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In this world vampires exist, but they have to keep themselves hidden from the world. They are not like vampires in the myths and legends. Garlic, holy water, and crosses doesn't bother them. They can cross running water without any kind of issues. They do not turn to ash in the sun, although on bright sunny days they feel weaker than normal. A wooden stake through the heart, who wouldn't that kill. They could not turn into bats, but they could soar through the sky. They where incredibly strong and fast. The only thing the legends truly got right was the fact that they drank the blood of humans.

Long ago when the vampire population was high, they would hunt down human and drain them dry, killing them in the process. As their numbers began to drastically drop, they had to change their ways. They discovered if the drank from a human, but did not kill them, that human would continue to live as long as the vampire who originally drank from them is alive, which could be for as long as a thousand years. From that point on, whenever a vampire would turn of age they would have to venture out and find themselves a human.
They would have to have at least one human, and the way they treated their human was completely dependent on the vampire. Some would make them servants, some would make them their mate, and some would even treat their human like family. They could imprison them or have them walk freely out in the world. They could abuse and torture them or they could treat them kindly. Humans could even be traded or sold between vampires.
The only rule when it came to humans was that no vampire could feed off another vampire's human without permission.


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She hated how he teased her by pressing her up against walls and touching her in simple ways like her chin. She hated it that he had any effect over her, when he finally stepped away she sighed still feeling his touch. Her skin was crying out loud for his touch to come back. It was a weird feeing like when he touched her she was relaxed, with not a care in the world. Ava shook her head, the loose ends of her silver hair from her ponytail playing across her face gently as he walked over to the punching bag and told her to give it the best shot she had without kicking.

Walking over she grinned finally being able to get some of her build up anger out. Stopping in front of the punching bag, she lifted her hands up into fists in front of her face. She fixed her stance and imagining it was Reviles face she was punching she punched the bag as hard as she could, but Ava didn't stop there she started boxing as hard as she could imagining it was Asher's face this time as she placed all her anger into the bag.
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He shrugged his shoulders as he looked around the room [b “Oh I wouldn’t say it’s that big, just my workout room, but you can come up here as much as you like. Of course, that means you’ll have to enter my chamber.”] he said as he got closer to her, backing her up against the wall. Putting his hands on the wall on each side of her, pinning her in. [b “You can do that right? Enter the lair of the big bad scary vampire just to get as workout”]
He knew she didn’t like it when he got so close, but he just couldn’t resist. It makes her mad, and as a result it would bring out that spunky attitude of hers that he found just irresistible. Although, lately he’s found that she has more to her that is completely intoxicating. How she insist on fighting for herself, how she puts on a strong front, how she doesn’t throw herself at him, how she tries to act like when he’s so close to her it doesn’t effect her.
Cupping her chin he tilted her head up, making her look at him. Leaning down he stopped just a few centimeters away from her lips. [b “Okay, lets get started”] he said just louder than a whisper before pushing off the wall and walking away from her. Grabbing hold of the punching bag he looked over at her, a small smirk still on his face. [b “First I want to see how strong you already are. Come here and give a few wacks at this punching bag, I’ll hold it in place. Fist only, no kicking, yet”]
  Revile / koneko-cat / 1y 58d 18h 13m 12s
She rolled her eyes at him as she placed the kitten on the bed gently. Ava would never fall for someone like him, even if he had a soft spot for kittens. Walking out with him she followed him out to the hallway. She really wondered how many rooms and hallways this place actually had as she looked around, when he came to a door she thought that they were finally there but he revealed more stairs as they took them up.

Finally entering a clearing she was shocked with how big his gym was. It had all the necessary equipment that was needed and then some. She really didn't care about the weights being meant for humans because honestly weights weren't her thing. Walking in deeper she nodded her head, her hands on her hips as she found the punching bag she wanted to smack around [+blue "impressive...I am not surprised though your judging by your ego of course you would have a gym this big"] she stated with a laugh.
  Ava / Serlight / 1y 60d 2h 3m 50s
[b “Oh? So now I’m a big scary vampire? What happened to super amazingly sexy and funny guy who you were absolutely falling for?”] Revile asked as he walked into the room, overhearing her conversation with Snickers the cat.
He was bare foot and only waiting a pair of shorts. The shorts he was wearing where gray and black workout shorts, with a white Nike check mark on the left leg.
He looked over her for a moment, admiring the view. He sent her a smirk before walking past her sliding open the glass doors to his closet. From his dresser he grabbed the first shirt he saw and slid it on, hiding his pecks and abs. It was a black t-shirt that has the sleeves cut off. On it was the word beast in all capital letters, written in a bloody horror movie like font. Slipping on a pair of socks he grabbed a pair of black sneakers and sat down beside her on the bed to lase them up.
[b “Alright, you ready for this?”] he asked her reaching over and scratching the kitten on the top of its head before standing up. [b “I’ve already replaced all the weights to something more suitable for humans, besides that I have a punching bag, some cardio stuff… eh you will see”] Leaving the bedroom he walked back down the hall toward the door and went up the stairs. At the top of the stairs you immediately walk into his home gym.
It was a large open room with white walls and a lot of windows. From the room you had a beautiful view of the garden out back. There were two racks of dumbbells that ranged from two pounds to eighty five pounds. There was a bench with a barbell, a rack of weights next to it. Handing from the ceiling was a full sized punching back. Then there was a treadmill, an elliptical, and a cycle. Mounted on the wall was a big 55 inch flat screen tv.
  Revile / koneko-cat / 1y 61d 7h 52m 5s
Ava took the invitation and walked in. She was shocked by the room itself, it looked like something straight from a million dollar penthouse in the city. She mouthed wow as she walked in further, stopping and looking at the fish in wonder as she hadn't seen any of them up close before. She was speechless [i "at least you have class..."] she thought as Ava walked down the hall to the main area of his room.

Stopping she looked around and walked up to his bed. She ran her finger down the edge feeling the softness of the covers. She smirked alittle and almost jumped out of her shoes when she felt something soft rub up against her. She was about to kick whatever it was when she looked and saw the tiny kitten. Ava was a sucker for cats, always have been since she was little. She grew up with animals but due to her mother being extremely allergic to cats she could have one, but always have wanted one. Ava smiled big as she picked up the soft little kitten and cuddled it. She sat on the bed petting him softly [+blue "well hello there little guy...what is a tiny little thing like you doing in the big scary vampires lair"] she said in her baby voice as she cued at the kitten as she scratched behind his ear.
  Ava / Serlight / 1y 61d 13h 5m 44s
Revile smiled when he heard the knock. He was still getting ready and at the moment was in the bathroom. [b “It’s open Silvs, come on in. Get comfortable, I’ll be right with you”] He called out to her as he rolled on some deodorant.
Inside was no bedroom, it was like a fucking condo with beautiful hard wood floor going all through it.
As soon as you walk in the first thing that catches your eye every time is the amazing bight blue tropical aquarium that’s built into the wall. It had all kinds of tangs, butterfly fish, and trigger fish with one small sea turtle, happily swimming around in their well kept tank. The aquarium had been modeled after the Hawaiian Reef.
Across from the aquarium was a stair case that was made of the same kind of wood from the floor It was made with wooden planks and left a game between each step letting you see what was behind it. Down the hallway there where a few doors on the right, and one door on the left that he had locked up. It was the door that led to her bedroom.
At the end of the hallway was his beddroom. For the most part it was simple, but yet somehow very modern. He had a pair of black black out curtains handing over his window. His bed was solid black held up bu a silver frame. Right next to his bed was a pair of sliding glass doors that lead to his walk in closet. The right side was filled with black and brown slacks hanging up, and under them where dress shoes. The left side had blue jeans and other causal pants hanging up, with sneakers, sandals, and other causal shoes under them. Straight ahead where his shirts hanging up, almost all of them being button ups. Underneath his shirts was his dresser, where he kept his underwear, pajama bottoms, t shirts, wife beaters, ect.
Spotting Ava a small kitten crawled out from under Reviles bed and walked up to her and started purring as she rubbed herself against Ava’s leg. She was a small Calico, who was completely white on bottom with orange and black patches on top. She had a black collar on that had a Silver heart shaped tag around it that read ‘Snickers – I’m chipped’
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Ava just rolled her eyes at his egotistical remarks. She wasn't training and she didn't need to learn self defense. She already knew it and the thought of having private lessons with Revile made her stomach go sour. As all she wanted to do was beat the crap out of a punching bag and do some laps on a treadmill. She could tell Revile still under estimated her and it she was annoyed by it.

Ava watched as the last brother grabbed his human by the wrist and dragged her from the room like she was a lifeless doll that he didn't give a fuck about. Honestly by how he looked she knew he was a problem and just like Asher. She hoped he saw what she did to Asher and would take the hint to keep away. She didn't want to make an example of him too. Flipping her hair and leaving the room as well she went back to her chambers and washed off the blood. She used a warm washcloth to scrub it off and entered her closet. She sighed happily finding her favorite work out outfit among the new looking clothing. It was a simple black sports bra with a pair of tight running shorts to go with it. She liked the shorts because they were very short and she was able to kick and run in them. She grinned putting them on and throwing on her favorite sneakers. Pulling her hair back into a tight ponytail tail she rummaged through the drawers [+blue "where is it.."] she muttered to herself and smirked widely as she found it. It was meant to protect your hands when you boxed. So taking the white tape to wrapped her hands and wrists. Stretching her hands to boxed the air a few times to get the feel of it.

Ava didn't want to knock on his door but she had no choose as she didn't know where the gym was. She didn't want to risk running into one of the brothers especially Asher as she knew he would be pissed once he felt like himself. Standing in front of Reviles door she knocked a couple of times and stepped back waiting for him to answer.
  Ava / Serlight / 1y 64d 20m 50s
[b “A gym? I have a gym. You can’t keep a body looking this delicious without putting in a little work for it”] Revile said as he flexed his biceps for her, showing off a little to remind her just how sexy he was. Suddenly being brought to a house filled with handsome vampires and hot women, he couldn’t have her forgetting what a gem he was.
Relaxing his muscles he put his arms down, feeling good knowing that the hotness must have gotten through to her. [b “I can let you use it if you want. I’ll have to go and dig out some weights suitable for a human. But yeah, I think it’ll be a good idea for you to build some muscle and learn to defend yourself. Working out with me with a few private lessons and you’ll be able to beat the crap out of any human in this house.”] Revile said, mostly thinking out loud as he walked to the door. Stopping he turned around and smiled at her [b “Go clean yourself off and get dressed in something you can work out in. Knock on my door when you are ready”] he said, just before he left he sent a glare at Bellic, sending the message that he better stay away from Ava.
Bellic yawned as he got off the couch. [+green “Yeah yeah, I know”] he grumbled as he looked her up and down one more time before grabbing his girl by her wrist, literally dragging her out of the room. The girl was so drained and frail that she couldn’t even keep her footing as her master yanked her along.
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Ava waved Revile away wanting space as everyone except them and the other guy with the unconscious girl in the room. She looked and saw how much of a mess she was, as her feet and knees were covered in blood and she had some on the night gown. For someone who just woke up she felt good that she got the revenge that she deserved. She knew that she went alittle over board but honestly she didn't care as all her anger and frustration was able to have a outlet to go on. Plus they heal really fast apparently so any damage that she would have done to actually kill a man wouldn't even scrap up Asher.

Ava was glad stoner girl was gone as she would have gone at her as well if Revile didn't hold her back. She wasn't a dog who had to be trained to shut up and be a good girl...seen and not heard like stoner girl obviously was and the unconscious girl over by brother number 5, who she just notice was staring at her silently. She brushed it off [+blue "I am really starting to hate stoner girl..."] she muttered as she looked between the two brothers [+blue "I am going to clean up too...and maybe find a damn gym"] she stated walking off pass Revile and brother number 5 without another glance. She needed to punch something and Zero told her not to go off on the book shelves again so she needed to do what she always did when she was pissed, worked out and kept her edge strong by practicing self defense.
  Ava / Serlight / 1y 64d 18h 28m 4s
Revile grinned as he wrapped an arm around Ava’s shoulders [b “That’s my girl”] he said his voice filled with pride. His smile disappeared as he looked down at Asher. [b “She accepts your apology. But know this, ever touch my human again, and it wont be just her forgiveness you’ll have to get”] he growled.
[+purple “Alright Asher”] Gralic grunted as he picked him up, putting him on his back, supporting him by holding onto a leg on each side of his body. [+purple “You’ve been forgiven for braking the rules, lets go get you cleaned up”] he said and let out a small laugh as he left the room [+purple “Going for the nuts like that, haha not saying you didn’t deserve it but that was kind of harsh. I think I’m going to like that human… You know as long as she doesn’t step out of line”]
Nina walked up to Revile and Ava [+pink “Don’t worry about the damage Revile. Since Asher was the one in the wrong I will have his girls clean this up”] she said then her eyes moved over to Ava, looking at her for a moment before looking back up at Revile. [+pink “You still need to do a lot of training with her. She had a big mouth and you don’t have the strength to back it up. If she stays like this she is going to fuck up and cause you a lot of trouble”] She said plainly.
Knowing Ava’s tendency to mouth off Revile quickly put his hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t be able to snap at Nina. [b “Yes I know, Ava is not stupid, it wont take long for her to know when where and how to speak.”] he told her and without another word her turned around and left the room, following after Gralic. Revile let out a sigh of relief as he moved his hand away from her mouth.
Bellic smirked as he looked Revile’s human up and down, sitting there without saying a word. She was firey, cocky, and full of fight. Way too much for Revile to know how to handle.
Zero removed his hand from Lillian’s eyes now that the scene was over. Just being in this house she had seen a lot of stuff, but Gralic punishments were something Zero tried to hide from her innocent eyes. Standing up he put Lillian on the ground and took her hand [+orange “Come. We need to get you to school”] he said, walking her out of the room with him.
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Her eyes turned cold as she grinned at Asher who looked like he has had enough [+blue "oh your going to wish you never laid your hands in me...or commands your bimbos to do so"] she stated looking him straight in the eyes with her silver ones. Ava cracked her neck as she walked up to Asher and with her bare foot lifted leg up exposing her panties to everyone and bringing her heel hard to the side of his face. Blood splattered everywhere as his face landed hard against the floor [+blue "oh look at that...your blood is going to stain this floor"] she stated walking around him and kicking him hard in the ribs, a crack was heard as she continued [+blue "o that is going hurt in the morning...good!"] she stated kicking him in the same spot again.

Ava stopped at his feet, he was breathing and that was all that mattered. Parting his legs she walked in between then coming to stand near his crouch. A huge grin spread across her face as she dropped to her knees, her knee landing straight into his crouch and hard. She wiggled her knee into his balls hard along with his dick. Crawling up she grabbed a fist full of his hair and brought his head up. Leaning down she got close to his ear [+blue "I forgive you now sweet cheeks...but know if you EVER fucking touch me again, or I will do way worse"] she stated kissing his cheek and letting his head fall to the floor. Getting up Ava stepped away and back to Revile [+blue "I accept his apology...."] she stated simply smoothing out the night gown and looking at the brothers.
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Revile jumped up and quickly covered her mouth, holding her tight against his body. He knew discussing about this was going to be hard for her, but for some reason he didn’t take account for her mouth. [b “Not the time or place”] he whispered as in her ear, his tone was a little stricter than normal.
He let out a laugh [b “Sorry Gralic, she is a little lively and I haven’t had the time to train her yet”] he said, never taking his hand off her mouth. His eyes darted over to Asher with a slight glare [b “But Nina’s point still stands. You did hurt her. Her wrist and ankles may have been self inflicted, but the wound on her thigh, that was caused by your own hand”] he grlowed.
Asher rubbed the back of his head, letting out a nervous laugh trying to play it off [+red “Well, I mean. Well yeah that little bitty scratch might of happened. Things can get ruff in there and”]
[+purple “So you admit to hurting her? Without Revile’s consent to touch her? And then laid to us about it?”] Gralic asked, interrupting the sad excuse Asher was trying to come up with.
[+red “No! I didn’t!… Well… I mean yeah I guess but...”]
Grabbing Lillian’s hands Zero pulled them up so she was covering her ears and covered her eyes with his own hand.
In a blink of an eye Gralic was standing behind Asher, grabbing him by the back of his head he slammed in down, face first onto the floor. Making the hard wood floor where his face hit crack and brake under the shear force. Completely knocking the breath out of him. Picking him up he brought him into a standing position before punching him full strength in the back. There was a loud crack on impact before Asher was sent across the room, crashing into the wall before going limp and dropping to the floor. Gralic with a stern face walked over to him, grabbing Asher by his hair and dragging him across the room, flinging him on the ground in front of Revile and Ava. Putting one foot on his back he bent down [+purple “Unless you want to loose your head, I believe you have something to say”] he growled and pulled Ashers hair back, making in look up at Revile, his nose was broken and lip bleeding, and had blood running down his face from his hair.
[+red “I apologize Revile, I should not have touched your human... Please forgive me.”]
Revile finally let go of Ava and squatted down in front of him [b “Sorry brother, although I appreciate the apology, it’s not me you need to beg forgiveness from”] he said with a cocky smile before motioning his head over to Ava.
[+red “No”] Asher growled before Gralic pulled his hair back even harder, making him wince in pain [+purple “You heard him, get the girl’s forgiveness”] Gralic demanded.
[+red “F-Fine! Ava I am sorry for touching you, please forgive me”] Asher groveled.
Standing up Revile smirked as he put a hand on Ava’s shoulder [b “He’s all yours Silvs. Do whatever you need to do to accept his apology. Kick him, beat him until your own knuckles bleed, spit on him. Anything you want”]
  Asher / koneko-cat / 1y 65d 11h 47m 24s
Ava turned fire red when the stoner got up and pushed her into reviles lap. And when she spread her legs she couldn't help feeling exposed to everyone. She hated that everyone watched as she looked at her inner thigh and told everyone how that wasn't there when she saw her in the meeting room. She wiggled out of reviles grasp and as Nina was gone and straightened he night gown in place. She totally forgot about that wound on her inner thigh as it wasn't a place she always looked at. She didn't like that she was defending Asher but it was true he wasn't in the wrong. She hated that he touched her even if she was the one who inflicted the wounds on her wrists and ankles.

Looking down the marks were scabbed and angry looking now, even though they said she would heal easily she knew these would scar her...leaving a permanent reminder of what he did. [+blue "does it really matter? As it's done and Over with! Yeah I struggled...yeah he fucking touched me and left a tiny wound in my inner thigh...but does it really matter? I fought I wounded myself and Asher took advantage of his bimbos restraining me...I have a permanent mark of what he did...punishment or not it really doesn't matter"] she stated looking at each of the brothers then to Revile [+blue "I called for his help...that is all that matters apparently..."] she stated standing there as lastly her eyes fell on gralic as he seemed to be the oldest and more of the leader then anyone. She spoke out, but she wasn't going to stay silent as they judged her and try to make it out that it was her fault that it happened. [+blue "all I did was go in when I was pissed at Revile and wanted to get away...Asher was just happen to be there when I went's what I get for opening and going into rooms and not excepting something to happen"]
  Ava / Serlight / 1y 65d 13h 21m 43s
[+red “On the contrary sweet cheeks, I did not hold you down or bind you. My girls did, I can go get all three of them and they vouch for me if you want”] Asher said and looked over at Gralic to see if he wanted him to go get the girls or not. Gralic shook his head and waved for Asher to continue. [+red “And the reason you came into my play room doesn’t matter, what does is the fact that you came into my playroom on your own free will. Which you clearly just admitted doing. Thus I am not in the wrong and I haven’t broken any of the rules. I did not hurt her, I did not have rape her, I did not drink her blood, I force her to come into my room, and I did not start the fight”] he said counting it on his fingers as he spoke.
Gralic ran his hand through his long hair before letting out a sigh [+purple “Revile, it’s true. If she went to him on her own free will and he did not inflict any actual harm on her then he didn’t break any of the rules and you would be the one in the wrong.”]
[b “But Gralic he!”] Revile interjected but Gralic would not let him finish his sentence.
[+purple “Revile! She went to him on her own. She was told that to have him stop she had to say your name. He did not hurt her. All her wounds where self inflicted. He did not feed on her blood. And when she did call your name he stopped. If she refused to say your name until that point it is not his fault.”]
Nina groaned as she sat up, rubbing the side of her messy hair making it even worse. [+pink “Master I’m trying to sleep”] she complained before looking over at Ava looking her up and down. [+pink “Gralic, give me your shirt”] she said. Gralic looked at her a little confused but took off his shirt for her. Standing up she walked over to Ava and pushed her back, making her fall back into Reviles lap. [+pink “Hold her”] she told him before he wrapped his arms around her. [b “Don’t worry Silvs, I got you. I don’t know what she’s doing but she’s not going to hurt you, I’ll make sure of that.”]
Putting Gralic’s shirt between Ava’s legs, so no one could see her sexy underwear, she lifted one of her legs in the air, exposing the remains of the small wound on her inner thigh. [+pink “He said he didn’t hurt her right? Then what is this? It wasn’t on her when I saw her just a matter of minutes before she went into his room”] she said before releasing her leg and taking back Gralics shirt, going back to her spot on the couch beside him.
  Nina / koneko-cat / 1y 65d 17h 43s
Ava was listening intensely, she knew they were talking about her. They were recalling the events from yesterday with Asher, she shivered as she heard Asher talk casually about what happened like it was nothing and was normal. She was irritated that he made her sound like she was into getting tied up and fondled by his bimbos. She pressed her lips together to keep . from bursting in herself and giving him a piece of her mind.

She heard Revile and before she could step away from the door and run away Revile burst through the door. She was caught off guard as Ava was grabbed and pulled into the meeting room. Felt reviles lap into her butt aa he sat her down facing all of the brothers around her. She looked and noticed stoner girl was lodging around looking like she is napping. Ava looked and saw Lillian sitting on Zeros lap eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, she looked cute and dressed up with her hair brushed and jelly on her face. Lillian looked happy as can be even though she was surrounded with vampires. Looking over she noticed someone new that she would think is the last brother she hadn't met, and looking at how he had a dazed girl with bite marks all over her. And by the looks of how he had blood on his face she knew that it was his human.

Clearing her throats she got off reviles lap and faced as all there eyes were on her. She didn't like the attention on her but looking up she squared her shoulders and crossed her arms. Even though she was basically half naked and her hair was a mess she wasn't going to become like the humans she saw in this room [+blue "eh fine...why Asher said was basically true...except I went inside the room out of anger and instead of letting me leave he forced me down and tied me up. He let his bimbo touch me along with himself...but yeah all the damage was from where I struggled myself and all he told me to do was call Revile and when I couldn't take it anymore I called for him.."] she stated glaring at Asher as she looked at gralic in the eyes.
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