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[center [font "sylfaen" [size16 [b L O V E ]]]]

[center [font "sylfaen" She is an advocate of independent thought, and a lady who tests the boundaries of society. For women of the 18th century, her propriety is questionable at best. Blessed in the art of prose, she wishes to one day live by her pen. Unfortunately, her family rejects her dreams for they struggle to maintain their high-society facade. Willful and spirited, she begins to find that although to marry for money is against her very fibers, to marry for love is becoming more and more like an unrealistic ideal to have, so what then should she choose? ]]

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[center [font "sylfaen" [size16 [b O B L I G A T I O N]]]]

[center [font "sylfaen" He is a brash, forward-thinking man of charm. Spending most of his days running amuck in London, he tends to create chaos with humour wherever he goes. These are not his only interests, though, for skipping law-school is a particular favorite. Unfortunately, his uncle is not impressed by this lack of motivation and achievement, and banishes the rebel to a small town in the countryside. Although boring and [i country-esque] in the beginning of his short stay, there soon becomes someone who rivals his wit. But with a shocking secret behind his remarkable charisma, what then will he choose? ]]

[font "sylfaen" [size14 x notes x ]]

[size11 -I'm lenient on length of posts, give me quality, not quantity. lets push the rp forward.]
[size11 -there is plenty of room for collaboration. I left it rather ambiguous for a reason. I'm also very open to changing it, this is a base plot, m'kay?]
[size11 -I just want some historical romance it doesn't even have to be super accurate, don't be intimidated, just bored of the modern slice-of-life.]
[size11 -lets be creative, and have fun! ]
[size11 -prefer real pictures ]
[size11 -I don't care how you write, third or first is fine. I'll probably just go with whatever you choose.]
[size11 -I will play either character]
[size11 -I encourage you to stalk me, my ooc text does not do me full justice, i think. ha ]
[size11 -you are free to [ pm me] if interested or with questions]


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