage through out the shop made her calm. She awaited a response.
  Witches Apprentice / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 15d 2h 41m 20s
Cinder opened the blinds to her shop. The sunlight poured in immediately, illuminating the walls, shelves and most of all the crystals. The hanging mobiles cast rainbows over the walls while the dream catchers made intricate shadows dance across the floor.

Cinder smiled and bent down, snapping her fingers and producing a small flame. She held it to a piece of lavender incense, her favorite scent, and doused her fingers the second it caught. Gently, she blew the flame out and watched as the smoke rose gracefully up towards her face. She breathed it in and sighed with an even bigger smile.

Today was going to be prosperous.

She could just feel it. It was in the air, the smoke, even her fortune cookie last night. Today was just going to be a good day where everything would just go right for once. She turned the sign over on the window from closed to open. Then bent down and picked up the sign that read "Help Wanted. Apply Within"
Perhaps her good feeling was that she would finally get some help around her shop. It was finally taking off and getting reasonably busy. She could really use some help, magickal or otherwise. But it seemed that no one wanted to answer her cry. She stepped away from the window and picked up her tea she left sitting by the rose quartz.
"[#b987c0 [b Think happy thoughts Cinder, think happy, positive thoughts.]]"

A small meow interrupted her thoughts and she looked down to see a small black cat walking around her ankles.
"[#b987c0 [b Now Bonnie, you know you can't be out when the customer's get here no matter how much I would like you here. It's hot out and I chose shorts today. So get back here.]]" She patted her leg and watched as the cat almost frowned. She frowned back and gave the cat a gentle pat on the head before patting her leg again. The cat leaped and melded back into a tattoo on her leg and Cinder ran her finger down her calf.
"[#b987c0 [b Good kitty. We can play later.]]"
She took her tea to the resister and started to go over the inventory papers, wondering who would be the first customer into the store today.
  Chandara "Cinder" Rowtag / Avix / 1y 17d 27m 33s

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