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Keri walked with Connor, well, more like chased his heels as he started to make a beeline towards the house. She didn't drop the stick though, not sensing him as a threat but her paranoia not allowing her to let it go.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Better safe than sorry.]]" She thought to herself.
"[#cf3ce2 [b It's ... ]]" She glanced at her iPod and blinked a couple of times as the screen fuzzed out.

Firstly, iPods shouldn't fuzz at all. Secondly, her iPod had been with her for years and never had an issue. She treated that thing better than she treated herself. She waited to see if the screen would change again and when it didn't she finished with, "[#cf3ce2 [b 830.]]" She put an ear bud in and placed her iPod back in her pocket.

[center Waking up, Just brings me Down, Down
Cause every morning, You are no where to be found, No where to be found.]

"[#cf3ce2 [i Nope.]]" Keri thought as she switched the song quickly. That was the last thing she was going to start thinking about in front of a total stranger.

[center With our backs to the wall
The darkness will fall
We never quite thought we could lose it all
Ready Aim Fire
Ready Aim Fire
An empire is falling in just one day
You close your eyes and the glory fades]

As Keri's eyes scanned the yard, grass an off green color, she decided this was more appropriate. She walked a little ahead of Connor, this being her idea after all and stopped at the door. She raised a hand to knock and hesitated.
She wanted someone to answer but she also didn't want anyone to answer. She paused another second before grabbing the handle and turning. It moved with ease and swung open completely unlocked. The hinges even squeaked as the door swung open. Keri peered into the darkened house and pulled out her phone, turning on flashlight mode. She was incredibly grateful for it at that moment as she stepped onto the wooden floors of the entryway.

The house looked old, destroyed and deserted much like the streets. Most furniture was untouched, gathering what looked to be a layer of dust. Other pieces were completely destroyed, looking like a wild animal ripped them apart. Stuffing from chairs and splintered wood littered the floors, some of it looking to be swept into the corners. In front of them was a staircase. It wound up tall into the second story. Keri couldn't see anything of the second story from where she was standing. Only an old black out and faded picture at the top of the stairs.
[#cf3ce2 [b Well, this isn't creepy at all.]]" She said gently, knowing Connor could hear her and her sarcasm. She suspected he felt the same. She motioned for him to follow as she took a couple steps until she was on the stairs. Keri climbed slowly, swinging her flashlight from side to side every couple steps, making sure to take in everything. The railings of the stairs were covered in dust, a couple spots heavier than others, as if someone was here a while ago and age couldn't quite get rid of their traces. She pulled her arms in close, one hand going to her necklace again, sending out a silent prayer. Her heart beat loudly in her chest as they hit the top floor. It was dark in the hallways, doors lined the walls, some open a crack with faded light spilling just inside the doorways.

She pushed the first door open to a bedroom, a spare it looked like from the immaculate way the bed was made and the way the dresser was completely clear. The second door that was already ajar was a baby's room, crib covered in cobwebs and a teddybear sitting on a rocking chair, an eye fallen out and laying on it's chest, held on by a string.
"[#cf3ce2 [b No fucking thank you.]]" Keri said, closing the door the whole way, careful not to make a sound but sure to make sure it was shut tight. The third door on the opposite side of the hallways was a bathroom. There was no window in the room to cast any light. Keri groaned internally and reached her hand in slowly, feeling along the wall for a light switch. She found it and flicked the three switches one at a time. Nothing. She groaned aloud this time and slowly stepped in.

The mirror was dirty beyond belief; Keri couldn't even make out her own reflection. She could just see some of her blueish-purple hair and some of her pale skin. She didn't dwell on herself though, already knowing what she looked like. She opened the cabinet behind the mirror and smiled.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Jackpot Conner!]]" She said grabbing the stereotypical white box with a red cross. She held it for him to see and quickly side stepped out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.
"[#cf3ce2 [b For your head.]]" She said handing him the box. It occurred to her as the box left her hands that she never checked what was in it but if it wasn't what he needed, he was welcome to go in and check it out himself.
"[#cf3ce2 [b So, I am going to head down to the garage to look for those jumper cables. I would like to get the hell out of here. You can come with me if you want. And I mean in my car when I get it started and to the garage if you want. This place is so creepy.]]" She tried to give him a smile that came out a little twisted by her fear. She knew her face was probably ghostly white. She didn't want to go to the garage by herself but she wasn't going to puss out in front of this guy. Especially if it was just the two of them alone. She needed to make sure that he didn't see her as weak.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Probably too late for that. Just be nice.]]"

She nodded to him before making her way back down the stairs, doing another back and forth sweep, mostly to make sure nothing had moved from where she remembered it being last. When she hit the bottom of the stairs, she banked right, walking down the hallway. The kitchen looked the same as the rest of the house. The tiled counters were undamaged but the pots and pan lying around were rusted, dented, some even twisted as if someone was really trying to break it. She looked away and towards a door at the far end of the kitchen. That had to be the garage.

[center They send me away to find them a fortune
A chest filled with diamonds and gold
The house was awake with shadows and monsters
The hallways, they echoed and groaned]

Keri let the song play as her hand wrapped around the knob, turning it as easily as the front door. The garage was as dark as the bathroom, almost darker despite their being windows on a couple sides. They seemed boarded up with curtains drawn over them. She felt her breath coming in gasps, trying to make as little noise possible.

[center I sat alone, In bed till the morning
I'm crying, They're coming for me
And I tried to hold, These secrets inside me
My mind's like a deadly disease]

There was a car in the center of the garage, taking up most of the space. Keri walked in front of it, the stench of leaking gasoline filling up her nose. She wrinkled her face, never liking that smell and made her way towards the work bench on the other side. She stopped close to it and bent down, opening the largest drawer. There were a million cords inside the drawer in every shade of white, green and beige imaginable. But towards the bottom, she saw black and a flash of red. She smiled and pulled out a jumper cable with a triumphant smile.

[center I'm bigger than ... body
I'm ... than this home
I'm meaner than my demons
I'm ... than ... bones]

She made her way back towards the door, moving faster than she was before. She listened as her iPod started to crackle out and she took her ear bud out, looking at the iPod screen. It was fuzzing up again, much worse than before; a static playing through the headphones. She skirted in front of the car again, pushing her iPod in her pocket, knowing she figure it out while walking to her car.

[size20 [b [i CRASH!]]]

She screamed out and swung the flashlight around towards the sound. The trashcan lied sprawled across the ground, rolling back and forth. In between them lied a figure, humanlike but wrong in every way. It's arms and legs were too long, the neck seemed to be too think to even keep the head the whole way up. The skin of it was purple, as if all the air had been strangled out of every piece of skin on it's body. Keri froze, wheezing as she watched the thing push itself up on it's thin arms. It's head swung over to look at her and Keri started crying. There were no eyes on it. Where it's eyes should have been were two mouths, both hanging open, tongue lolling about in it's maws. In fact, it seemed to be covered in mouths, some tongue hanging out, seemingly tasting the air. Keri started shaking as she watched the thing drag itself another inch, a wet screeching noise coming from one of the many mouths. It started to shake as it moved, uncontrollable tremors it seemed like. Keri had seen tremors like that before, it was as if the monster was going through withdraw. She took a step to the right, closer to the door and watched as the shaking mouth monster screeched with a couple of it's mouths and started to crawl towards her.

Keri screamed at the top of her lungs and started running. She busted through the door and slammed it behind her, hoping to either trap the thing in the garage or hit it with the door. She didn't look back as she booked it through the kitchen and to the bottom of the stairs.
"[#cf3ce2 [b CONNOR! CONNOR, WHERE ARE YOU?!]]" She screamed hysterically, ripping open the front door. Her whole body was ready to book but she didn't know where he was. She didn't know if he had followed her or was still upstairs but she knew if she saw that thing before she saw Connor, she would run. The only mystery was whether she would live to regret her flight or not.
  Avix / 364d 6h 30m 53s
Connor was basically just confused and lost as her. Could he be blamed for acting how he did? Sure he came off a little harsh but he was just figuring out if he was still in danger or not. So asking her those questions the way he did, was normal. Her telling him to lose the tone made him raise a brow. Was this the time to really be caring how he asked a question? He just rolled his eyes with a laugh and ran his hand through his hair. This, "ha she's kidding" sort of laugh. The way she answered him was enough to let him know she wasn't the one who caused him this trouble. She thought he was dead though and he looks at her holding the stick. [b "No, I'm not dead. Thanks..for waking me I guess."] Is that what one says in this scenario? How the hell would he know?

This mysterious girl then mentions how she herself got her. From the sounds of it. She's just confused and lost like him. So both of them have no clue on where the hell they were at. [b "Well, at least you're not like, trying to fucking kill me and wear my skin. I guess it's okay. I'm, sorry. I was just...frazzled. I'm, Connor I guess."] He rubbed the back of his head still looking all around them. Keeping his eyes peeled for something, anything that seemed out of place.

Now she mentions his head and that's when he finally goes to touch it and he quickly groaned and pulled his hand away. Glancing to his now blood covered finger tips. [b "Just great..."] The young man groaned feeling just great. His light brown eyes look to her as she comes up with a game plan that he wasn't going to disagree with. Getting off these freaky streets sounded good to him. [b "Fine with me."]

Connor then carefully takes a few steps and then he figures the closest house was as good as any. Then she started asking him questions as to how he got here.

[b "Me? I was driving to get to a party. A town I never been to. I think I got lost? Then I started seeing this figure in my mirrors...and"] He remembers seeing his dead boyfriend in his car that chased him out. Thus leading him to getting hit by the car. [b "My car stopped as well and I got out to check it out, and got hit by a car. Not here. Out in some street. So..so..how did I get here? If...it wasn't you?"] The young man suddenly felt, really freaked out and started looking around again. Paranoid being the understatement. Doesn't help that he was hoping to be a party by now for his next hit. His hands start digging in his pockets for his phone. [b "Shit...it's not here....do you know what time it is?"] He asked her, then just starts to walk to the nearest house.
  Connor O'Neil / Papa_Death / 364d 19h 46m 48s
The boy woke slowly and Keri breathed out in relief. At least he wasn't dead. No dead bodies in this creepy ass town. Just a passed out boy with blood dripping down the side of his face. She bit her lip hard and nodded sarcastically to herself.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Yes because that is so much better.]]"

That was when he completely noticed that she was there and started yelling at her. She pulled the stick close to her and held it in what she perceived as a threatening manner. She didn't think she looked very frightening but she wasn't afraid to swing. She'd been in worse for sure. In fact, she knew she had a knife back in her car.

"[#cf3ce2 [i Why the [b fuck] did I leave it there?]]" She cursed at herself as she took a step back. He screamed about her messing with him and hitting him with a car. She narrowed her eyes and took another step back as he spun around. He almost losing his footing and seemed to really be taking in his surroundings for the first time. She felt her annoyance and anger rising steadily and she gripped the stick tighter, really getting ready to swing and run.
But then, he began asking all the questions she had and she realized with a dropping feeling in her chest that he wasn't from the town. He was just as lost as she was. She didn't drop her stick but did lower it. Her eyes remained hard as she pointed a finger in the boy's direction.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Firstly, lose the tone. Secondly, unless you're a black cat, I did [i not] hit you with a car and I didn't even hit the damn cat. That's why my ass is stuck here. Yeah, I don't live here either. That is [i not] snow and I don't know where the fuck we are or what the fuck is going on! I thought you were fucking dead hence the fucking stick!]]" Her tone had risen while she had been talking, the fear and hysteria taking over. She took a couple breaths tried to steady herself, her heart beating rapidly. Keri's gaze never left the boy's face, searching for any sign she needed to run or fight. But as her head kept spinning, she realized that it was just the two of them. They were the only ones in this town of ash and he seemed just as confused and lost. That would be why he was yelling because that sure as hell was why she was yelling.
Keri hung her head slightly, rubbing her hands over the stick with the sole intent of breaking the bark off. She watched it fall to the ground, mixing in with the rubble and ash.
"[#cf3ce2 [b I'm sorry. My car turned off and I have been...]]" She almost mentioned seeing Mercy but decided not to tell a stranger about delusions of her dead girlfriend's dead cat. She ground her teeth and reached a hand up to touch her pentacle again. She breathed out heavily again, just trying to get the thudding of her heart out of her ears.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Things here are weird. I am just looking for someone to repair my car.]]"

She glanced up and looked around the empty streets. She just wanted to go. This place was giving her the absolute creeps. She took a couple deep breaths and tried to collect her thoughts.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Okay, okay. Just breathe.]]"

She looked at the boy and offered her hand. "[#cf3ce2 [b I'm sorry. I'm Keri. Are you okay?]]"
She looked at the blood dripping from his head and grimaced. "[#cf3ce2 [b That looks pretty bad.]]"
She looked around at the houses and sighed out.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Look, this place seems pretty damn abandoned. Why don't we see if one of the houses has a first aid kit, maybe they even have something for my car. I think I might just need a jump. One of these houses has to have jumper cables. We can use one of the cars here or ... hey, how did you get here?]]" She realized, confused as to how he got here in the first place if he didn't live here.
  Keri Circe / Avix / 1y 19h 15m 43s
Cold darkness. Was all he was feeling and seeing. So dark, so cold. It's all he heard for what felt like days. No sounds. Nothing. Till finally he hears, footsteps? A muffled voice. Nothing he could make out. Nothing at all. Slowly a jabbing feeling was felt, not sure where. His head was killing him. He was feeling pain? The blackness around him was turning more bright and light. Till suddenly his deep caramel eyes opened. Groans left his lips as his hands slid on the ash covered ground to the sides of his chest and he pushed himself up on his knees. The sudden movement made him groan again and his ash painted hands ran through his hair to the stop at the spot that was hurting on his head. Causing the boy to gasp out a swear from his fingers hitting the slight open sore on his head. Dried blood down the corner on the left of his face.

[b "Wh-what happened?"] HIs voice tired and still not awake. This was a lot to take in. Trying to remember the last thing he was doing. He was driving to a rave. For a wild party. Then he started seeing someone in the road. Then. Connor gasped and his eyes widened as he jumped onto his feet and starting looking around him frantically. He was in some crazy street with some freak bothering him. Then a car hit him. Obviously left him for dead. But then he sees, a girl. A girl and that he was in a town. Not in the middle of some street. [b "Wh-who are you? Were you the one fucking with me in the street!? You think that's funny!? What's wrong with you!? Or...or..are you the one that hit me!? With your car!?"] He was pissed, confused, and a bit woozy. Loosing his footing from spinning around to face her. He nearly fell down to his knees again but he caught his balance.

The young man gripped his hair tighter and groaned. Then he cupped the right side of his ribs. [b "Ah, shiiit.....it hurts...a lot.. Fucker probably broke some ribs.."] He groaned and then remembered the girl. Now noticing her confused look as well. Seeming lost just like he was. [b "Do you at least know where we are?"] A shaky voice left his lips as he gripped his side a little tighter. Standing there and turning his head to the sides to take in the surrounding. [b "Snow?"] He looked at his fingers. No, it was ash. Covering this whole town in a cloud of gray. [i This place gives me the creeps. I need to get out of here.]

[b "You live here? How do I get out of this hell hole?"] He wobbled a little more before finally getting ahold of his footing and was finally standing straight as he held his ribs. This place, something wasn't right. He doesn't know what. But he just knows he needs to get out of here.
  Connor O'Neil / Papa_Death / 1y 1d 18h 37m 22s
Keri stood there dumbfounded as the Mercy looking cat ran off into the fog towards the direction of the town.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Mercy...]]" She whispered again as her feet started to walk after the ghost of the cat.

Mercy was Tia's cat. When Keri lived with Tia and her family, Mercy there almost as much as Tia was for her. The beautiful eyed cat would cuddle up to them during movie night or find Keri in the bathroom when she was crying her eyes out and purr in her lap. Mercy was always there. But he had died of kidney failure 3 years ago, one year before...

Keri clenched her fists and took a breath in. She pulled her iPod out and put in her earbuds turning on the first song shuffle brought up. A mellow guitar rift opened.

[center [i Done me wrong
Done all wrong
All the wrong I've done
I'm sure I'll live quite long.]]

Keri started walking again, the gentle rifts of the acoustic guitar guiding her feet forward. She was shaken that was for sure. She wanted to just chalk it up to being a different car. It couldn't be Mercy. She was dead. It must be another two colored eyed cat with a black spot ... yeah.

Keri watched as the air around her suddenly irrupted in tiny white and black flakes. She blinks a couple times and wiped her eyes. She thought she was seeing spots as well as ghost cats now but when she opened her eyes the flakes were still there. She reached her hand out and touched the falling spots. They stuck to her hand and when she ran another finger over them, they smudged across her skin.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Ash?]]"
It was [i ash] falling from the sky? She continued forward with even more hesitation than before, watching as tall dark shapes were coming into view. Buildings she concluded as she walked closer. They were run down, abandoned. It was evident to see. The local wilderness had mostly taken control of the houses, vines creeping up the walls that were still in tact. Dark birds flying out of exposed rafters as she drew near.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Hello?]]" She said quietly. She wanted someone to be here, someone to help her just get back home but at the same time, she didn't want anyone to answer her meek call. She continued along the center road, looking at the houses on either side of the road for any signs of life. Shutters hung off houses, abandoned children's toys littered the lawn of a house with a fence. The town was completely silent.
"[#cf3ce2 [i I guess this is why they call it Silent Hill?]]" She tried to crack a smile at her own joke but her hands shook as she reached up and grabbed her pentacle necklace, sending another prayer for protection.

Though the houses were trashed, the street was clear of almost any debris. Even the cars were parked neatly in driveways with the exception of one or two abandoned vehicles on the road, a bike on the sidewalk. It was like life was just stolen out of the town, abducted.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Just find a gas station or better yet!]]"
Keri quickly fumbled in her pocket, cursing that she didn't think of this earlier. She whipped out her cell phone and went to get on the internet for the closest garage or a emergency number, AAA, State Farm, who the fuck ever! She clicked on the icon and watched as it told her that she had no internet. She looked at the corner. No bars, not data. She was in a dead zone.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Are you fucking kidding me?]]" She cursed and shook her phone, not knowing what lead her to do something so ridiculous. She looked up, breathing heavily with her heart pounding in her ears.

Then she saw it. A body, lying in the middle of the road. Her breath caught and she froze in place. It was the first humanoid figure she had seen so far and she was terrified to find it dead or worse.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Worse... what could be worse than dead ...]]" She didn't entertain that thought for long. She slowly walked up to the body, stopping a bit away. She looked him over, or at least it looked like a him. He lied there, not moving but like he was sleeping, not dead. Keri looked around and saw a dead tree behind her. She walked over and grabbed the sturdiest stick she could find and made her way back over. She gently prodded the body, hoping to the Gods she was not poking a dead body.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Hello? Please ... are you awake? Alive? Hello?]]" She almost whimpered as she clutched tightly to both her pendant and stick for protection incase she needed to swing.
  Keri Circe / Avix / 1y 14d 14h 14m 46s
[i "I hate living without you. Damn wrong, to ever doubt you. My demons, lay here waiting. Oh how I adore you! Oh how I thirst for you! I how I need you..."]

A lonely voice sings heartbrokenly in a equally beaten up little old car. Just one young man, a little rough around the edges if one was to judge him by his appearance. Like the world tends to do. A song he told himself he wouldn't even listen too. But his ipod didn't listen and played it anyways on shuffle. A song that made tears flow. Tears he has held back for a while now. A year old wound, but feels still so fresh. A song that use to bring so much smiles and joy. Had such a beautiful and warm meaning. Now, just brings painful memories and reminds him just how on his own he really was. No matter how hard he pretends he wasn't lonely.

Connor sat there in his old busted up green car, driving down some old lone road. Not paying attention really. Even less attention now that his heart and mind were in all out battle. Turning into frustration from missing him so much. He will never have what he had with Aiden, with anyone else. No one looked at him like Aiden did.

FInally, it was like the road was telling him to just stop and breath for a bit. For it was too foggy that his old car's light couldn't cut through. He pulled over not giving a damn about where he was. Both hands on the wheel and head hung as the silent tears fell onto his lap. A sob or shake now and then. [b "So much...for going to this rave in a good mood...I don't want to go home though..."] He sobbed a bit and gripped the wheel tighter. [b "Aiden..."] The old familiar name left his lips. He hasn't said his name in a long time.

Tired of the crying he reached in his glove department and light a cigarette and leaned back in his seat. Take deep and slow drags. Rolling down his window a bit and letting the smoke leave his car. Letting it fill and dance in his lungs. Calming him down. [b "What..would he say?...Probably something like, "you big softy...it's okay." Or something like that. To get me embarrassed and to stop."] A heavy sigh left his lips before taking one more puff. [b "No. Stop. It was a year ago. You're going to this awesome party. You're going to get high as FUCK! To numb it all. That's right!"] Connor wiped his eyes and finished the cigarette and tossed it out the window. Doing what he does best, ignoring his problems and continuing on doing what he knows best. Numbing the pain.

He goes to turn on the car again and it suddenly wasn't turning on. He rolled his eyes and tried to turn the key once again. [b "Aw come the fuck on!! UGH!"] He tried to turn it again and again. But it wasn't coming on. Pissing him off to the heavens. With an annoyed slam back into his seat, he saw a person in his review mirror. Outside his car thankfully. Thanks to the fog it was just a shadow black mass, but it was a person. [b "Shit."] He huffed under his breath and turned around in his seat to glance back. So no one. Slowly he turned back in his seat to face forward and shouted out a bit when the figure was now in front of his car.

Now pissed, he glares at the person and reaches in his pocket to pull out a rather nice 8 inch switch blade. Flicking it open then sticks his head out the window. [b "Hey! FUCK OFF! Just keep walking!"] He warns out and then closes his windows and locks the door. A few huffs and puffs out his lungs trying to stay cool. [i Who the fuck would be out here!? In this place! Geese!] He thought to himself.

The figure now gone, not sure when it left but it left and he was a bit more at ease. Till he heard this gasping for air sound next to him. Connor quickly glances over and saw this, pale, bloody, and wide eyed, Aiden. Sitting there. He screamed and tried to get out his car quickly, forgetting it was locked. So he fumbled for that and fell out his car quickly. Freaking out and shouting at the site. Being too much! Once calmed down for a bit, he glances back and saw. Nothing. No one.

[b "What the fuck is going on!?"] He stood up grabbing at his head and looking around frantically. He was done! Done with this!

The young man turns to run back the way he came, when a car came out of no where and hit him.

The world went black and the mist it self seemed to have a mind of it's own. Engulfing around him and taking him into the near by town of, Silent Hill.
  Connor O'Neil / Papa_Death / 1y 14d 18h 47m 56s
[center [i Pretty girl in suffering
While he confesses Everything
Pretty soon She'll figure out
What his intentions Were all about]]

Keri turned the stereo down a little bit as she looked out the windshield.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Stupid fucking construction.]]" She thought to herself as she drove along the unfamiliar back roads. She had been out on business, dropping a random package off at a distributer who claimed they didn't even order the part in the first place despite their names being on the package.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Waste of my time.]]" She thought angrily. It wasn't even like she was being paid to take the part out this far. Not to mention the detour sign that took her directly into a fog patch that was stretching on for a good couple miles.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Why did I ever agree to this?]]" She growled and smacked her fist on the steering wheel.

[center [i Up the stairs come find me
Come sneak up behind me
I'll be sleeping soundly]]

Keri glanced at the stereo with a puzzled face. That wasn't the song playing a second ago. Had her smack really caused her song to change. She picked up her iPod and glanced at it to make sure it wasn't broken. It seemed okay, just changed songs without her say so. She just shrugged and put it down. Then she looked up and saw a black cat dart into the middle of the road, she slammed on her breaks and screamed out as the car slid and turned violently. Keri closed her eyes tightly and sent a silent prayer for protection as the car came to a halt. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked at the road. She was facing the wrong way, completely turned around looking out the windshield at the road where she had just come from. There was nothing on the road, just the never ending layer of fog. She breathed out and thanked her Gods for the help and sparing the cat.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Fuck I need to pay more attention.]]" She rubbed the back of her head and sighed. Then a grinding noise caught her off guard and her headlights flickered before turning off completely.
"[#cf3ce2 [b What the hell!?]]" She screamed out banging the steering wheel again and screaming as the laughter from the beginning of "Feel Good Inc" came on. She pulled her iPod out of the stereo and put it in her pocket as she turned the key in the ignition. The car sputtered briefly but didn't turn on.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Don't do this to me...]]" She said as she turned the key again. More sputtering to no avail. She smacked the steering wheel again with a scream and kicked the door open, slamming it behind her.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Stupid piece of shit, junk ridden, rust covered pile of horseshit!]]" She screamed and kicked the wheel. Silence rang back at her and she threw her hands up in frustration.
Keri took a deep breath in and let it back out. She looked up the road and saw a sign, barely visible in the fog. She started walking towards it, taking out her headphones and plugging them into her iPod. She made her way towards it, slowly starting to make out the letters.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Welcome to Silent Hill?]]" She read aloud. Weird name for a town. She had never heard anyone talk about it. How did she end up here? She scoffed and started walking forward.
"[#cf3ce2 [i Probably that detour. Took me [b way] out of the way.]]" She looked up and saw a small white shape, a cat, standing off in the fog a ways.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Oh hello!]]" She called out. A small berow came from the cat as it ran over to Keri. She smiled and bent down as the cat came right up to her.
"[#cf3ce2 [b You're a friendly one aren't you?]]" She said as she ran a hand over the back of the cat. It began to purr loudly and turned headbutting Keri's hand. She ran her hand over the cat's head and looked down as the cat looked up at her and gasped.
Two different colors looked up at Keri, one blue and one green, a black dot marking the cat's forehead.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Mercy?]]" Keri breathed barely audible. The cat shoot away at the mention of it's name into the fog.
"[#cf3ce2 [b Mercy!]]" Keri called after the cat, blinking rapidly as her eyes started to well up. "[#cf3ce2 [b We buried you..]]" She said softly.
  Keri Circe / Avix / 1y 18d 6h 31m 34s

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