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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/sqOvFWm.png]][center [size16 [font "Karla" Welcome Civilians and humble house guest.]]]
[b [size17 [center [font "Courier New" {100% Original Content}]]]]
[center [size16 [font "Karla" House Ingrid is a fantasy based roleplay, similiar to a rpg type of game where you are your characters. You may pick from peasants, nobles, Queens and Kings as well as the roleplayer yourself, you are building the world around you, so further your experience I will provide you with a map, the territory you may start off from is my developing territory in Iner'rah. I am the daughter of Rahsi & Kolora and we have instated house Ingrid. So my fellow roleplayers, ready to unleash your imaginative side? ]]]

[center [size16 [font "Karla" I don't have many rules but please, if Wars are going on and you happen to be "at the wrong place at the wrong time", your character may not respond for two hours, so you may not roleplay after your two hour time period, it's only to reset your status. Most of our roleplayer's bios will be instated into a separate thread with their simple three. Simple three you ask? Name,House & Bio. Anything else will make the roleplay boring.]]

[center [size16 [font "Karla" Please be respectful, this is mature but it's not that serious so take it easy and enjoy every aspect of your mind.]]
[center _________________________________________]
[center [size15 [b House Ingrid Overall Perspective ]]]
1. Size: In this alternate universe, House Ingrid is a house that resides in one of the Six Kingdoms that is broke of depending on climate change and total expansion from bodies of water. The Continents Names, Locations and Populations will be listed below.

- Zhaxpolis /North Territory/Population consist of mostly cities and big cities/12 Cities & 5 Bigger cities

- Vuacita/Western Territory/ Population consist of mostly large cities/20 Large cities

- Okhille/Eastern Territory/ Population consist of mostly fishing towns and villages/30 villages & 72 towns

- Yhoifrul/Southern Territory/Center of Six Kingdoms/ Population sparse through large cities, smaller cities , towns and villages/40 villages & 72 towns & one main capital

- Gejine/South West territory/ Dry Wastelands/Consist of mostly small villages, gangs, pirates smuggling, human trafficking and slave holding. /Population run over 12,000 and villages as well as towns do not last long.

- Kylivrinas/North East Territory/ Coldest parts of the Six Kingdoms/Unknown populace

2. Dominant technology: Technology is what makes a dominant country/empire dominate. And it doesn’t really matter what the technology is. Just be glancing at the population and climate of each of the six, there should be no troubles on finding out what dominates at what.

- Zhaxpolis: Minerals & stones such as different types of jewels.
- Vuacita: Finest silks and cloth.
- Okhille: Large food suppliers: grain type foods and crops most dominant
- Yhoifrul: Magic and science
- Gejine: Unknown
- Kylivrinas: Unknown

3. Government
- All governments are a hierarchy through blood and social class.
[center [b [size13 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=392068 Information about Houses & Kingdoms]]]

[b ]

[i [center [size16 [font "Karla" Will be updated as story progresses: Insignia for two houses will be created]]]]


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Roleplay Responses

The man in rags stumbled to his hands and knees with a cry that echoed along the stone chamber. It was large, one could hardly see the ceiling if it was not for the decretive crystals that bounced what little light there was and projected a large light showing a vast ancient structure. Pillars with carvings on them line this seemingly endless room. This was the audience chamber of the Silver King of Zhaxpolis. It was said that when it was built it was made to fit every single citizen of the kingdom in there and then some.

At the end of this large chamber there would be impossibly large stairs which on them were written ruins in the old tongue about legends of the Silver Kings. These stairs built up to a throne perfectly sculpted into the ground. A mix of marble and silver line and shape the throne. Upon this perfect throne sat a man in fine black clothing that seem to form to his body in a way that besides his shoulder and where his hands are his form and figure were barely able to be made out.

This man's eye look down upon the subject on his knees coldly. How could one care for the groveling ants. Especially those who have broken the law.

"Please my Liege let me explain!" This pitiful man stood to his feet looking directly up at the Silver King. "You don't understand! If you could just-" Almost no one realized even with their eyes looking at their king but he made a slight gestor with his hand, enough to make the giant who stood ever so silently at the side that most mistake him as a statue, moved to pin the begging man flat on the ground.

The king drummed his hand along the arm rest still not speaking yet. His glance turned away from the man begging to the young man who stood with the nobles that were close to the stairs themselves to show sign of them being with the king. The young man knew what this was to be about.

[center Another example, another lesion]

The king rose from his throne ever so slowly. His voice even when speaking in a rather normal tone boomed thanks to the hall and his placement within it.

"You, the mayor and overseer of a construction of a new mine were found with forged documents stating the poor content of the mine. A letter dispatched to the border detailing the rich content of it. With this information I, King Andell, the Silver King of these lands I rule from above and below, have deduced that you have a desire to sell off these valuable minerals of your own riches" The king straightened his silver crown as he took a cane in his hand leading himself down the stairs, his clothing still hiding the form making him almost look like he was gliding down.

"That isn't- this was-" The man tried to spit out.

"DO YOU CONSIDER THOSE WHO ARE BORN UNDER BLACKTHALL FOOLS?!" The King spat out, taking a moment to compose himself he finally gets to the last stairs and looks down at this pitiful man. "My Uncle surveyed it himself, his own eyes saw what laid in there" Taking the cane he pointed it towards the pinned man. "You wish to deceive us? The only people who could ever pass a lie over a Blackthall, is a Blackthall" He says with grim, making everyone remember back to the days of the Checkered civil war, or as it was called outside noble circles: The mountain's rebellion. Named both as such for it was a war against Blackthall against Blackthall who at that time had children of hair both silver and black, but also because it was an uprising where Theolandra Blackthall deceived her brother and father while fanning flames that would set off the Fixvir who called the mountain's their home and decend to take it.

"I tire of these thin lies, you can not hope to play this game against those who have faced serpents larger then the guard who holds you down" King Andell spoke out. "I believe it is PAST time judgement is called upon you and you are taken back to the earth where we were born. Perhaps one day you will become a diamond you never could be in li-"

"THE DOCUMENTS!" the accused man shout out, obviously not properly forging a thought as the thought of death was right around the corner. "The documents were given to me, delivered by carrier! Offical like! I swear I swear upon the stone I was born on, I swear on the ashes of my ancestors! I swear I swear I-" His voice became a sob shaking his head. "I wrote the letter I did but its not what you- I swear its just- I"

For just a brief moment a look of shock came about Andell's face. Yet for what reason only he could possibly know, even his son picked up on it while only a few seemed barely phased by it.

Yet in an instant he was the cold king of Silver. "Lies, lies and lies" He spoke rolling his head just slightly. "You still thought to send a letter detailing the real riches that laid within!" The king grabbed at a peice of paper and held it out to the court of nobles. "THIS one! Speaking of its mountain of material that could be used to arm a dozen army and give them a small fortification to boot" The king then throws the letter to the ground in front of the guilty man.

"You don't understand, greed was never- NEVER apart of-"

"Your time for words are over. Roke, break him upon the spine of my ancestor and make sure his ashes are spread to the wind" The King steps off of the last stair and cares little to watch the beast pick the helpless man up screaming hysterically some had to cover their ears. Roke, the Fixvir, the giant who was protector of the throne, had trouble subduing the man and lifted him above his head. The man screamed out before speaking one last time.

[center "Kings of true silver! May they reign again!

With that he was crushed into the large stairs leading to the throne, the Spine of Kings.
Andell glanced back. jaw clenched at that saying 'kings of true silver' why would this overseer speak a line about that? His eyes never left his son who was in shock at this violent end to a pitiful man. Seemed to not have registered what those last words of the guilty man was, good.

"Look at it in all its gore and disgust Tarno my child" The king spoke in a whisper. "There is a saying about the Blackthall that still rings true: Our souls are hard as stone, our hearts strong as steel, and our tongue's sharp as silver. Remember it well" He then whacks the poor young man against his leg realizing the boy not of been paying attention. "When your uncle returns make sure he explains our history to you proper! No prince of mine will lead the legacy of the Blackthall without understanding who is the TRUE silver king" With that he pushes out of the way of his son and comes to his spymaster whispering to him.

"Find where that message was going, if those letters were given official seals and why this man shouted for that cursed bloodlines return to power" Spymaster Agrith just gave a silent nod, as any mute would, and moves out of the crowd. All the while Tarno watched his father fume off. "Someone find my master of coin and get me my trade charts" He demanded from his loyal servants and barged into the counsel room.

The collective King of Silver seems to have met a ghost of his family's past, but this may not be a mere ghost...

[pic http://i.imgur.com/BPNsrGE.png]

If it wasn't for the scarred broken face he would fit the part so well. The prince of a long lost line of kings. If it wasn't for the torture he had endured in part of his father's foolishly squandered wealth. If he hadn't almost been hounded into the damned slave pins only to run at the last second. All of that could of been rewritten in the books of history as a lost king struggling and finally climbing to his rightful place.

But on top of all that, after all he did to uncover the lies he found himself with NOTHING! Months planning from so far away were gone. GONE! What he was given was a secondary letter to be given if the letter giving proof of the Blackthall's misdeed to be true thus being given to Lady Ingrid. This letter could be barely be counted as anything but fiction without the singing of a noble house like the original had, on top of ALL that he asked for permission to see the queen herself TODAY over this exact issue to press his claim on the throne.


Deep breaths.



He put a hand upon the side of his face that was burnt, scarred and cut up. He hid it from the world, from himself and breathed slowly. These scars did not define him, the foolishness of his father nor his father's father defined him. Those who squander what it means to be Silver. To be King!
Forget the name your father gave you, forget the name the slavers tried to pin on you.

"I am Theo'lore" He muttered to himself. "I am Theo'lore" He said it over and over. The more he did the more he drew his hand away. "Theo'lore Blackthall! The true Silver King to show in three generations" He spoke with confidence looking into the water that his horrific face looked right back at him. "and I will not be a slave, nor a commoner" His face twisted into a grin. "I will be... even more then a king" He spoke before laughing at his reflection...
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[center [#EA1010 The wind spiraled as a female watched the flames of the world flicker before her eyes. Her silk gold hair licked back as it curled behind her ears and en-laced her entire being covering the nakedness of her being. Her body shivered from the wind being pulled by the fire as her crystal violet eyes pierced back at the flames scorching at her. Her body was tainted with the Earth she rose from and her face pinched itself as pressed onward. The moon creating her spot light as she began to walk through the flames , pausing as she let each ember become part of her. There in the center she pulled an item from the center of the flames, her body burning as she held it closely to her chest and her tears becoming waterfalls along her cheeks.]]
[center _ Forward_]

[center Hooves sounding in the distance, a brown horse stopped itself in front of a large building embroider with paintings, statues as well and fine decor compared to the housing around it. A young male stumbled off the horse as it flailed about kicking and bucking. He scrambled to his feet as the cloak along his head flip off revealing light brown curly hair that framed his pixie like face. He dashed forward towards the corridor as he hit some of the stone walls , his armor made [i clink clink] sounds as he skidded in front of two large wooden double doors. He used his might to push open the heavy doors leading towards another set of doors this time gold and steel as he cough clearing his throat. Wiping the sweat from his brow he pushed open the doors walking in strongly as he watched the female in front of him. Her long emerald hair draped the throne she sat in. Her body was in disarray as she let her skin show from under her dress, awkwardly perked up on the arm rest of the chair as she slanted at almost one hundred and eighty degree angle.]

[center Th young man walked the long stretch to meet the female, the silk rub under his thick boots making him feel embarrassed and wanting to take them off because of the plushness. [#8C2DDF "Your Majesty, if anyone else seen you in such a position, you'll start wars"],he whispered as the female slowly positioned herself upright, her hair wrapping around her shoulders as her crown dangle fro her finger tips.[#66DF2D If we had wars over the way I position myself in my throne, then the great war of all wars shall be upon us. Appali my brother-en]. Bowing he smiled at her, [#8C2DDF "Eillo your majesty"]. Tapping her slender fingers an hour later as the male in front of her gave her the report along the border lines as well as the sightings of a few slave holders in her Kingdom she groaned as her eyes squinted. The bastards always somehow made there way through, maybe she should start firing some guards pretty soon on the account they are enslaving the helpless. [#66DF2D "They must have slithered their ways from Gejine, the disgusting bastards. I want them out by this evening, if they lay a finger on my citizens I will have their heads."],she growled as she watched Mikiael. He nodded as he began his second round of information,[#8C2DDF Well you might not like this information...].]

[center Twirling her hair as the young male dismissed himself she rolled her eyes as she leaned on the ledge of her throne. Running an entire Kingdom seem to be the most tiresome thing she has encountered, all she wanted to do was sleep. Curling up on her throne she sighed as the door opened once more. Another guest with more bad news or just the annoying Hand of the Queen. It was actually and sadly the hand as he approached her smiling his sickening smiles. A man with short dark hair and squinted eyes that look like snake eyes. She hated his face as he leaned in,[b "My Queen, did you just receive information about the kingdom?]. She rolled her eyes as she nodded, the language going over and over in her mind afraid to curve him in their native tongue. He bowed once more as she curled up more so in her throne stair out at the cathedral decorated windows.]
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