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Alina is a 25 year old Vampire who's coronation had just past not even a fortnight ago. She, now the high ruler of the night world, does all she can to keep order, however she is still very naive and stubborn. She is of the "Original's" blood, and therefore next in line to rule.

_______ is considered to be an Ancestor of the Vampires. He is very knowledgeable, yet just as stubborn as well as cynical and sarcastic. With the death of Alina's father, ________has now become the oldest living Vampire to date. Annoyed that the throne was taken by a youngling, he does all he can to torment her, either by starting a ruckus, not obeying rules set forth by her administration, or just plain being rude.

Alina is very annoyed by his presence as he loves to get under her skin. He finds her reactions towards him humorous and doesn't know when to quit. The two do end up falling for each other eventually, however he's still the same man as before, dark and cynical.

Let's see what happens. Please post more then once a day ()

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Alina knew the subject of his past would be a difficult one for him to speak of. But she wanted to know more about him, to understand where he and come from, and his inner most feelings and thoughts. Nodding her head she kept her eyes on the twinkling lights above. Shooting stars flew past and she wondered if making a wish was even worth the try. After he had spoke, the young woman turned her head and made a note of his expression. [b I bet she was wonderful] a small smile painted across her face [b Maybe I can help you send a message to her.] With a sigh Alina sat up and pulled out a paper from her hidden pocket inside her corset. On the weathered piece of parchment was a spell which she had torn out from a book after her fathers death. [b It's an old pagan spell...used to contact the dead. However, you can only use it once.] With a gentle hand, she placed the parchment in Finn's left hand. [b I remember you told me what had happened that night long ago. A mistake may have been made, but i know you are forgiven. I can feel it. She will let you know, if you use the spell]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 11h 13m 46s
His heart felt full as they lay there together. It was so peaceful. His eyes were wandering over her face, taking in every detail as she asked him her question. His eyes winded for just a moment before they glowed a bit more dimly then before. [+green "Hmm.. Well... It was amazing... I hadn't been that happy in a long long time and this girl treated me as though I were normal even knowing that I was of vampiric blood."] He said, looking up into the stars. [+green "I felt complete with her. There are days that I have snuck out into the humans world to go to her grave..."] He mumble quietly, his voice missing the usually playful tone it held.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 18h 34m 20s
She looked down as he petted the grass next to his side. With a soft smile, she glowed under the moonlight before shaking her head. [b you're a flirt] she laughed winking back at him before getting down in the dewy gras and laying down next to him. Sighing she looked up at the twinkling lights above. She thought about all that went on these last few days. Healing from an injury sustained from an unknown assailant. Her fight with David which inevitably lead to her announcing her true feelings for the man whom lay next to her. After a few moments she turned her head, their arms side by side touching each other as they lay in the grass. [b What was your last relationship like?]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 4d 4h 41m 26s
He nodded to her as she mentioned going out to the forest for a walk. He smiled and grasped her hand again and began walking towards the front gates.

He smiled as they strolled through the moonlight. On the inside, he was constantly scanning around him for any sort of threat. He didn't want a repeat of the last time they had been out... At a small clearing, he turned to her and smiled. His eyes were glowing a dull blue and he dropped onto the grass, patting the spot next to him. [+green "Have a seat lass! Plenty of room!"] He said, winking at her as he chuckled.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 5d 21h 56m 12s
[b I noticed ] She whispered and stood from her throne. Taking his hand in hers they left the room and walked down the various halls of the large castle. [b Let's go out into the woods and look at the stars] Stopping in one of the halls , she leaned up against the wall and waited for his reply. She knew why some of the staff were concerned about their relationship. However, she would speak to Finn about later when they were alone. She looked up at him, his blue eyes bright and full of life, something she hand not seen in quite some time.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 6d 6h 9m 40s
He looked over the crowd with distaste. [+green "Quite a few of them do not seem to like your choice..."] He said quietly, looking down at her.

As they left the throne room, he reached down and pulled her hand into his, grasping it lightly. He gave her a small smile and shook his head. [+green "Whatever we do, I'll enjoy myself lass..."] He said, winking down at her. [+green "Maybe we could go for a walk again? Or just spend time together?"] He said, stopping and turning to face her as they stood in the hallway.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 7d 3h 46m 10s
Alina sat in her oversized throne. Carved of black hard wood and adorn with red rubies Pressing her lips together she looked over the entire room. Her dress falling over her knees as she stood to make her announcement. [b My loyal staff, advisors and representatives. I have brought you here today to bring notice. As many have you know, I have been accepting letters for possible prospects. Well, I have finally come to a decision. You all have known him for quite some time. We have spoken to each other in private and decided to share this news with you today. As of today, finnagin will be my chosen suitor. This means officially our relationship will be passed on to the surrounding nations, and all castle staff shall be respectful to our wishes. Thank you ]

As soon as she finished voices grew with chatter a mung the staff. Many seemed surprised of the announcement. Others who had been around for some time seemed concerned while a few seemed not to care. Alina sat back down waving her hand to dismiss the group. Watching the chattering group leave she held her breath. [b The chatter umong the walls of the castle will grow these next few days.] She smirked shaking her head. Looking up to Finn, her hands rested on the scrolling armrests of the chair. [b Come, the sun is setting. Let's figure out what we wish to do next shall we?]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 4h 35m 1s
He shook his head. [+green "You need to tell them... Have everyone called into the throne room..."] He said, giving her a small smile as he suddenly scooped her up in his arms, hugging her against him tightly. He pressed his lips to hers and spun her around slowly as they kissed, allowing the moment to drag on for what felt like forever.
He gently set her down and shook his head, chuckling. [+green "you're going to turn me soft one of these days..."] He said, laughing as he leaned his head against hers gently.

Later, in the throne room, he stood by her side, glaring out at everyone that had gathered. He didn't like big crowds like this but he knew this was the best way to get this all done at once.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 7d 5h 53m 3s
She tilted her head when he mentioned action g cold to her. She wondered how their relationship had look to others before. Obviously there would be a change in their actions together, and she too didn't want to have to pretend in front of the staff. [b What should I do? Make a statement? A written address?] Taking her hand she placed it on his. [b It probably won't be that hard for the news to spread, I'm sure rumors here have already went down to the staff.] Bitting her lip she looked up at him with a bright smile.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 5h 59m 17s
He gave her a small smile. [+green "Alina, you'll be an amazing Queen."] He said, ruffling her hair playfully. He stood up and walked over to a window, glancing out into the wilderness. [+green "I'm sure I can find us something..."] He said, nodding to himself.
He turned and smiled at her, his eyes shining in the dim light of her room. [+green "So... I've been thinking about this... I think we should tell everyone... About us."] He said, smiling. [+green "I don't want to have to act cold to you in public..."] He said, walking over and gently wrapping an around around her.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 7d 6h 50m 9s
She looked over at him with a quizzical smirk. [b A cabin huh? Maybe you two should have gotten married.] She laughed and sat back in her chair looking up into his eyes. [b But of course I'll come visit you, life would be strange to not have you in it. Alina''s attention went right back to her food and she continued to eat. [b Do you really think I can really live up to my father's name? He lead his people so well. I feel as though my people see me more as a princess, not so much a queen] She sighed. Finishing her food and pushing the plate forward. [b I think a winter cabin would be nice....] she spike randomly
  LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 7h 15m 31s
He thought for a moment and nodded. [+green "It seems odd that each day I grow older and he isn't here to share it. We used to joke about getting old and buying some old cabin by a lake. Aye... Those were good times..."] He said with a quiet laugh. He took another sip of the tea and shrugged. [+green "But you're his daughter and you carry him with you... I can see his fire in your eyes..."] He said, leaning over to kiss her forehead. [+green "Someday when you've gotten older, even if we're not together... Come visit me. I'll be damned if I don't get my cabin lass."] He said, winking at her.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 7d 7h 41m 17s
Taking a bite of food she looked over as he had referenced not only her father, but also of the food. There were times she forgot just how old he was. She couldn't imagine living in a time where technology wasn't a thing, when medicine was oils and herbs. And when war between the humans and vampires was at its highest. Setting her spoon down she looked over with a soothing smile. [b Do you miss him? I can't imagine a time growing up where you were not together. ] Reaching over, she too took ahold of her tea cup, taking a soothing sip of the warm bitter liquid.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 8h 9m 16s
He nodded and sat gently in the chair, looking down at his plate. Before him sat a small salad and a glass of tea. He smiled ruefully at the food. [+green "There was a time when I thought this was a feast of kings..."] He said quietly, munching on the salad contently. [+green "Now this is a light snack."] He said, shaking his head as he took a sip of the tea. He looked at her and smiled. [+green "You're father was a great man..."] He said, reaching over to pat her shoulder with a tenderness reserved for a very special few.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 8d 2h 55m 20s
Feeling him wrap her in a hug, her smile continued to show on her face. [b did I not used too?] She whispered and stayed in their embrace till he pulled away. Motioning to the tray of food, Alina quickly got excited. It felt as though she had not eaten in days. Sitting at the wooden working desk, she started manoeuvring the food around so that they both could be comfortable while eating. [b Eat with me] she said patting the side of the table next to her. Sitting before here was a plate full of meat, potatos, and veggies. A small bowl to the side held a creamy tomato soup. She took a small golden spoon and took a sip of the thick warm liquid. [b This is good, thank you]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 8d 5h 57m 27s

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