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There is a world, where elves, fairies, dwarfs and men roam. Where dragons rule the skies, and where a lonely king rules his vast kingdom justly and with compassion. This is the Kingdom of Arcadia.... or... it used to be... The lonely old king has recently died with no heir to take the throne... at least one not in this realm....

This plunges the kingdom of Arcadia into chaos, and from the chaos rises a conniving Necromancer, power hungry and lusting for the throne. With the devastating force of his scourge army he manages to take the throne all for himself, ruling with an iron fist. He dines at banquet, while the people starve. He cares not for others -only for power, and he refuses to relinquish his power... even to the rightful heir of the throne... He'll kill them first. He plans to kill them as it is.

[center ~*~*~]

Jake Callahan has just turned twenty one and holding his little brother's hand, has just finished burying their mother. Cancer can be a real shit show, and so can deadbeat dads you’ve never met. That’s why he had to drop out of high School, he had to be the man of the family. School had always been easy anyway, so Jake dropped out, and one month later had his GED. Since he was sixteen he’s worked, currently a construction worker he did everything he could to make sure his mother had her medication, could go to radiation therapy, and that his brother gets his actual diploma. However, when Jake and Dex go through their mother’s old things while packing to move out of their trailer into a nicer apartment, they find an old trunk. It's full of things they discover belonged to the father. By a stroke of fate they find themselves transported to a completely different world…

There they will make new friends, find a new lease on life, and heal from the loss of their mother. They will also find themselves swept up into an all out war to save their new home. They just have to defeat the Necromancer King and his army of vicious Scourge

Only then can Jake take his rightful place… on the King’s throne… on their Father’s throne. In order to do that though, he's going to need a lot of help...

[center ~*~*~]

I will be playing Jake, and an extra character, with plenty of Minor NPCs for all to use. I need the Sibling . I also need a leader of the Arcadian Resistance, a civilian effort to overthrow the Necromancer. This character can be male or female. I would like to have a variety of characters, from elves to dwarfes, and everything in between . This is a semi-lit, to literate rp. I want well thought out posts, with good grammar and minimal errors. I doesn't have to be perfect, but I do ask it be legible. I do not want to implement a character limit, but I will if I have to. Please fill out the skeleton and submit it in your PM. Please title your PM "Goodness, Gracious..."

[center [b Character Skeleton]]
[center Name]
[center Age/Race/Gender]
[center Username]
[center Likes]
[center Dislikes]
[center Powers? ]
[center Loyalty ]
[center Short Bio/History]

[center [b Characters]]

[center [pic ]]
[center [b Jake Callahan - TAKEN]]
[center Username: Darien]
[center Age:21, Human Male]
[center Likes: He's not really sure these days, he's been too busy living to make ends meet. It's fair to say he's just happy when he's got a few extra bucks to his paycheck after paying all the bills. He'll be even happier once his sister starts college and makes something of herself. He likes dogs and animals, and working with his hands.]
[center Dislikes: Self-centered ass holes. Misogynists, elitists.... just... people... he's never met a person he's actually liked... and he's definitely never met a woman who didn't end up breaking his heart. What he really hates is Cancer for taking his mother away from him.]
[center Powers: He has those? Can't wait to figure them out! ]
[center Loyalty: To his sister, but he begrudgingly comes to support Arcadia and their plight -accepting his role in the kingdom]
[center Short Bio/History: You already read it. High School Drop out, GED weilding construction worker pulling 50+ hours a week to put food on the table for his family, and make sure the lights in their shitty trailer stays on.]

[center [pic]]
[center [b SIBLING-TAKEN]]
[center Name: Sarah Callahan
Age/Race/Gender: Eighteen/ Human Female
Username: Souldreamer
Likes: Foxes, snowy days and sitting in front of the fire place drinking hot chocolate, meeting new people and making connections. Her brother. Unlike her brother she quite likes most people- she tends to see the best in people and it gets her hurt.
Dislikes: Cancer, diseases, loss. She has a deep fear of being alone.
Powers?: She isn't sure if she has any of those.
Loyalty: Arcadia and her family.
Short Bio/History: Sarah was raised by her single mother and honestly by her brother as well. Even though they were relatively close in age he also seemed older to her. She is trying her best to get into a good college so she can pay her brother back for all he gave up for her. ]

[center [b Arcadian Resistance Leaders- OPEN]]

[center [pic]]
[center [b Priestess of Arcadia]]
[center Name: Aria Tolshiv]
[center Username: Darien]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 20, Druid female]
[center Likes: Birdsong, children, copious amounts of prayer, and the sweet cakes the baker once made before the Necromancer swept into the Capital and destroyed her home and the locals who rebelled against the Necromancer with her. She does miss those cakes... she honestly misses the jovial old Baker more.]
[center Dislikes: The Necromancer. She'll see his downfall even if it means her own.]
[center Powers: The gift of premonition, Astral Commune&projection , Healing]
[center Short Bio/History: Aria was born to a race of magic wielders known as Druids. She was born bearing the mark of the Next High Priestess, chosen by the gods to be their voice and hand in the mortal world. She was raised in the capital under the tutelage of her Temple Elders from the age of 3 when she was taken from her home. When the Necromancer attacked her temple she was taken hostage, raped, tortured, and exploited for her powers. Luckily she managed to escape and has been living with the Arcadian Resistance ever since.]

[center [b Original Characters - ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS]]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Kohrad Vesna ]
[center Age/Race/Gender 35, Arcadian Male]
[center Username Kastanstyrax]
[center Likes being right, power, victory in battle, being a bully and being the smartest man in the room ]
[center Dislikes Losing, being shown up or anyone questioning him]
[center Powers? He is a trained warrior, and has limited control of blood magic; the ability to manipulate wounds and transfer injuries from one person to another.]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia…but mostly to himself]
[center Short Bio/History: Kohrad was the first born son from an old and respectable Noble family- the honourable and most noble House of Vesna. The young man was trained in combat as was expected for his station and he relished in it, it allowed him to show others how much better he was, it allowed him to hurt others, to make himself feel superior. He studied ancient blood magics in his spare time purely because they are particularly difficult magics to master and Kohrad wanted to once again prove himself superior to everyone else. When the Necromancer took over Konrad joined the resistance because he felt that the Necromancer would kill him without a thought, Kohrad’s first instinct is always his own survival. Kohrad dedicated himself to fighting against the Necromancer in the hopes of destroying him and taking the Dragon throne for himself. The name Death's twin was fashioned for him by those in the resistance, signifying that he is as deadly in battle as death itself and also as a wry remark that he uses twin blades. Despite fighting against the Necromancer if he could be assured his survival and a prominent enough position of importance Kohrad would seriously consider switching sides.]

[center [pic]
[center Name: Aline Wyverngem]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 19/ Fae Female]
[center Username: Souldreamer]
[center Likes: nature and the forest. Her village where she grew up. Flirting- she can be a bit of a flirt, she sees it as a good way to break tension and remain less stressed out- though she also has a serious side.]
[center Dislikes: Like most people the Necromancer. She also hates those who harm nature and animals. ]
[center Powers?: She has the ability of flight which is granted to her through the wings that can appear on her back. She also has elemental manipulation- she has small control over water and earth specifically. Can understand forest animals. ]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia.]
[center Short Bio/History: Aline grew up in a small village that was destroyed when she was sixteen years old. She since then joined the resistance. Even though she would not consider herself a fighter she has know seen a lot of battle which has shaped her magic into being more of offensive magic then a defensive type.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Lucilia Fang]
[center Age/Race/Gender 22 female Wolf]
[center Username ForeverYoung]
[center Likes: She loves being outside but how could not. She enjoy sweet berries and honey is always worth the sting. She loves to dance and travel, village festivals where alway her favorite but the war has put a damper on such things. She loved cooking.]
[center Dislikes: Tight fitting clothes, being trapped and disloyal people. Never make a promise you can't keep. She hates sour things and most of all Necromancers. ]
[center Powers: She can achieve full transformation into her ancestral wolf form and can communicate with other animals]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia]
[center Short Bio/History: Lucilia, or Lucy as she likes to be called, was separated from her pack at a young age and though she can recall some of her pup days she was too young to retrain any real information about her family. She was taken in by a band of thieves that taught her to clean and fit into small spaces to earn her way and though she may not of called anyone mother or father this was the misfit family that would raise her and love her. She left her group to try and search for that lost pack and find herself. After hearing rumor of wolves in the resistance she sped off to join it.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Taeral Tokesh]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 50/Wood Elf/Male]
[center Username: NorthernWolves]
[center Likes: His daughter, the forest, helping out those in need]
[center Dislikes: what the Necromancer did to his daughter, pyromaniacs, liars of various sorts]
[center Powers? : Healing, can also transform into a fox.]
[center Loyalty : Arcadia]
[center Short Bio/History: Whilst he was still 'young', Taerak had been one to go on one adventure after another. He enjoyed travelling to new places, seeing new creatures and people, and challenging his physical and magic skills.But eventually he decided to settle down. He married a female human, and had one daughter. Unfortunately, the mother died abruptly while he was away on business, leaving him the sole parent of his daughter.
He named her Anara, after his wife, and spent as much time as he could with her. Even though the adventures were not those that he had experienced, it had left so many joyful memories for him.
But that why it was so the more painful, when the day came when his daughter had been corrupted and fled. Grief overtook him, and he struggled through the five stages of grief. He knew that he would not be able to find her, but at least he could help those fighting the Necromancer. He knew how to fight, but his healing magic was a great tool. The whole time he was helping the resistance movement, he would hear all sorts of stories about a most devilish woman. He knew who that woman was; his daughter. Now that the Saviors were seen by the Priestess, he wants to go on this journey, and getting back his daughter.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Aramis]
[center Username: NPC ]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 36, Arcadian Male]
[center Loyalty: Arcadia]
[center Likes: Structure, discipline, adventures, working out, hunting, and cats. ]
[center Dislikes: The Necromancer, because seriously, who does? Despite being a warrior, Aramis dislikes battle and war, but he enjoys a good brawl.]
[center Powers: A skilled warrior, Aramis has quick reflexes, superb hearing and vision, but no magical powers.]
[center Short Bio/History: Aramis is a native of the Capital and has always served the Royal House. When his king fell, Aramis was away on the battlefield and survived with a handful of other warriors to learn of their king's death. Upon learning that The High Priestess was still alive, he volunteered for the mission to help save her and free her, knowing that she had been like a daughter to their beloved King. It was Priestess Aria who convinced him and the other knights to stay with the resistance. ]

[center [pic ]]
[center [b The Necromancer -TAKEN]]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 35/Human/Male
Username: LordTyranus
Likes: He enjoys the shadows, the sense of power being a ruler gives, wealth and having loyal followers. Those who are loyal are rewarded graciously. And he also likes to punish, anyone he believes has wronged him, in the worst ways possible.
Dislikes: He dislikes disloyalty, non-human races and he hates his obsession with the High Priestess who he craves to have and to control, and it's not just because of her power and influence over the people of Arcadia. And contrary to popular belief, he does not like causing pain and conflict, and does not go out of his way to torture or injure anyone unless it serves a purpose. He hates it when somebody takes away something which he believes belongs to him.
Powers? : Necromancy, Elemental Magic (Darkness) and Sharpened Senses.
Short Bio/History: His true name is unknown, as everyone simply calls him Necromancer. After the death of King Hawthorn, the Necromancer attacked the Capital fortress of Arcadia. He swept through the city with his army of Dragur laying waste to any in his path, and toppling the Holy Temple in the process. Content to kill every member of faith, The Necromancer kept the holiest figure in Arcadia alive, surprisingly unable to bring himself to kill her. He who is made of death and darkness, found himself attracted and desirous of the light and life the Priestess possessed. The Necromancer always craved power, and when he had the opportunity to take the empty throne of Arcadia, he did so without remorse. Those who did not flee in time from the Arcadian Capital were enslaved or murdered. A Year has now passed and it seems the Necromancer is on the throne for good, but the Resistance proves tenacious, and a thorn in his side.
He is dark, calculating, cold, indifferent, a trickster, and an egotist. And he will do anything to retain his power, especially after having had the taste of being a ruler and is unforgiving towards anyone who tries to take away what he had made for himself.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Icrasus]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 23 year old male]
[center Username: Foreveryoung ]
[center Likes: Icrasus loves to mess with people, if he can find a way to get under people skin he will. He enjoys the darker things in life, what is life without a little gore violence. He also enjoys the finer things, good food, rich wine, easy women and anything that is worth value and sparkles.]
[center Dislikes: He hates being played, if he isn't going to come out on top then he would rather not play. He hates bitter things and people who think they are holy. He can't stand repetive noises.]
[center Power: Sharpen Senses. He can control the shadows but has yet to manage molding them into anything more than an illusion. The longest he has been able to control a solid shadow form is five minutes.]
[center Loyalty: Necromancer]
[center Short Bio/History: Icarcus comes from a family that once royal before his grandfather betrayed Arcadia. They where exiled and he was raised in poverty until his abilities began to manifest. The Necromancer took him in and trained him, he now works as spy, gathering information on Arcadia for the Necromancer.]

[center [pic]]
[center Name: Anara Tokesh]
[center Age/Race/Gender: 26/Were-fox/Female]
[center Username: NorthernWolves]
[center Likes: She has no 'likes'. All her 'likes' belong in her past.]
[center Dislikes: Hunters, everything the Necromancer dislikes.]
[center Powers? : Can transform between a human and a fox. Create illusions.]
[center Loyalty: Necromancer]
[center Short Bio/History: Nothing really special about her childhood, until she began experimenting with magic. Through this magic experimentation, the Necromancer corrupted her until she was his servant.
Even though she is corrupted, her previous persona still exists inside of her.]

[b Just a few things/rules:]
-This is a fantasy world, and I'm generally laid back about a lot of things. Pictures can be realistic, digital art, or anime -just nothing generic or too large.
-All ES rules apply -no exception
-This is not first come, first serve
-Romance is allowed, but nothing instant please.
-Absolutely NO god-moding or power-playing, If I see this I will call you out on it and you will be removed from the rp if no changes are made.
-Please no characters that always have to have the attention on them. For Example, always being injured or attacked, fainting, etc... Share the floor for everyone to have their moment to shine. Everyone gets to be a hero, not just one person all the time.
-I do allow Expanding Dialogue. For example: My character has dialogue in a post, you are free to copy and post some of it to most of it to elaborate on for your own character's dialogue.
ursing is allowed
-must be at least 18 years of age to apply .
-No you can't always be the hero, let everyone have their chance to shine
-You can play multiple characters, just please don't over whelm yourself.
- If you are unable to post or continue with the RP please let me know.
-if you have not posted within ten days you will be warned and your turn skipped. I also reserve the right to kill off your character or replace them, if you fail to post in a timely manner. I feel ten days is plenty of time to respond when in a group rp..
-This is an original RP idea, please do not steal it!
-Put 'Great Balls of Fire!' at the end of your PM so I know you read the rules.
-I have not decided if this will be a 1x1 or a multi-player thread. If you would prefer a 1x1, please PM and mention that when you submit your skeleton.
-I may ask you for a Sample Post pending your skeleton

[b This RP will start at the end of the funeral and segway right into the siblings trip to Arcadia. Fair warning, my intro posts are lengthy and do not reflect how I generally write.]


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Roleplay Responses


Taeral had hoped that the two newcomers, the Saviors, would be a bit more open. But those hopes were slowly deflated as the time wore on and the Saviors still did not want to talk. On the other hand, Taeral could not fault them for not talking. If he had been sucked through a portal from his world to a completely strange world, he knew he would have not started to talk right away. Especially if he had an encounter with a group of extremely dangerous and hostile to oneself creatures mere hours before running into a friendly group of creatures.

As Taeral lay down to sleep, he glanced over the male and female Savior. He felt sorrow for them, for they would have to learn how to fight and survive much too quickly. Those two had been thrust into something which no one but the Priestess truly knew about.

With those final thoughts, Taeral drifted off into sleep.

Taeral awoke to Aramis gently nudging his shoulder, it was his turn to take the third watch with the Priestess. Taeral nodded his head, giving Aramis a sort of visual understanding of what had just happened.

Taeral quietly stood up, stretching his slightly stiff arms and legs. Attached to the side of his pack was a scabbard with a sword grip sticking out the top. This elf-forged sword was his, Taeral knew it all too well since this had been his sword from the moment he had started adventuring. The blade had naught a spot of rust, nor was any of its two sharp edges have even a small nick in them; if one took are of their sword, the sword would take care of oneself.

Taeral did not draw the sword. Drawing the sword would create noise, a bad idea when there was a group of ogres on the hunt.

Otherwise, Taeral sat in complete silence. Any sort of noise would attract, while keeping quiet would increase his and the priestess' chance of hearing any surprises.

But the darkness dragged on. No noises were made. Taeral could feel the tense quietness of the atmosphere, as if there were a prelude to a storm which none of them were aware of.

Taeral leaped to his feet. A loud war cry filled the air as heavy feet pounded the earth. It was as if an earthquake had suddenly let loose.

But this was no earthquake. These, these were ogres.

Taeral pulled out the sword out of its scabbard, a look of grim determination on his face. Unfortunately, the ogre which had ran his way had already grabbed the Priestess with a dirty hand, right across the face.

His first step was to cut off the ogre's arm to free the Priestess from the suffocating grip. But this was no simple task. This was one big brute of an orc on top of his hellish war pig. The ogre's drastic movements didn't help either, constricting Taeral's fightning movements lest he accidentally kill the Priestess.

Taeral did not dare to even take a short glance at what was happening with the others. Between himself, his weapon, the ogre, the ogre's weapon, the ogre's war beast, and the Priestess, too much was happening at the same time to even look away for a split second.

He had not had such a fight in a long time. Taeral's skills had not rotted over time since he frequently sparred with some member of the Resistance. But despite the training, Taeral's swordsmanship could not forever hold the brute force of an ogre off. Taeral found himself merely delaying the inevitable.

Until a female voice, loud and clear, yelled out one of the weirdest battle cries he had ever heard.

[center /--|--/]

[right [pic]]

Unlike the other journeys, this journey had been quite a bore. She had not teased, tortured, or killed a single person. But then again, it was critical that she did not reveal herself too early, or her mission would have a high chance of being a failure. And her master, he did not appreciate a single failure. Especially, when such a failure occurred with such a high profile target as her master's most precious treasure, this Priestess which had been stolen by those nefarious bastards.

Even though Anara had been deprived the pleasure of having a bit of fun with random strangers, at least she had had her own 'fun'. Riding an onyx black horse at a full gallop for many leagues at a time felt 'good'. It felt 'good' to have the air rushing past her body, it felt 'good' to lean against the horse and listen as it thundered along both marked and unmarked roads.

It was also 'enjoyable' to be able to roam around as a fox, hunting all sorts of small, furry woodland animals. The feeling of sharp teeth tearing into the soft fur, and then penetrating the meat hidden underneath was an undeniable 'pleasure'.

As for the horse, he really could care less about what its rider was doing. All the horse knew about its rider was that the rider had constantly took care of him. As for pushing the need for speed, the horse favored these high speeds. The horse enjoyed letting loose and galloping at breakneck speeds. It felt pleasure in travelling many a league in an hour, even though it did not understand the meaning of time at all.

Many days had passed by, alternating between fast and slow speeds. Anara was in search for the ogres, and she understood that they were going after the Priestess. What better way to introduce herself to the rebellion then to kill a bunch of nasty, half-witted, brutish creatures?

Currently, Anara was lightly snoozing sitting on top of her horse. The horse slowly walked forwards. It was still dark, a few hours before the sun came up and dispelled the darkness of the night.

But a sudden roar filled the still dark sky. Anara awoke from her snooze, yawning as she listened to the deafening roaring sounds. Instead of being afraid for her life, Anara instead smiled wickedly. She let out a quiet cackling laugh. She had found the ogres, and the ogres had found the priestess.

Taking the reigns in her right hand, Anara put the horse in a gallop towards the now chaotic fighting.

Anara stopped the horse and quickly dismounted it. Tying the reigns around a nearby tree, she stealthily crept towards the sounds of fighting. Her ears picked up the sounds of swords whistling through the air. It was still to dark to see who was fighting who, but the sun slowly began to rise up.

As the sun shyly poked its first rays, Anara noticed an elf single-handedly dueled an ogre on top its war beast. She also noticed the ogre holding the fair figure of a female. Anara chucked a bit, seeing the ogre's hand somewhat smothering the fair face of the female.

But here was her chance to become a mole for her master inside the rebellion.

Anara unsheathed her swords. They made only the slightest of scraping sounds as the metallic blades saw the light of a barely starting day.

She ran out of her hiding spot, towards the ogre dueling with the elf.

And since she was crazy, why not act like it?

Running towards the ogre, Anara yelled out, [+purple "Inconceivable!!"]. The ogre began to turn around to figure out who had yelled that out, but the ogre couldn't turn around fast enough. Anara accelarated, a dark green blur as she whipped her swords up.

One sword sliced through the ogre's arm at its elbow, as if the ogre arm was a delicate piece of meat. Anara stuck her other sword through the back of the ogre, as if she were shishkebabing a piece of meat which she would later slow roast over a fire. Finally, she let go of the sword stuck in the ogre, and gripping the other sword with both hands Anara plungged the sword into the neck of the ogre.

As the ogre came toppling down face first, Anara now focused on catching the fair female. The ogre's arm had already lifelessly flopped to the ground, but the fair looking female still hadn't touched the ground. Anara adjusted her stance, helping the fair looking female to land softer on the ground.

[+purple "You guys are either crazy, or just plain dumb to be tussling with a...."] As Anara stared off into the distance, she could still see two more living ogres fighting the rest of the company. She whistled, as if she were in some sort of shock. [+purple "You guys have to be a special kind of stupid to go tussling with three ogres."] She walked over casually to the dead ogre, pulling her blades out of its limp body.

Now here came the fun part of portraying herself as a person who's mind was slightly not in the right. [+purple "You have to be kidding me.. Ogre blood. EUGH!!!! IT's a nightmare to wash off. FUCK!!!"] With those words, she ran over to help finish the remaining two ogres.
  The Dragon King / NorthernWolves / 4h 12m 25s
True to her word, the Priestess welcomed Jake and Sarah to their camp and offered them a warm meal and a place to rest their heads. Jake and Sarah were then introduced to the rest of the group. Jake attempted to take in the appearance of these new people, some of them were definitely not human. If this had been back home he would have thought he found an extremely devoted group of LARPers. Instead he learned they had come to a place called Arcadia. Still uncertain, Jake shared a look with his sister, and wasn’t at all surprised to see her curiosity with the place.

Jake refused to let his guard down, only managing to lay down beside the fire and out where those on watch could see him and his sister. Even the Priestess was on edge, being so close to ancient and hallow ground was just asking to provoke the ancient spirits that wandered there. The fires told her nothing tonight, and the young stranger seemed as stubborn as a mule. He provided no answers but plenty of silence.

The group remained quiet for the remainder of the night, knowing well that Ogres were still nearby and hoping to avoid a confrontation with them. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be much of a story if everything went smoothly and without conflict.

Just imagine the patrolling Ogre’s delight at finding our heroes camp. Having smelled the burning of their fire, and the cooked meat, one of the ogres went in search of the enticing aroma. What he found was a camp full of fresh meat, and the very person they were hunting. Eager to claim glory for discovering the priestess and an entire cadre of campers for them to enjoy, the Ogre hurried off. He returned with his brethren hours before sunrise. The camp was fully and completely asleep, with only The Priestess and Master Taeral to protect it.

You should know Ogres are not the most intelligent creatures, they’re nothing compared to Orcs who are incredibly intelligent and loyal soldiers to the Necromancer. Ogres have their uses, they make very good hunters and trappers. Their attack was to be no exception. They crept along the edge of the sleepy camp, taking their positions to encircle the group and set traps should any run away.

Then taking them by surprise they attacked with a rousing battle cry as they rushed into the camp. One ran straight for Taeral and the Priestess, while the other two ran to swing their crude axes and clubs at the sleeping heroes. The commotion of the ogres rushing into their camp was enough to snap Jake awake and quickly grab the sword at his side. Unsheathing it, he could hear its song ringing like a call of warning to those that might stand against him. It made him feel powerful. It made him feel confident enough to attack and fend off the ogres with the rest of the group. Something else called to him though, and he turned behind him to see where a third ogre was fighting off Taeral with one arm atop his boar of a beast. His other hand too preoccupied around the Priestess’ throat, his hand was so large though it also covered half her face, making it impossible for the priestess to catch a breath. Jake was torn, run to the aid of the others fighting off the Ogres, or rush in and stand one on one with the biggest of the ogres?

[i All the prayers, hopes, and wishes made could not save your group from the chaos a group of Ogres can create. You must rouse from your slumber and take up arms! Just remember, an Ogre’s greatest weakness is his size. They move slow, and the bigger they are -the harder they fall.]
  The Narrator... / darien / 1d 15h 32m 37s
Kohrad sat watching the camp while Aline answered his questions, she was an interesting being and her answers brought insight not only to her but to the Fey way of thinking. Despite it being a minor point Kohrad was pleased to hear that he had indeed been right about what little he had thought about the fey. The affairs of men mean little to such mysterious beings as the fey but as Aline went on to explain she had been wronged by the Necromancer both personally and by her people's experience. Kohrad had to disagree with one of her points although he did not dare voice his thought for he knew that such an expression would not be taken lightly. Aline thought the Necromancer was pure evil, Lord Vesna was sure that those that followed the Necromancer would disagree with that sentiment. The world was very rarely so black and white and those that believed that pure good and pure evil existed were unimaginably naive...morality was flexible in Kohrad's experience.

[b "I confess that the thought of being the saviour myself is a tantilising one...and who is to say that it's not true. The world is a fickle place, now more than ever, anything could happen."] Kohrad would be far from the worst choice for a king, he was an experienced Lord that was used to ruling the lands that he owned, he was a capable warrior and he could bring considerable finances to help rebuild the land after the Necromancer. At that moment a commotion at the other end of camp, Aline was right it certainly wasn't Ogres that was causing the noise, there would be far more chaos and bloodshed. It seemed that the cause of the excitement was too figures, a man and a woman. They looked overwhelmed, confused and apprehensive. They didn't look like much from where Kohrad was standing, the girl was pretty enough he supposed but the male was clearly out of his depth. What happened next was unthinkable [i “Then you are our Saviors… both of you,”]. Those words from the Priestess couldn't be true, how could these people lead them against the Necromancer.

Kohrad studied the man that the Priestess had just proclaimed could lead them to glory and take the place as a king. He was tall and he supposed that the boy could be handsome, in a simple farmhand kind of way but he was no warrior which is what the world needed. Aria carried an ornate, impressive looking sword, it must belong to the newcomers since Kohrad had never seen it before in his time travelling with the Priestess, Kohrad was willing to bet all the gold he owned that whoever this saviour was had no idea how to use the blade. Kohrad idly fingered the new ring that now sat on his right hand, it felt comfortable in its new position. The elf, Taeral, welcomed them and offered food, Kohrad was sceptical. Aria believed these people to be the saviours they were seeking but Lord Vesna would reserve judgement on that particular front. Something else was bothering him as well but he couldn't put his finger on it. Then Taeral said it, the Ogres. It must be these people that the Ogres were after and if they were following the newcomer's tracks then these people had just led the Ogres directly into their camp! Kohrad looked to the edges of camp to see if he could see any trace of the Ogres coming towards them. He wasn't certain how much time they had before the Ogres attacked if his hunch was right, he would be ready nonetheless. Jake and Sarah had some explaining to do, he would at least hear them out and try and find what made them so special, why they were the saviours that Arcadia supposedly needed.
  Kohrad Vesna / Kastanstyrax / 6d 13h 8m 54s
Icarus had rose that morning feeling restless, the beds where not comfortable and the man snored. He reminded himself to get them separate rooms for now on. This was not because he was concerned the man would steal from him, no, the man may whore his knowledge but at the end of the day he was still a member of the resistance and the resistance did not kill simple men in their sleep. No he was just so loud, his mouth opened wide, like a chasm of stupidity that was the man once he drank too much.

Icarus know too much about the man, details he never needed to know.

Icarus was up before Jonathon. He enjoyed a lavish breakfast to himself. Jonathon woke up to late and got a pack lunch and biscuit with some jelly.

The morning turned into a long afternoon, Jonathon liked to talk and seemed to of brought along his own spirits. The only peace he got was during the lunch break and it wasn't when they where eating because the man was willing to talk with a mouthful of food. Icarus had to escape to the bushes for a piss, he took a few long minutes to keep himself from returning and simply slaying the man and finding someone else.

As the evening drew close, they came upon a tavern, Icarus was so pleased to see it. He claimed he felt ill and took dinner in his room alone. While he was enjoying a savory dinner to himself the Saviors where being found in the woods but he had never planned to find them directly, his plan was to get rid of them all together and he would make no mistake, he would not rush.

As the night drew on he would sleep in a soft bed and as morning came him and Jonathon would head to the resistance. Jonathon wouldn't make it but Icarus would.
  Icarus / Foreveryoung / 13d 9h 33m 50s
It would seem that they would indeed be going through the forest to take a shortcut to their destination, Grendel Falls.

Although before beginning to trot off, he let himself be distracted as to why Lucy had just sneezed all of a sudden after sniffing him. Did she have an allergy to foxes? Taeral hoped that the sneezing had something to do other than with allergies towards foxes, because he'd be switching between elf and fox form quite often.

Taeral could not recall the last time he had this much fun. Darting under, through, and over bushes and untrimmed shrubberies, as well as the fresh smell of it all. Those had been the days. Adventuring by himself, taking any road he wanted. Many a day he had spent travelling like a fox, sneaking around and keeping an eye, nose, and ears out for hunters while at it.

He mentally checked himself. He was not alone anymore, he was part of a group now. The only the group could be successful was to first plan together and then act, not the other way around.

Eventually, Taeral and Lucy managed to lead the rest of their fellow travelers out of the forest and out onto some sort of clearing.

There was a clear smell, the smell of burnt grass and possibly a few other things. There was no sight or smell of smoke, so the fire had to have gone long out long ago.

He wasn't the only one to notice it, everyone else noticed the burning smell and they all gravitated towards the origin.

Aramis was the first one down on the ground and looking at the weirdly patterned scorch marks in the grass.

On the other hand, the Priestess knew exactly what had happened here. She, with total confidence, had jumped down from her house and walked to where Aramis was kneeling. Taeral noticed a slight and short lasting grim look on the Priestess' face as some pain shot up, but it quickly disappeared.

Unfortunately, letting out a long but quiet sigh, he would not be able to further look upon these proceedings. Instead, he, along with Lucy, would help the others reorient the group and get them a bit farther away from the Ogre tracks.

Taeral quickly glanced backwards as he began to briskly trot forwards. He could hear the Priestess' slowly departing voice. He did not now what to make of her tone, but he had a task ahead of him which he had to concentrate.

The group decided to on a place to pitch a camp. It was a horrible idea to try and push through the night, especially considering that there was a group of strong, brutish, evil orcs with night vision; no one in the group had night vision, which put them at the disadvantage during a night fight.

Even after pitching camp, his work was not cut out for the day. Along with Lucy, Taeral hunted rabbits. Unfortunately for Lucy, most of the rabbits ran into the thickets upon her moving on them. Unfortunately for the rabbits, there was a fox ready to snatch them up inside the thickets. He'd have to remember to thank Lucy for this accidental cooperation later, it didn't hurt to uplift her spirits by making a compliment.

At least after the rabbit hunting, he and Lucy managed to get some rest in as everyone else helped in cooking the rabbits.

Freshly killed rabbits, especially those killed by yourself, made for quite an excellent dinner dish. He couldn't quite remember the last time he had had such a dish, but it mattered naught for he was having it now.

Kohrad turned everyone's attention to the near future; tomorrow. Even though he disliked the man's personality, Taeral could not dislike, to any degree, how Kohrad approached things.

Like the matter of watches for instance. Taeral hadn't even been thinking about setting up watches. To be fair, he hadn't ever thought about it, but he'd have to change with the changing times.

At least he'd have an excellent watch partner, the Priestess. In fact, everyone other than Kohrad would have made a good watch partner.

After Kohrad had walked off with Aline to take up the first watch, Taeral leaned against the back of his pack to look up at the stars. They were beautiful as ever, glinting in and out of the black night sky.

But the night wasn't done, as he heard raise voices.

He heard Aramis accusing someone, more like two someones of being spies for the Necromancer. Now, this was quite an interesting development!

While sitting up straight, he noticed Lucy cleaning herself up. No doubt she wanted to make a good first impression, which was an honest and extremely good idea.

Taeral sat there, listening to the unfolding conversation that was happening. It slowly came as a shock to him once he understood after the situation had slowly finished dawning on him; the two people that had been brought by the Priestess, were indeed the Saviors. Another sign that the prophecy had been correct. After a long day of hoping to find the Saviors, the Saviors had found them.

Well, at least they hadn't been mangled by anything.

As he stood up, he heard the female Savior start asking question; he decided he'd answer the last two.

He slowly walked forwards, keeping an air of politeness around himself. Approaching closer, Taeral stopped and looked at both the male and female Savior in the eye before beginning to speak.

[+green "To answer your last question, we welcome you to the land of Arcadia. It probably isn't the best of welcomes, seeing as you ran into the ogres, but you're safe and sound with us. As to your other questions, those can be answered while the two of you have a bite to eat."]
  Taeral / NorthernWolves / 22d 55m 33s
Lucilia would watch, with obvious jealousy as the elves transformed into a wolf with ease. There was no shredding of clothes and his fur seemed perfect. the larger animal would lean in to breath in the rich sent of magic that the fox put off. It was almost sweet, she pulled her head back and let out a soft sneeze as it overwhelmed her sharp senses. Fresh magic was strong.

The wolf turned her head and rutted about the foot print imprinting the stench. It was like blue cheese that was far too strong. She slightly regretted doing so for the smell would linger but it was needed.

The young wolf was more then happy to get moving, she trotted through the thicket with ease and found it far more comfortable then riding any horse. She was quiet careful not to startle the horses or anything else in the bushes. She was contently nosing the air, she had not forgotten the scent of ogres or undead. A new scent soon caught her nose, magic and smoke.

Lucilia was soon trotting right beside Kohrad, as they made it to the clearing. She was quick to note that his horse was certain and steady not flinching as she neared, he had a good steed but she would hae little time to admire the animals bravery for they where soon there.

Her nose burned along with her curiosity, as they came onto a sigh of a strange explosion. There was things scattered here and there and she began to wonder what had happen here.

Camp was soon set up distracting her from all the questions she wished to ask but she wasn't here to ask questions she was here to do her part. The day had been long and boring and she needed a good stretch so she made it a game to capture rabbits for dinner. She worked hard to sneak up as close as she could though she would admit the fox was much better at hunting rabbit then her. She wasn't jealous of Taeral, she had respect for any that would take the form of an animal, rather she respected how his smaller form could be much more agile among the thicket.

Lucilia would stay in her wolf form after they had eaten settling beside the fire to rest, she needed no tent or bed instead she simply laid down and wiggled about until she had left a groove in the dirt perfect for her body. She would have had just settled down when a new scent caught the wind. She felt her body tense, her head snapping in the direction off the smell. She was on her feet faster then she could catch on as her instincts took over. The priestess was over there. She gave no warning to the others figuring they would smart enough to catch her movement. Her four legs gave her the lead over the others and she was able to arrive just as the man unhooked his sword and handed it to the priestess.

Lucilia knew she could be a sudden sight to behold and she held true to the shadows as the others began to arrive. She was filled with energy as she heard the priestess declare they where the Saviors though she found herself wondering how they where suppose to save them. They couldn't even dress right and smelled so odd. She couldn't even find the right words, it made her nose tingle. The others where arriving and she was no longer needed. She would peer at the two from the shadows for a moment longer, she wanted to stay and listen but knew she was not needed. She would slip back to camp and quickly change from a wolf into a young woman who would quickly dress and be there to greet the group as they drew closer to the warmth and safety of the fire. She could offer the two saviors some fried rabbit and welcome them.

She patted her dress down and tamed her tail making sure she looked good. First impressions where important after all.
  Lucilia Fang / Foreveryoung / 24d 33m 53s
Aline sat down on the dew soaked grass her back leaning against a tree. Her fingers twisted about in the air causing a flower to sprout by her leg. The scrawny vine twisted as well up from the ground. She stopped as suddenly as she started. The flower dropped back down into the Earth. She looked up at the man who was talking to her. She gave him a wistful smile as he asked his questions.

[+skyblue "You are not wrong. The affairs of man are not of my utmost importance."] She answered in a weirdly cheerful way. Her emotions might seem off for the situation they were in but typically she was a very carefree person. The only reason that sometimes there was not a wistful aire about her was because of the life and death situations she was putting herself in now.

[+skyblue "If this had been a simple struggle of the throne between two typical humans I would not be involved."] she shrugged. Then her eyes narrowed looking off into the distance almost like she was trying to intimidate some far off idea. [+skyblue "The necromancer however, is pure evil. I can not abide him gaining the throne. He shows no problem slaying my people without second thought. I would sooner help his destruction then just stand by."]

[+skyblue "He killed my family. I will avenge them in any way I can."] She growled a bit. Then closed her eyes and collected herself. She was suddenly smiling again. [+skyblue "What about you? Why are you concerning yourself with this issue? With finding the saviour? You seem like the type of person that would want to be a savior yourself."] She could care less currently who wanted the throne as long as it wasn't the necromancer. Maybe once she met the chosen one that would change but not right now.

Suddenly she heard commotion coming from a different location on the campsite. Her head whipped quickly towards the sound then back to Kohrad. [+skyblue "It sounds like someone has invaded our campsite. Doesn't sound or smell like ogres though."] she quickly leapt to her feet noticing her watch partner do the same.

She ran towards the rest of the camp which wasn't a great distance but still was too far for her to have overheard the conversation. She was able to make it there to hear the Priestess' last sentence.

Her naturally wide blue eyes widened even more. As she suddenly halted in her run. Her hair dramatic fell next to her face as she studied the two siblings. Both shared similar attractive features about their faces. The male, handsome in his demeanor as well as looks stood in a protective way in front of the girl. Who while standing behind her brother and grasping his arm did not look timid but was quietly taking in the surroundings.
[center *]

[right [pic]]

Sarah had spent the day being towed around by her brother. The only reason she didn't assert herself more and try to suggest anything to him was because she knew that he was panicking. She figured he had enough to worry about without her adding to it.

She knew that they had to get food soon though. Preferably find a way to have a steady source of food. They both had caught the scent of a fire and something cooking on it. She was just about to tell her brother to stop when she heard a voice. [+coral "Jake!"] she said suddenly but too late to help him from having a weapon pressed against his neck.

She watched helplessly as he managed to convince her that they were not a threat. Sarah did not know if the lady would want her bow but she did not seem interested in taking it. She followed slowly trailing behind her brother. As soon as Jake put his arms down she grabbed onto his arm standing closer to him.

Her face did not show fear though. Mild curiosity. She heard Jake murmur under his breath. She looked at him curiously then faced back to where the man had just run up to them.

[+coral "You said him!"] Sarah exclaimed after Jake finished talking. She noted the frown on his face when he looked back to her. [+coral "Did you know our dad? Is this stuff his?"] she asked. As she got to the end of her sentences the more excited she got. Maybe she could finally learn about her father. She had a feeling Jake would not approve however.

[+coral "What do you mean saviors? Where are we?"] she asked.
  Aline / SoulDreamer / 30d 9h 50m 36s
Jake studied his sister’s face, and was glad he wasn’t the only one who could see those hideous creatures. As they crawled away from the group of ogres, he heard her question and glanced over towards her.
[#8B0000 “I don’t know, but we’ll figure something out.”] He hoped. Once they were far enough away and had collected the rest of the things that had come with them, Jake took Sarah’s hand and followed her into a thick of trees. They waited for the Ogres to finish their midday stop and be on their way, before stepping back out of hiding. Without the ogres nearby, shouting at one another, and being otherwise obnoxious and disgusting, Jake was able to speak plainly.
[#8B0000 “Let’s see what’s around here first, we’ll hike out and circle back before nightfall. That is if we don’t find a better place to make camp. When we have a heading we can leave this place and try to figure out how to get back to… our world?”] He looked upwards at the trees uncertain, but he knew they didn’t have much choice.

Jake hiked with his sister the entire afternoon exploring the north western area, and marking their path as they went so they could find their way back. The Ogres had gone one way and they went another, determined not to cross paths with the ugly brutes. The forest of the world they’d been dropped in was beautiful, pristine even. There was plenty of game for hunting, plants for foraging, and the air had a crisp pure scent to it. They hiked until they reached a large pond of water that fed into a stream, and was fed by a set of three massive waterfalls that dropped down from a sheer cliffside that towered high above them. Built into the cliffside looked like abandoned dwellings, and carved out caves all over. It was a massive space and it gave Jake an unnatural feeling. It made him feel an ancient presence, much like how he felt when he was a young boy and visited the fields of Gettysburg. This place gave him the same chills. Yet unlike how he felt in Gettysburg as a child, he felt a sense of reverence and awe, and he was not afraid as he had been on those fields.

Jake surveyed the area as best he could without wandering in too far. This place had obviously once been used for something, which was evident by the markings in the land that marked where buildings once stood. The only true clue that remained was the stack of smooth round stones that marked a hidden entrance behind the falls. He would have liked to stay and explore the area further, but he felt a sense that no-one dared walk in this area. That it was sacred somehow, or haunted. He called over for Sarah, citing the sun starting to go down.
[#8B0000 “Let’s go back, in the morning we’ll check out the south eastern path until lunch and decide which direction will be safest to travel further.”] Agreed on their plan to explore the area before wandering off blindly, they headed back to where they had come through.

By the time they neared what Jake had come to call the Drop Zone, they could smell burning wood, and the sound of voices. Wherever they had been dropped must have been a very busy pass for travelers. Slowly and cautiously they snuck up on the group that was making camp. At least these travelers looked human… for the most part, one of the men looked like something Jake might call an elf, and there was a woman that had a tail and ears to match like that of a wolf. There was even a small female who had pixie like features. Jake was more interested in the two burly looking men, heavily armed, and each carrying themselves like seasoned warriors. Jake and Sarah remained quiet as they studied this new group of people, they needed to make sure these were people they could walk up to and ask for help. There was a tent that had been erected, and he watched as one of the armored men walked away from it after dropping a bag off.
[#8B0000 “I’m about to do something really stupid Sarah, if I fuck this up… please come save me,”] he teased, but before he could get up he felt something sharp and cold press to the base of his neck.
[#DB7093 “If you’re plan is to sneak into my camp, then yes… you are stupid.“]

Jake was caught off guard by the appearance of a woman. She had the palest skin, and whitest hair he’d ever seen with the strangest lavender eyes. Wherever she had come from it must have been the stream, her hair was wet and hung like a heavy sheet down her back, while her skin was still damp from whatever bath in the river she’d taken. Even under the cover of darkness he could see the dagger she held at him, the healing scab of a busted lip, and the healing bruises and rope burns that marred her slender wrists.
[#DB7093 “Who are you?! Are you working for The Necromancer?”] she demanded. Jake glanced to Sarah and quickly held his hands up in surrender, but she dared not lower her blade.
[#8B0000 “My name is Jake, this is my sister Sarah. We’re lost in this place. Who are you?”] Jake asked desperate to avoid a conflict with who he was assuming was a princess or Highborn of some sort. She was too poised to just be some village girl. She looked between them untrusting and glared, was she insulted they did not know who she was?
[#DB7093 “Lost? Then you do not know what this place is?”] Jake moved to stand up, and the woman held her dagger firmer and more intently against him. Slowly he unhooked the sword at his side and handed it over to her.
[#8B0000 “Take it, now I’m unarmed… We mean you no harm. We just want to find a way home.”] A tense moment of silence passed between Jake and the woman before him as she looked suspiciously between the two siblings. Slowly she reached out and took his offered sword, her eyes never leaving him. Without looking at his sword she jerked her head towards the camp.
[#DB7093 “I can only promise you a warm meal, and a safe circle to sleep, but you will answer my questions, Jake and Sarah.”] she waved her dagger towards the camp and followed them into the space.

Jake entered with Sarah, hands raised in submission and looked around as their appearance drew stares from the rest of the group. One of the knights hurried over drawing his sword and called to the woman.
[#2E8B57 “Priestess! Who are these intruders?”] Jake murmured the title under his breath. This must have been the priestess the Ogres were searching for.
[#DB7093 “I found them spying on our camp when I came back from my bath.”]
[#2e8b57 “Spies of the Necromancer’s!”] the knight accused. Jake frowned. Who was this Necromancer?
[#DB7093 “No…”] the Priestess breathed, finally taking a look at Jake’s sword. He watched her curiously as she came to stand before him and studied his face. Something like realization began to dawn on her and she took his face in her hands. They were soft and cool on his stubbled cheeks, and he swallowed nervously at her touch. [#DB7093 “What can you tell me about Callahan? This sword belongs to him.”] Jake shared a glance with his sister and frowned.
[#8b0000 “Callahan is our last name. This sword was found in a box full of my father’s belongings. I can’t explain it, but it brought us here.”] The Priestess looked between the two of them and stepped back, even the knight looked stunned and took the sword to look it over.
The priestess only continued to stare at the two of them stunned. [#DB7093 “Then you are our Saviors… both of you,”] she said looking to the two siblings.
  *Jake / darien / 31d 11h 25m 19s
With the revelation that ogres were nearby the energy of the camp seemed to shift and become far more serious, to Kohrad this journey had been dull and a little theoretical but now that there was a credible danger nearby in the form of the ogres, everything became just a little bit more interesting. Looking at the tracks, Aramis was right, there would be no more than half a dozen ogres travelling together. They were selfish and chaotic beasts at the best of times and without someone or something driving the ogres forward anymore than six ogres would quickly start turning on themselves. The tracks seemed to be heading in the same direction as the group were heading for and that was when two of their party revealed some of their abilities. Both Lucila and Taeral's bodies shifted into those of animals, that was certainly interesting. he knew that Lucila was a skinchanger but the elf being able to alter his form as well was a surprise, and Kohrad was not often surprised. Kohrad had a disdain for skinchangers, he always had and he wasn't entirely sure why he was so uneasy around them. Perhaps he viewed them as lesser due to the fact that they were part animal, perhaps he viewed them as less than human, or less than an elf in Taeral's case...then there was the form of the animal they transformed into after all foxes were vermin. It wasn't exactly very dignified was it? In any case at the very least their animal instincts and heightened senses would be useful for keeping track of the ogres. They would likely smell the ogres before they were seen. Kohrad chuckled softly at his own private joke.

Keeping an eye out for ogres the group continued travelling and eventually just as the sun was dipping below the horizon and night was creeping up on the party they finally reached Grendel Falls, the place where Aria's vision had led them. Immediately it was clear that something had happened here, there was a curious scorched set of markings on the ground the likes of which Kohrad had never seen before, and objects seemed to litter the ground, most seemed like trinkets of little use or value. Kohrad accompanied the knight Aramis around the camp, checking for more ogre tracks and to make sure that the Falls were safe enough to set up camp for the night, continuing to push through the night to try and find the saviour, Ogres had better night vision than humans and if they came across the beasts on the road the group would be at a significant disadvantage. If Kohrad was going to die it would be gloriously, not by the hand of some stinking ogre at night in the woods were his body might never be found. After another hour or two Kohrad spotted another set of tracks heading West from here, they seemed consistent with Ogres and he couldn't be sure but he thought that there might be two other sets of footprints leading away from this place, one larger and heavier than the other, a male and a female probably and human by the looks of them. Could this be the Saviour that they were looking for?

After camp had been set up and a campfire was burning away nicely, the group sat down together to eat some food, Lucila and Taeral had managed to find some rabbits and other game that could be skinned, gutted and cooked. Everyone pitched in and helped, Aria and Aline fetched water to drink and to boil, Kohrad skinned the animals and Aramis cooked the animals. While some nobles might have thought of skinning and cooking as servants work Kohrad disagreed, he enjoyed hunting and this was just another part of the game. After all if you went to war you had to be prepared to get your hands dirty from time to time. It was actually quite nice sitting around the campfire with these people who he barely knew. [b "I suggest we move out at first light, the ogres are unpredictable. They might camp for night or they might continue on their path, given how strong their eyes are in the dark. We should also set up watches through the night, in pairs if possible. We can't afford to be caught unaware."] The group nodded in agreement at setting up watch and drew lots for who would be paired with whom. As it turned out Kohrad and Aline would take first watch, Aramis and Lucila would relieve them for the second watch and Aria and Taeral would finish off the night.

The camp was just about to settle down for the night with Kohrad and Aline readying to take their watch when the Lord Vesna spotted a glint on the ground, going over to inspect it he bent down and picked up a golden ring, hidden in the grass. He was amazed that he had spotted it, perhaps the metal had reflected the dying light of the campfire and caused the glint for him to find, either way it was remarkable. The ring itself was simple but well made, embossed on the face of the ring was a bird in flight, it looked like a crane. It was a pretty thing and Kohrad slipped it on his finger, it fit well before he retuned to watch and Aline. This was just the opportunity that he had been looking for to question the fairy girl and satisfy his curiosity. [b "Aline, the Fae. You are a curiosity. I was always led to believe that the Fae were a mysterious bunch and kept to themselves. Their problems are not the problems of men, why then do you involve yourself in our resistance. Surely the squabbles for the throne of Arcadia are unimportant compared to the issues of the Fae? What is your story Aline?"]
  Kohrad Vesna / Kastanstyrax / 37d 20h 9m 52s
Her brother's hand reached up and grabbed her wrist quickly dragging her down. She looked to where her brother was pointed. The scene made her eyes widen. Ogres. They quite literally were in a fantasy world. This was not Earth. There was no way this was Earth. Their voices as they talked to each other caused her to shiver.

They quietly slunk away from the intimidating ogres and back to where they had left the trunk. She stood still fastening the cloak on herself once her brother put it around her shoulders. She managed to shove the dagger into her belt quickly so that it was easily accessed but still did not have to be held.

Her brow furrowed in confusion when she noticed that the contents did not appear to have arrows. She still put the bow around her. Hopefully she would be able to access arrows at some point. In the very least the bow was beautiful and if she could help it she did not want to part.

"Where are we going to go though? We can't just wander around aimlessly?" she pestered still keeping her voice low. Just in case an Orges hearing was actually really good.

She pulled the hood of the cloak over her dark brown hair obscuring it from view. "Are you thinking maybe the woods? That way we can have cover and hide from the view of creatures like those ones." she said her head tipping towards where they had left the orges. She grabbed his hand and started pulling him towards some trees where they could at least lie low until they figured out a plan.

Sarah knew that they were in some foreign land but she could not shake the feeling that she knew this land. Not that she had been here before but more that internally she felt safe here. Something about this place seemed familiar.
  Sarah Callahan / SoulDreamer / 43d 11h 21m 0s
Ogres… Aria tensed at that. Nasty beasts they were. Piggish and selfish, their only motivation came in the form of gold, food, and sadism. If Ogres were about that could not be good. She could only hope the Savior didn’t cross paths with the Ogres, and neither did they. Aline asked how many there might be and Aramis gave his best guess in line with Kohrad’s assumptions as well.
[#2E8B57 “We would guess no less than three or four, no more than six.”]

Aria looked at the rest of the group traveling with them, and wondered if they would be able to take on six ogres if there really were that many. Aramis and Kohrad would easily be able to take on one each, but Ogres were no easy opponent, and Aria feared what might happen if they crossed paths. Right before her eyes, she watched as Lucila and Taeral both shifted into their animal forms. Those were rare gifts, to be able to shift into an animal, and Aria was pleasantly surprised. She held her steed steady and reached out for Taeral’s horse and tethered the reins to her own saddle. She chuckled at Taeral’s joke about washing blood out when Lucilia bemoaned at the smell. Aria had to agree, she had heard they were quite unpleasant smelling creatures to be around. When it was asked if they were going in the same direction Aria sighed heavily and nodded. [#DB7093 “Unfortunately, yes. This is the most direct path to Grendel Falls. That is where I saw the savior in my vision. If Ogres are heading the same way, the Savior will need our help. Let’s move quickly.”]

It was a call to move out, so Aramis jumped back onto his horse grabbing Lucila’s reins and tethering the animal to his saddle. The group hurried out on horse back, and in animal form towards Grendel Falls. It was a daylong trip through dense forest paths, but with Lucilia’s and Taeral’s acute senses of smells they came upon a clearing just before nightfall. The small clearing was off the main road, but there were obvious scorch marks on the grass. When alerted that Taeral and Lucilia had found something, Aria jumped down from her horse. She ignored the pain that shot up her ankle, and the lingering soreness from her rescue and the long ride and went to inspect. It was a weaving braid of scorch marks, but one Aria quickly recognized. It was her proof. Proof the Savior had indeed arrived.
[#2E8B57 “I’ve never seen anything like this before…”] Aramis murmured kneeling down to look at the scorch marks. It was too close for comfort near the ogre tracks, and it seemed that their group had just missed the Savior. Aramis called to Kohrad then to help him find a new set of tracks, and enlisted the help of Taeral and Lucilia to help them get their heading.

Aria remained at the scorched pattern in the grass and looked around at the littered items all around the drop point. She sensed one of the group come near her, and spoke. [#DB7093 “The world bridge brought them here, just as Hawthorn said it would…”] Stepping back to take in the whole view of the markings, it showed itself to be a large tree, it’s branches growing in unruly patterns until weaving a large circle around itself. [#DB7093 “We should collect everything we find. There might be a clue as to who the Savior is. We should probably make camp too… light is fading and with the night we won’t want to be on the roads. Aramis, scout the area, make sure it’s safe.”] Aramis nodded before quickly leaving the clearing to do as ordered. Aria walked around the edge of the clearing, and picked up a strange looking book. The writing looked feminine, but the markings were strange and Aria was unable to read it. She had to wonder if the savior was a woman. It was possible - the only true clue she had to go off of was the name Callahan. The composition notebook wasn’t the only thing Aria found in her walk around the area. She found a folded envelope packed with photos of a woman, a baby, and finally as she rifled through it she removed one that had a young King Hawthorn and his young love at his side. Both of them were smiling and making funny faces. Aria didn’t know what she held, but it was a polaroid photo. Still, the sight of her beloved king brought a tear to her eye and she gently touched her fingers to his image, her longing and missing for the man who had been like a father to her, returning like a heavy weight.
[#DB7093 “I will find your heir, and restore your throne…”] she whispered to the picture with soft reverence.
  *Aria Tolshiv / darien / 48d 15h 30m 57s
He had not wanted to cause any embarrassment, that had not been his original intent. He had merely wanted to help Lucy, seeing that she was the least experienced in horse riding. But the blushing cheeks indicated that Lucy had experienced some level of embarrassment. Taeral felt some guilt pressing his mind. Unlike people like Kohrad who thought that elves were a bunch pointy eared stuck ups, Taeral was completely the opposite; the pointy eared description still applied no matter what.

Whatever he had done, he could not change it. All Taeral hoped for was that Lucy wouldn't wall herself off from anyone else.

All thoughts on that or any other topic was now impossible, since the priestess rode forwards up to the four of them taking point. The priestess first apologized for intruding on the conversation. First, there wasn't any conversation happening for it had finished. There wasn't a second point, Taeral quietly chuckled to himself realizing that he could not come up with more than one point.

Oh well, it was better to listen to what the Priestess had to say lest he miss something important.

It came quite a shock to him to finally realize that the woman before him had been the same woman that he had been healing alongside Heil. No had ever told him, in fact everything had been hush hush. And he did not bothered to inquire, he was not the inquiring type unless it extremely mattered to him.

The Priestess then turned her attention to the fey, who's name was revealed to be Aline. Although what the Priestess was short, it did reveal some information about Aline. Like the fact that there was a very objective thinker in the group, which was always extremely useful.

To Lucy, the Priestess extended a hand to shake. Taeral noticed Lucy's mood change for the better. Although Lucy did not shake the hand back, but Taeral could understand her point about "safety reasons". If one was not comfortable riding a horse, then one should not attempt to ride a horse and do something else at the same time. He had seen that attempt fail many times.

Aria's next words made Taeral laugh, although he did not show it. He looked at Kohrad, and he could read his shock on his face like a clean page in a book. The mighty, noble Kohrad, would not be able to use his so precious to him rank. Kohrad would still act like an asshole, there was no doubt about that, but at least he would not be able to hide behind the name of a rank.

As their group neared a forest, Kohrad stopped abruptly. Taeral gazed at him, wondering what this stuck up noble was up to. Taeral watched intently as Kohrad dismounted and walked up to some big tracks. Aramis had also dismounted, and was inspecting the foot marks along with Kohrad.

Both of them came up with the same conclusion. There were Ogres around.

Aline, in a quiet voice, asked a question as to how many Ogres there were. Based on the tracks, there was a good number of them marching in one direction. Other than that, Taeral could not give an exact answer.

All the while that his attention had been focused on Kohrad, Aramis, Aline, and the tracks, Lucy decided to take some affirmative action. Taeral did not see what Lucy did, but what he did know was that she was not looking the same as before.

Instead of seeing a girl with wolf features, there was one big, brown wolf. Taeral felt happy that Lucy was not afraid to turn into a wolf to help them all out, but it also gave him an idea.

He dismounted his own horse with ease, landing on his two feet one after the other. Walking up to where now Kohrad, Aramis, and Lucy stood, he gazed down himself. [+green "You are right about not letting them bleed on you, Ogre blood is a pain to wash out."] Letting out a sigh, he tarried in silence awhile more before speaking out his mind. [+green "I have an idea. Lucy and I can go scout ahead, to see what the Ogres are doing before making a choice of what to do with them."]

And with a small pop, the elf vanished.

Instead of an elf, stood a fox on its four legs on the same spot. The branch design on its forehead very similar to the branch design that was on Taeral's head.


[+green "So, how about it?"]
  Taeral / NorthernWolves / 51d 2h 52m 13s
The elf, Taeral, was kind enough to offer her some suggestions when it came to riding the horse. Her cheeks flushed for she had not realized how obvious her weakness was. It was never good to show your downfalls before you could even show them how you could succeed.

"Its too obvious isn't it," she sighed slightly annoyed at herself. The horses tread on, she found herself glancing down at the animal beneath her. It wasn't mistrust but a simply a sensation of wrongness, a beast riding a beast.

Soon the sweet priest would sweep in to pull her from her thoughts. The woman even offered her hand as if she thought Lucillia might be able to succeed at stretch her arm out and shaking hand as if she was stable. Lucillia would decline the shake with a light smile, "Safety reasons," she would playfully explain.

When Lucy was younger there wasn't much need to ride a horse. As a bandit they would plan their raids. The would lay in wait in the bushes, the trees, one time she had even gotten the enjoyment of pouncing on a wagon from above. Perhaps she felt uneasy on a horse because she had spent time scaring them and even crippling them at times. Perhaps horses could sense her guilt, at least this one had forgiven her... for now.

Now it seemed horses where necessary.

For a moment Lucy's golden gaze lingered on the priestess. She looked to be in place, they all did, each graceful in their own right. She could almost be jealous if she was not aware her grace arrived when her feet hit the ground.

"Its very nice to meet you Aria, I shall be the most trust friend you ever met,' she declared with a smile that was warm and youthful. "Nice to meet you Taeral, Aline, and um," she glanced back at the man in the lead. "An uh, Kohlan," he had talked away from her and she had been to focused on other things to of caught his name fully.

Lucillia nose was twitching but the smell of horses, for her, was temporally too offending to allow her to quite make out the scent in the air. Kohrad would soon clarify what it was.


Excitement filled her, it had been sometime since she had squared up again an Orge but looked forward to a challenge but she wasn't about to face astride a horse. Lucillia would dismount but this wouldn't be all, she would tie the horses lead to Aline's saddle. Lucillia would be careful as she kept the horse situated between her and the rest of the members of the group as she stripped off her clothes. She did not cover herself for shame or to avoid embarrassment but because she had been taught socially one did not simply strip in public.

She did not want her clothes to be ruined and they would be if she kept wearing them for this next part. Her clothes where tucked into the saddle bag, the horse would keep them from seeing the transformation but there was a glimmer of light.

The horse she had hidden behind snorted and stomped its feel swaying away to reveal the large brown wolf. Lucillia would circle around the outside of the horses, her nose probing the air. She would let out a sneeze and shake her head in dismay. "Ugh they reek, best avoid letting them bleed on you," she growled now positioned beside Kohrad and the tracks, her gaze locked forward. "Are we going the same way as them," she would ask Aria.
  Lucilia Fang / Foreveryoung / 57d 29m 26s
Aline noticed the man who had ridden up to them on horseback. His stature gave off a vibe of haughtiness. But he was on their side so he couldn't be all that bad. Just perhaps a little cocky. She noted him stare at her, studying her. She was no stranger to a mans gaze so it did not phase her. Though his stare seemed to be more of intrigue then lust, at least at the moment.

She turned her attention to the she-wolf. [+skyblue "I am Aline."] she introduced herself with a glistening smile. She figured she would introduce her name while looking at the group member closest to her age. Especially because the girl seemed to have wanted to talk to her anyways.

Aline looked at the horses picking one that was of a normal height and had fair tan coloring. Riding horses came naturally to the young fae. She had been honored by what Aria had said to her. She never knew that someone like Aria could have heard about her. She felt pretty insignificant.

Aline sneered when she heard the word Ogres. She did her best to quiet herself and her steed. Ogres were one of the worst races in her own opinion. She thought it was probably their destructive nature that she hated the most. They tended to usually have disregard for nature.

She looked to Kohrad to find where he felt that should walk to avoid detection. Ogres were a race she did not have much experience with in all honesty. Her father had battled them once but he did not like to talk about it. Her uncle had been killed by an Ogre. Aline was told from a young age to just avoid them.

She closed her eyes placing her hands behind her steeds ears. One of her powers was her ability to communicate with fauna. It was more like reading emotions and conveying emotions then actually talking. The horse seemed to be on edge. Like it sensed danger. She sent calming thoughts to prevent him from running off.

[+skyblue "How many do you think there are?"] she asked in a soft voice. She couldn't here any voices of a foe but perhaps for once they were being quiet. The image of a beastly ogre being a rogue was a bit funny to the young fae.

She took a deep breath. She could do this. She was brave. Her usual demenor came back. She continued on once the two who dismounted got back on their horses. She hoped that the chosen one was not near the ogres. Or at least knew enough to stay away from them if they could. Nothing would be worse then the savior being killed seconds before they could reach them.
  Aline / SoulDreamer / 63d 6h 38m 54s
The journey to find this so called saviour was unimaginably dull, and the company wasn't much better. There was the Priestess Aria, she was at least worthy of note, she was titled and had a position of authority, that made her important, that made her worthy of Kohrad's time. The others were less impressive. Aramis was a simple man at arms, skilled at what he did obviously but there was not much to the knight. The others piqued his interest slightly. There was the elf, who was a healer, Lord Vesna had had little interaction with Taeral before, his needing healing did not occur very often, especially with his own dabbling in blood magics. He supposed the elf would be useful if any of them got into serious trouble or were seriously injured. He feared that the healer of the group would be overly righteous and far too much of an upright saint to be of much interest but time would tell. There was Lucilla, the wolf now that was interesting. He had never met a she-wolf before, her riding made her cringe every time that he looked at her, she was truly woeful at it. It was painful to watch to someone who had been riding almost as long as they had been walking, someone like Kohrad. Her skills could be useful, she could track and hunt game for them if needed and her heightened senses might warn them of an ambush but she seemed very quiet. As far as Lord Vesna was concerned she was one to be watched, she might be useful but until she proved herself then it didn't matter. Lastly there was the fairy girl. Kohrad didn't put much faith in the fae, they were mysterious and fickle by nature so the girl was at least interesting. Lord Vesna had a curiosity about the fae, he wondered if he could learn their secrets, their magic and use it for himself. She was an interesting prospect at the very least. Out of everyone in the group Aria and Aline were the only ones worth his notice and he knew that Aria was not exactly fond of his company. He might be an asshole but he wasn't stupid. Aline was the obvious place for him to start on this journey to stop him going out of his mind with boredom.

Kohrad led Starform to the front of the party, naturally taking control, he had reasonable skill in tracking, mostly due to the hunting that he and a few select noble friends used to partake in before Arcadia fell to the Necromancer. The Necromancer had taken so much from Kohrad and yet curiously he did not hate the figure like so many others. In many ways he respected the Necromancer, while his methods might be a little...extreme Kohrad could see the appeal of ruling Arcadia, he had often fantasised about sitting on the throne himself, of being named Saviour himself but alas it was not to be, at least not yet. The Necromancer was efficient and whatever else he may be was extremely skilled in his chosen art of magic. Kohrad dabbled in blood magic himself, mostly because it was difficult and while he was capable he was nowhere near as skilled as the Necromancer. What that man could do with magic was nothing short of an art form.

[i "You can call me Aria, there’s no need for titles out here, here we are all equal in service to Arcadia.”] Kohrad couldn't quite believe what he was hearing, no titles? It was absurd. How would people know that he was better than mere commoners? He might resent the instruction but he wasn't about to make a problem out of this no matter how galling it may be. His father, Narkang Vesna had taught him what it meant to be noble, what it meant to be a leader and one of the most important lessons was always pick your battles. Kohrad would let Aria have this victory and save himself for more important issues. [b "I am of course...Kohrad Vesna."] Even though the man had made a conscious decision to leave out his title he still found himself almost calling himself "Lord". It was more than just arrogance, it was who he was, it was centuries of noble breeding, of family, of tradition and to simply forget it was not an option. From his place atop the large, pristine warhorse Kohrad had an excellent view of the forest in front of the group. The forest for the most part was quiet, well as quiet as nature ever was, there were birds chirping and various animals moving along the floor and through the brush. Kohrad idly wondered whether the presence of a she wolf would keep any animals away from the group.

Kohrad reigned Starform to an abrupt halt and held up a hand to the rest of the group, ordering them to stop, it might not be his place to be in charge of the group but it was hard to let go of being noble, of leading people, of ruling people, even if it was just his own household. It was one reason he had attached himself to the resistance, it still gave him a modicum of rulership even if it was severely limited. There was something wrong with the path up ahead. The tracks were not that of normal forest creatures. [b "Aramis."] Kohrad dismounted from his steed and bent down to inspect the ground. The footprints were heavy, and large, certainly larger than any creature that he would expect to find in the forest. [b "Ogres?"] Kohrad glanced to the knight who was inspecting the ground alongside him, who nodded after a minute. As a Knight and resistance fighter he would be all too familiar with Ogres, he would have fought them often. What confirmed his suspicion was that alongside the heavy tracks that looked to have been made by massive boars, were vaguely humanoid tracks as well for the Ogres who had not been lucky enough to have a mount. If the Ogres were near then things could get dangerous...and just a little bit more fun. [b "Ogres are near, be on your guard everyone."]
  Kohrad Vesna / Kastanstyrax / 65d 13h 24m 47s

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