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Alina is a 25 year old Vampire who's coronation had just past not even a fortnight ago. She, now the high ruler of the night world, does all she can to keep order, however she is still very naive and stubborn. She is of the "Original's" blood, and therefore next in line to rule.

_______ is considered to be an Ancestor of the Vampires. He is very knowledgeable, yet just as stubborn as well as cynical and sarcastic. With the death of Alina's father, ________has now become the oldest living Vampire to date. Annoyed that the throne was taken by a youngling, he does all he can to torment her, either by starting a ruckus, not obeying rules set forth by her administration, or just plain being rude.

Alina is very annoyed by his presence as he loves to get under her skin. He finds her reactions towards him humorous and doesn't know when to quit. The two do end up falling for each other eventually, however he's still the same man as before, dark and cynical.

Let's see what happens. Please post more then once a day ()

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[b Enough] Alina sighed before standing once more. [b Finnagin had been more than respectful to you, especially when you did not deserve any of his respect at the moment.] Alina stepped around the table and up to the man, she was small in her stature, tiny frame, and large brown eyes. Tilting her head up, she looked upward as the council man look down at her. It was a sight to be seen, someone as delicate as Alina showing her power and rank to a much older and bigger man. [b You also do not deserve mine.] With her hand, her fingers laced around a set of medallions witch signified his own rank. Ripping it from his chest she tossed it upon the floor and turned around and stepped onto the rank with her rose gold heels. [b You have shown me you do not deserve to serve me as part of this court. You ignored my orders and instead of holding your tongue you spat in front of me. Since this is your first offence, I will keep my punishment light. You and your family will be banished from the kingdoms walls. You may live with in the outer villages but you are no longer welcome in my Kingdom.]
  Vampire Alina / LunaLucisCaelum / 93d 3h 43m 50s
Finn smiled down at her and nodded. [+green "You may be right.."] He said, stepping past her to stand just to the left of the throne. His gaze became icy as he leveled a glare at the council member in question. [+green "You. Come here."] He said, motioning for the man to come forward. As the man got close, Finn stepped up to him, towering over the man easily. [+green "Listen here. I may have been a slum rat at one time, but I have been a part of the royal family since before you were even thought of."] He said, his voice holding a steely tone. He didn't care what the man had said about him, he just didn't like them belittling Alina. [+blue "Once a slum rat, always a slum rat."] The man challenged, glaring back at Finn.
Finn wanted to tear this man in half, but he let out a long breath. [+green "You're words hold malice but no threat. If Alina deems it so, you won't make it out of here alive, so I'd advise you start apologizing..."] He growled, his eyes glowing as he stepped back to stand next to Alina's throne.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 97d 3h 25m 55s
Alina relaxed when Finn reached down to speak with her. Nodding , she closed her eyes. She was ready to argue with the man, her elder council. However, it was unbecoming of her status. To argue something so petty. She knew Finn wasn't the most well liked individual, but even with their tiffs in the past, he held a dear place in her heart and didn't wish to hear I'll said words spoken of him. Sitting back down at her throne she leaned her chin to her hand and looked back up to Finn. [b Maybe you should speak, I'll keep elder councilman in line, but it's important you speak your mind on the matter.]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 97d 4h 9m 26s
The council member took a small step back as she stepped forward. He visibly grew nervous, knowing that it was only Alina keeping Finn on a verbal leash. [+blue "Y-yes, I understand that your highness, but you have to understand... He wasn't born of noble blood!"] The man stressed, seeming desperate to have an argument.
Around him, the other council members seemed to be thinking over the idea of have Finn has the king and a few smirked, thinking how much more powerful their nation would be with someone with as much powerful as Finn at the top with Alina.

Finn smiled and set a hand on Alina's shoulder. [+green "I don't think you should worry yourself with such petty people Dear."] He said, shooting the man a glare full of burning malice. He then smiled back down at Alina. [+green "The rest of the council seems to be coming around anyway..."]
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 98d 13m 14s
Alina tensed as the elder councilman rose and spat his ugly words to her. Her new clenched creating a pain on top of her scalp. Her eyes slightly moving to her side as Finn spoke she relaxed some before she stood. Taking a few steps closer Alina tapped her well manicured nails on the stone table in front of her. [b You think I don't know what lays deep inside him? It's his blood which created us. Without him, we wouldn't be here. So councilman...before you so ignorantly reach for disalusioned remarked filled with adhominems, I would think again to who it is you are speaking too. You are here to guide me, but it is I who holds this crown above my head. You shall not and dare not speak so loosely and carelessly to me. Understood? For punishment can be severe.] For the most part she was lieing. She wouldn't know what to do in the even she were to give a grivus punishment. But she hoped she sounded confident enough to have him.back off slightly.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 98d 3h 26m 12s
At the mention of marriage the whole council had become deathly quiet. They had all been curious if you would see that the kingdom needed you to marry off to keep the peace.
At the mention of Finn, the council members scowled, the eldest growling. [+blue "That pompous idiot? So what if he is our elder! He is of tainted blood! That demon still lives within him, waiting to strike!"] The man yelled, glaring daggers at Finn. Out of character for him, Finn stayed very quiet. He knew that while he could chastise the man for speaking of him and to him in such a way, he figured that it would be a better fit if Alina did it.
The council seemed to grow tense, the members taking glances at each other, looking agitated about Alina's decision. Finn leaned down next to Alina's ear and spoke quietly. [+green "Not good, but better then I expected."] He said, chuckling a bit.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 99d 2h 14m 15s
Alina stepped out the door and Finn behind her. As she took a few steps down the hall she noticed his hand held out with his palm up. Looking down at his cool pale skin she then rose her eyes to his and smiled ever so softly. Gently she took his hand in hers as she wondered what she was to say to her council.


Letting go of his hand she stepped in front of Finn, walking into the war room through a separate enterance to her throne. Sitting down she took her seat as Finn stood beside her. Sighing she looked up at each of the men before them before speaking.

[b Gentleman. I know for months we have spoken of marriage to bring an alliance between two bickering kingdoms. And though I am young, I am still your Princess, daughter of our late king. I will have to sacrafice many things in my life for the good of my kingdom and my people, but I will not marry without love. Therefore, you all should know.... I've already chosen a mate. And you all know whom he is. For if he wanted to...could out rank us all with the purity of his blood. Your ancestor.....Finnagin.]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 99d 4h 7m 45s
He felt her arise and groaned quietly, pushing himself up onto his elbows, his hair in his face. [+green "Aye it's time to rise... Not that I want to..."] He grumbled as he swung his legs off the side. [+green "I understand Alina. Let's get going with all of this then."] He said, running his fingers through his hair to style it a bit. He sighed, content, as he smiled at her. His eyes still looked sleepy, but much warmer then usual.

After they left the room he held out his hand to her. He made a little grabbing motion showing that he wished to hold her hand and smiled a bit as he grasped his petite hand. [+green "The early morning light sure does make you look cute lass..."] He said quietly, winking at her as they walked past a few of her guards towards the throne room. He was not looking forward to talking to the council since they didn't like him very much in the first place.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 103d 51m 53s
Silently the young woman fell asleep. Moments turned to minutes, turned to hours. Soundlt she slept, her body turning his donated blood to energy for the next day.

When the sun rose the next day. Alina covered her eyes from its blinding light. [b I hate the sun] She mumbled pushing herself up and walking over to the window. A small crack in the curtains let through the warm intensity of its morning glow. Taking a pin from a pin cushion, she pined the cloth together to hold back the light.

[b Finn....] She whispered walking over to his side. She gently shook his shoulder to wake him from his slumber. [b We best get out of bed, the guards will start to speak if we stay in much longer.] She did not mind if her people knew of their blooming relationship, she just did want rumors to spread of actions that had not yet taken place.

[b I have to let the council know I wont be taking a suitor. Therefore I will not be making any sort of alliances based off of marriage.]
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 228d 13h 11m 10s
He chuckled lightly as he thought of the past couple days and how much had changed since then. At first he thought she might have thrown herself at him after what happened with David, but he could tell now that her feelings were genuine.
He ran his fingers through her soft hair slowly. [+green "That's how I feel lass. This is all crazy..."] He said, smiling warmly as he closed his eyes, laying his head back, listening to the quiet breathing of the girl laid on his chest. It was a comforting sound, to hear her so close and so intimate.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 229d 2h 20m 27s
Her eyes closed as a small smile graced her lips. She agreeded it was strange to think, this man she had known her whole life was in her bed. Letting her drink from his blood from his flesh. Both knew the events that happened this night probably would have never transpired if her father was still alive, even if her father had a feeling Alina would find his friend attractive latter on. Holding onto the cloth of his unbuttoned shirt, she laid there with him, tangled in the sheets. [b If you were to ask me this morning if this were to happen, I would have laughed and told you to check yourself. ]
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 243d 2h 47m 53s
He chuckled quietly and closed his eyes, laying his head back onto the pillow. [+green "Ohh no, I'm trapped here with you? What ever will I do?!"] He playfully exclaimed, smiling. [+green "I guess I'll just have to live with it!"] He said, wrapping around her tightly, smiling happily as his eyes drifted open. He kissed her forehead gently and sighed quietly, his eyes sparkling. [+green "It's still weird to think that I'm laying in bed with you lass... But I don't mind it one bit."] He said, kissing her forehead again.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 243d 3h 3m 17s
[b You always know what to say to put me at ease.] She whispered and kissed him softly on his lower lip. Suddenly her eyes grew wide. She didn't realize she had done such an action so instinctively. Blushing the young woman looked down again. [b I'll always have you in my life Finn, don't worry about my feelings for you changing. I've always been jealous of others taking you away from me. Even when father would go with you and leave me behind. ] Smiling, the young female put her leg over him and smiled. [b now you have to stay here with me]
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 260d 2h 36m 47s
He shook his head a bit at the notion of the council berating their relationship. [+green "I doubt any of them will have a problem with it lass."] He said, kissing the top of her head. He wasn't honestly sure if he believed himself though. He knew how the council could be and they weren't the biggest fans of him. He had defied them multiple times in the past, the biggest being his relationship with the human girl.
He held her a bit tighter. [+green "No matter what they think, I would hope nothing will change between us Alina."] He said, smiling down at her.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 260d 3h 45s
She laughed and shook her head. "I'll be fine with any amount of attention you bestow upon me" As he pulled her into his arms, a sense of comfort and lack or worry filled her whole being. His arms were strong and his chest was comforting. The sound of his beating heart sang a rhythm that relaxed her further. "I guess I just have a thing for older men" She laughed looking up at his gaze. She sighed softly before closing her eyes again. "I hope that out relationship is taken seriously by the council members as well as our people. I don't want then to ever think this was all for politics..."
  Alina The Gifted / LunaLucisCaelum / 273d 13h 50m 57s

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