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[center [size20 The Year... 2150]]

[center [size15 The world had been raped of its richness, eventually bowing down to the machines that man created. Machines bred fumes, creating a manifestation of airborne virus and pollution in the air, one of which created it's first outbreak in 2020, our first zombie appeared.]]

[center [size15 Out of fear, in 2023, the president ordered scientists to developed am antigen, that would attack the virus, and made hybrid virus, one of which caused both human and zombie to create mutations. Many stages came about for the next fifteen years, thus making the scientists call the first panic. They ordered remaining humans to go underground in an attempt to make an antivirus, one that would shut down any infestations in existence. It only brought the recently deceased back to life, thus increased the number against us. It made zombie toxic, that even a drop of blood enters into your system in any way, it would turn you, too.]]

[center [pic]]


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