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There is a world, where elves, fairies, dwarfs and men roam. Where dragons rule the skies, and where a lonely king rules his vast kingdom justly and with compassion. This is the Kingdom of Arcadia.... or... it used to be... The lonely old king has recently died with no heir to take the throne... at least one not in this realm....

This plunges the kingdom of Arcadia into chaos, and from the chaos rises a conniving Necromancer, power hungry and lusting for the throne. With the devastating force of his scourge army he manages to take the throne all for himself, ruling with an iron fist. He dines at banquet, while the people starve. He cares not for others -only for power, and he refuses to relinquish his power... even to the rightful heir of the throne... He'll kill them first. He plans to kill them as it is.

[center ~*~*~]

Jake Callahan has just turned twenty one and holding his little brother's hand, has just finished burying their mother. Cancer can be a real shit show, and so can deadbeat dads you’ve never met. That’s why he had to drop out of high School, he had to be the man of the family. School had always been easy anyway, so Jake dropped out, and one month later had his GED. Since he was sixteen he’s worked, currently a construction worker he did everything he could to make sure his mother had her medication, could go to radiation therapy, and that his brother gets his actual diploma. However, when Jake and Dex go through their mother’s old things while packing to move out of their trailer into a nicer apartment, they find an old trunk. It's full of things they discover belonged to the father. By a stroke of fate they find themselves transported to a completely different world…

There they will make new friends, find a new lease on life, and heal from the loss of their mother. They will also find themselves swept up into an all out war to save their new home. They just have to defeat the Necromancer King and his army of vicious Scourge

Only then can Jake take his rightful place… on the King’s throne… on their Father’s throne. In order to do that though, he's going to need a lot of help...

[center ~*~*~]

I will be playing Jake, and an extra character, with plenty of Minor NPCs for all to use. I need the Sibling . I also need a leader of the Arcadian Resistance, a civilian effort to overthrow the Necromancer. This character can be male or female. I would like to have a variety of characters, from elves to dwarfes, and everything in between . This is a semi-lit, to literate rp. I want well thought out posts, with good grammar and minimal errors. I doesn't have to be perfect, but I do ask it be legible. I do not want to implement a character limit, but I will if I have to. Please fill out the skeleton and submit it in your PM. Please title your PM "Goodness, Gracious..."

[center [b Character Skeleton]]
[center Name]
[center Age/Race/Gender]
[center Username]
[center Likes]
[center Dislikes]
[center Powers? ]
[center Loyalty ]
[center Short Bio/History]

[center [b Characters]]

[center [pic ]]
[center [b Jake Callahan - TAKEN]]
[center Username: Darien]
[center Age:21, Human Male]
[center Likes: He's not really sure these days, he's been too busy living to make ends meet. It's fair to say he's just happy when he's got a few extra bucks to his paycheck after paying all the bills. He'll be even happier once his sister starts college and makes something of herself. He likes dogs and animals, and working with his hands.]
[center Dislikes: Self-centered ass holes. Misogynists, elitists.... just... people... he's never met a person he's actually liked... and he's definitely never met a woman who didn't end up breaking his heart. What he really hates is Cancer for taking his mother away from him.]
[center Powers: He has those? Can't wait to figure them out! ]
[center Loyalty: To his sister, but he begrudgingly comes to support Arcadia and their plight -accepting his role in the kingdom]
[center Short Bio/History: You already read it. High School Drop out, GED weilding construction worker pulling 50+ hours a week to put food on the table for his family, and make sure the lights in their shitty trailer stays on.]

[center [pic]]
[center [b SIBLING-TAKEN]]
[center Name: Sarah Callahan
Age/Race/Gender: Eighteen/ Human Female
Username: Souldreamer
Likes: Foxes, snowy days and sitting in front of the fire place drinking hot chocolate, meeting new people and making connections. Her brother. Unlike her brother she quite likes most people- she tends to see the best in people and it gets her hurt.
Dislikes: Cancer, diseases, loss. She has a deep fear of being alone.
Powers?: She isn't sure if she has any of those.
Loyalty: Arcadia and her family.
Short Bio/History: Sarah was raised by her single mother and honestly by her brother as well. Even though they were relatively close in age he also seemed older to her. She is trying her best to get into a good college so she can pay her brother back for all he gave up for her. ]

[center [b Arcadian Resistance Leaders- OPEN]]

[center [pic]]
[center [b Priestess of Arcadia]]
[center Name: Aria Tolshiv]
[center Username: Darien]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 20, Druid female]
[center Likes: Birdsong, children, copious amounts of prayer, and the sweet cakes the baker once made before the Necromancer swept into the Capital and destroyed her home and the locals who rebelled against the Necromancer with her. She does miss those cakes... she honestly misses the jovial old Baker more.]
[center Dislikes: The Necromancer. She'll see his downfall even if it means her own.]
[center Powers: The gift of premonition, Astral Commune&projection , Healing]
[center Short Bio/History: Aria was born to a race of magic wielders known as Druids. She was born bearing the mark of the Next High Priestess, chosen by the gods to be their voice and hand in the mortal world. She was raised in the capital under the tutelage of her Temple Elders from the age of 3 when she was taken from her home. When the Necromancer attacked her temple she was taken hostage, raped, tortured, and exploited for her powers. Luckily she managed to escape and has been living with the Arcadian Resistance ever since.]

[center [b Original Characters - ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS]]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Kohrad Vesna ]
[center Age/Race/Gender 35, Arcadian Male]
[center Username Kastanstyrax]
[center Likes being right, power, victory in battle, being a bully and being the smartest man in the room ]
[center Dislikes Losing, being shown up or anyone questioning him]
[center Powers? He is a trained warrior, and has limited control of blood magic; the ability to manipulate wounds and transfer injuries from one person to another.]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia…but mostly to himself]
[center Short Bio/History: Kohrad was the first born son from an old and respectable Noble family- the honourable and most noble House of Vesna. The young man was trained in combat as was expected for his station and he relished in it, it allowed him to show others how much better he was, it allowed him to hurt others, to make himself feel superior. He studied ancient blood magics in his spare time purely because they are particularly difficult magics to master and Kohrad wanted to once again prove himself superior to everyone else. When the Necromancer took over Konrad joined the resistance because he felt that the Necromancer would kill him without a thought, Kohrad’s first instinct is always his own survival. Kohrad dedicated himself to fighting against the Necromancer in the hopes of destroying him and taking the Dragon throne for himself. The name Death's twin was fashioned for him by those in the resistance, signifying that he is as deadly in battle as death itself and also as a wry remark that he uses twin blades. Despite fighting against the Necromancer if he could be assured his survival and a prominent enough position of importance Kohrad would seriously consider switching sides.]

[center [pic]
[center Name: Aline Wyverngem]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 19/ Fae Female]
[center Username: Souldreamer]
[center Likes: nature and the forest. Her village where she grew up. Flirting- she can be a bit of a flirt, she sees it as a good way to break tension and remain less stressed out- though she also has a serious side.]
[center Dislikes: Like most people the Necromancer. She also hates those who harm nature and animals. ]
[center Powers?: She has the ability of flight which is granted to her through the wings that can appear on her back. She also has elemental manipulation- she has small control over water and earth specifically. Can understand forest animals. ]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia.]
[center Short Bio/History: Aline grew up in a small village that was destroyed when she was sixteen years old. She since then joined the resistance. Even though she would not consider herself a fighter she has know seen a lot of battle which has shaped her magic into being more of offensive magic then a defensive type.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Lucilia Fang]
[center Age/Race/Gender 22 female Wolf]
[center Username ForeverYoung]
[center Likes: She loves being outside but how could not. She enjoy sweet berries and honey is always worth the sting. She loves to dance and travel, village festivals where alway her favorite but the war has put a damper on such things. She loved cooking.]
[center Dislikes: Tight fitting clothes, being trapped and disloyal people. Never make a promise you can't keep. She hates sour things and most of all Necromancers. ]
[center Powers: She can achieve full transformation into her ancestral wolf form and can communicate with other animals]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia]
[center Short Bio/History: Lucilia, or Lucy as she likes to be called, was separated from her pack at a young age and though she can recall some of her pup days she was too young to retrain any real information about her family. She was taken in by a band of thieves that taught her to clean and fit into small spaces to earn her way and though she may not of called anyone mother or father this was the misfit family that would raise her and love her. She left her group to try and search for that lost pack and find herself. After hearing rumor of wolves in the resistance she sped off to join it.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Taeral Tokesh]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 50/Wood Elf/Male]
[center Username: NorthernWolves]
[center Likes: His daughter, the forest, helping out those in need]
[center Dislikes: what the Necromancer did to his daughter, pyromaniacs, liars of various sorts]
[center Powers? : Healing, can also transform into a fox.]
[center Loyalty : Arcadia]
[center Short Bio/History: Whilst he was still 'young', Taerak had been one to go on one adventure after another. He enjoyed travelling to new places, seeing new creatures and people, and challenging his physical and magic skills.But eventually he decided to settle down. He married a female human, and had one daughter. Unfortunately, the mother died abruptly while he was away on business, leaving him the sole parent of his daughter.
He named her Anara, after his wife, and spent as much time as he could with her. Even though the adventures were not those that he had experienced, it had left so many joyful memories for him.
But that why it was so the more painful, when the day came when his daughter had been corrupted and fled. Grief overtook him, and he struggled through the five stages of grief. He knew that he would not be able to find her, but at least he could help those fighting the Necromancer. He knew how to fight, but his healing magic was a great tool. The whole time he was helping the resistance movement, he would hear all sorts of stories about a most devilish woman. He knew who that woman was; his daughter. Now that the Saviors were seen by the Priestess, he wants to go on this journey, and getting back his daughter.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Aramis]
[center Username: NPC ]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 36, Arcadian Male]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia]
[center Likes: Structure, discipline, adventures, working out, hunting, and cats. ]
[center Dislikes: The Necromancer, because seriously, who does? Despite being a warrior, Aramis dislikes battle and war, but he enjoys a good brawl.]
[center Powers: A skilled warrior, Aramis has quick reflexes, superb hearing and vision, but no magical powers.]
[center Short Bio/History: Aramis is a native of the Capital and has always served the Royal House. When his king fell, Aramis was away on the battlefield and survived with a handful of other warriors to learn of their king's death. Upon learning that The High Priestess was still alive, he volunteered for the mission to help save her and free her, knowing that she had been like a daughter to their beloved King. It was Priestess Aria who convinced him and the other knights to stay with the resistance. ]

[center [pic ]]
[center [b The Necromancer -TAKEN]]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 35/Human/Male
Username: LordTyranus
Likes: He enjoys the shadows, the sense of power being a ruler gives, wealth and having loyal followers. Those who are loyal are rewarded graciously. And he also likes to punish, anyone he believes has wronged him, in the worst ways possible.
Dislikes: He dislikes disloyalty, non-human races and he hates his obsession with the High Priestess who he craves to have and to control, and it's not just because of her power and influence over the people of Arcadia. And contrary to popular belief, he does not like causing pain and conflict, and does not go out of his way to torture or injure anyone unless it serves a purpose. He hates it when somebody takes away something which he believes belongs to him.
Powers? : Necromancy, Elemental Magic (Darkness) and Sharpened Senses.
Short Bio/History: His true name is unknown, as everyone simply calls him Necromancer. After the death of King Hawthorn, the Necromancer attacked the Capital fortress of Arcadia. He swept through the city with his army of Dragur laying waste to any in his path, and toppling the Holy Temple in the process. Content to kill every member of faith, The Necromancer kept the holiest figure in Arcadia alive, surprisingly unable to bring himself to kill her. He who is made of death and darkness, found himself attracted and desirous of the light and life the Priestess possessed. The Necromancer always craved power, and when he had the opportunity to take the empty throne of Arcadia, he did so without remorse. Those who did not flee in time from the Arcadian Capital were enslaved or murdered. A Year has now passed and it seems the Necromancer is on the throne for good, but the Resistance proves tenacious, and a thorn in his side.
He is dark, calculating, cold, indifferent, a trickster, and an egotist. And he will do anything to retain his power, especially after having had the taste of being a ruler and is unforgiving towards anyone who tries to take away what he had made for himself.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Icrasus]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 23 year old male]
[center Username: Foreveryoung ]
[center Likes: Icrasus loves to mess with people, if he can find a way to get under people skin he will. He enjoys the darker things in life, what is life without a little gore violence. He also enjoys the finer things, good food, rich wine, easy women and anything that is worth value and sparkles.]
[center Dislikes: He hates being played, if he isn't going to come out on top then he would rather not play. He hates bitter things and people who think they are holy. He can't stand repetive noises.]
[center Power: Sharpen Senses. He can control the shadows but has yet to manage molding them into anything more than an illusion. The longest he has been able to control a solid shadow form is five minutes.]
[center Loyalty: Necromancer]
[center Short Bio/History: Icarcus comes from a family that once royal before his grandfather betrayed Arcadia. They where exiled and he was raised in poverty until his abilities began to manifest. The Necromancer took him in and trained him, he now works as spy, gathering information on Arcadia for the Necromancer.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Anara Tokesh]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 26/Were-fox/Female]
[center Username: NorthernWolves]
[center Likes: She has no 'likes'. All her 'likes' belong in her past.]
[center Dislikes: Hunters, everything the Necromancer dislikes.]
[center Powers? : Can transform between a human and a fox. Create illusions.]
[center Loyalty: Necromancer]
[center Short Bio/History: Nothing really special about her childhood, until she began experimenting with magic. Through this magic experimentation, the Necromancer corrupted her until she was his servant.
Even though she is corrupted, her previous persona still exists inside of her.]

[b Just a few things/rules:]
-This is a fantasy world, and I'm generally laid back about a lot of things. Pictures can be realistic, digital art, or anime -just nothing generic or too large.
-All ES rules apply -no exception
-This is not first come, first serve
-Romance is allowed, but nothing instant please.
-Absolutely NO god-moding or power-playing, If I see this I will call you out on it and you will be removed from the rp if no changes are made.
-Please no characters that always have to have the attention on them. For Example, always being injured or attacked, fainting, etc... Share the floor for everyone to have their moment to shine. Everyone gets to be a hero, not just one person all the time.
-I do allow Expanding Dialogue. For example: My character has dialogue in a post, you are free to copy and post some of it to most of it to elaborate on for your own character's dialogue.
ursing is allowed
-must be at least 18 years of age to apply .
-No you can't always be the hero, let everyone have their chance to shine
-You can play multiple characters, just please don't over whelm yourself.
- If you are unable to post or continue with the RP please let me know.
-if you have not posted within ten days you will be warned and your turn skipped. I also reserve the right to kill off your character or replace them, if you fail to post in a timely manner. I feel ten days is plenty of time to respond when in a group rp..
-This is an original RP idea, please do not steal it!
-Put 'Great Balls of Fire!' at the end of your PM so I know you read the rules.
-I have not decided if this will be a 1x1 or a multi-player thread. If you would prefer a 1x1, please PM and mention that when you submit your skeleton.
-I may ask you for a Sample Post pending your skeleton

[b This RP will start at the end of the funeral and segway right into the siblings trip to Arcadia. Fair warning, my intro posts are lengthy and do not reflect how I generally write.]


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Roleplay Responses

Kohrad listened to Aline as she commented on the saviours and he found himself nodding in agreement, he also believed that whatever else happened with the saviours that they would surprise the Resistance with their actions. No one, including Kohrad himself, the Priestess and by her own admission Aline, had expected there to be more than one child of Hawthorne so the saviours were already defying expectations. Kohrad wondered how they would surprise them in the future, he just hoped that whatever those surprises were they didn't ruin the Resistance's chances of defeating the Necromancer. Aline confirmed that the battle at the camp with the ogres was her first at seeing true combat. [b "Yes, the great stories and poems never mention the smells or sounds of battle. It seems that those details aren't particularly heroic. I wonder if any of the bards who wrote those songs or stories had ever seen a real battle in their lives? I suspect not."] What one heard in a story and what really happened during a war were often nothing alike but maybe that was for the best. Stories were to inspire and if people really knew the horrors of war for what they really were it was doubtful that anyone would ever seek out that life. Kohrad had always wanted to star in one of those epic ballads and this war was the perfect chance to make his mark on history. [b "I'll see you at the feast later."]

Kohrad excused himself from Aline's presence and noticed that the hour was getting later than he had first realised and that he didn't have much time to get ready before the feast started. He quickly took a bath and freshened up after the trek back from the wilderness and the battle with the ogres before deciding on an outfit to wear for the occasion. He decided on a deep red coat with gold embroidery on the sleeves and collar, and a well made if simple pair of trousers. His new gold ring featuring the crane in flight remained on his finger, it worked well with the gold accessories on his outfit. It would be improper to take his swords to a feast so he made do by hiding a small dagger inside his coat, it would be easy enough to draw if he needed it but discrete that no one should know that he was carrying it without a thorough inspection. Once he was ready he made his way towards where the feast was taking place, and it seemed that just about everyone in the Resistance was invited, he saw Aramis and Aria, Taeral and Aline, Lucillia and of course the two saviours. There were others that he didn't know by name but recognised, such as the woman who had helped them in the fight against the ogres, and the other new man who he had seen in the sparring grounds. The food on offer looked excellent, it seemed that the cooks had been working overtime to get everything ready, there was roasted wild boar, various game birds, even a few fish from a close by river. It was by far the best meal that any of them had eaten since starting the resistance. Kohrad himself had taken a seat of importance, close to both Aria and the Saviours, Jake was on his immediate left. He wanted to be able to hear what the children of the King and the Priestess were talking about, any information he had would be useful to him in some way. [b "So Jake, Sarah tell me how are you both finding camp? Settling in alright?"]
  Kohrad Vesna / Kastanstyrax / 25d 3h 20m 41s
Jake remained seated as he watched the members of the meeting stand to leave the room. He was slowly processing everything and accepting it as reality when Kohrad approached him and warned that training would not be easy. Jake could only stare back, feeling nervous about having to wield a weapon. According to Kohrad his training would start tomorrow, other than that it seemed Jake would be left to his own devices. He looked about the room and spotted the Priestess had been watching him and Kohrad. Her eyes followed the man out of the room and she turned her attention back to Master Heil. Jake looked back to watch the man leave as well, curious to understand the dynamics between everyone he had encountered. The curiosity was derailed by the approach of Aramis and Taeral. Taeral came with a word of caution in regards to magic and then promptly left to obtain the Priestess’ attention. Aramis stayed to speak with Sarah about her training.

The big brother in him swelled up and he frowned at Aramis. Jake would be the first to admit he’d scared off more than one drooling man from his sister. Best not to mess with her, or Jake would be quick to retaliate. However, she asked about their father and he found himself reluctant to listen. Their father had been a king this whole time... it was hard to picture.

Aramis smiled to Sarah and nodded, deciding then to take the seat beside her. [#2e8b57 “I did know your father. I served as one of his personal guards for nearly ten years. Looking at you both now, Master Jake resembles him most. If you could have seen it, King Hawthorn had a portrait made when he was younger... I look at your brother and I see my King, but you do have his eyes Lady Sarah. As to your training, I suggest we begin tomorrow at dawn. As I’m sure Lord Kohrad informed you both, training will not be easy. It will be quite difficult. Though I promise you, with hard work, you will see the fruit of your labor. Of that I am sure.”] he smiled kindly back to her and then to Jake before he stood up and made to leave. He gave them a curt bow and said, [#2e8b57 “I shall see you both at the feast,”] and left.

Jake turned to his sister and lowered his voice to keep things between them and looked at her seriously. [#8b0000 “Are we sure about this? We don’t even know these people, and they want us to fight a war. I find it very hard to believe our father was a king... it’s just... I don’t know. I’m having trouble believing all of this. How are you handling this? You look so calm...”]she was so much like their mother. Fearless in the face of uncertainty. He admired it... and it frightened him.

[center ~*~*~*~*~]

Aria was finishing her conversations with Master Heil, when Taeral approached. She bid the old man a good afternoon, with promises of further conversation during the feast. She was exhausted and looking forward to not only a bath, but a nap. Her brush with the ogre had taken her back to her captivity under The Necromancer. Just the thought left a cold shiver to run down her spine. Regardless, she turned to greet Taeral with a smile as his request of a private audience.
[#db7093 “Yes Taeral. Is something the matter? You look concerned. What can I help you with?”]
  The Narrator... / darien / 43d 14h 59m 25s
When they got back to the camp the saviours were quickly whisked away to a meeting. One that Aline was not high enough in power to see. She watched their backs as they disappeared. In the middle of her thoughts about the recent events a face came into view. Her gaze had been focused on the new girl. Something seemed off about her- like there was some secret she was hiding. Why had she been there?

That was when she was taken from her thoughts. A man standing in her way. She looked up to see the man that she had slept with before leaving camp. She barely could hear him as he rambled on about missing her and then a flurry of questions regarding the siblings. She waved him off, [+skyblue "We fulfilled physical needs that we both had. I do not have any intention of a repeat anytime soon. As for the saviors I am sure all your questions will be answered soon."] she walked away. It seemed by this point that the meeting had ended. She looked for the siblings they did not appear to have left the meeting yet, either had Aramis.

That was when she heard a familiar voice approach her. Kohran was starting to become of real interest. Whether or not his intentions towards the siblings were loyal she had no idea. She did feel he was loyal to his country.. and to himself. Though he did not seem to hide that aspect. She could appreciate the fact that he was more confident in himself. Most people were loyal to themselves. He seemed inquisitive she could appreciate that too.

[+skyblue "I can honestly say I am surprised that there are two of them. And I will say I am surprised at their look. Perhaps they will surprise us all."] She nodded noticing that the siblings were not exiting still attached to each other by some invisible string.

She felt her face redden a little at the mention of battle. Almost slightly embarrassed at the compliment about her fighting skills. [+skyblue "Oh. Well thank you. It was my first time seeing actual battle. I did not realize how a dead ogre would smell. Or even the sharp sounds that weapons make."] she said honestly. Reflecting back on the battle.

[center *]

[right [pic]]

When Aramis spoke up Sarah felt a new sense of confidence swell up in her. She smiled at the knight appreciatively. The feeling that someone else felt that she showed promise in battle felt good. She felt like she could really help these people instead of just sitting around while her brother did everything. She already knew that he had given up his life for her. She wanted to start doing things to now. She wanted to do anything she could to help her brother. Where they were now that seemed to mean learning how to fight properly and learning magic.

The meeting soon ended plans were made for the training. The priestess mentioned a feast being held that night. This made Sarah feel self conscious again as they were just white trash orphans earlier that day. She watched as they left noting everyones names once again.

Thats when the knight approached them. [+coral "Thank you for offering to train me. I look forward to it as well."] she smiled kindly at him. She listened to the rest of what he said taking it in. [+coral "What was he like? Do Jake or I look like him?"] she asked instantly feeling dumb for that being the first thing she asked about their father. It felt cliche.
  Aline / SoulDreamer / 52d 10h 28m 3s
Anara would show that she had a strong grip as well. Lucy remembered once a dear friend had explained the concept of handshakes. He explained like this, ‘In civil situation one can not simply puff up their chest to show they are the stronger predator instead people shake hands, the more firm the stronger. You must also equal the squeeze of your partner, too weak you are a prey, to hard and you are a dangerous challenge. ‘ Lucy wanted to be seen as a equal.

Anara explanation of her skills were quite acceptable. It had always been part of Lucy’s life, she found herself on the defense often. There were even those who would try and hunt her kind. She had spent her time before this as a Bandit and being in such a position meant she could not be weak.

Lucy arched a brow as the woman stated she needed more muscle. She wanted to laugh but felt this might be seen as rude. Lucy had always been lean, her muscles did not bulge like most but stretched out across her body. She might have to take the woman in the ring, prove that she was not a simple creature. Perhaps she should of held the others hand tighter.

The woman let out a laugh, lucy was not bothered. She had rolled around people like this woman before. “That would take all the fun out of it,” she responded as they moved along. “I like taking on the enemy, how can I ever get stronger if I don’t challenge myself,” she asked. Her gaze lifted drifting across the crowd as if she was seeking something. She had smelled something familiar, she never forgot a scent but she couldn’t why she remembered it. She let out a sneeze and shook her head as she turned back to Anara.

“I should probably take you back to the priestess,” she suddenly spoke, “I bet she would want to see you again,” she informed veering to the left. The priestess had a very interesting scent, it was rich. She would find the woman in no time.
  Lucilia Fang / Foreveryoung / 64d 10h 9m 10s
Kohrad waited to see what the reaction to his offering to train Jake would be, he was a logical choice to train the son of King Hawthorne but he was well aware that Kohrad was not always the most popular man in camp, he was viewed as arrogant and Kohrad knew that to be true. It was Jake that spoke up to accept the offer himself, that was a promising sign that he could gain Jake's trust and solidify a respectable position for himself. While Kohrad was making political schemes already he really would train Jake to the best of his abilities, none of this would matter if the Necromancer stayed in power. Kohrad was doing what his father had drilled into him since he was old enough to understand, the Family name came first, the ancient and most noble House Vesna was more important than anything else and Kohrad must do anything he could to increase the family's power, influence and reputation. That was exactly what he was doing now. After another brief discussion everything seemed settled with what to do with the Callahan siblings in the short term at least; Kohrad would train Jake, Aramis would train Sarah and Aria would teach them both about culture and history with Master Heil taking over should any of them show any arcane affinity. It was a reasonable outcome for everyone and with that the meeting had run its course.

[b "I'm going to warn you right now Callahan, this training will not be easy. It will be long, hard and undoubtedly there will be times when you hate me. What I do I do for not just your benefit but for the benefit of all of Arcadia. Take today to eat, rest and enjoy yourself. Your training will begin at morning's first light."] With that Kohrad left Jake and went to his own tent where he was greeted by a middle aged man with dark hair that was just beginning to be speckled by grey at the temples. This was his steward, Calus who had a grim look on his face. He handed a ream of papers to the young Lord as he sat himself down at the desk in the large tent. The papers did not make for fun reading, the latest costs for the Resistance were in and it seemed that they were burning through gold at an alarming rate...well alarming for anyone else at least. Kohrad had an absurd amount of money and it was a good job he did otherwise the resistance would have crumbled long ago. Hopefully now that the so called saviours had arrived they could start making plans against the Necromancer and seize the throne back, until now the resistance had been purely reactionary, for the first time that Kohrad could remember they had an advantage, slight as it was. The Necromancer didn't know that they held Hawthorne's heirs and knowledge was everything in war. The young lord hated doing these administrative duties and reading these reports but they had to be done, thank Merlin that he had Calus to help him, without the man he would have drowned in all the paperwork but eventually all the relevant areas that needed to be addressed he was free to go about his business once more. There was the feast tonight that was something to look forward to he supposed but for now he would content himself with simply walking around camp.

Kohrad had to admit that the people that he had been on the short expedition was to find the saviour's weren't completely awful, at least they were better than the common folk that he usually had to interact with here in camp, he might as well try and find one of them to pass the time with until the feast tonight. He meandered through the resistance camp, keeping an eye out for anyone he had travelled with and wanted to speak to. He saw the werebeast girl talking to the stranger that had joined them during the Ogre fight, she had some skill but it seemed the two were in conversation and Kohrad didn't want to disturb them. He then found himself in the sparring grounds, the young lord spend a lot of time here, in this place station and privilege meant nothing, you earned your respect with skill. There was one new face there who seemed to know what he was doing, that was good, the lack of skilfully trained warriors for their army was a grave concern for the resistance leaders. Kohrad did not stay to see who won the bout. He also saw the Elven healer and the Priestess off having a word in private, he wondered what that was all about...but he was sure that if it was important he would have been notified. There was also the fey girl, Aline he seemed to recall her name was. She had been quiet since the saviour's and the Ogre attack, hardly saying a word on the way back to camp. The Fey were a mystery to most men and that was exactly why Kohrad liked her, simply put he liked knowledge. Now that he thought of it, that may also be why he liked the golden ring he had found in the clearing so much. It was obviously valuable but he had no shortage of valuable trinkets but this was different, it called to him somehow. There was more to it than simply being pretty and he didn't understand why he felt that way and Kohrad did not like not knowing things. If he didn't quite understand why the ring felt so attractive to him right this minute he would endeavour to fix that gap in knowledge at some point. Realising that the young lord Vesna had momentarily been lost in his own thought he snapped himself out of them and sauntered over to Aline. [b "What do you make of them? The saviours I mean. I still can't believe that one of them is meant to deliver us victory against the Necromancer. They both seem so...unremarkable. I never had a chance to say it before but you handled yourself well, with the ogres I mean. Was that your first time seeing true combat?"]
  Kohrad Vesna / Kastanstyrax / 68d 1h 35m 7s

That was interesting. Well, the first thing wasn't as interesting. It merely involved Kohrad proposing to the Priestess to train Jake in the art of sword fighting, leadership, and politics. It only made sense, since Kohrad did have valuable experience in all three of those fields.

What was of big interest of what Kohrad said after that. Kohrad had promised to commission armour sets for both Callahans, as a "sign of good faith". If Kohrad was willing to commission "no expense spared" armour sets, then it wasn't merely out of trying to be kind. Taeral would not be surprised if Kohrad wanted to get closer to a potential king. Nobles always liked to worm their way towards someone in power or to someone who'd be in power eventually, just to be close and have that person's ear to gain even more favour.

Taeral had no problem with that. But only as long as Kohrad did not try and screw over anyone else. If it came to that, Taeral would not hesitate to give Kohrad a piece of his mind.

The Priestess agreed to Kohrad's offer, as well as stating future plans.

Taeral turned his attention to Jake's sister. Well, it seemed they had left someone out of the training equation, and that someone, Jake's sister in this case, was willing to train.

Even though the Priestess had talked about the common fact that princesses usually did not fight, Taeral found himself agreeing with Aramis for the same reasons. Sarah had showed talent with the bow, and her bowmanship could be improved to where she'd be nailing every enemy with an arrow to the head.

The Priestess agreed to Aramis training Sarah. Even though there were some skeptical glances, there was no doubt that Sarah would shine.

And then the talk came to magic. Magic could be used for good, but it could also be used for evil purposes. Training someone who had never experienced magic would require a close eye, so they would not be corrupted by the darker side of the magic.

After Aramis had finished expressing his gratitude, Taeral felt the need to voice his concerns.

He made his way over to where Aramis, Jake, and Sarah stood. [+green "I'd like to say a word of caution to both of you as it concerns magic. Magic can be used for good purposes, but it also has a much darker side. Just be careful that it does not corrupt and take you over."] It left a bitter taste in his mouth, for Taeral knew all too well how much dark magic could corrupt and turn an individual.

He turned to the Priestess. [+green "Aria, a word in private please?"]

[center /--|--/]

[right [pic]]

Lucy, that was a 'beautiful' name for a 'good looking' wolf-girl. Even the hand shake was 'excellent'. Anara could already feel the ever growing 'excitement' at this slow bonding, this slow process of befriending and then using newly made 'friends' to turn them against the others.

But until the betraying part, it was time to bond.

So Lucy was curious as to how she had learned to fight? Well, Anara knew she could answer this truthfully, or at least from what she remembered. [+purple "How I learned to fight? I was taught until... well until I was forced to go out alone... After that, it was just through fighting every single thing which wanted to fight me. Sometimes I went and looked for fights to test my mettle. I won some and I lost some. The most important fights are the ones you lose, for you understand what you need to improve on when practicing."]

Anara looked over Lucy. [+purple "You fought well as well. Maybe add some muscle to that werewolf of yours and some training, and you might become the best no weapons fighter. WE might not even have to fight, the enemies take one good look at you and run afraid."] Anara let out a slightly mad laugh, still going with the "female with somewhat screwed up mind" play.
  The Dragon King / NorthernWolves / 69d 20h 53m 38s
Jake still couldn’t believe that the woman, or rather the Priestess had no idea who the savior really was. She was certain on his birthright and the paternity of himself and his sister, but it seemed that was where her certainty ended. Jake didn’t believe in superstitions, even with facing the fact he was in an entirely new world. One created by Merlin, no less. Aria shared a glance with Tereal when Jake spoke no more on the subject. He had the feeling he wanted to return home, but what would he be going home to? A repossessed trailer, no where for Sarah to live, no money to send her to school, long days under the sun building houses he’d never be able to afford himself… He suddenly wondered what sort of life he would be returning to, and what sort he might be giving up here.

Lord Vessna suddenly spoke up, and captured the attention of everyone. Jake studied him, he was a man who could command a room. Every ear, even the reluctant ones listened in, and despite the man’s harsh words earlier, Jake found himself interested to know what the man had to say. He wanted to train Jake, saw himself as the only one qualified to do it, and only with Aria’s agreement would he be allowed. Jake found that strange as well, why did Lord Vessna call the priestess by her first name, but no one else dared to? Was it a lack of respect, or a wealth of familiarity between them? Jake couldn’t tell by looking between the two, but the Priestess seemed hesitant to agree with Kohrad’s statement of being qualified. Surprisingly Jake spoke before the Priestess could. Perhaps he had read the man wrong earlier, and if he hadn’t at least Jake could keep the man close.
[#8b0000 “I accept your offer Lord Vessna. So long as I’m here I might as well learn what I can, but my sister-“] He was cut off this time by Lord Vessna who made a point that he would have armor commissioned for both of them. Jake’s brows rose at the odd gesture of generosity, but he accepted it none the less. Perhaps this guy wasn’t so bad after all.

[#Db7093 “It is settled then, Lord Vessna will oversee our Regent’s training. Until such time he is ready to take command I will continue to lead this resistance with the help of the Privy Council, and Lord Vessna.”] The Priestess stated, looking ready to stand up, but then his sister had to ask who would be training her. There was a hush around the room, curiosity as to why a young intellect like Sarah would want to fight. [#db7093 “It is not common practice for Princesses to fight…”]
[#2e8b57 “Hold on, I think it’s time to change that. With all due respect Priestess, we need every person to fight to help win this war,”] Aramis said from his seat, green eyes studying the young woman with curiosity. [#2e8b57 “I saw her in battle, she has a warrior’s heart. I think she has a lot of potential, and I would be honored to train you Princess,”] Aramis said with a bow of his head. From beside him Aria smiled at him fondly.
[#db7093 “Aramis was one of Hawthorn’s knights, he will make you a fine tutor, Princess Sarah. I will teach the both of you Arcadia’s history, it’s traditions, your family tree, and the pillars by which Arcadia stands on. Should either of you show any magical affinity, Master Heil will take over your lessons.”]
Jake couldn’t help but start laughing, at the Priestess odd look towards him, he waved a hand.
[#8b0000 “I’m sorry, it’s just… Magic? Us? I think if we had magic we would have known about it.”]
[#00008B “No true, your world is not… in tune with magical energy,”] Master Heil’s aged voice rasped from his seat. [#00008B “It is very possible you both have had magic since your birth, and while it may not have been obvious, it may have helped you in times. Can either of you think back to a time when you probably should have been hurt, were lost, or great emotion might have caused something… unnatural to happen around you?”] Jake frowned, sharing a look with his sister. He couldn’t think of anything. HE shook his head towards Master Heil who only sighed mentioning that Time would tell…

From there the Priestess dismissed the meeting, reminding them all about the feast that would be held later that night, and gathered her papers to follow Master Heil elsewhere. Jake watched them leave, and wondered what he and Sarah were supposed to do now. He didn’t have to wonder too hard for Sarah’s sake as the knight from earlier made his way around the table and offered them both a respectful bow. Jake frowned, that was going to take some getting use to.
[#2e8b57 “Your Highness, Princess, I hope you do not find this to forth coming, but I look forward to your training. I know I can not speak for everyone, but I am glad you have arrived. Both of you. Two heirs to Hawthorn’s throne is more than any of us could have asked for. I knew your father well, not as well as our Priestess, but I would be willing to answer any questions I can, as I’m sure you have many.”]
  *Jake / darien / 78d 19h 48m 20s
Lucilia felt better she was clean it had taken so much scrubbing to get the smell off of her flesh. She was in her human form and dressed. Her tail was still wet, and heavy and she had to be thoughtful to keep it up as she moved through the camp. She had found herself greeted warmly, she enjoyed the uplifting sensation the camps gave up now it filled her with hope as well. As much as she wished to rest she could not, she felt herself full of energy she had to find a way to be useful. She hoped the priestess was free, she wanted to ask the woman what she could do. She was never an alpha but she was a damn good beta.

She had been on her way when the woman from earlier came upon her. Lucilla slowed down and peered at the woman trying so hard to recall her name. She had been so focused going back that she did not believe she had really ever said a word to her.

She wondered where she came from, the woman even had a familiar scent though she could not fully place it. Perhaps it was because she was the same species of Taeral.

She shook her head and focused on the task on hand. Socializing like a normal person, she could do this. She smiled and took the hand offered, good she had not forgotten the woman names, she had never learned it.

"You can call me Lucy, its nice to meet you. You are very helpful, a good fighter," the woman commented as she began to move along expecting the woman to follow along. "How did you learn," she asked. She was just a curious wolf, she enjoyed learning about others. That was how you learned more about the world, through other, or so she thought.
  Lucilia Fang / Foreveryoung / 81d 8h 24m 55s
Icarus arrived at the camp hours before the saviors came storming through. His arrival with not greeted with such huzzah, it was quiet as he rose up the path. It was too quiet, not a bird, not a squirrel not even a leaf ruffled as him and his horse moved along.

Icarus pretended the best he could not to notice, he kept his body slack, his grip on the reigns loose as he felt the sensation of himself being watched. The trees where big and hung over the dirt road, there was much shade here and Icarus knew he could handle himself but he would have to be careful to rely on such abilities. He didn't want to attract attention.

The man rode on silently thinking over his situation, he was deciding what character he would play now.

He was right about being watched, archer sat in the trees with their arrows pulled tight with suspicion but they would wait for their captain.

Behind Icarus a sound had arrived, horse hoofs, one single rider manifesting behind him. Icarus pulled at the reigns of his horse slowing the animal down into the stop as he turned his gaze about a man riding a large dusty colored horse. The man was of size too, he seemed to be looking down at Icarus even though he still had distance.

He recalled that Steve the man had warned him about this scene, blabbered on and on how he hated having to repeat the greeting correctly even if he was recognized. The captains name was Francisco, he enjoyed the theater quite a bit before things went down hill.

Francisco would have to start it off.

"The trees are beautiful today, do you feel the breeze."

Now it was here that Icarus could reply the correct manner, he was expected to say. "The air is fresh and the day is bright," this is what he decided to say. [b]" Not a leaf stirs, the wind is still but perhaps I do not sit at a height to feel such a breeze." [/b] Icarus rose a simply pony, the animal the man rode make Icarus horse look like a foal.

Silence settled between the two. Francisco looked thoughtful as he looked over the scrawny man. A loud chuckle reputed from his lips, it sounded reheard one of those Ha-ha reaction.

"How inconsiderate of me, I did not take your small stature into account. What do you think of the day?"

Icarus arched a brow as he looked at the half giant that was carrying on. [b "I can not see how bright the day is, you cast to wide of a shadow. Perhaps if you where to take lead I might be able to enjoy the sensation of the sun which you seem to be hogging. Are you not a man to share?" ]

Francisco eyes lit up seeming to enjoy the verbal assault on his size, he clicked his tongue and directed his horse forward past Icarus.

"Forgive me, how rude of me I will be kind enough to show you the way, I am a man who has manners enough to share," he chuckled again. "But not to a stranger."

The archers in the trees lowered their bows and let out a sigh as they watched Icarus follow after the man.

Icarus smiled, this man wasn't too bad, he had to come with a name but a sudden thought crossed his mind. He was going to use a character he had never played before. "Icarus," he responded as he followed.

The man would introduce himself and the two would talk as they moved along. Icarus would be the main interest, he was 23, he traveled a lot and knew how to fight. It had come this way because he wanted to know what was causing the earthquakes.

Francisco took him all the way to camp, people glanced at him but did not stare long as they went about their day. Icarus was shown a place to sleep, a place to bath and get food but Francisco was only interested in once thing making Icarus spar.

The two came around to the training grounds. He left his horse and tugged at his shirt with a sigh. [ "But I have no rest, you wish to overtake me while I am tired,"] he asked as he moved to look at the wooden training weapons. [b "I guess this is the only chance you get to beat me. ]

The two smiled at each other as they grabbed their weapon and headed to the sparring circle. They charged each other wooden swords swinging. Icarus was quicker then Francisco who had size but took long swings. He was able to keep Icarus at a distance but Icarus could dodge smoothly enough.

The two enjoyed the battle and would not know of the commotion on the other side of camp. The saviors had arrived. Sometime later, covered in sweat and dirt the two move on to the showers. His gaze crossed the crowd, he tried no to make it obvious but he saw a face he recognized. A smirk crossed his face, the game was on, he wanted to win before Anara.
  Icarus / Foreveryoung / 82d 17h 47m 50s
The party traveled back to the main camp. She felt the sort of buzz in her core. Perhaps it was fear or maybe excitement she really couldn't tell. Just a day ago she had been planning to head to college get some degree make money but now she found out she was some sort of princess and Jake was probably a King. There was a chance that they could have a life different from what they expected to ever have.

Once they got back to camp she and her brother were pulled into a separate meeting with the priestess who still had this essence of beauty about her even though she was moments from death earlier. The lord was also with them. Sarah was not sure how much she trusted him still. But there was something that was telling her that for now he was safe. She made a mental note to keep an eye on him though.

Sarah was shocked when she noticed that they seemed to not really have expected there to be two siblings as it did not fit into their prophecy. Hell it sounded like the prophecy did not have a certain gender assigned to it. There was just an assumption it would be a son, a king. That meant there was a chance she could be the one?

She quietly sat there as they talked about Merlin and King Arthur. The tie to their world intrigued her. She hoped that she would learn more about it sometime. Even if she was just going to be a princess here in the end. [+coral "Who is going to train me then?"] she asked. She wanted to learn how to fight and about the world. Even if her brother was the saviour. She was not going to let herself be pushed under the rug. Or let her brother be overly protective.

She looked around at those in the room with her. Waiting for an answer to her question. Suddenly the fact that she was in a room with her brother and other people that held titles of stature and her confidence faded a bit. She was still only an eighteen year old here too.
  Sarah Callahan / SoulDreamer / 88d 1h 28m 3s
The frantic activity of the battle settled down somewhat and it seemed that almost everyone had made it through the fight...that was until he saw Aria lying unmoving on the ground. Aramis crouched over her form calling for the elf, Taeral, to heal her. It seemed that Hawthorne's supposed son had other ideas as the man jumped into action and started compressing the Priestess' chest repeatedly and blowing into her mouth, Kohrad stayed silent during the whole affair thinking of the bigger picture. Could the Resistance survive without the Priestess? Could these two strangers really be the saviours? Would he be better switching to the Necromancer's side? Before he could come to a decision Aria took a heaving breath and while Aramis cared for Aria Kohrad himself was given command of the party. That was all he needed to hear. Kohrad began giving orders to strip the camp, pack up their belongings onto the horses and leave as quickly as possible, he wanted to be away from here as quickly as possible. Under his watchful gaze and instruction the camp was broken up quickly and the group were back on the road. He might be abrasive and Kohrad was well aware what most other people thought of him but that didn't mean that he wasn't suited to leadership roles. He had been doing this for literally his entire life.

Thankfully the group found themselves back at camp without any further inconvenience. He had watched the newcomer who had arrived just as the ogres had attacked closely while on the road, he didn't trust her but then again Kohrad didn't really trust anyone. Master Heil met them and wanted to greet the saviour, he clearly didn't expect the party to return with two people either. Kohrad dismounted from his horse and handed the reigns to a groom casually before nodding to Aria's invite to join her, Heil and the two saviour's in private conversation. Aria spoke of a vison that she had had, that the Dragon's Fang would return with the rightful King...that must be the sword that Jake carried. Admittedly that was a blow to Kohrad's secret hope that he really was the saviour all along but there was no point in dwelling too much on that. Visions were uncertain and could be interpreted in many number of ways. Kohrad's father had paid for a seer that supposedly had the gift of prophecy to stay in the manor and advise him based upon her visions, sometime's Kohrad had thought that his father had more money than sense but according to her interpreting visions was an extremely unpredictable act. Maybe, just maybe, there was still hope for Kohrad to become King himself. [b :I think that is a wise move Aria. Either of them could be the saviour so until we know otherwise we keep our options open and treat them both as such. It's only prudent."] It seemed that Jake still could not quite believe that Arcadia had links to King Arthur and Merlin, it seemed such a trivial point to be stuck on, if he really was the saviour then he would need a lot of work.

The Priestess' comment that the saviour's would need training brought a wry smile to Kohrad's lips, that was certainly true. In that, however, lay an opportunity Kohrad might not think too much of Jake right now but there was still a significant chance that this man could be the new King and if that was to happen Kohrad was going to make sure that he had influence over the man. [b "If it's alright with you Aria, I will volunteer to tutor young Jake here and take the lead in his training. I can teach him how to effectively use that sword and teach him politics, and how to govern. He will need those most when we defeat the Necromancer and with all due respect I am the most qualified to impart those lessons."] What Kohrad said was true, while there were many in the camp who could teach him combat and swordsmanship there were few who understood the nobility, how to run an estate or lands, the various factions that would emerge and how to play the game of houses in order to get what you wanted. Advisors and students often formed a bond due to how ling they spent in each others company and if Kohrad could gain a position of trust and power to the new king...he might just be able to accept that. His gaze licked over to Jake's sister Sarah for a moment, she had been quiet he wondered how she was dealing with all of this. [b "As a sign of good faith I will commission a set of armour for both Callahan siblings, to reflect their station as Hawthorne's offspring and keep them safe. There will be no expense spared."] A gift now could perhaps erase some of the bad blood from earlier at the camp and set Kohrad on the way to gaining the future King's trust and ear.
  Kohrad Vesna / Kastanstyrax / 93d 3h 45m 15s

He could not believe in how fast the mysterious swordswoman had managed to close the distance. Barely a second past and already her blades had ripped through the ogre, causing the ogre to hit the ground with one hard "thud". And then the Priestess came flying downwards, the mysterious swordswoman helping the Priestess land before talking about troll tussling and then running off to help the others.

The battle seemed to end very quickly after the mysterious swordswoman had made her appearance. All three trolls were dead, and now there was a quite atmosphere.

Vesna's attempt at sarcasm irked Taeral. To Taeral it seemed as if Vesna had completely ignored the fact that the Saviors had teleported into a completely unknown world with no idea of what they were doing.

But he did not have time to linger on Vesna's 'antics', for a much more urgent matter flared up.

Aramis called for him, the voice very urgent. Upon turning around, Taeral was chilled to the bone with the sight presented to him.

Upon the ground below Aramis lay the lifeless body of the Priestess. Her nose was broken and bloody, but that was of the least concern.

With Aramis' call for aide, everyone ran up to gaze upon the lifeless body of the princess.

But the male savior was doing something. The male savior had reached towards the Priestess' hand and it appeared he was feeling for something; he was feeling for the pulse.

Taeral got the feeling that the male savior had an extremely good idea of what he wanted to do, and despite Aramis' protestations Taeral was most curious to see what the male savior was going to do.

The male savior had first rolled the Priestess to her side, then rolled her back onto her back. Then taking his hands, the male savior placed them on top of the Priestess's chest, and began to compress as he muttered something underneath his breath.

Taeral took note of this, for he would have done this using his healing magic and not whatever the male savior was doing.

Even though he knew Aramis was attempting to still be protective of the Priestess, Taeral could not help but smirk and chuckle at Aramis' expression of rage and confusion. Especially when the male savior leaned in as if to kiss the Priestess, but also blowing out at the same time.

That just did it for Aramis, who shoved the male savior away from the Priestess. Taeral only smiled back at Aramis as the Priestess awoke. No harm had been done, only a lifesaving maneuver.

After Aramis had told Vesna to take lead, he hauled the Priestess away. Taeral walked up to Aramis. He could see that Aramis was still shaken up by what he had just witnessed. Taeral put a hand on Aramis' shoulder, trying to comfort him. At the same time, Taeral muttered a spell under his breath which fixed the Priestess' broken nose.

Going back to the male savior, the male savior was standing with the female savior. He only managed to overhear the last snippet of the conversation, something about being shit upon.

[+green "If by Lord Farwaud, whoever that is, you are reffering to Vesna, don't take it too much. Vesna likes to be treated as Lord Vesna, and that sometimes gets into his head. For someone who's come from a completley different world with no idea about this world, I'd say you've done a good job. Especially with that lifesaving manuever, which I'd be delighted to learn from you later."]

After packing camp, they moved out back towards the Resistance headquarters.

Unlike the journey to Grendall Falls, the journey back to base passed by quick. It was a joy to hear the sound of hammers ringing in the forge, and smell of cooked food wafting through the air.

Everyone stood to watch as they rode by, the Savoirs lifting everyone's hopes and dreams even higher.

The very last person to greet them was Master Heil, who stood in front of the main house with a smile.

Taeral kept his watch on the Priestess. She had weathered the storm which was nearly dying extremely well, but he was still wary in case anything happened.

Well, that caught him off guard. Taeral did not remember the new member ever saying who she was, but somehow the Priestess knew the newcomer's name; it was Anara. He knew naught of how the Priestess learned of her name.

Now here was something of interest. The Priestess specifically invited Vesna into the private meeting. To be fair, Vesna did contribute much to help keep this Resistance organizing. Even though Vesna acted like an asshole, he did have the manpower, the money, the sway over some of the other lords, and had deep knowledge about politics and strategy.

Taeral chose to enter the private meeting, for he was most curious as to what Vesna would say.

After entering, Taeral took a position where he could easily see the saviors.

As the Priestess began to speak, Taeral kept a watch on the Saviors. He was curious as to how they would react to all this extra news that would be dumped on them.

He did not know what to make of the Saviors silence. He would not be surprised if they felt overwhelmed by all this information. But the male savior appeared to be in some sort of thought, which did not translate to being deep in thought. But then again he could be wrong, Taeral knew well enough that he was not right all the time.

It was interesting to hear the male savior interrupt the priestess. The male savior did make a fair point about not being told what this place was, even though he had at least some idea of what this place was.

The Priestess confirmed the male savior's guessings on what this place was. This was indeed a lot of information to take in.

Especially when there wasn't any certainty whether the Saviors were actually The Saviors. This was going to get really interesting.

[center /--|--/]

[right [pic]]

Now, that was not 'fun'. She had only managed to run a few steps before the last ogre was slain, its body thumping against the ground as it had done with the ogre she had killed. She had wanted to kill another ogre, slice the blades through another body, to cut the mortal coil of another creature. But no, they just had to ruin the 'fun' and kill both ogres.

It seemed there was nothing else to do, except to wait and look on what would happen next.

And what did we have here? It seemed the female she had saved from the ogre's hand was having just the tiniest bit of difficulty in getting over having her mouth and nose covered by a brute hand. No need for exaggeration of being choked to near death, it was merely a simple choke.

But despite that, the "cri de coeur" was sounded and everyone surrounded the female's limp body. While everyone else stood around the princess, Anara scraped her blades against the grass; cause cleaning ogre blood was more important than trying to save a female, at least someone had their priorities straight.

The female it seemed was to be referred to as the Priestess. Anara slightly perked up, not trying to give away her interest. The Priestess, the Priestess, where had she heard that word before...

She remembered!! Her master, oh her most precious master had lost a most precious toy; that precious toy was the Priestess. This would be news her master would like, oh yes her master would enjoy hearing this news.

But now was not the time to report it. If she reported it now, her actions would be much too suspicious. Maybe later, once everyone had gone to sleep, then only would she go out and report back to her most excellent master.

Finished with cleaning her blades, Anara slammed them back into their sheathes. Looking around, it seemed the commotion had died down. The Priestess had fully returned to the world of the living.

Although the two humans, they were an oddity. Anara could tell they weren't from around these parts, they felt way too uncomfortable. Oh well, that was their problem.

Anywhoo, it was time to pack up. Anara didn't need to pack up anything, but she did need to pick up her horse which she had left tied to a tree.

Her black horse just stood there calmly, as if there had been no battle against three ogres a short distance away. It just calmly swished and flicked its tail, rotating its ears around.

Now the ride back. It wasn't really 'interesting'. But then again, Anara kept to herself, muttering weird and cryptic phrases; trying to keep up the image of a mind torn by a distressing event. At some point she had mentioned her name out loud, along with some other words, before falling silent.

Back to where the whole shebang of an operation of the rebels occurred. It wasn't that bad of a place to be honest. It did have smithies, houses of sorts, decent cooking by the smell of it, a training yard. In some ways it was better than a castle due to it being out in the open.

Anara was getting somewhat antsy. She wanted to be off her horse and to have some alone time. But she'd have to first sit through a mini-reunion between some old guy who seemed to know the Priestess, and the Priestess herself. It was quite the bore, something akin to an attempt at a farce but lacking the comedy.

Ah, finally they were free to go.

The wolf girl had walked up to her, and offered to go to the baths together. The offer was extremely kind, but Anara was fine.

Instead, she walked off where no one could bother her at all. Making sure that no one else was around and no one could walk up on her, Anara took the stone hanging on the necklace around her neck and reached out to her master. She told him of everything that she had learned.

After receiving further instructions, Anara cancelled the connection and walked towards where the feast would be.

Along the way, she managed to spot the wolf girl that had offered her from before. Walking up to the wolf girl, [+purple "Hey there, I don't think I introduced myself. My name's Anara."]
  The Dragon King / NorthernWolves / 93d 10h 7m 40s
The battle had been bloody but it had been won, she had been of use but now she reeked of ogre blood and she had lost some clothing. She wouldn't bother changing back, she would stay in her form and let one of the saviors claim a horse.

Like the rest she was eager to get back. She would stay on guard helping lead the way back. At last they where back and there was a commotion. People began to gather, excitement and hope lite up the face of all who peered at the returning party. She felt welcome, she felt tired, she felt dirty. She was more then happy to be excused, she wanted to bathe and change into her human form.

The priest suggested they take the time to make the new arrival feel comfortable. Lucy looked at the woman, still in her wolf form she let out a sigh. It couldn't be help, it was only right she had helped save them. "The baths are this way, lets clean off and get a good meal in us," she suggested, her tail wagged as she imagined the treats she would get for helping find the savoir. Maybe even a whole pig.

The wolf tail was soon wagging hard as she turned and began to make her way through the crowd, the woman could follow or some one else could suggest a better use of her time. Perhaps there was even protocol for a new arrival. She had never been high enough up on the food chain to know this for but when she had arrived some one had taken a moment to speak to her.

Either way if she was followed or not Lucilla planned to head to the bathhouse, if it wasn't fancy, no big pools to soak in but there water and a fire to keep it warm and that was all she needed. She would bathe there and return to her tent, still staying in a wolf form it wasn't until she was in a private place did she dress and head to the mess hall.
  Lucilia Fang / Foreveryoung / 105d 8h 46m 54s
The battle had been won, but the heroes were not out of the dark just yet. Lord Vesna took command as the knight Aramis tended to the injured Priestess. No thanks to the quick actions of Jake and Taeral she would survive. Which left their newest member. There was clear curiosity, but as she had come to their aid, they wouldn’t question her… at least not yet.

A call to move out was made and Jake did his best to help pack up camp with his sister -keeping her close. Conversation was not abundant as they took down camp and decided to move away and back towards Base Camp. It had been the Priestess’s call. Lord Vesna might have taken control of the group, but the final word was still hers. At his suggestion, she agreed, and they began to move out. To reach Grendell Falls had taken them two days, and it took half as long to return to camp. They had the Savior, and a quick return was most important. There was no time for idle chit chat, and they needed to begin training for the coming battles. The trip back to Basecamp was at least less perilous than their initial trip. No ogres bothered them, no creatures threatened them, and their horses kept a vigorous pace to return them safely to their camp.

The entire group, plus their newest members let out a collective sigh at the sight of forge fires, the cacophony of hammers and the smacking of training sticks from young soldiers. Someone spotted them cresting the western hill, and called out to the camp near him that the Priestess and Lord Vesna had returned from their journey to find the Savior. Word spread through the camp, and people stopped their work, or their training to catch a glimpse of the group on their arrival. Those who had ventured forth unknown, were now a common name on everyone’s tongue. They had helped discover and find the Savior. Now there was hope, a far more powerful tool to the resistance than any savior.

At the main house of the camp stood the weathered Master Heil. He leaned on his staff, long silver beard swaying in the wind, and a smile on his face that made the wrinkles fold over themselves.
[#00008B “Priestess, you have returned! And you bring new faces! Who among you is our Savior? I want to meet this Callahan!”] From her perch in Aramis’ saddle, Aria cringed slightly. It would be quite the truth to admit, Aria was not certain who the savior was… she had not been expecting two Callahans to arrive. Master Heil was already ahead of her, and moving towards Sarah, Jake, and Anara. His eyes alighted on Jake and reached forward to shake his hand. [#00008b “You must be the man we’ve all been waiting for. For the Glory of Merlin, you look the spiting image of your father.”] Jake was speechless, he hadn’t known that, then again, the only image he had of his father was faded and old, scratched and nearly forgotten. Even more curious… this old man knew about Merlin? Could they possibly be talking about Merlin of Avalon? The Legend of King Arthur himself? But those were mere fairy tales. Weren’t they?

The priestess slipped down from her own horse quick to catch the old wizard and lead him away. They had other pressing things to discuss, and it would be best they be done in private. Master Heil, had to agree, privacy was always best in these sorts of matters, and so the saviors were ushered into the main building. Before following, the Priestess looked back at those who helped her and offered them a kind smile.
[#DB7093 “If someone would be so kind as to show Anara around and welcome her, I would be most grateful. Lord Vesna, if you would join Master Heil and myself, I think your council would be most helpful right now. The rest of you are welcomed as well, if you choose to part I hope to see you at this night’s feast. In the meantime I urge you to use discretion, we can not let word of the Savior’s arrival reach The Necromancer. Not yet.”] The priestess knew she took a gamble bringing Kohrad into the mix, but he was one of the last nobles loyal to the crown, had deep pockets, and knew more about politics than she ever would. Besides, he would certainly be candid and honest in his advice not just with her, but with them all. If nothing else, she knew he would speak what needed to be said, not what she wanted to hear. Despite her distrust with him, she knew she needed his support. Jake would need his support. The remaining nobles supported Kohrad, and they would not be so willing to support a nameless lost heir. No Kohrad, meant no resistance.

Anara and the saviors weren’t the only new faces in the camp… a new face had arrived as well. New members arrived every day, and there wasn’t much of a vetting process. Thus why the priestess sought privacy in all matters instead of speaking out in the open. They entered the main building behind Master Heil and the Callahan siblings. Once inside, the doors closed and the small group of resistance leaders and fighters sat down to discuss the saviors and their plans moving forward.

Jake was not sure what to expect, but it seemed the people believed he was the savior they had long waited for… or at least he thought he was… someone was not so sure.
[#DB7093 “The reason I requested privacy is because I want to be honest. Even the trees can speak, and carry messages in the wind, so my words must be kept in this privy council. My visions only ever gave me the name Callahan, and that the Dragon Fang would return with the rightful king. Well, the fang has returned with Master Jake, and his sister Lady Sarah. However… I am not sure which one of them is the savior, but I do know that Master Jake is King Hawthorn’s heir.”] She admitted to the group. Master Heil looked saddened by this and passed his disappointed glance between the siblings. The knight Aramis was unphased by the revelation as Aria had confided in him already, and Jake just sat there. The idea of being a savior was no longer at the top of his mind… had they just said rightful King? Jake could become a king? He couldn’t believe it. He almost didn’t want to believe it. This entire world made his head hurt and defied all he’d ever known. Yet the Priestess continued. [#DB7093 “I think it would behoove us all to treat both Master Jake, and Lady Sarah as if they are both the Savior. For all we know, together they are the savior. I hope to learn more with future visions. You will both need training, and I trust all those here with that training. Each of you have something to teach the Callahan Siblings. If The Necromancer learns that I do not know who the savior truly is... he will perceive it as a weakness, and a chance to strike us down once and for all. It is an attack we can not win at this time-“]
[#8b0000 “Hold on a second,”] Jake finally interrupted, causing the table to look his way. He wanted answers. [#8b0000 “It’s been a whole day now and not one of you has told me what this place really is. Where are we? And when you said Merlin... do you mean, King Arthur and Merlin?”]
[#db7093 “Of course. Merlin created Arcadia, for all mystic beings. Those of us touched by magic. This place was created to protect us from those who feared us. This was once the home and safe haven of all creatures. Dragon kin most of all. The Prophecy of the Dragon’s return, only comes with the return of the Dragon Fang. Which you have brought back from your world. You are the rightful heir, our rightful King who has returned with Dragon Fang, and will return dragons to this land.”] It was a lot, too much for Jake to take in.
[#8b0000 “But you’re not sure if I’m the savior?”] Jake asked, the lovely Priestess only frowned at him, but was honest in her confession that she did not know which of them was the savior. It left a sour taste in Jake’s mouth, but he glanced to his sister and saw she was far more interested in this entire place than he was. She seemed to be accepting it better than he as well. Still... Merlin, Dragons, a prophecy, royalty, a Necromancer and ogres... he wasn’t sure he was going to be ready for another revelation, but he was prepared to not get surprised by the insanity of it all. There was still a part of him that thought he must be in a coma.
  The Narrator... / darien / 107d 15h 55m 49s
It all happened so quickly Jake was sure if it was reality or a dream. Surely this had to be a dream? No... he’d woken up from a dead sleep to find himself up against an eight foot tall ogre that smelled like rotting animal carcass and baby diapers sitting under a hot sun. It was, hands down, the most awful smell he’d ever encountered. It also confirmed the shitshow he’d found himself in.

His first instinct, after not vomiting from the stench, was to ensure his sister’s safety. The next was to use the sword he’d found and stick them with the pointy end. Honesty, he might have been better off with his sister’s bow. He wasn’t bad at shooting a bow. Hell, he’d take his .12 gauge shot gun right about now. The Elf, he thought his name was Taeral, was fighting off the biggest of the bunch that held the Priestess aloft in its meaty hand. Sarah was up at his side eager to fight with him, but Jake was having none of that. He turned and shoved her back down to the ground.
[#8B0000 “No way, you stay here... or at least with those guys,”] Jake warned pointing over at Kohrad and Aramis, who Jake wasn’t going to lie... were kicking serious ass. He couldn’t help but think it was so cool. With no time to seriously fan girl over their moves, Jake dove in to do the best he could.

It honestly wasn’t much. He attempted to jump in and help Aline, who was equally bad ass with her vines, and Lucilla who had turned into a wolf. So bad ass, and seriously pushing him towards a mental break. This was real life, and the possibility of it being a dream was long gone. He was so busy trying to hold his own and block the swing of a meaty hand holding a club from hitting him, when he heard an arrow whizz by his head. It struck it’s mark causing the putrid blood to seep upwards and drip to the ground. He looked behind him to see Sarah standing there with a smug grin and holding her bow.
[#orange “See I can fight too!”] She called to him, and notched another arrow. It wasn’t that he doubted her... he just didn’t know what to anticipate here. He didn’t want her getting hurt.

Worrying about Sarah, meant Jake was distracted. It allowed a heavy arm to slam against him and throw him sideways across the camp. He landed in a lush collection of bushes and leaves. Jake had never been rocked like that and it took him a moment to catch his bearings. For his first fight he was seriously making an ass of himself. This was no bar fight, this was no boxing ring... this was... what was this even called? A sword fight? Jake had to shake his head, feeling he might now have a concussion and attempted to stand up and find his sword, but by the time he managed back to his sword, the ogres were dead and a new member had joined their company.

Kohrad and Aramis had done the brunt of the killing work, be it really was a team effort. Aramis’ first duty was to the priestess, she was still felled near the animal. Jake shamefully sheathed his sword and looked around uselessly at the group that had all done great work. Aline made a suggestion to move camp and evade any future potential enemies due to their midnight skirmish. Jake could only agree. They knew this place and he clearly knew nothing... he felt so useless, and it was made even worse by Kohrad’s scathing remark.
[b “Well that was fun, nothing like a good battle to wake you up. I’ll never get back to sleep now. It seems our blessed saviors survived their little brush with danger. Seeing you in action... Arcadia is surely saved now.”]

Jake felt entirely deflated at that. Moments ago, Jake had admired the man’s prowess along with the Knight. Jake didn’t have long to dwell on it as the knight made a call for help. The warriors all turned to see Aramis huddled over the Priestess’ unconscious body.
[#2e8b57 “Master Taeral! The Priestess! She is not breathing!”] Jake’s head perked up at that, he wasn’t sure if he could help, but he hurried over with the others. Her nose was clearly broken from how the ogre held her, and blood covered her face and front of her gown. She looked dead, but Jake reached for her hand and felt for her pulse. He’d recently taken CPR and First Aid, plus his work safety courses. Now it was time to see if any of it might be useful. She still had a pulse, but she wasn’t breathing. Jake knew just what to do, but the moment he went to touch her, ARamis held a hand out. [#2e8b57 “You will not touch her!”]
[#8b0000 “I can help her!”] He hoped. Aramis seemed reluctant, and Taeral curious. Jake took the Priestess and rolled her to her side to ensure her airways were clear, and then laid her back out and tipped her head. Then he began his compressions, and under his breath began to sing the Bee Gee’s Staying Alive.

Aramis looked on wholly confused, and wholly enraged as he watched Callahan stop his chest compressions and press a kiss upon the Priestess’ lips. With a shout he shoved the man back, and resumed his protective stance over the Priestess and looked to Taeral for help.
[#8b0000 “I was giving her lungs air,”] Jake attempted to tell them, but Aria proved that well enough by coughing and sputtering with breath, and jerking back to life in Aramis’ arms. Jake sat back feeling better. Finally he’d done something to help. [#8b0000 “That ogre must have had a pretty strong grip...”] Jake mused, getting up. Aramis looked down at the Priestess and up at Jake, giving a firm nod of his head.
[#2e8b57 “Lord Vessna, you take the lead while the Priestess is down.”] Jake watched Aramis stand up with the Priestess and watched him carry her away. She clung to him and Jake wondered if there was something going on there, however, it was now to the new member of their group. Who was she and where did she come from?

Jake returned to Sarah’s side and frowned at her. Sighing he reached out and put his arm around her. [#8b0000 “Sorry I was a jerk. You can fight... and a hell of a shot, sis. Thanks.”] He then lingered back from the group, still feeling embarrassed about his lack of skills in battle. he confessed it to his sister. [#8b0000 “I made such an ass of myself. Those guys are insane... how did I even think I could keep up with that? You did pretty good though. At least Lord Farquad didn’t shit on you, just me... and the Priestess seems like she’ll be alright now... Oh well, I guess we’ll move on, everyone else is.”]
  *Jake / darien / 115d 13h 47m 40s

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