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Just what the title says. It's a chat. Yeah.

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Oh... Also, I'm so sorry I haven't replied in a long time, I had a ton of work. School's about to end in a couple of weeks.
I guess. I take college class cause my adoptive parents want me to have a better life. It's stressfull. I been having a lot of anxiety problems cause the amount of classes I'm force to take.
  Raven / windwolf / 3y 196d 1h 8m 16s
*smiles* Oh, that's pretty cool and interesting! :3
That's good. ^_^ I'm in 9th grade but I'm home schooled.
  Raven / Windwolf / 3y 196d 2h 8m 45s
I'm in 8th. I think he already graded the paper I handed to him that had the correct answers on it.
what grade are you in? maybe i can helps. I am not that good a maths but I can try
  Raven / windwolf / 3y 196d 2h 20m 14s
I messed up on an assignment in math. However the teacher's letting me redo it. If he even gives me the chance. *sighs*
*pets the baby bunny* I'm good...just working my shift at my small town coffee shop. How are things going for you *bunny hops out of my hands*
  Raven / windwolf / 3y 196d 2h 37m 42s
*slightly opens wings up* Yeah. So... How are things goin'?
That's okays ^_^ things happen. And sleep is good for you. School...well school is school.
  Raven / windwolf / 3y 196d 5h 46m 41s
Sorry 'bout the late reply. I was asleep. Also I have odd schedules at school, so...
*wonders in* Hello! *looks around* Is anyone here? * walks to a bench and sits down and sees a bunny hopping towards her, she picks him up and pets him* hello little friend
  Raven / windwolf / 3y 197d 2h 39m 41s

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