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[#fac43d This isn't for you so you should just get out now....this is just a journal / storage !

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There really isn't anything interesting to see here..


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[center [#9612d9 "I only want to hurt you, And what I want I get I'm aiming to continue So consider me a threat"]]

[font "century gothic" [center [#f0e660 Spring or Springtrap / 23 / Fluid / Pansexual / Alone / Does't play well with others ]]]

[center [#9612d9 "Darkness consumes the inside I illuminate the night I'm bringing chaos to the empire Wild fire burning bright" ]]

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[#9612d9 [size10 Now that you seen everything you can Fuck off now...]]
  Insane / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 11m 14s
[#f0e660 Sigh. I fell really stressed out at this moment. I feel I never have anything good to say in here...Ugh. My life sucks....I feel unwanted and a lone...I feel just as misunderstood and Springtrap.... I also feel Trapped like him too. Sometimes I feel like [+Magenta Mangle ] I just want to tear myself apart...hope to god that someone put me back together...
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 6m 37s
[#f0e660 Sigh. Another night where sleep is avoiding me...Or maybe I am avoiding it. I guess Fnaf stuff can be frightening but I really like them but Springtrap really scares me ...but I really really like him. He such a cute bunny. Despite the fact that he is evil... I also get startled by Foxy too but I really like them both ...I hate when I am trying to sleep and I think of the frighten things...Like Springtrap peeking in the doorway.... Or Foxy come out to growl >< I know there not real but they still startle me...Ugh....I really hope I can get over that...

I'm trying to make it to where they don't scare me but thats quiet difficult XD Although It might become easy as our story moves along....
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 9m 24s
[#f0e660 Sigh. I took care of my hamster a few hours ago. I put her in the garden at my grandpa. It will be beautiful for her their....I hope she knows that I loved her...I hope Freddy and Charm know that too...I hope they will greet her and welcome here same for the other pets they rest peacefully up there....They might have to watch little ham you were quiet the cutie but you were defiantly a little biter... I wished you were just sleeping...I hope you know I loved you...I wished I seen you Monday...I'm sure I would of seen you alive then...I didn't...I was being selfish and lazy I hope you can forgive me...I really did love you...I hope that you won't be lonely up there... I love you lots....

- Springtrap
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 6m 24s
[#f0e660 What a horrible week. I lost a friend now I have lost my hamster. I hope she knew I loved her. I love her very much, I can't believe she is gone....my crazy little ham is gone...I feel bad for not getting to spend more time with her....giving her more ball time... She loved her ball time...She love to run you over...

I love seeing her climb the bars. Giving her a treat was my favorite. She take it so sweet. It was the only time I could touch her. The only time she let me love on her....

I don't even want to know what the rest of the week will be like... I can only hope it will get better....but I wont count on it...What a horrible day today is going to be... I have to smile...smile. Sigh. I just want to go back to bed. Even sleep been avoiding me...
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 6m 12s
[#f0e660 You don't even want to know whats on my mind....because it's not good... I'm a cranky bitter person...
  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 5m 59s
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  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 5m 49s
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  Springtrap / -Springtrap / 246d 13h 9m 11s

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