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Alina is a 25 year old Vampire who's coronation had just past not even a fortnight ago. She, now the high ruler of the night world, does all she can to keep order, however she is still very naive and stubborn. She is of the "Original's" blood, and therefore next in line to rule.

_______ is considered to be an Ancestor of the Vampires. He is very knowledgeable, yet just as stubborn as well as cynical and sarcastic. With the death of Alina's father, ________has now become the oldest living Vampire to date. Annoyed that the throne was taken by a youngling, he does all he can to torment her, either by starting a ruckus, not obeying rules set forth by her administration, or just plain being rude.

Alina is very annoyed by his presence as he loves to get under her skin. He finds her reactions towards him humorous and doesn't know when to quit. The two do end up falling for each other eventually, however he's still the same man as before, dark and cynical.

Let's see what happens. Please post more then once a day ()

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Alina sighed. She wrapped her arms around her sled and looked to the ground thinking. [b I don't think we should ask finn to share magic that deep into darkness. Honestly he's upset right now, so I'm giving him his space.] Finally looking up AT David she could see just how shaken he really was. Shaking her head she placed a hand on his shoulder . [b David, I do not need to be impressed by magic or the ability to fight. That's nowt the kind of person I am, and moreover, I didn't really enjoy watching two men I care for fighting] finally relaxing she placed hear arms to hear side and shrugged. [b Let's let Finn calm down first. But I doubt he will say yes. As for you, how long do you plan on staying? ]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 3d 13h 32m 10s
He growled and glared at her as she strode away. [+green "There's a reason I don't duel anymore..."] He whispered to himself, looking down at his hands. When her father had still been alive, there had been a large raid on the castle. A group of renegade vampires had wanted to take over the castle and take their place as the rulers. Finn and Alina's father had fought together and Finn had been forced to use that spell. It took it's tole on him though. His dreams were constantly haunted by the looks on people faces and the screams of those he killed. He didn't like fighting anymore because it was like PTSD. When he felt threatened he went back to that day and would black out and suddenly there it was again.. The hell demon.

In his room, David looked up at Alina as she walked in. [+red "H-hey Alina..."] He said, giving her a small smile. [+red "I... I'm fine, a little shaken but still in one piece..."] He said, trying to shake off the images of that... That thing... Looming over him. He stood up and walked over to her, a newfound resolve in his eyes. [+red "I'll be stronger next time... Do you think Finn would teach me some of what he knows?"] He asked, still sounding a bit nervous, but the light in his eyes showed he wanted to gain power like Finn's.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 3d 16h 44m 34s
Alina held her ground, hands at her side fists tight. She wasn't about to let him walk all over her. [b Magic like that is uncalled know this, you know better than anyone. Those gifted with magic need to be aware of their power and know when to quit, even if that means pushing down their ego] Her eyes watched as he swayed and a heavy high came from her chest. [b Look now, you can't even stand] She helped him to his chair again before she paced around the room. [b Now I'm going to have to check on David, who knows where his mind is at right now. ] shaking her head she looked to Finn once more. [b I'm the one who is to be making mistakes, not you. Get yourself together while I check on David. Understood?] Her tone was clear and just. She couldn't have any part of her cabinet make mistakes like this, for it was bad social standing.
  LunaLucisCaelum / 4d 10h 32m 23s
As she began berating him he spun on her and snapped back. [+green "You listen here girl. I didn't mean to do that. I don't even know what happened!"] He yelled, his face growing red. [+green "I swore to never use that spell and yet here we are aren't we?!"] He yelled more, getting up from the chair, towering over her as he still swayed on his feet. He was still weak from using such a powerful spell but his anger was fueling him.

David was sitting in his room, staring down at his hands. [+red "How could I have underestimated him so much..."] He said, his voice still wavering a bit. [+red "And that demon... What was that thing..."] He said quietly, trying to think back to the fight.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 4d 10h 43m 17s
Alina sat back amused with how this fight would happen. She had never actually seen either of the men duel before. Training, yes, but an actual duel of power, never. The young woman's eyes grew wide as a light blue dome encompassed the two men. There was an aura and it was somewhat difficult to see slight movements.

Once the fight progressed she could see the frustration in Finns face. She sat at the edge of her chair, her eyes studying both the movements of the men in front of her. Once black flames engulfed the elder Alina stood. Her hands went to her face seeing his hell demon fill the blue dome and tower over David. [b Alright Finn he gets it.. stop!] She shouted watching the whole thing take place without any control overy the situation.

David fell to his knees trembling, his voice low and lacking his usual confidence. When the dome diminished and Finn was brought back to his arm chair, Alina stood annoyed, with her arms crossed staring down at the man . [b David, please, do not worry about this mornings duel. Please, go rest and take a bath, I will come to you after. However I need to talk to Finn for a moment, please excuse us]

As she watched David walk away she turned her attention to Finn. [b Why would you do that!? This was supposed to be a simple duel, of course you're more powerful, but you didn't have to go that far!!]
  LunaLucisCaelum / 4d 11h 6m 33s
He glared at David and sighed. [+green "Fine by me. Let's get this out of the way Lad. I was gonna go easy since you're young, but you've done pissed me off."] He said, growling as he pushed himself up from the chair. He threw his arms out and the room took on a blue hue. [+green "There... Nothing will come to harm except me and you..."] He said, rolling his shoulders out, mumbling aimlessly.
David figured this should be easy. He had woken up very early so that when he fought, he'd be fully awake while Finn was still half asleep. Seeing him cast a spell that strong without even speaking did worry him a bit. He hadn't seen power like that for quite a while.

Finn's eyes glowed blue lightly in anger. He was not one to be trifled with when still tired. He began walking towards David and yelled, his voice booming. [+green "Hit me you puny bastard!"] He threw his arms out in front of him, a wall of fire rushing at David. David threw his arms up and managed to shield himself just in time. He stumbled back and growled, conjuring a large ball of fire in his grip. [+red "Fine! It's on!"] David yelled back, hurling the fireball at Finn. Finn smirked and reached a hand out, snagging the fire from the air and extinguishing it. [+green "I didn't become an Elder by chance boy..."] He said, grinning menacingly. David began to get a bit nervous, seeing how easily he deflected his attack. He was used to these battles being over rather quickly. He began throwing everything he had at Finn, putting everything he had into it. It did stop Finn and make him skid a bit back from the force, but his barrier held and Finn began walking towards him again. Growing tired of this silly contest of strength, he growled and shoved David against the wall. [+green "You want Raw power?!"] He yelled, getting in David's face. [+green "I'll show you power!"] He said, snapping on the inside. He stepped back and began mumbling to himself, making different hand gestures until a pillar of black fire engulfed Finn and when it dissipated, Finn was no where to be seen.
David assumed Finn has done himself in and began walking towards Alina. [+red "See Alina? Power, but control.."] He said, flexing for her. He was stopped short by a heavy crash behind him. There stood a large beast that could only be described as a hell demon. The beast glared down at David and grinned, long, sharp teeth glistening in the early morning light. [+green "Bow to me boy and I might spare you!"] He bellowed, the entire room shaking a bit. Finn had always refused to use this spell because he became something darker then hell itself. David looked into the demons eyes and could see his own death and even the death of Alina at the claws of this beast. He dropped to his knees, trembling. [+red "I-i'm sorry Finn..."] He said, his forehead almost touching the floor. Finn bellowed out a laugh and the fire consumed him again, his form shrinking back to that of a human. He collapsed on the floor, to weak to even stand after using that much in one go. He pushed himself up and glared at David. [+green "Boy, help me to my chair..."] He growled, peeling off what was left of his now shredded shirt. In the morning light his toned body shined as he dropped into his chair. [+green "Do... We have an understanding now...?"] He asked David, glaring angrily at him. David nodded quickly and turned to Alina. [+red "I... Lost... I'm sorry Alina, I thought I was stronger then this..."] He said, looking down at his hands in despair.

  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 5d 4h 46m 13s
Shaking her head she moved the documents before he sat on them. [b I called you an Elder once. You don't always have to call yourself an old man] She laughed leaning back in her chair. [b It's my job to be up before others, besides I....] She was interpreted by a strong voice in the distance. Her heart shot up like a rocket. She wasn't ready to deal with him so early in the morning. She already felt bad for leading him on the night befoee. [B Oh...David. You want to fight already? It's so early] Turning her head to Finn she shrugged and held out her hand in front of her, gesturing to the front where David stood. [b I guess you have been summoned]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 5d 5h 6m 12s
The next morning Finn wandered in and gave her a tired smile. [+green "Good morning Alina."] He said, looking at the chair next to her throne. He closed his eyes and held his hands out towards it and the old chair changed to a larger armchair. He smiled and dropped into wearily. [+green "Why do you insist on being up so early? We elderly like our sleep."] He said, chuckling quietly. He winced as he heard David's voice calling from down the hall. [+red "Alina~"] He called, strolling into the room with a wolfish smile on his face. [+red "I've come to duel the Elder."] He said, smirking at Finn.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 5d 5h 14m 4s
Alina smiled as the small ball of light floated towards her. She held out her hand and left it dance all around. She was like a child playing with a toy. [b Well good night] Bowing her head she turned the opposite way with the light floating in front of her.

Once in her room she sighed. The weight of the whole day finally falling on her shoulders. Tomorrow would be full day. And she knew David would want to see her again. What was she going to do about that man? She didn't know. With a sigh she fell on her bed, staring at the ball of light. Finally she crushes it in her hand, falling asleep.


The next day Alina sat on her throne looking at a few documents in front of her. Placing them on the arm of her chair the woman shook her head.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 5d 5h 25m 10s
Hearing her say his name, he glanced over at her. [+green "I... You're welcome Alina..."] He said, a small smile crossing his face. [+green "Here... This will help you find your way without disturbing others..."] He said, creating a ball of light easily that floated over to her. [+green "When you are ready for it to disperse, just crush it."] He said, making a crushing motion with his hand.

He began to walk back towards his own room, his eyes glowing slightly as his night vision kicked in. Another helpful spell that one. He smiled a bit as he thought about how hard she was working to get a simple light working. [+green "The Queen of all vampires and a crazy old man sitting in a courtyard..."] He said, chuckling to himself as he stumbled into his office, collapsing into his bed.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 5d 5h 42m 55s
Alina was sitting cross legged on the ground as a dimming light was forming in her hand. Not much had happened in the two hours of practice. If anything it took her an hour just to get the mass of the light to form. Now it was slightly moving, but not by much. With a heavy sigh she waved her hand over the small ball letting it dissipate in that very moment. [b This is hard] she moaned before standing up from her seated position. [b I guess we have been out too late, lessons will be for another day than] Looking up at Finn she noticed just how tired he was. He really did do alot for her and for the most part she was always pushing against his troubles. [b Hey Finn.Thanks]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 5d 6h 24m 18s
He smiled over at her as he paused on a page. [+green "I don't know about that. When the day comes for you to take my place, we shall see..."] He said, patting her on the shoulder lightly. He gave her credit for being this excited to learn about magic and how to wield it effectively. [+green "Alright... Let's begin..."] He said, beginning his instructions on how to conjure a light source and how to move it without actually touching it.

Later in the night after over two hours of practicing, he was dozing in a chair near her when he slowly woke up, yawning. [+green "Alina? Aye, that's enough for tonight..."] He said, running a hand through his hair, wiping the sleep from his eyes as he stood up.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 5d 6h 34m 58s
She smiled and shook her head. She had basically grown up around Finn and was starting to know his tricks, though she never did get used to them. [b I think its because I'm used to your wanderings] She laughed and looked out to where they would hold their first lesson. She did not give much thought to the date she just had. She mostly thought it just to be two good friends catching up on old times. However, she knew she could not lead on the poor boy. Sighing her ears perked up at the thought of dancing light. [b Sounds perfect. Who know's maybe ill be better than you one day]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 5d 7h 44m 7s
He was thinking through what he could and couldn't use on the boy because he didn't want to kill him. Maybe a few lasting injuries, but nothing serious. He smiled over at her as they walked. [+green "I'd say about twenty minutes and then you found me lassy."] He said, shaking his head. [+green "You've gotten much better at tracking."] He stopped in the courtyard of the palace. [+green "Here's a good spot. We'll be working with small things today like making lights and such."] He said, flipping through his little book.
  Finnagin / Trollzor_235 / 5d 8h 24m 41s
Excited Alina clapped her hands together. She always enjoyed a good battle. It reminded her of watching her dad fight with his best mates. She would always Mae bets on who would win, even going against her father and betting the other would defeat his majesty. Simple things like duels she never got to enjoy anymore , even reading was hard to come by these days. Waving good buy to David and walked off with Finn ready for her lesson's to begin. [b So, how long did you watch us for?] Alin a asked amused
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 7d 4h 36m 33s

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